Her Fantasy Come True Ch. 02

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After our first encounter with Mike, Karen and I agreed we’d both had a good time and would continue to get together with him while I searched for a girl to join us for my threesome fantasy.

The next time we got together with Mike, we skipped the formalities and met him right at his place. Mike answered the door in a satin robe and invited us in. We sat on the couch and left a space for Mike to sit between us. He popped in a DVD again and skipped ahead to a sex scene before he sat on the couch between us, letting his robe flop open a bit, exposing some of his smooth chest. Karen immediately reached inside his robe and began fondling his chest with her hand, rubbing and flicking his nipple between her fingers. I let her have her fun with Mike while I watched a girl on screen get fucked doggie style by one really well-hung dude while she deep-throated another guy. She moved back and forth, alternating between getting pierced by the cock from behind and deep-throating the guy in front. Watching the action on screen, I could feel my tool beginning to stir to life.

I looked over to see Karen had moved her hand to caressing all over Mike’s chest and stomach and began working it down toward his member. She used the back of her hand to push away the robe as she continued caressing, probing lower. As she did so, she exposed that Mike wasn’t wearing any underwear–his hardening shaft was pulsing to life, growing with each heartbeat. Karen began teasing his cock to life by stroking a single finger lightly down the shaft. Each time she repeated this, it grew further and soon it was fully erect. “Suck it”, Mike commanded.

Karen slid off the couch and onto her knees , leaned over Mike’s waist from the side and stroked her tongue from the base of his balls to the tip of his head. As Karen repeated stroking his main shaft with her tongue, I realized why she hadn’t gotten between Mike’s legs: she intended to share her prize. I slid down off the couch on my knees and mirrored Karen’s position from the opposite side. I leaned over and licked Mike’s cock right on the sensitive part. As I did so, it throbbed in excitement.

Karen grabbed Mike’s cock at the base, pulled it in her direction, put her mouth over the head and half of his shaft, sucking and tonguing on his tool with a purpose. After she continued for a bit, she released his cock from her mouth and hand, leaving it alone and unattended. Sensing my cue, I grabbed Mike’s cock and pointed it toward my own mouth and repeated Karen’s moves. As my tongue reached the head of his penis, I could taste some pre-come oozing out. I started licking the underside of his illegal bahis cock with strong pressure using the flat of my tongue. I continued working on Mike’s cock with a purpose when eventually Karen sensed she wasn’t going to get her fair share.

Karen grabbed Mike’s cock from my mouth and took her turn stroking her tongue up and down the shaft. I moved in and worked my tongue as well. We moved up and down his length, our mouths meeting at the tip for a french kiss with a twist as our tongues caressed each other’s as well as the head of his cock. Mike moaned his satisfaction almost continually as we continued working to get him off.

Soon Mike was thrusting his hips forward, begging to get as much attention as he could on his tool. Karen and I each alternated letting Mike thrust into our throats. As Mike quickened his pace, we allowed him several thrusts each before switching off. Soon Mike was moaning almost constantly when he encouraged us further. “Oh, man, that feels great. That’s awesome. Keep it up, you’re getting me there.” Karen took over and vigorously bobbed her head up and down his shaft from tip to base. She worked his cock so intently I wondered her neck wasn’t hurting.

As Mike started calling, “Ok, ok, ok, I’m almost there. Almost there.”, Karen pulled off his cock and gave it to me. I replaced Karen’s mouth with my own, concentrating on licking the most sensitive part while I stroked his cock up and down with my hand. In a moment, Mike let out, “Ahh, yeah!” and I felt the first warm blast in my mouth, followed quickly by another and another. I automatically began sucking and swallowing as his come filled my mouth. Mike continued shooting in my mouth what must have been about ten good shots of his love juice. I swallowed it all up and when his cock stopped throbbing began licking and sucking his shaft to clean up any leftovers.

After I finished, I released Mike’s cock and rolled onto my back to relax, when I realized I had the most raging hard-on I could remember in years. Karen moved over to me, wrapped her hand around the shaft and pushed upward, pushing out a large amount of pre-come that was pent up inside me. She moved down and sucked it off my cock, teasing my head and underside of my shaft. I was so turned on, I didn’t think I would last very long. I tried desperately to prolong the moment, distracting my mind, doing whatever it took to hang on.

