Hot Couture

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Not strictly lesbian, but queer fun nonetheless. 🙂


I looked in the mirror at my figure, clothed only in an oversized black t-shirt and black leggings. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Sure, I’d done performance art in the past, and I was an exhibitionist to the max, but I didn’t think I’d ever be doing something like this for my fellow fashion majors.

Our Freebody club, the feminist fashion activist group we’d founded on campus, was only 5 people; but today that felt like 4 too many. With the purpose of subverting the paradigm of unilateral sexualization of women, we sought to create fashion porn under our own terms. Whether this performance would get the point across or be criticized for buying into the same system that got us into this mess, remained to be seen. The nerves I was feeling were less about what I was going to do-I’d done loads of things for a camera- they were mostly about accurately representing our message.

As I put the finishing touches on my dark lipstick and dramatic eyeliner, scrunched some body into my long freshly-dyed burgundy curls, and, for good measure, spritzed on my favorite fragrance, my phone buzzed. It was Jie.

“we’re ready for ya in warren, can’t wait!!”

I texted back:

“ready! omfg so f*cking nervous…”

I grabbed my keys and my change of clothes, slipped on some sandals, and checked myself out in the mirror one more time before slipping out the door. On the way to Warren where Jie and Reema lived, a bit of familiar self-consciousness came up. Was I the right woman for the job? I was not the skinniest, and for the most part I rocked my DD chest and thick thighs, and I loved the softness of my stomach, but I would always wish it were flatter, that I were slimmer. No, this was the point of the project: that every body is a woman’s body, that fashion sexualization is not just for the thinnest among us, that representation matters, that no matter what size we are, we can and do love to fuck and get fucked.

My nerves and excitement built as I walked across the crowded city campus, bra-less, in broad daylight. I wondered if people could tell; I wasn’t exactly looking conspicuous. I could feel every breeze tease my nipples through the thin black fabric; passing by a group of freshmen boys I could see them steal not-so-subtle glances at my bouncing, swaying tits, elbowing each other. “Why did I think this was a good idea?? Why didn’t I just change there?” I asked myself. I acted casual even as I sped up. Since I was only wearing leggings, I was hyperaware of the sensations between my legs, which increased with my speed.

Finally I made it to the steps of Warren, ran up the stairs and down the hallway to knock on Jie’s door. In my anxiety, I knocked a little too loud; the door swung open.

“Jeesus, pound a little louder woman!” Jie joked as she hugged me, her blue-tipped hair grazing my neck. Every sensation felt a little heightened. I was relieved have finally made it to the relative safety of the dorm.

“Sashaaa! You went through with it,” hippie-butch Lou said as she walked over to give me a hug.

“Did I really knock that loud? I needed to get in, I was oogled all over campus!!”

“Babe you know you liked it.” Jie winked.

“I save the exhibitionism for you guys.” I air-kissed in her direction as I set my stuff down and walked into her dorm room. Seeing the others, I relaxed a little more. “Hey guys!”

Jie’s tall leggy roommate Reema was also there of course; as was rugged queer-boy-next-door Charlie. All were wearing gray for the occasion; but Lou had cut off the sleeves of her shirt, Reema had hers tied up to bare her belly, and Jie had simply rolled up the sleeves. Charlie’s was extra-tight on him; he was a pretty buff guy.

“Heeeyyy it’s Sasha!!” Charlie smiled as he got up to hug me.

“Hey Charlie, good to see ya…”


“I don’t know… wow what have you canlı bahis guys done with the place!” I had just begun taking in what the room looked like: a large black cloth had been taped up against one wall, and Reema’s bed had been positioned vertically against the wall. The bedding had been stripped off it and replaced with a black satin sheet. “Black satin, huh? Real fancy!” I walked over to feel the sheet; it was cool and smooth to the touch, definitely a high-quality number. I looked more closely and saw that the mattress had been taped to the bed frame with black tape to keep it vertical. Two high-quality restraints were dangling off each side of the headboard. I touched one of them and felt the velvety texture. “Lou, these are yours right?”

“Why you gotta assume they’re mine?”

“Why you gotta be so predictable?” We’d hooked up a couple weeks ago: I figured this qualified me to assume something about her sexual inclinations.

Lou stuck her tongue out at me and winked. We kept bickering as Lou fiddled with the video camera, and Reema set an easel up next to the vertical bed, just in the frame of the camera. Charlie poured us all a bit of wine as Jie picked a really sexy playlist. “Getting us all into the mood…” She came up to me and started dancing, putting her hands on my waist and pulling me in close. My nipples brushed hers through my shirt; I felt a wet spot start forming between my legs. Lou came up behind me, sliding an arm gently around my shoulders, above my stiffening nipples. I leaned back into her. She planted a row of kisses along my neck and kept dancing with me as Jie pulled away to set up her laptop.

