Guest of Honor

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Sara woke up feeling that something was different. She opened her eyes and saw that she was in her room, then reached out for Jack, but that side of the bed was empty. That was what was different. She was fully awake now and beginning to remember last night. After almost two years together they had called it quits. Exactly what the problem between them was, neither of them was sure, but neither of them had been happy in the relationship for the past few months. Sara felt sad as she thought of the breakup, but there was also a part of her that felt free. She could do what she liked, when she liked and with whom she liked! Maybe that had been the problem with Jack and her, they both tended to be possessive. “When will you be home? Where are you going? Why didn’t you call? Who was that person you were talking to?” came from both of them too often.

As she brewed her coffee, she thought of her time with Jack. It had been very nice to have someone like him to be with. He was a kind and considerate young man and, God knows , he was a great fuck! He made her cum eating her, fucking her and once by just nibbling on her ear! Ok, she had been playing with her clit at the same time! However, in the last few months she had felt as if they were in a rut; a nice rut to be sure, but a rut none the less. How she was going to replace the sex part of her life was of little concern. Sara had no doubt that she was sexually attractive and besides she had access to an amazing selection of “toys” where she worked.

She had a job at an upscale sex boutique, which rented and sold carefully selected porn movies, sold dildos, vibrators, condoms and in general assisted their customers in developing good sexual relations. She enjoyed her job and felt that her interest in the sexual side of life made her effective in helping her customers.

Today her shift started at 11:00 AM, so she was in no hurry to leave her apartment. After finishing her second cup of coffee, she laid the clothes she would wear on her bed and threw her PJ’s in the laundry. When she entered the bathroom she saw her naked body in the full length mirror and turn to look at what the mirror revealed. What she saw was a shorter than average, healthy, cute body with tits that fit with the rest of her. She brought her hands up to cup her tits and let her fingers gently message her nipples. Then her hands slide down her body, one hand opened her cunt while with the other she stroked her inner lips and clit. “God that feels good”, she thought, as she continued to tease her cunt with her fingers. “Stop it;”, she said aloud to herself. ” you must stop it before you need your dildo and vibrator and use up the entire morning.” She liked her body and the pleasure it gave her! She smiled at herself in the mirror, then stepped into the shower.

She arrived at work in a good mood and her day progressed nicely. She had a lot of customers, many of whom were very interesting, and her sales were excellent.

Sara watched a lot of porn movies and consider herself, if not an expert, at least an enthusiastic and knowledgeable amateur. She enjoyed discussing the movies she had seen with her customers and she was sure that they also enjoyed it. As closing time neared, Sara felt good about her life.

Ten minutes before lock-the-door time three young people, lead by a strikingly beautiful young women, walked into the store. They were laughing and talking among themselves as they approached the counter where Sara was reviewing the days sales. “Hi, I’m April and these hunks are Mark and Eric. We need a good porn movie, what do you suggest?” Sara looked at the three for the first time and was struck by their good looks and their friendly manner. April was about 5′ 6″ , auburn hair, slender with prominent tits, wearing a loose blouse and no bra. Mark looked to be around 5′ 10″ with broad shoulders and narrow waist and a very nice smile. Eric was dark haired, maybe approaching 6′ tall, 180 pounds with a serious but very sexy look. Sara was impressed by the clothes they wore and the confidence they apparently felt.

She too felt confident since she knew that she was very competent in recommending porn movies. ” Hi! I’m Sara. The titles we have are here in this counter. Why don’t you look at the descriptions and ask me about them? I have seen most of them and can tell you what they ‘re about.” As April leaned over the counter to look, Sara saw her tits completely exposed. They were, as she had expected, gorgeous. She was surprised by how aroused she was by April’s tits. Mark leaned near April and appeared to study the movie titles but Sara was convinced he was studying her. She was glad that she had worn a low cut blouse which showed off her tits. To be sure Mark didn’t miss anything, she leaned over the counter as far as she could. Mark did not miss the opportunity! Eric had stepped back and was observing the actions of Sara, April and Mark. Sara noted a bulge in his jeans which indicated that he appreciated illegal bahis the sexual tensions which were building.

