How Much Teasing Can You Take

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This would require you being tied to the bed!

Let’s set the scene. You are tied to the bed with soft ropes, each hand above your head, each foot spread out to the corners of the bed. You have a silk scarf tied around your eyes, it lets light in, but nothing else. The music playing, softly in the background, is some sort of rhythmic house beat, not too loud, just a sensuous beat that drums on continuously. You are wearing a black tank top, a black silky bra underneath, lace panties, white ankle socks. The blankets on the bed have been removed, it just the sheet beneath you.

I’ve told you a number of times that this is one of my fantasies, now for the first time you are willing to let me explore it with you. Your mind is excited, but also a little scared, because you really don’t know what to expect. I’ll repeat the rules of the game. First of all the safe word is “Rumpelstiltskin” if at any time you really want me to stop just say the safe word, and I will untie you, the session will end (Please don’t say the safe word!) I can touch/stroke/tickle/lick/kiss any open skin, anywhere on your body. Every time you say “stop”, I get to remove a piece of your clothing. I’m going to do this with scissors, so I won’t have to untie you each time. If during this erotic torment a piece of your clothing rides up, or comes off, well that’s just too bad. More surface area for me to explore. Let’s see how much of this you can take, how long depends on you, I can go all night! Oh and before you cum(which you will) you have to ask permission.

Shall we begin?

I have a number of tools with me. A Peacock Feather, a Q-Tip, and some very nice massage cream

First let’s start with the massage cream. I’ll start at the top. Your hands, you’ve been working too hard lately and your hands feel pretty rough. Taking liberal amounts of cream I start to massage your hands, along the fingers, in between them, paying close attention to your palms and the tops. The massage cream starts to warm up and your hands begin to soften out. I like the fact that the tension is slowly fading from your fingers. I continue through your hands to your wrists and up your arms. The muscles here are tense too, not for long tho. Past your elbows and down to your triceps, I have to add more cream as your skin is a little dry and is drinking in the massage cream. As I get closer to your armpits you start to squirm slightly, I guess you’re a little ticklish. Of course the fact that I’m ever so slightly using my nails doesn’t help. Your shoulders now get the treatment, but I have to keep coming back to those armpits, a little harder now, maybe a little more nails. You start to moan, and under your breath I hear a giggle or two (perfect)

Through the squirming, your tank top has started to ride up, I can now see a little bit of your belly button, but I get ahead of myself, back to the shoulders and the armpits. As I continue to slowly tease your shoulders and armpits, you continue to squirm (I think you are enjoying this)

I can see a number of your ribs, not all of them, but enough. I think we should count them “one, two, three” “Yah! You blurt out, OMG! That tickles!! Don’t do that!!”

“Wow!” I think to myself, I wonder what the other side is like. Let’s count them “one, two…”

“Oh fuck!! That side’s even worse!!” You say. Ok we’ll come back to those ribs later. I’ll continue with the massage.

You’re shoulders are soft as I continue the treatment, as I get closer to your neck though, a change happens. Your head starts to cringe to one side, ah so your neck is pretty sensitive. Some lite stroking around the ears sends you into full panic mode. Your head flips from side to side, trying to get away. “Ahh! STOP!” You yell trying to get away. There it is! The first “Stop”

You realized too late what you just said! Ah my favourite part.

I slowly reach for the scissors, they are the big chrome ones like your mom used to have for cutting out patterns for your Halloween costumes. So! Where to start?

I could just cut your panties off and have access to lots of new exceptionally sensitive areas, but no… I want you to beg me to take those off!

I could take off a sock, but no, if I do that then I won’t be able concentrate, you know how much I love feet, and yours are incredible.

It will have to be the tank top first!

I start at your belly button. As soon as the steel touches your skin, I see a small shiver go through you. Your nipples slowly start to rise, and goose bumps appear up your sides and in your cleavage area.

Snip! Snip! Up your belly to the neckline of the tank top. Pop goes the final cut, oh but it’s not off completely yet. Snip! First one strap over your shoulder, then the other! Your breathing takes a small step up! I slide the remnants of the shirt from beneath your body.

I give you a quick drink of water through a straw. I step back to admire the view! You are gorgeous!

