Good Friends Give Good Head

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For the second song in a row, Rachel danced with her ass grinding against my crotch. I was certain that she could feel me getting hard, which would have been less embarrassing if my girlfriend wasn’t dancing along with us. But Melissa had sandwiched me between her friend and herself, and she was even holding Rachel’s swaying hips against me! I had danced with Mel’s friends almost every time we went out but never like this.

Melissa’s warm breath on the back of my neck betrayed her hidden motives: she was as horny as I was. Hell, if this was getting her off, I was happy to play along. Rachel was hot, and it was thrilling to see her thick, golden curls sway against her back as she rubbed her tight body against my pants. Sensing how much of a tease the two of them were giving me, Rachel and Melissa laughed giddily at each other. The fact that I seemed completely overwhelmed seemed only to egg them on. I wondered if either of them realized that they were about one song away from making me come in my pants!

Figuring that this was possibly the only occasion that Melissa would ever actually encourage me to cavort with one of her hot friends, I stopped fighting it and let Rachel’s rump tickle me until I was good and hard. Rachel tossed her gold curls to the side and cast me a devilish glance. For weeks I had watched her flirt and tease on the dance floor, so I knew that she was quite accustomed to dancing up against hard dicks, but having this effect on her friend’s boyfriend seemed to give her a forbidden thrill.

Melissa, however, seemed to realize exactly what kind of havoc her game was wreaking as she leaned in from behind to suck gently on my earlobe. Rachel squealed gleefully. Seeing that all bets were off, she made sure that my dick felt every inch of her body as she wiggled down to the floor. And oh did I feel it! The soft, black silk of her sleeveless top glided down the front of my pants and then stroked me once again as she wiggled back up. I muffled a deep groan as Rachel’s denim-hugged hips resumed their sultry rhythm, but I was sure that Melissa could sense my pleasure as her body pressed against my back.

The pleasure was so intense that I began to think that it might be worth suffering the embarrassment of letting Rachel and Melissa bring me over the edge. Or at least I doubted that I would have the will power to hold them off! I was soon spared the choice. The rest of our group—Kate, Trevor and Matt—danced into our circle, fortunately too buzzed to notice that I was practically being dry humped! Trevor and Matt might have taken a hint, or just have been distracted, but in either case they made a quick detour toward the bar. Kate, on the other hand, danced right up to her best friend, Rachel. Part of me was furious at the interruption (the part that was no longer lodged against Rachel’s ass), but my saner parts felt a reprieve. Rachel had probably intended all along to leave me with nothing more than a fantastic tease, but the smirk of amused pity upon her face as she stepped away made me wonder.

In any case, it was a consolation prize—in my heightened state—to watch Rachel transfer her erotic fervor onto Kate. With legs intertwined, the way they rubbed against each other couldn’t help but make my sex-addled mind recall the story Melissa had told me about her two roommates: that Kate had once joined Rachel and an old boyfriend in a threesome. Clearly all inhibitions had been purged from their long-time friendship, and I was not the only guy in the bar to take notice of the way that Rachel’s knee nestled comfortably inside Kate’s short skirt. It was marvelous to watch as Kate bucked against her friend, arching her back, baring her navel, and running her fingers through the silky, brown hair that framed her own soft face.

Even more marvelous, of course, was the gift Melissa had given to me by unleashing Rachel’s wiles. I took Mel by the hand and pulled her in front of me, hoping that my eyes would be able to convey the immensity of the gratitude I felt. Unable to suppress her grin, her sweet face blushed to match the color of her hair. Though naturally a strawberry blonde, Melissa hadn’t worn her hair in its natural color since high school, preferring to dye it in shades that bordered on the unnatural. A vibrant, burnt orange of late, I found the bold hues to be wildly sexy, just like that facet of her personality that showed itself on nights like tonight.

Still filled with excitement, I tugged Melissa close to me and attacked her neck with playful tiger bites. She giggled wildly and finally managed to fend me off. In her sparkling eyes I could see that she was quite pleased with herself for getting me so worked up. I nearly leapt out of my skin as she clandestinely took hold of my balls through my pants! As I darted a glance around to make sure that nobody had noticed, she pinched her fingers up the length of my erection and then let go. There was now not a doubt in my mind about the effect she had hoped Rachel would have on me: Melissa was checking to see how hard I had gotten! I grinned at her as she scolded casino siteleri me playfully with her eyes.

