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The back door was open. How could she resist? Especially since it appeared no one was around. A few half-hearted shouts confirmed that. Pushing the door all the way in, Goldilocks walked inside.

Normally she would have gone straight home but this summer cottage looked so inviting. She passed this home several times a week on the way to the grocery store and each time there were occupants. Most of the time it was a couple. Same blonde lady, same blonde man. Sometimes it was a random handful of girls her age, but never anyone she recognized. She was pretty surprised to see no one was home.

This made her bolder. What secrets did they have? What did they collect? What did their kitchen look like? She left the door hanging and darted pass the foyer. Not the kitchen. It was the most lavish living room she had ever been in. Pale green lace curtains adorned the windows, obscuring the living room from the outside but from in here, Goldilocks could see the street. She shouldn’t dally too long, it would be evening soon and they were sure to be back by then.

Glancing around, her eyes fell upon the cream suede loveseat. It was gorgeous. She just had to touch it. Running her fingers over the cushions, she marveled at how soft it was. How it almost tricked her into thinking it was wet. Unable to resist, she rubbed her cheek against the seat, then climbed on, sprawling herself over the luxurious furnishings. It even smelled good. A light musky scent mingled with something else.

She couldn’t explain why, but it was turning her on. Breathing the scent in more deeply, she felt the stirrings deep in her gut. It had to be the thrill of being naughty that turned her on. After all, she wasn’t supposed to be here. Spreading her legs, dangling one ankle over the back of the loveseat she drew slow little circles on her thighs with her fingertips. Caressing her bare skin, she slid a finger under her shorts and could barely touch her panties. Arching a little, she hooked her finger more and could now feel the dampening spot. She fingered her clit through her wet panties and then looked around the room for something… just right.

A slim glass vase sat on the cherry wood coffee table just out of reach. It had a streamlined elegance to it and would have fetched quite a price at an art show. Not that she cared about such qualities. All she saw was something to put inside her. Lazily fingering herself now with the left hand, she leaned over and gingerly scooted the vase over with two fingers. Once it was close enough, she grabbed it and rubbed it over her crotch. The sensation was dulled by her shorts. Goldilocks quickly pulled off the offending garments and lay bare-assed on the tuzla ukraynalı escort loveseat. Resuming her former position, she gently pressed the cold glass to her exposed pussy. It was amazing how good it felt. She could only imagine how much better it would feel inside her. The rim of the vase was adorned with small glass beads and when it first penetrated her, she gasped. Not from any pain, but from the nubby friction it caused. She had to put more pressure on the vase to push it in but once she got past the decorative aperture, it slid easily, cooling her pussy lips. She rocked her hips back and forth, skimming her ass over the smooth leather. She pistoned the vase in and out, minding to be careful about each thrust.

Her hair had begun to stick to her face, beads of sweat dotting her upper lip. Her arousal mixed with the summer heat was an annoying distraction and already her leg was cramping. Pulling the vase out she set it unceremoniously back on the table and grabbed her clothes.

Wandering into the next room she found the dining room. Here a silver chandelier adorned the ceiling over a green glass table. Upon closer inspection, it looked to be a semi-precious stone. Maybe jade. Or malachite. Or… she shrugged and was about to keep walking through when she stopped, staring at the candelabra on the tabletop. Big fat candles nestled in each of the five cups forming a star. None of them had been lit and Goldilocks assumed it was just for show. Well, what good was something if you’ve never tried it. A wicked grin teased her lips and she grabbed the middle one, careful not to knock over the decorations or muss up the tablecloth. The candle had a good solid weight to it and holding it in her hand filled her with eagerness.

Squatting down, she positioned the candle under her and slowly, carefully eased her pussy down over it. It wouldn’t fit. Grimacing, she tried a different angle and worked it in, easing it inch by inch. It was by far the largest thing she ever had inside her and for the most part it was uncomfortable. Hoping she would adapt to its girth, she worked a little more in until her clenched fingers met with her wet pussy lips. Still too big. She wiggled the candle around and then just pulled it halfway out, then pushed it back in. It became somewhat easier each time but eventually she gave up. The candle came out with an audible pop. Not even bothering to clean it off, she gleefully placed it back in the candelabra. She bet the owners would never be able to tell.

Now she was in search of something smaller than the candle, but thicker than the vase. The next room revealed the kitchen. Decorated horribly horribly wrong. Cow tuzla rus escort curios cluttered the shelves and black and white potholders were on every hook and cupboard knob. It was as if the person who decorated this room never expected anyone to ever visit the kitchen. The bovine motif disgusted her in its whimsical cutesiness. There was also nothing here she could or would use. Then she noticed the spray faucet hose. That may not be what she was seeking but it would do in other ways.