I add more cream to my hands, and start on the tops of asyalı porno your breasts. I use my left hand on your right breast. I find that if I press down a bit, while rubbing, I get a perfect view of your areola and the quickly stiffening nipple attached to it. I can almost get my fingertips to slide over the side of this nipple. You are squirming slightly. Your right nipple is becoming more and more swollen. I love this slow steady torment. Your breathing is starting to become deeper. Time to do the same on the left breast. Slowly touching the side of the nipple, but never quite touching the most sensitive spot. I repeat the process back and forth. I’m quite transfixed by your breasts. I’m not sure how long this goes on, but when I come out of my trance, there is a subtle change in your demeanour. Your lips are parted, your breathing is constant and heavy. There is a definite wet spot starting in the crotch of your panties.

I lean in and give you a deep passionate kiss. Full, soft, lips slightly parted. Just a hint of a soft tongue in the background. You respond with a hard kiss back, teeth trying to grab my tongue to pull it in. Wow! That’s fantastic! I know I’m slowly getting to you. Both my hands sneak up and grab a handful of ribs and give a continuous hard tickle.

“Ahh! fuck! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha Stop! Fuck you’re a dick!” You scream! Then the realization that you did it again! “You’re an asshole!” You say “That’s not fair!”

“You know the rules” I say, “but I’ll tell you what. You get to pick the next piece of clothing. Socks, panties, bra? What’ll it be?”

It seems you’re stuck trying to figure out which way to go, so I figure I’ll help you along. I reach down to your foot, which still has a sock on it, and start to lightly tickle the top of it, behind the toes and up to the ankle. Immediately your foot writhes to the left and the right! “Ahh ah ha ah ha!” You squirm around, but you don’t say any real words. Obviously you have learned some restraint.

With my other hand I reach up and lightly tickle the flesh on the inside of your thighs, right at the groin area. “mmmmph ahh ah ha ah!” You squirm even more. The double sensations are way more than you are used to. The wet spot in the crotch of your panties has become slightly larger since the last time I checked. I can’t help myself I lean in for a closer look. The musky smell of your pussy is invigorating. As I cannot be this close to your pussy, and reach your foot at the same time, I stop tickling the top of your foot, and start kissing and licking that same spot on the inside of your thigh. You immediately start to squirm again. I can tell you are enjoying this.

The scent of your pussy is overwhelming, you smell like vanilla and roses. I switch to the other thigh continuing to lick and kiss this most sensitive area. Slowly at first your pelvis starts to thrust up and down. I hear a small moan come from your throat. I chance a quick brush with my thumb over the covered part of your pussy. Yes I know this is off limits still, as it’s still covered, but you don’t seem to mind. The wet spot is becoming bigger on your panties. The thrusting of your pelvis is also becoming a little more pronounced. A couple more brushes with my tongue, a couple more kisses, a stroke or two with my thumb, and I sit up.

You are visibly turned on now. Your nipples are pointing straight up, there is a bead of perspiration on your upper lip. The wet spot on your panties is now spreading down towards your butt. Your hips are still thrusting slowly up and down. Your breathing is much more pronounced. Your lips are parted and glistening from you licking them.

I ask “have you made a decision yet?”

“Panties!!” You gasp! “Please!”

“Umm no not yet! You’re not ready yet!”

I grab the scissors and move to your lacy bra. I slowly trail the edge of the blade down the inside of your arm towards your armpit, through the armpit down over a couple of ribs

“Yah Yee!” You sputter. Your senses are heightened from the delicious torment you have taken so far! I trail the scissors up and snip off the strap to your left side. I repeat the process on the right side.

I slowly peel your bra off revealing your breasts in all their glory! You have a slight sheen of perspiration on the area where the bra was touching your skin. Your nipples are rock hard, the areole are puckered, your skin is flushed slightly red.

I take this sight in for a moment. Sigh! You are so beautiful! I lean in, again, for another passionate kiss. This time I dart my tongue in to meet yours. I trail my kisses down to your neck. I softly bite the backside of your jaw, your neck, your earlobe. I see shivers run through your body. You twist in your bondage. I whisper in your ear “let’s continue!!”

I apply another liberal amount of massage cream to my hands. Using both hands,I softly start to rub the cream into your tits, being careful not to touch the nipples just yet.

I ask you “have ever heard castajans porno of death by 10000 cuts?”

“No what’s that?” you ask with a shaky voice

“It was where the Pharaoh would have his torturer use a sharp knife to administer 10000 cuts to a victim to prolong their death!… I have a new spin on that!”