Lou took my hand. “Okay, since you correctly assumed… I think I’ll do the honors of helping you get into position.” She walked me over to the bed and undid the restraints. “Give me your right wrist.” I complied, smiling at her familiarity. I bit my lip as I checked her out; of course she’d cut the sleeves off her gray t-shirt, leaving just a hint of black sports bra visible through the arm holes. She was my height, but seemed to take up more space despite her slight frame. Her arms were defined; I wondered whether those arms could pin me down… no wonder she cut all the sleeves off her shirts… Our eyes met as she moved over to my other side; she smiled.

My right arm was now above me, slightly bent, encircled by a padded wrist cuff that looked as though it could hold my weight. Lou stood close to me as she did the other restraint; she knew she could tease me all she wanted but I couldn’t move. She gave me a playful slap on my ass, said “all set!” and then walked off.

Charlie looked at me. “You look worried,” he said. I looked at him; he was gorgeous, a moderately-tall but fantastically built guy with a head so full of hair it just begged me to run my fingers through it.

I sighed as I reached out to stroke his hair. “I’m not worried. Lil’ nervous that’s all. Did you bring condoms? Just… in case?”

“Of course. I’ll only use them if you’re, you know, okay with everything.”

I shifted against the restraints. They wouldn’t budge; I was an open book, theirs for the ravaging. “At this point, I’m okay with ALL the things…”

Charlie smiled, winked, and went back to whatever it was he was doing. To be honest I wasn’t much paying attention at this point.

“Okay Jie, we’re good to go!” Lou gave the thumbs up from her position behind the camera. Jie walked over to replace her.

“You ready, Sash?” Jie asked.

I was bursting with anticipation. “Let’s do this!”

“Alright! Reema, you ready?” Reema was by the easel, marker in hand. “Yep!”

Lou and Charlie got into position on either side of me, each holding a pair of scissors. “We’re good to go!” Lou told Jie.

“Alright… Safe word is ‘huckleberry’, can we all remember that?” We all nodded. “Good. We’re on in 3…2…1…Action!”

Reema started by drawing an outline of my body and clothing. bahis siteleri She was amazing at sketching on the spot, and we all watched as she effortlessly produced neat, stylized lines. When she was done with her basic drawing, she stepped back and looked at me, thinking about her first move. Then she went back to the easel and drew a triangle in the middle of my voodoo doll, just above the bottom hem, and shaded it in.

In response, Charlie bent over and began cutting away a black triangle of fabric out of my shirt, in the exact place Reema had indicated. While this was happening, Reema drew a second triangle shape, just above the first one. Lou moved in, cleanly cutting away the shape. Since the shirt was so big, the two holes revealed only my high-waisted leggings underneath. By the third hole, though, you could see a swatch of skin showing through, just below my sternum.

Reema started tiling the triangles, while Charlie and Lou complied. Bit by bit my stomach was revealed through a latticework of holes, the shirt morphing from a solid block into a lacey openwork construction. They worked from the bottom, so that slowly my soft stomach and big hips were revealed, bit by bit. As they worked, their hands brushed over parts of body, sending sensations through my slowly-revealing skin. Eventually, I felt their hands on the bottoms of my breasts as they cut triangles that ended just under my areolas and halfway up my sternum. I closed my eyes as they worked, slowly revealing my underboob area. We kept making eye contact, and they kept checking up on me as they worked. Then they stepped back, to show off the intricate pattern they’d created; the shirt was now essentially sheer except for the area from my nipples upward.

Next, they cut off the sleeves. The armholes were pretty big, and they made them bigger, revealing the sides of my full chest. Things started getting physical: Charlie reached in to feel the side of my right tit; Lou bent over to kiss and nibble at my left side. With my arms up overhead, people could see my tufts of armpit hair, dyed the same shade of maroon as my head. I knew they’d wonder about the rest of my body hair… Lou ran her thumb through it, I shivered.

Since Reema could draw faster than they could cut, she started drawing for both of them. Charlie began recreating her vision by starting from my ankle, and cutting all the way around my leg in horizontal stripes. Each circle of fabric he cut curled up a bit, revealing bare skin underneath. After he worked up my calf, he knelt in front of me and placed my foot out to the side, onto his bent knee. He kept cutting, shredding my leggings into many loops of fabric, which shifted unevenly revealing stretches of my thighs. With my leg splayed open for the camera, I knew he’d be able to smell how turned on I was. He stopped just an inch from the crotch seam, the remaining fabric barely covering my labia.