She hopped up on the counter and then swiveled, straddling the metal precipice between the sinks. Pulling the hose out she turned the water to full blast and adjusted the temperature to cold. She loved the anticipation. Feeling the frigid water splash her inner thighs she tensed, hunched over the sink. Her legs were splayed so they rested on either countertops and when she first brought the sprayer to bear down on her pussy she reeled backward. She barely caught herself from falling by grabbing the metal faucet to steady herself. She had soaked her shirt. Forcing herself to stay still this time she managed to target her pussy. The shock thrilled her immensely. Hard concentrated blasts of water pummeled her tender flesh and it never felt so good. Within seconds, she was squirming and moaning, grinding her ass on the steel surface. It took a lot of effort to stay focused on not moving her hand and even more to balance herself. But it was worth it. Her clit began to tingle then bloom outward until her very lips trembled. She was getting so close so soon. Releasing the faucet with her left hand, she used her free fingers to plunge into her pussy, trying to speed the orgasm along. It only resulted in blocking the spray to her pussy, water jetting everywhere. Frustrated, she couldn’t figure out a way to finger herself while spraying. Shutting off the water, she slid down off the sink, her ass sore and her knees weak. If she didn’t come soon she was going to be pissed. Her feet sloshed through the puddles left on the kitchen floor as she continued investigating the rest of the cottage.

Her search led her into the master bedroom. Obviously the person who decorated the living room also had their way with this room. Dark burgundy velvet pillows showcased the four post bed, the covers a deep shade of forest green. Tasteful nude prints in classy frames hung on the walls, most of them of women with glittering eyes. Everything in the room was either cream, red, or green and somehow, it didn’t give off a Christmas-y vibe. Goldilocks got the impression that this was the room where she’d find something perfect.

Rummaging through the drawers revealed nothing of use except for a pack of escort bayan Magnums which she haphazardly discarded over the shoulder. There was nothing under the bed either. Thinking she should investigate the two closet doors she opened the nearest one only to find a small bathroom. A simple tub, toilet and sink greeted her. Nothing fancy in this room. As she turned to leave, her elbow knocked over the container holding two toothbrushes. One of them electric. Musing over her newest find, she snatched the toothbrush and lay on the bed.

Her clit was still sensitive from earlier, but the joy of masturbation urged her on. Pressing the on button, the toothbrush came to life, bristles whirling. Goldilocks gingerly placed the toothbrush to her clit and immediately jerked away. The bristles were of hard fibers and it wasn’t the sensation she was aiming for. Using the back of the brush head felt much better. Her knees drew up to her chest as she let the head vibrate on her clit, reawakening her desire to come.

While she masturbated, she didn’t fantasize about anything. She never did. It was just her and her body’s responses to pleasure. There wasn’t a need to visualize someone seducing her. She was always best at pleasing herself. Closing her eyes, the soft whir of the makeshift vibrator lulled her into a delirium of ecstasy. Bowing into it, arching away, she was gripped by the beginnings of a building climax. Her fingers slipped once and the brush turned around, the bristles stabbing into her clit. It electrified her. She began to throb, to pulse. Clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles, she knew holding out wouldn’t be an option any longer. This was perfect. This was just right. Moaning aloud, her fingers sought entrance inside her, fingertips rimming her pussy before jabbing in deep. Her knees almost touched the bed as she writhed and flexed and bucked. Her cries increased in volume and she was close. God, so close. Jamming four fingers in as far as she could she gripped her digits while frantically struggling to keep the toothbrush positioned just right. Sweat dampened her temples and stung her eyes but she continued, not to be distracted again. Her hips thrust into her hand just as she recoiled from the vibrations. She couldn’t take it anymore and yet she was determined to come. She thrashed harder, her cries so much louder.

Her ragged moans drowned out the sound of the toothbrush. It drowned out her furious beating heart and the ringing pulse in her ears. It drowned out the creaking bed frame. It even drowned out the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. In one final lunge where her fingers impaled her so achingly deep, she came. It was brilliantly executed and it drew the very strength from her bones. Slumping back on the bed, head lolling to the side, Goldilocks whimpered, twitched, spasmed, and then blissfully fell asleep. She even left the toothbrush on where it slithered off the covers and buzzed around on the carpet, forgotten.

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