Heat Wave

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Miguel picked up his pace as he finished his last couple of laps around the track before he slowed to a walking pace. There were a few others on the track with him, mostly women but there was a man in high riding shorts and a tank top who was running sprints. Miguel thought about the possibility of pacing this man for sport but with this heat and humidity, even this late in the afternoon, it would be foolish.

Running charged Miguel up, looking at other sweaty men in shorts with their strong muscled thighs working, moving gracefully. He often wondered what other joggers wore beneath their shorts or if he was the only one that used the inner lining of his shorts as underwear. His cock bounced freely on occasion, he’d see an ass in shorts that’d make him instantly hard and he’d have to adjust himself in the middle of his run.

Miguel was infatuated with the man running speed work on the track as he cooled down and stretched. When Miguel sat down two lanes away from the panting man who had stopped his fast pace, Miguel looked up at him and his cock stirred. Thin, quivering thighs stuck out from thin black shorts as the man bent over to stretch his hamstrings, giving Miguel quite an eyeful of tight ass.

Miguel stood up, walked towards the man and offered him the towel for his face.

“Thanks man. I appreciate it. That’s my last one.” His panting between words indicated just how tiresome his speed work was.

“My name’s Miguel. I’ve seen you out here numerous times. You training for something?”

“Name’s Kevin. I’m just a 5k man but you’ve gotta stay in shape during season, right?”


Miguel noticed Kevin’s facial features as he examined the rest of his body. Kevin’s small frame held plenty of definition beneath his tank top and shorts. The dirt on his shoes showed Miguel that Kevin did a lot of trail running. Miguel was sure he’d seen him before.

“How about you? I’ve seen you out on the track doing speed work occasionally.” Miguel’s panting slowed as he patted himself off.

“I used to be a more serious runner but work has forced that to take a back seat. Now I rarely get out and when I can, it’s out here.”

“Peace and quiet among the roads and rubber eh?”

“Yup,” both men chuckled. Miguel stood up, slipped off his shoes and threw them in his bag by the side of the track. Miguel’s thoughts strayed as his mind twisted words. He’d like to see Kevin with just a rubber over his stiff erection.

“Hey, you wanna go out and get something to drink after a shower?” Kevin’s upbeat tone returned as he cooled down and chugged Gatorade from his sports bottle. Miguel watched droplets of the blue liquid run down the man’s chin and his neck. He had to readjust himself before answering.

“Sure, I live close by. We could meet somewhere.”

“Or you could just use my shower. I have a Jacuzzi you could rest your legs in while I showered.”

Miguel hoped for more innuendo in Kevin’s words but figured it was just exhaustion from the workout.

“Should we take your car?” Miguel scanned the near empty parking.

“I biked. What about you?”

“Black ford, over there.” Miguel pointed to the F150 by the tennis courts. Kevin walked towards a bike that leaned against the fence, picked up the bike and carried it over to the bed of Miguel’s truck.

“She’s all loaded up.” Kevin said as he shut the gate. Miguel unlocked the doors and got in the cab, starting the truck as Kevin sat down.

“Where to?”

“I’m just down the road in South Shore. Take a left at the first entrance and I’ll get us in.”

“Oh, off Masters drive?”


Miguel followed Kevin’s directions and within two minutes, had pulled into Kevin’s driveway. He looked at the beautiful front yard before his eyes gazed over the two-story house and sighed. His apartment was nice but the homes in this neighborhood were pricey.

He got out, helped Kevin with his bike and followed him up the steps into his house. “If you’d like, the Jacuzzi is out back. Slip off your shoes and whatnot and get comfortable. I won’t be long.”

“Okay, thanks.” Miguel walked out to the patio; the scent of Kevin’s floral garden hit him instantly. Miguel admired the décor before turning his attention to the Jacuzzi. Kneeling down, he slipped his hand beneath the warm water and sighed happily. He slipped his shoes and socks off, sat down at the edge of the water and closed his eyes as the warmth calmed his aching muscles.

A few minutes later, the screen door slid open and Kevin came out with two beers. He handed one to Miguel before sipping his own and setting it down beside them. “So, how’s the heat?”

“It’s wonderful. My legs feel better already.” Miguel stretched out, flexing his muscles as he let the heat turn his otherwise strong thighs to jell-o.

“Good. I always enjoy sitting out here with company or a longneck and relaxing after my run. Generally, after work this thing feels great.”

“I can imagine. What do you do?”

“I’m a software engineer for Raytheon. Big VB, C++, casino siteleri Unix stuff. How about yourself?”

“I’m the guy that gets to wade through hours of code and fix bugs.”

“Sucks to have your job.”