On Sara’s recommendation they selected an Anna Malle movie and after some more chit-chat started to leave. At the door, April turned to Sara and said, “Hey, we are going to that little bar across the street for a drink or two, as soon as you get closed here come on over, I would love to get to know you better.” Sara started to say that she needed to get home–then she realized that she didn’t need to do anything and said “I would love to come over. I’ll be finished here in a few minutes.” She hurried through her closing procedures, locked the door and headed across the street.

She walked into the bar and saw the three of them at the same time they saw her. Mark got up and came to meet her. “I’m glad you came.” he said, as he escorted her to their table. After a minute or two and many “Hi’s” and “I’m glad you came’s ” Sara was seated between Mark and Eric with a glass of wine in her hand. The conversation was typical, many questions about what do you do? where do you live? What are your plans? etc. Sara enjoyed it immensely! She felt that her three new friends really liked her and were genuinely interested in her. Both Eric and Mark were obviously sexually attracted to her, which gave her self esteem a nice boost! While Sara lusted after those two nice male bodies, April got most of her attention and thoughts. After the second round of drinks, competing plans broke up the session and everyone headed off to other interests. Sara drove home to her apartment with mixed feelings. On one hand she though it may be lonely with out Jack, but on the other hand she had some new relationships on her mind which Jack would not understand at all!

Sara got ready for bed early and started to read a book she had been working on for a long time. Tonight she found reading boring and put one of her favorite fuck movies in the VCR and stretched out on the bed. Although she had seen this movie twice it still aroused her. Soon she had removed here PJ’s and retrieved her dildo and vibrator from the drawer of the night stand. She lay on the bed, spread her legs wide and brought her knees up, opening herself for the dildo which slide easily into her very wet cunt. She brought the vibrator to her clit and within a few minutes was cumming as her favorite porn star took a load of cum from a large cock in her mouth while an attractive woman ate her cunt. Winding down from a very nice cum she thought, “If this is being alone, I like it!”

The next day Mark returned the movie and chatted with Sara for a few minutes before he returned to work. He told Sara that April planned to stop by later that day to talk about some plans for the coming weekend. The look he gave her as he left was one of pure lust! Sara shivered in delight and anticipation.

April walked in at closing time and asked if she could talk to Sara when the door was locked. Since it was closing time Sara locked the door and turn to April asking, “OK, what’s so secret?” Well, I want to ask you something and if I ‘m totally off base I want you to forget I ever asked, OK?” Sara nodded agreement. “We, that is Mark, Eric and I, want to invite you to a special party Saturday night. Does that interest you?” April said quickly. Sara suspected that she knew but asked, “What is special about this party?” “Its an orgy, you know group sex, fucking and sucking—stuff like that.” April replied. Even though Sara had been expecting something like this she was still slow to respond.

“Oh God, I hope I haven’t offended you! I really want this and Mark and Eric may never talk to me if I’ve screwed this up!” April said. Sara was excited by the invitation and told April that she had never done group sex but that she was ready to try it. She asked what they did at their orgies. “Anything weird? Painful?” April assured her that they were “fuck, suck, eat cunt and kiss kind of people and that a no meant no at any time, from anyone. Sara could just watch or participate in any way she wished. “But please don’t not come” she pleaded. Both Mark and Eric have had stiff cocks since they met you and I have some personal thoughts also!” April told Sara the time and place and made one more intense plea for her to be there.

By the time Sara arrived home she had decided to go. She called April and told her that she would definitely be there. April was thrilled and said that Mark and Eric would be even more thrilled. Sara found her next thought funny. What to wear to an orgy! Fortunately, her store carried an extensive line of sexy clothing. There was one wrap-around dress that would be perfect. It was a robe which warped around the body to look like an elegant dress, but when the belt was removed it opened like like the robe that it was. With her discount it was very affordable.

By Saturday at 6:00 PM Sara was nervous and horny in anticipation of the party. She had imagined her three new friends illegal bahis siteleri naked and fucking each other but she had not gotten a clear mental picture of herself fucking tonight. She needed to relax. A drink and a very hot bath would do the trick!