Mike moved over to join Karen in giving attention to my aching cock. He grabbed it and plunged his mouth over the head, sliding his mouth all the way to the base. I could feel the head of my cock hit his throat as it met slippery smooth illegal bahis siteleri warmth. Mike moved his head back up toward the tip applying heavy suction as he did. As I watched Mike servicing my tool, I knew I had little time left, unfortunately. Mike moved downward again and without warning I moaned, “Ahhh,” as I began shooting my load into his waiting mouth. I bucked my hips forward, fucking his face with every spurt, enjoying the wave of euphoria that came with the hardest orgasm I’d had in years. I came so hard it seemed like I’d taken more time to come than it took to get me off. Satisfied, I collapsed back onto the couch.

At this point, Karen hadn’t gotten much out of this encounter and I could tell she wasn’t going to be satisfied until she got hers–probably more than once. “OK, now it’s my turn,” she said. “You guys lay down so I can get mine, too.” Karen instructed us to lie on our backs on the floor. After we did so, she moved to straddle herself over my face and pushed her pussy into my mouth. I began licking at her soaking wet pussy, lapping up her tasty juice with each tongue stroke. Karen forcefully ground herself into my face, mashing and rubbing her clit into me. I grabbed her by the ass and pushed her into my mouth, signaling my approval.

Soon, Karen was pushing herself up and down my face, from chin to nose, grinding herself forcefully as she masturbated her clit on my face. I gave my best effort to lick her lips and stab her love hole as she rode me like a rocking horse. Karen let out a series of moans as she pushed herself so hard into my face it made my nose hurt. Finally, she let up, satisfied from her oral pleasure.

Within moments, Karen got up and moved over to Mike’s face the same way she had done with me and began abusing him as well. As Karen rocked her hips back and forth rubbing her pussy over Mike’s eager mouth and tongue, she commanded, “You boys better get good and hard again because I want my fill from both ends.” As I watched Karen mounting Mike’s face, I grabbed my own cock and started stroking it, trying to find it’s way back to life.

I positioned myself between Mike’s legs to get a good view of Karen from behind and she rode him with a frenzied pace. I grabbed Mike’s cock with my other hand and started stroking him to get him back to life. I squeezed the leftover come from his shaft and used it as lube as my fingers worked up and down his tool, mimicking the same actions I was performing on my on cock. Eventually, our tools began their rise back to life and I knew we would both be called to service soon. Karen looked back to see me working on both dicks canlı bahis siteleri and saw she was about to get her fill.

Before she could come again on Mike’s face, Karen slid off and backed herself down toward Mike’s now firming rod. “Put it in me”, Karen ordered as her pussy neared his cock. I guided Mike’s cock head as she lowered herself onto it, plunging her canal to its depths. Mike moaned in satisfaction as Karen began humping Mike’s prick with a steadily increasing pace. “Come over here and feed me your cock,” Karen ordered to me.

I got up and straddled myself above Mike’s face and Karen moved her mouth onto my waiting, hard member. Just as we’d seen on the DVD earlier, Karen moved back and forth, alternating between plunging on Mike’s shaft and throating my own. I reached out and grabbed her by the sides of her head and guided her head on and off my cock. Karen mumbled her pleasure while her mouth was full of me.

Mike began to increase the pace by thrusting into her pussy from below. When I noticed this, I started fucking Karen’s face with a goal to try to get off at the same time as Mike. Karen stopped moving on and off our cocks and let us take over the pace. Mike grabbed her ass and pushed it down to his cock so that he could pump her faster and harder. This caused Karen to fall down on top of him, my cock popping out of her mouth. I lowered myself to meet her mouth again and found I was just inches over Mike’s face, with my balls actually resting on it. Mike stuck his tongue out and teased my perineum as my cock again found its way to Karen’s waiting open mouth.

I pushed Karen’s mouth onto my cock so I could leave it in position for Mike to continue his tongue tease. With each soft stroke, my cock pulsed into Karen’s hungry mouth, gradually bringing me toward the brink. Meanwhile, Mike began slamming Karen’s cunt so hard he was pushing her forward onto my cock each time his hips crashed into hers. I began humping her mouth hurriedly, trying to get off yet again. When I thrust forward, Mike’s tongue moved back and brushed my hole. I don’t know if it was intentional or accidental, but when his tongue hit my hole, it sent a shock of sensation through my body that I’d never felt before. With each thrust, Mike’s tongue met my hole yet again, repeating the shockwave, until I couldn’t take it any more and began shooting into Karen’s mouth.

Karen sucked and slurped at my tool to milk it of all it’s juice, though it felt like a much smaller load than before. I rolled off and collapsed again to the floor as Mike picked up the pace, thrusting into her until he finally pushed in and held it there, shooting his load deep into her until he, too fell fell limp in exhausted pleasure.

This was the second time the three of us had a great time in two encounters, and as I lay there totally spent, I knew there would be more.

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