“Sucks not to have my pay.”

“Really.” They clinked beers and took long sips before setting down empty bottles. “I’ll get us another round in a moment.”

“Thanks.” Miguel stretched his arms and shoulders before splashing more water over his legs.

“Well, have you been to a massage therapist?”


“I do that on the side.”

“My body is so sore from all the extra lifting I’ve been doing.” Kevin tried to stretch but instead stood up and slipped off his shorts, exposing pale naked flesh to Miguel and the humid summer air. Miguel looked upwards at the cock that jutted out in front of him before Kevin submerged himself in the Jacuzzi.

“I do this on a regular basis since I have my own backyard. Privacy is nice, ya know.”

Miguel forced himself to shut his mouth before he turned away. He closed his legs to hide his obvious erection, wishing he hadn’t.

“You’re not bothered are you?”

“No, it’s not every day I hang around men who strip and show off their beautiful cocks like that.”

“I was hoping for that sort of response. I’ve been big into nudity and you seemed like a pretty relaxed guy.”

“I am. Hey, how about I massage those shoulders for you, work a little tension out?”

“Man, I’d love that. Lemme get us a few more beers.”

“Okay.” Kevin stood up and walked inside, aware that Miguel watched him as his cock bobbed as he walked. Miguel admired Kevin’s ass as the door closed and he watched Kevin go into the kitchen. When he came back with two more longnecks, Miguel took one, sipped the cool liquid and set the bottle down as Kevin sank back in the Jacuzzi.

“Let me get closer so you can work on my shoulders, Kev.”

“Yeah, just like that.” Miguel tried to conceal his erection better but Kevin backed into him anyway. Miguel went to work, massaging the tightness from Kevin’s broad shoulders and working his way slowly down his back as far as he could go without readjusting himself. Kevin’s satisfied moans let Miguel know how much he enjoyed the flesh work all while making Miguel harder by the minute.

After a few minutes of Miguel’s fingers working over Kevin’s shoulders and collarbone region, Kevin slumped back against the concrete and laid his head between Miguel’s legs.

“Ahh, that feels much better,” his relaxed voice showed a much warmer tone.

“Good. Just let the water and my fingers relax you.” He worked over Kevin’s skin further, moving his head and ridding the tension from his neck. “Wow, you’re tight man.”

“You’re a fellow programmer. You know what it feels like to have all that stress bothering you while you’re coding and your boss is needing those lines done ASAP.”

“I sure do.” Miguel knew that feeling all too well. He noticed Kevin’s hand over his cock, making extra waves in the Jacuzzi and he smiled wickedly. After another few minutes, Kevin turned around and stared directly at Miguel’s hips, eyeing him with fervor.

“Can I pay you back for the favor?” Kevin licked his lips and Miguel’s cock throbbed at the sound of getting head.

“Well, I think something could be arranged. Let me help you decide.” Miguel stood up, dropped his shorts and his cock sprang forward. Kevin eyed the dark skinned Latino’s body, noticing the lack of tan lines.

“Do you tan in the nude?”

“Yup.” Miguel sat back down and scooted over the edge of the Jacuzzi so his cock and balls hung freely over the side. Kevin’s mouth dropped, he licked his lips again and took Miguel’s cock in hand. He tugged at his hairy testicles and Miguel sighed before Kevin’s lips surrounded Miguel’s cock. His skin tingled around his genitals; the skin on his scrotum began to tighten in Kevin’s hand. Kevin ran his fingers behind Miguel’s balls, feeling for the ridges as he slurped and sucked the cock in his mouth. Kevin placed his hand around Miguel’s waist and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer to him as his head bobbed and weaved on the pole in his mouth.

He licked the head of Miguel’s cock slowly at first, letting him moan pleasurably while letting his tongue play over the underside of Miguel’s shaft. Kevin nipped each ridge and vein, making Miguel gasp with each bit of contact.

Uttering something in Spanish, Miguel’s cock twitched and quivered, his muscles tensed up as Kevin bobbed and pumped his own cock furiously in the Jacuzzi until the warm liquid filled his mouth, running down his chin as Miguel blew his load.

When Miguel wiped the sweat from his brow, the smile that slowly slipped over his face showed Kevin just how satisfied his new Hispanic friend was. Kevin rapidly pumped his own cock, shooting cum in the water.

Both men spent, Miguel slumped down into the relaxing water of the Jacuzzi, sitting next to Kevin. Miguel stared into the water, looking at the flaccid pink cock in Kevin’s hand. canlı casino

“Do you feel any better?” Miguel broke their silence.

“Oh yeah man. I feel much better. More relaxed.”