One of the nicest parts of her apartment was the large Jaccuzzi Tub in the bathroom. She started the water running and then mixed a large Gin and Tonic. When the tub was full enough she slipped into the water and made herself relax. She often used the Jacuzzi jet on her clit to give herself a nice cum, but not tonight; she knew she would need all of her sexual energy for the orgy. She loved the sound of that! The bath was a good idea! Sara lost track of time but she noticed that the water was cooling and decided to get out. Why the thought came to her she had no idea, but she got her razor and shaving gel and, sitting on the edge of the tub, began to shave her cunt. It was more difficult than she thought it would be but in a few minutes her cunt was as smooth as a baby’s butt! She got up and stood in front of the mirror; she thought it looked strange, but she felt very sexy! She applied some Eros oil to her inner and outer lips and was pleased with the feel. She was beginning to feel ready for anything an orgy could offer!

Minimum make up and a simple hair arrangement and she was ready to get dressed. She wrapped her wrap-around around her neat body and stepped into her shoes. A final look in the mirror convinced her that she was finished. Wearing no underwear was a real turn on, no one could resist her! It was time to leave and she was nervous again, but she was also aroused in a way that she had never been. Sara was ready!

The drive to April’s apartment took less than 15 minutes, during which time Sara became more aroused and less nervous. She found a parking spot right in front of the door and was ringing the bell seconds later.

When April opened the door Sara was overwhelmed by how sexy she looked. She was wearing a short robe of white silk with yellow trim which complemented her auburn hair perfectly! As Sara entered the room, April wrapped her arms around her and kissed her on the lips. Sara was surprised but thrilled. Without consciously thinking about it Sara had been hoping that April would want to have some physical intimacy with her. Sara returned the kiss with her lips parted and April responded by darting her tongue into Sara’s mouth.

When Sara regained her composure she looked around the room. It was a large living room with nice furniture. In the center of the room was a table which looked like the examining tables in a doctor’s office. “OK, I give up what is that?” Sara inquired. “Its a massage table that Eric borrowed from the gym where he works out and you will see later why its here.” April offered. “Where are the guys?” Sara asked as she looked around. “Next door in their apartment. I told them I wanted to be sure you were comfortable before they started waving those stiff cocks around!” April continued. “You are the guest of honor at our orgy tonight. That means that the three of us are going to do all we can to please you. When you leave here tonight we all want you to feel more fucked then you have ever felt. Does that sound good to you?” “God yes! You know, I was nervous about this night but now I’m just horny!” Sara replied.

“OK, time to call the guys and let them get a look at you. You looked good enough to eat, and I’m sure that will happen tonight!” April remarked, as she picked up the phone and dialed the apartment next door.

Mark and Eric were at the door in less than a minute. They both wore beach shorts and tee shirts and looked very, very sexy. In turn they each approached Sara and hugged her. Sara could feel their stiff cocks as they press against her body. Mark suggested that they open some champagne and relax for awhile. Sara found the champagne to be good and the chance to look at and talk to her…..what?, fuckers?, lovers?, partners?…. even better.

After several glasses of champagne, April, who always seemed to be the one in charge, proclaimed, “Time to get naked! Sara, as the guest of honor, please remove your clothes and the guys will help you up on the the table. So that you won’t be alone….everyone, clothes off!” Sara was deliberately slow so that she could see at least one of them naked before she committed her body. April was the first to disrobe, since all she had to do was release a belt. Mark and Eric were only seconds behind. As Eric bared his stiff cock, Sara released her belt and with a shrug, let her robe drop.

During the next few seconds, everyone appraised everyone else’s body and there was no disappointment in the room! Eric and Mark approached Sara, picked her up and lay her on the message table face down. Eric, who had said very little since Sara had met him, said “We are going to give you a massage, both for your pleasure and ours. If at any time you are not comfortable canlı bahis siteleri with what we are doing just say stop or no. Again, this for your pleasure. ” Sara indicated her consent with a nod and, almost immediately, felt a warm lotion being poured on her back.