Meanwhile, Lou was cutting away from the shirt. Starting from the outside, she cut a series of small triangles across my chest. Her fingers weren’t shy; they were tracing her handiwork, brushing my sensitive skin, as Charlie was working up my thigh. Eventually, the triangles spread over my nipples, revealing them in their erect state. Just the yoke of the shirt was in tact, which Charlie proceeded to shred with slices that radiated outward from my sternum, like a fan just above my exposed chest.

All this took about an hour; I was now standing in a completely transformed shirt, wearing completely shredded leggings. Charlie and Lou looked to Reema for further instructions.

Reema had them cut away at the leg holes of the remaining legging. From the outside, they cut straight in toward the midline, and then down along the center seam. My labia became exposed, covered in neatly trimmed hair, also dyed maroon. The effect was stunning. Lou must have thought so too. “Nice,” she said, smirking up at me. They started cutting horizontal stripes bahis şirketleri from my hips all the way to the midline in front, and all the way to the midline in back. My ass was hanging out of the back of the shorts; it was a shame the camera couldn’t see my smooth ass cheeks, barely clothed in strips of stretchy fabric. It was turning me on beyond belief. I hoped one of them would fuck me soon.

At this point, Charlie stood up and grabbed a nearby stool. He brought it over next to me. Then he grabbed my ass, his fingers grazing my pussy, as he kissed me deeply. He lifted me up an inch, then slid the stool under me. He moved my right leg out to the side, and, standing a little behind me leg so the camera could see my entire body, held it there as he started to lick my right nipple through the shirt. He held me around the waist to stabilize me while Lou lifted my right leg up over her shoulder and started to lick my inner thigh, just to the outside of my labia. My legs were now splayed for the camera, just a thin strip of fabric doing nothing to cover my wet pussy. Not only did it do nothing to protect my modesty; it pressed into my clit, which started to throb with every movement.

Eventually, Reema decided on one last thing. Tapping Charlie on the shoulder to get his attention, she drew a jagged line along the front of the shirt. Charlie smiled, turned to me, made a small snip with the scissors at the collar of my shirt, and then, tossing the scissors aside, tore the front of my shirt with his hands, exposing the entire front of my torso to the camera. He then stood behind me and started touching me with his hands, grabbing my handfuls of soft tits, rolling my nipples with his fingers as he kissed my neck. Lou, meanwhile, had started licking closer and closer to my dripping wet slit, until she was pushing the fabric into my slit with her tongue, against my swollen clit. She reached up to the waistline and pulled it upward, tightening the fabric against my pussy, as she started sucking on my labia. I moaned softly

I closed my eyes, giving into the ministrations of my two friends; I didn’t realize that Jie had taken the camera off the tripod and started to film us up close. I was vaguely aware of Reema sitting off to the side, watching the camera’s angle on the computer monitor, her skirt hiked up, touching herself.

Lou finally moved the fabric aside, and I felt her tongue directly on my clit. With one hand on my ass she pulled me to the edge of the stool, her tongue working faster and faster. The sensations on my nipples, and with Lou licking my pussy, got me closer and closer to orgasm. I moaned louder, so close to the edge that when I finally felt a finger push aside the fabric and enter my pussy, I instantly convulsed into a shuddering orgasm, straining against the restraints and against Charlie’s hands holding me up. Lou slid her fingers out of me and stood to kiss me; I could taste my savory juices on her soft lips.

“How do you feel?” Jie asked from behind the camera. I’d forgotten she was there at all.

I smiled. “Like the world belongs to me.”

Lou started cracking up; Jie turned off the camera and set it down.

“Alright, I’m gonna need a hand with these…” I said, indicating the restraints.

“Reema was really going at it with herself back there!” Charlie laughed.

“Hey don’t pretend you don’t have a raging hardon right now!” Reema teased. She stood up, not bothering to fix her short skirt, walked over to Charlie and grabbed his crotch.

Raising one eyebrow, Charlie “I always have a hardon when I’m packing.” He kissed her.

Not taking her eyes off me, Lou asked: “Whatdya think Jie, should we let her go or have a little more fun?” Jie came over next to Charlie and propped an elbow on his shoulder, looking at me; Reema grabbed the camera. Charlie ran one hand down the side of my body, squeezed my ass, and then looked at Lou. “This butch has a point.” I looked at Lou again… god, she was hot. I felt my pussy start dripping its juices again onto the stool.

As they contemplated my almost naked body, shreds of fabric hanging off my curvy frame, I wondered what more they had in mind…

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