* * *

A week later, Miguel and Kevin jogged down a trail alternating between quick and slower pacing. Miguel took the lead, breathing heavily as Kevin chased him. Kevin’s footsteps increased, pounding the rugged terrain below his feet as he followed Miguel, close behind. When Miguel slowed his pace, Kevin picked up his and both men breathed harder as they alternated for some time between quick and quicker until they both slowed down for a rest. Miguel’s determination to keep up with Kevin surprised even him but the hot sex promised to him afterwards had him rearing to go another round. They’d met again a few days after their first encounter, going to a bar after work for drinks and ended up back at Miguel’s apartment. Miguel loved fucking Kevin’s tight ass, slipping his cock in and out of his hole to spurt hot come on his ass, using it for extra lubricant as Kevin jacked him off to another erection and second orgasm.

That’s when Kevin struck the deal with Miguel to see if he could keep up. The long legged Hispanic man scoffed at the thought at first until sex was thrown into the mix. Kevin came quickly as Miguel sucked his cock, noting that he’d never had anyone other than other white men suck him before. Miguel explained his unique talent as an appreciation for beautiful cock. Kevin couldn’t agree more as Miguel slurped the last bits of come from him.

After their run, both men were covered in sweat. The humidity had increased so much that it took very little time outside to break into a sweat and when the men got back to Miguel’s truck, Miguel turned the AC on to cool them down before they left.

“Hey Miguel, you wanna go hit a bar tonight?” The breeze picked up as the sun set. Kevin kept the door open to keep the windows from fogging up too quickly.

“Lemme shower first and we can.”

“That sounds like a plan. Your place or mine?” Kevin wiped the sweat from his shoulders and chest before leaning back against the seat.

“Mine. You’ve got clothes at my place, don’t you?”


“What bar were you thinking of going to?”

“There’s one down on Nassau Road 1 that’s new.”

“You mean Raúl’s.” Miguel’s eyes widened.

“Yeah, that’s the name.”

“Hey, I know the owner. He owes me a few favors. Maybe he can let us in tonight without paying the stupid cover. You know bands play on Friday nights.” Miguel kept it to himself that he and Raul used to be fucking friends.

“Oh, that’s right. They’ve got some fuckin’ blues band from Austin down tonight. ‘Supposed to be a good show.”

“Well we can catch that, have a few beers, come back, screw like dogs.”

“Sure.” Kevin admired his friend’s complexion as Miguel took off his shirt and hung it over the back of his seat. When they got back to Kevin’s, he slipped into the shower while Miguel cooled off in the pool for a few minutes before heading upstairs to shower in the second bathroom.

An hour later, both men looked at themselves in a bathroom mirror, flashed lame smiles and met in Kevin’s large kitchen. Miguel ran a comb through his short black hair, parting it slightly to the side in an adorable, ‘come fuck me’ fashion.

When they walked into the club, a large bouncer greeted them, checking them for ID. When Miguel flashed his wallet, the bouncer eyed him carefully before a voice called Miguel’s name from a distance. Raúl, a short stocky man called out again, “Hey Miguel! Jim, let them in. They’re with me.”

Jim nodded and all three men met up, shaking hands as Miguel introduced Kevin and Raul.

“I hear you got a pretty jumpin’ joint.” Kevin ordered a beer as his eyes adjusted to the light and the pretty boy serving drinks.

“Yeah man, we try.” His thick accent made him slightly harder to understand. Deciding to make tonight more interesting, Miguel took advantage of his white friend’s lack of bilingual skills.

“Que tal, Raul. ¿Que haciendo?”

“Aqui no mas. ¿Que pues?” Kevin shook his head at the man’s heavily accented


“Vamos a visitar un amigo. Tal vez tendra ideas para recreación esta noche.

¿Me entiendes?”

“Naturalmente. Ya se.” He glanced at Kevin, pointing to his mouth when

Miguel nodded his approval. “Pero, sabes que tengo que cerrar la tienda este


Kevin scratched his head and took a sip from the longneck handed to him by

the cute waiter. Raul led them to a table and they sat down as the bar

slowly filled with patrons.

“Que gacho,” Kevin frowned. “¿Es possible que Jim nos haga el favor?


“Pues, preguntale!”Raúl ordered a round of beers and the three drank while talking throughout the evening. Near 1 AM, Raúl excused himself and left Miguel and Kevin alone for a few minutes. Kevin leaned in closer to Miguel. “Hey, what were you tow talking about earlier?”


“When kaçak casino we first got here. You two mumbled a bunch of shit in spanish. I don’t speak the language.”

“Oh, that. Well, we’re gonna hopefully head back to my place and you’ll find out.” He spotted Raúl on his way back to the table.

