Graduation Trip: Day 4

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We decided to lie out by the pool around 2pm. I slept off my soreness and hangover on the lounge chair in nothing but my thong bikini bottom. I was very hot under the afternoon sun, but it felt good. I watched as the occasional guy checked me out as I laid there practically naked. I especially enjoyed the guys who would sneak a glance at me when they were with their wife or girlfriend.

As the afternoon wore on, I felt myself becoming horny again. I don’t know if was the sun, my lack of clothing, the guys checking me out, or thinking about my recent sexual encounters, but I found myself pressing my pubic area against the cushion of the lounge chair trying to stimulate myself. When would enough be enough?

I spied a group of guys on the other end of the pool drinking beers, and using a beer bong. Lyndse and Beth thought I was nuts when I suggested we join them, saying they couldn’t even think of having a drink at that point. The guys looked kind of cute so, without putting on my top, I got into the pool and swam across to them. They thought the beer bong was the coolest thing. Seeing that as an opening, I asked if I could try it. A couple of hours later I had more than a few beer bongs giving me a good buzz, which only intensified my aroused state, as I sat in the hot tub, topless with six guys, and just three girls including me.

A little while later I was in one guy’s lap making out with him, and I noticed the two other girls were doing the same thing to the other guys. Since there were twice as many guys as girls, we ended switching to other guys after a short time. We weren’t just kissing; we were doing some heavy duty grinding and groping. Everyone seemed to be getting really hot, but we were in broad daylight in the middle of the hotel pool, and so we were getting some looks. When a couple of security guards started heading our way one of the guys suggested that we all come up to his room and continue the party.

I gathered my things, put my top back on, and headed up toward the room Lyndse and Beth decided to stay on the beach. The mood we had in the hot tub had changed once we were inside the room. It was a little awkward at first, and one of the girls decided to leave. After a few more drinks the party started rolling again. I was starting to get quite drunk.

There were two queen-sized beds in the room, and a couple of chairs. I was laying back on a bed with two canlı bahis of the guys when we noticed the other girl, who was on the other bed, making out with one of the other three guys. I quickly copied her with the guy next to me. Before I knew it, my top was off and the two guys each had their mouth on my nipples. Things got hot and heavy quickly.

“Who’s going to be first?” I asked laying back on the bed just after my bikini bottoms had been pulled down leaving me naked.

There was a little shyness at first, but one guy just started taking his shorts off. He hardly got it in when he suddenly came all over my stomach.

“Sorry,” he said while his friends were making fun of him. “It’s been awhile.”

He came a lot. Someone threw me a towel and I wiped his cum from my stomach and pubic area. He made quite a mess. The second guy was standing there playing with his cock, getting it hard. I nodded as he was waiting for my permission. He entered me easily, and was slow and deliberate, enjoying it as long as he could. After a few minutes he quickened his pace.

I looked over at the other bed and the other woman was getting it just as good as I was. The scene seemed so surreal to me. All the guys were naked now, standing around like they were waiting their turn. It was just like my fantasy I had while laying on the beach the other day. I felt strange, somehow detached. I was turned on, but not with the intensity I had been with Javier, or even with Pete and James the other night. My heavy alcohol intake had me unable to focus my thoughts. I was just laying their tripping out on what was happening, but in a good way.

The guy was really going at me now, and he had the whole bed shaking. I was just along for the ride. I felt him tense up, and I knew he was going to go. He pulled out, and I watched in fascination as he began to ejaculate. It was the first time I was able to watch a guy do that. He spurted everywhere, even hitting me in the face. The others were cheering him on, and we were all laughing about his record shot.

After I cleaned up with the towel once more, the third guy was waiting his turn. I caught my breath when I looked at him as he stood at the edge of the bed. He reminded of a horse. I sat up, and came face to face with a giant cock. I didn’t think they could get that big. He looked proud of it too.

It took me a minute to figure out what he wanted. bahis siteleri I had not planned on giving a blow job, but he did. I had never given one before, and only had an idea of what to do.