“I’m going to use this Peacock Feather and give you 100 strokes on each nipple!”

You visibly shudder at hearing this. “Please I don’t know if I can handle that!!”

I grab the Peacock Feather and slowly drag the stiff edge along the side of your nipple. It’s almost 24″ long and takes a while to complete the first stroke!

“Ahh!” You whisper. A small tremor runs through you. “One!” I counter.

The second stroke is more devastating than the first. You nipples are super sensitized right now. You shudder at this stroke. I reach over to your other nipple and give it a good hard twist, “Ow!” You exclaim. I keep going with the strokes, and every time you start get to worked up I twist your other nipple to bring you back down. Of course in between these twists I’m kneading your other breast softly.

I’m at 65 strokes now and your breath is ragged. You are glistening with perspiration all over. Your nipple is completely engorged. The Peacock Feather is having a dreadful effect on you.

I reach back to feel your wetness. Your panties are soaked through and through. I give you a couple of soft strokes through your panties. Your lips down there are very swollen and slippery. I’m careful not to touch your clitoris just yet! You try to jump out of your skin. Your focus was so on your nipples that the touch on your pussy is overwhelming

“Oh! Oh! Fuck! You!” You almost scream. Your hips do a couple of deep thrusts up, trying to find my fingers again.

I continue with the Feather. I know your nipple must be on fire. I lean in and drop a spot of saliva on it. You moan as I continue stroking it. “Have you ever had a nipple orgasm?” I ask in your ear. I give your ear a quick kiss. The soft talk, total stimulation, sensuous touches are having a deep effect on you. You are starting to lose control.

I finish at 100 strokes. You chest is heaving. You head is twisting trying to see through the blindfold. Your body is on fire! I lean over and remove your blindfold. I want you to see the next stage. I prop a pillow behind your head so you can

Your eyes are dark and dreamy. Your lips are parted and swollen. Sweat beads glisten all over you. Your body is shaking ever so slightly. You have never been this turned on before!

“I’m going to do your other nipple now!” I say. “I want you to watch! No looking away, no closing your eyes. I want you count every stroke! I will reward you with your an orgasm when it’s over. Remember no Cumming without asking permission first!”

Right now you’ll agree to anything. “Yes! Yes!” You say “Anything! Just get on with it! I need to cum so fucking bad right now! Oh my god! I’m so fucking horny! Please just make me cum right now, then you can do anything you want to me!!”

“One!” I say as I pass the first stroke on your other nipple. It’s already swollen and hard. Your eyes widen as I complete it. You look at me with a pleading in your eyes “Please!”


“Ah! Ah!” You say

I continue. By the time I get to 35, you are trembling uncontrolled. I’m afraid that you are going to safe word out on me, so I stop, lean in and start to suckle slowly on your nipple. I flick it from side to side with my tongue. Your breath becomes hard and you thrust your chest up to me! “Oh My Godddd!” You scream.

I stop! You are panting, pleading with me to continue. I say “remember you have to ask permission before you cum!” I lean back in take your nipple between my lips and start to suckle again. Immediately you continue moaning. “Oh! Oh! My Godddd!” You start to shudder “Can I cum please??” I say ” Yes you may!” I immediately touch my finger to your clitoris through your panties

“Ahhhh! Oh!Ohh! Ohhhh! Myyyy! Godddd!” You start to writhe all over the bed. Your mouth is wide open. Not a sound is coming out of your mouth. Your stomach muscles are all firing on high. You keep this frozen position for what seems like forever, but is probably 30-40 seconds. You gasp for a big breath of air. You freeze again. Eyes clamped shut, mouth wide open, muscles all firing, nipples like pencil erasers. You are in that zone where you are climaxing uncontrollably. I’m pretty sure this is a first for you.

After another couple of minutes you whimper “Stop! Please stop!”

I let up on your clitoris. I don’t want to make it hurt. I focus on your vaginal lips just stroking them. Your pussy is pulsating down into my hand. I’m still suckling your nipple. I stop to look in your face. Your body is slowly calming down. Your eyes open. You reach up to kiss me. Your tongue thrusts into my mouth. I savour the taste and the feeling. You take another gasp of air. “Holy bangbros porno shit! Holy shit!, oh my god!” your words come out as gasps while you search for air. “What the fuck was that?” your body continues to tremble all over.