“Vale.” The Mexican glanced at Miguel who nodded in response.

Kevin held back a yawn on his fourth beer and Miguel took that as a sign for them to leave. “Listen, Raúl wanted to know if we were interested in coming back to his place to wind down.” Miguel’s eyes seemed to light up even in the dimly lit bar.

“Sure. I’m game.” Kevin knew something was up, besides his cock. He followed the two Hispanic men to Raúl’s car, getting in the back seat of the little mustang. The new leather smell wafted to Kevin’s nostrils as he enjoyed the ride down Egret Bay Blvd. It turned out that the large penthouse complex that both men passed daily was where Raúl resided.

When they walked into the living room, Raúl removed his jacket, hung it neatly on the coat rack beside the door and offered the other men a seat. “Cerveca?”

“That I understand,” Kevin nodded. Raúl handed him a Corona, popped two beers for Miguel and himself before excusing himself to his room.

“Swanky pad he’s got here,” Kevin noted the décor of Raú’s living room. He noted the big picture on the wall of the dogs playing pool, the expensive wine glasses hanging above the bar, and as he scanned the room, he came across the entertainment center, noting some of the titles of the films Raúl watched, including the numerous unmarked boxes.

“Good selection of movies,” Miguel stood up, pointed to the large collection of gay porn. “He’s got more porno than I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Looks like a good choice, too. Some of these titles I haven’t seen in ages.” Kevin stood up, sipped his beer and unbuttoned the top button on his shirt. The door in the back opened, Raúl came out, dressed in a satin purple and red silk robe that hung open loosely.

“Looking over my movie collection, eh?”

“Yup. Nice and large.”

“I like it nice and large.” He snickered and walked over to the French doors and opened them up. The cool night breeze flowed into the penthouse suite as Raúl stepped outside.

“Hey, Raúl. I’m gonna catch a shower and relax.”

“Go ahead man. Strip down, enjoy.” The short fat man ended his statement with a loud laugh and Miguel disappeared in the back, leaving Kevin to get comfortable with Raúl.

“Come, relax yourself amigo. Take a load off.” Raúl’s insistence couldn’t be resisted as Kevin stepped onto the patio. The floral aromas reminded him of his own lush garden and it turned out that he and Raúl had similar tastes in their hobbies. They made small talk before Miguel came outside with a beer, wrapped only in a towel, his hair disheveled. Raúl let his robe fall open more as Kevin stepped closer, eyeing his cock in the patio light. Kevin’s own erection stirred in his trousers at the site, and when he stepped closer, he swore he saw the glistening of precum as Raúl played with himself beneath the robe.

When Miguel pinched Kevin’s ass and undid the snaps on his trousers, Kevin let them fall to the floor in a pile before stepping out of them. He stood clad in his boxers and shirt, erect cock protruding from the slit in his boxers and Miguel grabbed him, startling him at first but when the Hispanic put his hands on Kevin’s shoulders and began to massage them, Kevin relaxed. Raúl let the robe fall completely open now, sipping his beer as his cock jutted proudly out for the other two men to ogle. Kevin looked at the shape of Raúl’s cock, fat and round, and gasped when Miguel’s velvety lips sealed around his shaft. The towel that formerly was around Miguel’s waist was now used to pad the wooden deck while Miguel worked his lips over Kevin’s cock. Before long, Raúl worked himself to a faster pace, slipping a condom over his cock before Miguel coerced Kevin into a chair while he took him in his mouth.

Miguel felt the cold application of lubricant and he jumped, but relaxed quickly as Raúl slipped the head of his cock inside his ass. Miguel pushed back gently, moaning as Raúl filled him. Kevin felt vibrations from Miguel’s moans over his cock and his balls tightened up while Miguel used his tongue to taste Kevin’s precum. Raúl slid in fully with a grunt, thrusting slowly in rhythm with Miguel’s movements.

Miguel worked himself between the two men as Raúl grabbed Miguel’s cock and jacked him off. Before long, all three cocks were quivering; Raúl shot his load first, coming with short grunts, groans and breathy Hispanic words. Kevin shot his load down Miguel’s throat, calling out Miguel’s name before Miguel’s come soaked Raul’s hand. Miguel swallowed every drop from Kevin’s cock as another smaller load shot forcefully over his lips and face.

When Raúl slipped out of Miguel, he removed the condom and threw it over the balcony as he reached for his beer and laughed.

Later, all three men fucked again on the balcony, this time Kevin alternated between taking Raúl’s cock in his ass and fucking Miguel’s mouth again. What Kevin and Miguel didn’t know was that Raúl’s unmarked videotape had two new movie additions to it.

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