“You are fucking amazing,” I beamed. With a coy smile that silently answered, “I know,” she turned and pressed her back against me. I wrapped my arms lovingly around her tender frame, and the two of us swayed slowly to the music as we watched Kate and Rachel ravage the dance floor.

Trevor and Matt returned from the bar in time to catch a glimpse of the performance. Though I had been good friends with my roommates since college, I doubted that the two of them would be so interested in coming out dancing with me and my girlfriend if her two hot friends were not usually in tow. Although they soon learned that invitations home with either of these women were rarer than all their teasing suggested, they still held out hope. (I didn’t dare tell them that their fantasy mates were open to threesomes!) Trevor and Matt found ample reward for their evening-long investments, however, in watching the two girls dance together—even though this usually meant that Kate and Rachel had given up on finding a man worth their time. It was a devilish temptation to witness their lustful gyrations, to see their taut bodies rubbing together, their hands always on the verge of outright fondling… and to know all along that they would end up going home unfulfilled. But it was enough to stir up undying hopes that some given week, a guy might just get lucky.

Given that both Melissa and I were exceedingly horny, I knew that at least someone was getting lucky tonight. Anxious to have Melissa to myself, I was a little disappointed when she invited the whole group to continue the party back at her apartment. But this was the least of the obstacles to my grand plan: Matt turned out to be too hammered to make it anywhere by himself, let alone to another party.

“Nick, why don’t you and Trevor take Matt home…” Kate suggested to me. I cringed at the idea of separating from Melissa. But Kate went on, “…and come join us at our apartment afterwards.”

Good enough. I was so eager just to move the night along that I agreed, in hopes that Melissa and I might be able to sneak off to the bedroom early.


After quickly jettisoning Matt at our apartment, Trevor and I took a cab straight for the girls’ apartment. Part of me had secretly wished that Trevor would stay behind as well, but I knew well enough that he wouldn’t dream of passing up an invitation to hang out with Rachel and Kate.

“I’m dying to hook up with Melissa tonight,” I confessed during the cab ride.

“Yeah, she was all over you, man,” Trevor replied, with a detectable streak of envy. “Hey, if the two of you want to leave me alone with Rachel and Kate…” he suggested slyly.

His hopes with either woman were so theoretical that he hadn’t even decided which one of them he wanted more. Not that Trevor wasn’t a good-looking guy—even Melissa had confessed to being attracted to him before we started dating. It was just that Rachel and Kate had been deflecting his advances for so long that his pursuit of them had turned into an unwinnable—yet addictive—game. The idea that tonight might turn out any differently was pure fantasy, but for him that made it all the more irresistible.

“Hell yeah, man,” I cheered, bolstering his false confidence. Even if it was a fantasy, it was a great fantasy. As committed as I was to Melissa, it would be a vicarious thrill if Trevor actually hooked up with one of her friends.

The cab rolled to a stop outside Melissa’s building. Not bothering to ask for change, I hurried out into the blustery cold. A midwinter gust singed our faces as we hurdled over the snow banks toward the beckoning doorway. Melissa’s sing-song voice answered at the intercom.

“Who’s the-re?”

“Omigod, it’s freezing! Let us in!”

“I don’t let in strangers. Do I know you?” she teased. By this point in the evening, I was well used to her teases, but how the wind stung!

“It’s Nick!”

“Just Nick? I thought I heard ‘us’…”

Trevor snorted. She was killing us! “And Trevor! And Trevor!” he shouted impatiently.

“Ah, very good,” Melissa replied with a giggle. And the door buzzed open.

I could hear music coming from her apartment as we huffed up the stairs. Melissa, intent to keep us waiting yet again, made me knock more than once. There was laughter through the music, and at long last, Melissa swung open the door. She greeted me with a coy smile and a peck on the lips. Following her into the apartment, whatever frustrations Trevor and I had had instantly melted away.

The gas fireplace was lit, and the three roommates had made themselves cozy by the flames. Lounging on the sectional sofas that formed a ‘U’ around the fireplace, they had changed into their pajamas already, but looked far from ready to call it a night. Having gathered some glasses from the kitchen, Melissa settled onto one of the sofas and told Trevor and I to get comfortable. I was amazed that Melissa canlı casino and Rachel could be wearing only baby tees with their flannel pajama pants, but I understood as soon as I felt the warmth of the fire.

“Hey Nick,” Kate said as I settled next to Melissa on the couch. “Can you hold these glasses while I pour?”