I reached out, and took his cock into my hand. It felt warm and monstrous. He took his two hands, and grabbed my face on both sides as I took him into my mouth. He tasted fleshy, and masculine. My mouth was stretched, and it felt uncomfortable at first. I tried to open my mouth as best I could, and I felt like I was just hanging until he was done. I hoped I was doing it right.

He let go of my hair and pulled away. He pushed me down back onto the bed. I spread my legs as he lowered himself onto to me. I was really wet, and wanted him even though I was a little scared he would hurt me. I felt the tip of his head begin to fill me up, and to my surprise, and I think along with everyone else’s, he slid inside me with no effort. I think he was almost disappointed. I got the sense he knew what he was doing. He started out slow, making it feel really good, and then he began to pound me for all he was worth. We did it like that, missionary style, for a long time.

Then he turned me over. He had me on my hands and knees facing away from him. I looked back over my shoulder, and I saw that gigantic cock waiting to get back inside me. He then quickly entered me from behind. I felt much more filled up in this position as he was able to drive into me deeper and harder.

I ended up resting my head on another guy’s arm, who was sitting as the head of the bed. He began to play with my nipples while the guy behind me kept pounding me relentlessly. Then the guys at the head of bed had his cock in my face while he stroked himself at the same time I was being fucked silly from behind. I felt totally wicked as I took him into my mouth. I couldn’t imagine a more erotic scene. I was giving head to some guy while being fucked from behind, I could hear the other girl moaning as she was getting fucked too, and other guys were hanging around waiting for their turn.

I almost choked when the guy in my mouth began to cum. I thought I should try to swallow him, but I couldn’t, it was too much. He ended up coming all over my face, and in my hair. I must have looked like a wreck. I was hoping someone would throw me a towel, but no one did. I was about to wipe myself on the bed sheet when I felt myself being turned bahis şirketleri around again.

While still staying inside me, the guy fucking me managed to turn me over onto my back. He had pulled me down so that my hips were at the edge of the bed, and he was standing on the floor. He grabbed my ankles and put them up on his shoulders. He went in so deep I thought I could feel him in my stomach. All I knew at that moment, was the feeling of being completely full. I was screaming loudly as he continued. The feeling was so intense I couldn’t think of anything else.

Then I noticed yet another guy jerking off right in front of my face. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his cock as I watched his hands move back and forth across it. In a few moments I could feel the warm liquid hit my skin as he came and came and came. Most of it went on my chest, but some of it went in my face and hair, and all I could do was desperately hang onto the bed sheets while the big guy still kept going at me.

I was able to reach down and touch myself as he continued to fuck me. He must have liked that because he stared at my hand as I massaged my clit.

“Oh God,” I moaned. The extra stimulation felt really good. “I’m cumming . . . I’m cumming,” I yelled.

I moaned in ecstasy as the waves of pleasure wracked through me. Just as it was ending, I heard the guy inside me begin to moan. He collapsed on top of me, and held me close to him as he shot his fluid deep inside me. We were both sweating profusely, and I could feel all the sticky goo slushing between our skin.

When he got up from the top of me, I was a complete mess. I think it grossed him out to have the other guy’s cum on him. He quickly toweled off, and left the room

I quickly obliged when one of the guys offered the shower. I was disappointed when I saw the other woman already in the shower, and figured I would have to wait. I was surprised when she motioned me inside.

I was really out of it, but it felt really good under the warm water. I didn’t care when I felt her hands on me. She ended up washing me. Her warm hands felt good on my body. I felt her breasts and hips against my back while she wrapped her arms around me, washing the front of my body with her hands. I closed my eyes as she continued to wash me, and opened them again when I felt another pair of hands on me. It was the first guy I had been with, the guy who came really quickly.

The next thing I knew I was laying on the bed, and fell asleep between them. I woke up a few hours later and they were still sleeping. I got up, found my bikini, put in on, and headed back to my own room.

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