“Well it looks like we have another stop to deal with!” I reach for the scissors. I’m not waiting right now. Snip! Snip! Off come the panties. All you have left on are your socks. Your fantastic body is splayed out before me. I drink in the vision. Your breasts heaving up and down, covered with sweat, nipples bright pink and brown. Your beautiful belly button with a small sparkly charm in it. Your nicely trimmed pussy beckoning me to taste it. I can see the moisture flowing out of your lips, a small trail of white is there too, wow you came pretty hard there. I can’t wait to feel you tremble on my face

“Ready for round two?” I ask. I give you another sip of water

I softly trace my fingers over your belly and hips. A slow circle, over the hip bones, across your neatly trimmed bush, up over the other hip bone, up your side to the bottom of your ribs, back across your belly, back down towards your hip again. I can tell that everyone of these areas are ticklish by your twitching reactions to the touch of my fingers. The hips seem to be the worst.

I have a full view of your pussy while my torment continues. Your clitoris is completely out of its sheath. A little nub of total ecstasy waiting to be touched, but I know this close to the powerful orgasms you just had would be almost painful to feel.

I grab the Q tip. Let’s try a little painting. I dip the end in between your swollen lips, twirl it around a bit. It comes out soaked with your juices. I paint those juices around the outside of your clit, careful to only touch the hood, not the actual clitoris itself.

“Oooooh! Mmmm!” You moan. Your head is still propped up, so you can see what I’m doing. I continue with the painting of your clitoris.

With my other hand, I start stroking on your belly and hips. This time the circle gets slowly closer and closer to your belly button. As I start to circle closer in, your stomach starts to spasm and clench again. The dual stimulation is having the desired effect. When I finally reach the inside of your belly button I simultaneously lean in an flick your clitoris with my tongue!

You cum almost immediately “Ooooohh! Myyyy! Gahhdd! Aaah Aaah!” You writhe around. Your lips pulsate out on my chin. I think to myself “she never asked permission!”

I keep my mouth on your pussy, my finger lightly tickling inside your belly button. You can’t stop Cumming. I count them one, two, three orgasms one after another.

I release my mouth from your pussy, take my finger out of your belly button. I stroke your legs, hips, inner thighs. You are quivering all over. It’s like you are cold, but you’re not! You moan quietly while you calm down. My face is wet from your juices. You lips are spread, moist, inviting! Your clitoris is red and swollen, it almost looks painful!

I wait for you to open your eyes! “you realize that you never asked for permission to have those orgasms! I counted three of them!”

“You are going to have to pay a penalty for that!” I say “Penalties are paid at the the time of the infraction and they have no safe word coverage!”

I move down to the bottom of the bed. You look at me with eyes full of lust, but also fear. You know where I’m going and what I’m going to do!

“Wha… What are you going to do??” You ask. Hoping, pleading in your mind.

I position myself at your right foot. I tuck your ankle between my legs, so just your socked foot is sticking out towards me. I look you in the eyes “Well I am going to tickle your foot. You had three orgasms, so I’m going to tickle this here foot for three minutes!!”

“God!! Please don’t do that! You know how ticklish I am! I’ll die! I can’t take that! Oh God PLEASE don’t do this!” You plead with me.

I take out my cell phone, I set the timer for 3:00 minutes. I prop it up where you can see it. I say ” Are you ready?”

“You can’t do this to me! My body’s on fire! PLEASE don’t! Oh My God!!”

I press start on the timer. And touch my fingers to the arch of your foot “Let’s begin!” I start to spider tickle your foot. Immediately it’s like you are being electrocuted. Your foot spasms left to right. Your leg thrashes and pulls. You fight it for all of three seconds. A deep moan/scream comes out of your throat.

“Ahhhhh! Noooo! Hahahahahaha! Ahhhhh! Hahahahaha!” You scream/laugh like a crazy person

Wow! I knew your feet were ticklish, but this is over the top! I continue the torment up and down the bottom of your socked foot. Under the toes, over the ball, all around the arch, even your heel is ticklish.

Your chest is heaving trying to catch a breath, your nipples are rock hard. Your clit is sticking way out. You a covered in sweat. The clock counts down 1:30 still to go!

You catch a glance at the clock “Fuuucckk!” You scream. How can time go this slow!!

I know you are having that out of body experience. Cause you are staring at your foot wiggling away. It like it’s someone else’s foot, but the sensations coming from it are still in your brain! You dissolve back into ticklish agony

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