She was sitting cross-legged on the large, circular ottoman that dominated the center of the circle. With a bucket of ice upon her lap and a bottle of tequila in one hand, she was preparing to mix up some margaritas. Never one to be bashful, she was scantily draped in a lavender, silk camisole and matching shorts. It was always pleasant to see Kate in her characteristically little outfits. I was sure that Trevor’s heart began to race as he joined us by the fire.

“Hey Trev,” Kate smiled as he sat down across from her. That casual acknowledgment was all he needed to boost his confidence for the rest of the night.

“You look nice,” he replied eagerly, and then nodded at Rachel to direct the compliment to her as well.

Rachel smirked, seeing right through his motives but appreciating it nonetheless. Cutting him off, she turned to the rest of us and said, “Hey, let’s do some shots!”

“I’m game,” Kate chimed, abandoning the margaritas at once.

“I don’t feel like getting shot glasses,” Melissa rankled. I was about to offer to fetch them, but she held me to the couch. “How about body shots?”

I noticed Trevor suppressing a grin. The idea seemed to appeal to everyone.

“Hey Trev, would you chop up some limes?” Rachel called, tossing him a lime from the basket on the side table. With perhaps too much enthusiasm, he snatched up a cutting board and knife and wedged the lime right quick.

“Can I go first?” Rachel requested as she stood up and took the bottle from Kate.

Trevor and I nodded immediately in agreement, followed promptly by Melissa, who was happy to see that her idea was being put into action. I could tell by the way that she gripped my hand that she was still as horny as earlier.

Rachel cracked open the tequila and turned to her friend. “Alright, Kate, I need your body.”

Trevor nearly sliced off his finger. Kate laughed and laid back obediently along the large ottoman. We had all seen her and Rachel trade body shots at the bars, but there was something even more electrifying about being their private audience. Rachel smirked again at Trevor as she lifted a lime wedge from his lap.

Kate and Rachel had their routine down to a science. Kneeling next to her friend, Rachel pulled up the silken camisole to expose Kate’s smooth belly. With Melissa next to me, I was feeling a little guilty about the urges pulsing through my body, but she was just as enthralled. Kate’s tummy recoiled as we watched Rachel squirt her friend’s skin with lime. Next, a delicate sprinkling of salt. And then, ever so carefully, Rachel drizzled tequila into Kate’s navel. The chill of the liquid made Kate want to laugh, but she strained not to let it spill from her belly.

“Ready?” Rachel asked us. The music seemed to get louder with each moment.

In an instant we all nodded breathlessly, and Rachel happily bowed against her best friend’s torso. With a long, thorough lick, she swept the limey salt into her mouth. I felt as if my heart beat a thousand times in the span it took Rachel’s tongue to traverse Kate’s soft skin. They had to know that their sexy charade was devastating to any man who saw it, but as always their carefree exhibitionism seemed less for our sake than for their own. With equal grace, Rachel dipped down and siphoned the liquor from Kate’s navel into her lips. For an instant, she cast a glance at me (or was it for Melissa?), and then made sure we watched her clean out the remaining tequila with her tongue! Tickled, Kate squirmed and playfully shoved her friend away.

“Mmm, tasty!” Rachel jested, sucking the remaining juice from the lime. The rest of us laughed with her. Humor was the only way that any of us could cloak our true reactions.

“Alright, alright,” Kate prodded. “Who’s next? Trev?” My heart leapt vicariously when I saw the way she smiled at him, her belly still temptingly exposed.

“Sure! Sure,” he repeated, trying to mask the fact that his voice had cracked the first time.

“Lime please,” Rachel blithely requested. Trevor approached, attempting to exhibit the same nonchalance.

Kate laid back again as Rachel prepared the lime and salt. Waiting until Trevor had knelt beside her, Rachel finally trickled in the tequila. She smiled at Trevor, and lest he seem as nervous as he truly was, he unflinchingly put his tongue to Kate’s salted skin. Melissa squeezed my hand instinctively as she watched. She seemed as excited for him as I was! (Or, the thought then occurred to me, was she inhabiting Kate?) Trevor sucked out the tequila. Like a traveler fearing never again to return, his mouth lingered perhaps a moment too long at Kate’s glorious navel, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“Fantastic!” Kate giggled as Trevor finally drew away. kaçak casino “Who’s next?”

My heart leapt as her eyes trained on Melissa and me.

“I’ll take a shot!” Melissa blurted before I even had a chance to react. She excitedly patted me on the knee and knelt in front of Kate.