The sensation of three pairs of hands massaging her body from the soles of her feet to the base of her skull was more sensual than she thought possible. She decided to close her eyes and just feel what was happening to her. Someone was applying oil to the inside of her thighs almost to her cunt. Other hands were massaging her shoulders and under her arms to her tits. Then six hands turned her over as if she were floating on air and the warm oil was applied to her tits and her thighs. There was a pause in the massage for a few seconds and then the hands were confined to her tits and cunt. She chose not to open her eyes to see who was doing such a wonderful job caressing her cunt; she was sure it was April. She felt male hands gently rubbing her nipple and massaging her tits. She reached out to find the hard cocks she knew were there. On her right she grasped a very rigid cock which seemed to her to be slim and long, while on her left an equally stiff cock seemed to be thicker than average. She peeked to see that it was Eric with the long one and Mark with the thick one.

As she stroked the hard cocks, Mark and Eric put their arms under each leg and lifted back and out. She could feel her cunt open and then she felt warm breath on her outer lips. April was going to eat her! Her body tensed as April’s tongue licked the length of her cunt then stopped at her clit. Her tongue flicked at her clit, her lips squeezed it and gently rolled it back and forth. Sara lost track of the details and lost herself in the pleasure of being eaten by a gorgeous woman. She was just about to cum, when April stopped and said, “Phase two.” Eric and Mark gently let her legs down on each side of the table and slide her up so that her head was no longer on the table but was supported by Eric’s hands. He let her head down slowly and she peeked to see what was happening. She was looking at Eric’s nuts and cock just a few inches away from her face! Sara felt someone get on the table between her legs and then felt the tip of a cock slip into her cunt. It paused for a moment then slowly penetrated her until she was completely filled with a thick, rock hard cock!

As soon as Mark filled her cunt Eric’s cock was pressing to enter her mouth. Sara opened eagerly to let Eric’s stiff cock slide into her mouth as she felt April sucking on her tits. She was over whelmed with sensations! This was fucking at its best! With her head back the way it was her mouth and throat were in a line. She took a deep breath, tried to relax her throat then reached her hands around to Eric’s ass and pulled him closer. He knew what she wanted and slowly pressed forward until his nuts were at her lips. Sara fought the gag reflex for a few seconds, then her throat relaxed. With her hands on his hips she signaled him to fuck her throat! God, that was exciting! When she needed a breath, she pushed him back and he withdrew so that she could take another breath. She was also aware that her cunt was being nicely fucked and her tits were tingling with pleasure!

Eric said, quietly, ” I’m cummimg ,OK?” Sara nodded yes and felt her throat and mouth over flowing with his load. Cum ran from her mouth and dripped down her cheeks. As Eric finished cumming Sara sucked hard on his cock, hoping to repay some of the intense pleasure he had given her. He withdrew his softening cock from her mouth and she was free to swallow and clear her mouth of cum. Mark paused for a moment while April and Eric moved Sara down the table so that her head was once more supported. While Eric took one leg and one tit, April took the others. Sara was once again spread wide and Mark picked up where he had stopped. Sara was now concentrating only on her cunt and Mark’s wonderful cock! Within a few minutes Sara was cumming as she had never cum before. She began chanting “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…….” until she was cumming so hard she couldn’t talk. As she finished Mark’s cock exploded with cum. When he drove deep into her cunt, his cum was forced out of her cunt. She could feel it on the inside of her thighs and running toward her ass. Mark made one final push and paused deep inside her. He stayed there until he began to soften and then slowly withdrew. Sara was lying on the table feeling like a sensitive piece of jello! Ever little current of air that touched her clit or tits sent shivers through her body.

She opened her eyes to see April’s face a few inches from her’s. April put her hands on Sara’s cheeks and kisses her with a long, slow kiss. “If you can walk, let’s go shower.” April whispered. When Sara’s feet were on the floor her legs wouldn’t hold her! Mark laughed as he caught her and helped her regain her balance. April supported her as they made their way to the shower. April had her arm around Sara, cupping one of her tits with her hand as they entered the bathroom. “Well, are you fucked yet?” she asked playfully. Sara just looked at her with a look of contentment and pleasure.

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