Horsy Play

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Horsy Play
Dan walks in to the living room and finds his wife bound with rope to a dining room chair. Sandra is sitting facing the wrong way the rope binds her big fake tits, a butt plug in her asshole, and a blindfold on.

“Jesse come on I’m horny as fuck.” Sandra pleads. I can see her moist slit opening like a flower in the sun. I am speechless, stunned. I say nothing I notice the French doors to the outdoor entertainment area are open. I walk outside and see a tall athletic young woman wearing her dressage riding clothes, talking on her cell phone.

“She let me tie her up. Now I’m going to spank her with the paddle she gave me. ” Jesse states. She stands listening to the other person.

“I love cock. I just like mature women with big tits too. ” she replies as she turns round to face Dan. Her face goes white.

“Gotta go” she is going to panic. Dan smiles and puts a index finger to his lips gesturing for her to be silent. Confusion spreads across her face as Dan moves forward grabs her arm and leads her off to the stables.

“Jesse use me. Please. ” Sandra begs. Dan ignores her.

“So Jesse how long you been fucking my wife. ” Dan asks calmly.

“Um not long”

“Liar!” We are in the tack room. I stand her facing the wall. I grind my throbbing cock against her big shapely bottom.

“Take down your jodhpurs !” I command.


Dan firmly smack her gorgeous arse. Nice and firm. She looks back unsure. I smack her again. Again.

“PULL YOUR PANTS DOWN. NOW. ” I command. She obeys. No knickers on. Dirty girl.

“I like the feeling of the saddle against my pussy” she answers my thoughts.

Dan unzips his pants and pulls out his firm cock and rubs the swollen head against her young slit. “You love cock! Well this is a big cock.”

“Uh ,.. Oh … god … yes.” Dan pushes the head, parting her moist lips, and ease the full length of my shaft in until he is balls deep.

“Do you love this cock?” Dan asks. She hesitates. “Well!”

“It’s too… big.. mobilbahis ” Dan slowly pump her young cunt from behind. I grab her long ponytail and pull her head back, she arches her back thrusting her bottom against me. Fucking tight little cunt squeezes my cock. I fuck her hard and fast for several seconds. I yank her head.

“Yes I love this big fucking cock” she says through shallow breaths gritted teeth. I press my big thumb on her anus.

“I… ”

“You will Jesse”

Dan pulls out of her young wet slit grabs a rope from the wall and binds her hands then loops the rope on to a high hook Jesse is on the balls of her feet. Perfect Dan ties the rope off. Selects a riding crop.

“You have been a naughty girl and need to be punished” I swing firmly landing the crop on the top of her strong thighs. She flinches.

“Ow! That hurt. My mum will be here soon.” Dan stuffs a clean rag in her mouth. Dan turns and heads back to the main house walking up the driveway. A Porsche 911 is parked mobilbahis güvenilir mi by the front door. Jesse Mother?

Dan walks inside to see his wife being fucked by a mature woman in a trouser suit and heels. Dan stands quietly watching stroking his hard cock.

“Uh god Jesse fuck my asshole. Harder. ” my wife growls.

The woman looks like Jesse maybe an older sister. Jesse said her mother was coming. She turns and sees Dan stroking his big cock.

“Does your hubby have a big cock? ”

“Yes. Uh who are you?” Panic in her voice.

“Does he buttfuck you?”

“Nooo” she moans as the woman slides a vibe on Sandra’s clit.

“Does he know you fuck young ladies? Your a bi slut.”

“Oh god no. I told him about experimenting in college. ”

The woman unstrapped the harness with the dildo still in my Sandra’s butt. “Hold this in while you lick my cunt. If it falls out I will whip your ass till my arm is sore. ”

“I can’t” she begs.

The woman unzips her trousers and pulls Sandra’s face against her pussy. ” Eat my pussy slut” she looks Dan in the eye. Signals for me to come forward and stand behind her caress her small B cup tits.

“Fuck me in my ass Dan”

Dan willing does as her hand guides the head of his cock in her asshole.

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