“Whoo!” Rachel cheered as she redecorated Kate’s cordial flesh. “Drink up!”

I found myself lunging off the couch to get a good view of Melissa licking her roommate. Mel giggled when she noticed me watching, and it took her several interrupted licks to clean up the salt. Kate’s eyes sparkled, too, as she watched me gawk at my own girlfriend drinking liquor from her navel. I couldn’t help myself—it was really hot!

Melissa could barely contain her laughter as she finished the shot. A little tequila dripped from her lips as she stood. Amused, she patted me on the chest and stared me down with the same seductive look she had given me at the bar.

“Calm down, cowboy,” she teased. “How about you give it a try?”

I laughed and turned embarrassedly toward the couch. But Melissa grabbed me by the hips and held me in place. She wasn’t kidding!

“Yeah!” “Whoo!” Rachel and Trevor both cheered me on.

Melissa had always been pretty playful, and I really liked the adventurous side of her that was coming out in full force tonight! Still, just like dancing with Rachel earlier, Mel’s suggestion made me a little nervous. The grin on her face, however, left no room for negotiation. She was leaving me no choice but to enjoy myself!

I cast an exasperated smile at Melissa and knelt down to face the body shot that was already laid out on Kate’s belly. It felt exceedingly awkward to be so close to Kate as she held the silk camisole up just below her breasts. But both she and Rachel smiled encouragingly at me, and before I knew it I found my tongue rippling across Kate’s ribs! Her smooth skin tasted delicious, and knowing that Mel was watching with keen interest, I tossed out my inhibitions. Dragging my tongue all the way down her belly, I dipped it into her navel and puckered my lips tight to her torso. Again, I heard cheers all around—including Melissa’s—as I sucked out the last drops of tequila.

Red-faced, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself as I stumbled to my feet. Melissa was blushing stronger than I, and she immediately welcomed me back with a kiss.

“Well done,” she tittered, as the two of us collapsed in laughter on the couch. “Hey Kate,” she joked, “I wonder if licking you is as much of a turn-on for him as it was for me!”

Again, a little humor was clearing the air… until I felt Melissa’s hand sliding over my crotch! I continued laughing only to conceal my own discomfort. But everyone else found the moment uproariously funny. I gulped, looking helplessly at Melissa. She realized, of course, that she was putting me in an extremely uncomfortable situation, but her devilish grin revealed not the slightest amount of pity as she touched me.

“What’s the matter, babe? You don’t like licking my friends?” She could feel that my dick was a long way from hard, and she was taunting me mercilessly about it.

At this everyone laughed again. I managed only an awkward chuckle, hoping that Melissa would relent. But it soon became clear that she wasn’t going to stop trying to embarrass me until I gave her an answer.

“Your friends are quite delicious,” I finally replied, trying to make light of my situation. “But, actually, I was even more turned-on when you and Rachel were doing the tasting!”

Joining the joke relaxed me, even though Melissa was still sliding her hand over the front of my pants as if it were a casual show of affection! Realizing that everyone else seemed to find the situation highly amusing, my head finally cooled off enough to allow me to enjoy it a little bit myself. Melissa was also amused but didn’t seem quite ready to put an end to her taunting. And Rachel was only encouraging her.

“What a dirty boyfriend you have!” Rachel teased, deliberately reminding me of the way I had danced with her earlier at the bar. “Do you think he gets his jollies every time he sees me… touch Kate?”

In that moment, Rachel sprayed another lime on Kate’s belly and slowly licked it off. Melissa giggled wildly at her friend’s seduction, and Trevor looked about as uncomfortable in his pants as I did. Before tonight I would have imagined Melissa feeling outraged to see her roommates flirting with me, but it was becoming increasingly clear that Melissa was the one in control here, just as she was at the bar. How could she not feel in control with her fingers precariously wrapped around my balls?!

Kate, too, played into Melissa’s game, cooing seductively as Rachel juiced another lime against her neck. I furrowed my brow at Melissa, and for the first time I wondered whether I was begging her to stop or to continue. At last it dawned on me that her grinning insistence on teasing me in front of everyone was not pitiless, but rather full of reassurance. Smiling at me as she rubbed my pants, her eyes seemed to speak: “I could gaze at you all night, darling, but wouldn’t you much rather watch Rachel suck on Katie’s neck?” Unable to fight it any longer, I chuckled, wrapped my arm around Melissa, and finally began to trust her.

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