Going the Extra ‘Miles’

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Jobs, friendships and dating life wasn’t what I expected where I moved to years ago so I decided to move back to my home state for a new start. I wanted all new furniture. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect the pandemic to cause such a mess with getting new furniture this late in the year. Everything I wanted was months back ordered so I had to shop around – a lot – to find what I wanted and what could be delivered in a modest time frame.

Eventually I found what I wanted and had it ordered from two different stores. One store kept moving back the delivery dates so imagine my surprise when the other store said they could have the chair delivered this coming Saturday and the dining table and chairs the following Saturday. I would get a text the day prior with a window of time for delivery. When the washer and dry were delivered, they were well past their window so I assumed the chair would be as well.

Friday the text came and said the window was 1030AM to 230PM. Based on my washer and dryer delivery, I figured the chair would arrive around 3PM Saturday so I slept in a bit longer on Saturday than normal. I woke up around 9AM and stumbled in to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. As I stepped out to dry off I heard a knock on the door; the dog started barking. I wrapped the towel around me and looked through the peep hole. There stood a rather attractive black man. I looked at the clock and it was 920AM. I pulled open the door slightly.

“Hi, you ordered a chair?” he said.

“Oh yeah. You’re super early though – earlier than I expected!” I said as I pulled open the door a bit more. His eyes moved down my still not completely dry body to the towel, then back up.

“Yeah – I wanted an early start” he said.

“Better than late!” I replied with a smile which he returned. “Let me put up the dog and get dressed.”

“And I’ll get the chair” he said turning around and walking back to the truck. I stepped out slightly and watched him walk away noticing his nice round ass and wide shoulders. He turned around and smiled at me. I was busted checking out his ass but didn’t care. I didn’t’ know this guy, unfortunately.

A minute or so later I had pulled on a shirt and up a pair of shorts as he came back to the door. He entered carrying the rather heavy chair all by himself. As he started putting the legs of the chair on, we started talking.

He told me about how deliveries are delayed and people are upset and yelling at him for things out of his control, how the lady the day prior was made because the furniture was to big for her place and tried to blame him, etc. As he talked, I watched him intently. I noticed he was taller than me and was built like a runner. His smile was enchanting and his teeth white and straight, big hands and hairy legs.

“If I would have know you were going to be this early I would have made some coffee for ya'” I said in a flirting manner.

He stood up from the chair. “That would have been nice but you would have had to get out of the shower a little sooner for that!”

“True that” I replied.

“But at least you smelled good” he said. “I stink by the end of the day, sweating and all.”

“Well, next time you deliver here, make my stop the last and you can shower” I said with a smirk.

“Ah you’re offering full service then?” he said with a laugh.

“Total, full service” I replied. He looked straight at me.

“And I almost had a show” he said with a laugh.

“Like I said, full service” I said laughing spinning around with my arms out wide as if I was on display.

“Well, I can’t control how they pack the truck, but next week I’ll bring your chairs and table early so maybe I could take you up on that cup of coffee” he said. “But now, I have to take a picture of the chair to show I delivered it…” He pulled out his phone and snapped a picture.

“Have a good day” he said as he turned to leave.

“Thanks. You too” I replied as he walked out the door, closing it behind him.

A few seconds later I heard a knock and opened it to see him standing there.

“I forgot this” he said handing me the warranty card for the chair and a business card.

“This is your warranty card and this” he points to the business card “is my card with my number on it in case you need, or want, anything.”

“Oh thanks…” I scanned the card “Miles!” I said with a smile. “Cool name” I complimented him looking past his long eye lashes in to his deep brown eyes.

“Thanks. That’s my personal number so that’s the number I’ll text you from next week when I bring your dining table and chairs.”

“Sounds good Miles. Oh and I’m Todd”

“See you next week, Todd” he said.

“Coffee and a show?” I asked pointing at him as I smiled.

“Works for me! See ya’!” he said as he walked backwards a few steps, then turned around and trotted back to his truck.

The following Friday I received a text that the table and chairs would be delivered between 930AM and 12PM. I woke up early, got a shower and waited. 835AM casino oyna I get another text. It was from Miles’ phone and said he was on his way with the table and chairs. I replied telling him there would be coffee here for him.

He arrived about 10 minutes later and unloaded the table and chairs. While he was walking back and forth I got a better look at him. He was probably 6’2″ easily, wide shoulders, nice arms with biceps that said ‘fit’ and not ‘lifter’. We talked a bit and he stopped for a minute to share some coffee. We found out we’re both single and both relocated back to the area. He was heading to the area in a couple weeks that I just relocated from. We seemed to have a connection.

“Well, my day is just starting so I should go. Thanks for the coffee!” he said as he walked towards the door.

“If you want, since you’re going to Tampa in a couple weeks, I could suggest some places to eat or go while you’re there” I offered.

“Oh that would be great!” he replied enthusiastically. “Maybe we could meet up tonight and hang out?”

“Sounds good. And hey, you know where I live!” I said with a chuckle.

“True true. I”m off around 6 so say…8PM?”

“Works for me! Just make sure you’re showered so you’re not stinky!” I said with a smile.

“Absolutely! See you then, Todd!” he said as he ran back to his truck. I watched him leave and he waived at me. It made me feel good as I hadn’t yet connected with anyone here since I’ve been back.

I made sure I was clean and manscaped properly, which was my normal Saturday routine anyway. At least that’s how I tried to convince myself, trying not to get my hopes up that there would be anything more than a hang out.

A knock at the door came a tad bit before 8PM. He was early and I liked that. I opened the door and greeted the most handsome and sexy black man I have seen in person. I was taken aback slightly as he was more formally dressed than before.

“Is this too much? I wasn’t sure what to wear” he admitted.

“Not it’s fine. You look…fine…” I said blushing slightly. “I just haven’t seen you in anything other that shorts and a work shirt, that’s all. Please, come in and make yourself comfortable.”

“Beer?” I asked.

“No thanks, I’m not a beer guy. I’m more of a wine guy… not that I’m asking for anything!” he said nervously.

“I don’t yet have any wine, sorry. I have some soda and beet and water” I offered.

“Water would be good” he said standing up and walked towards the kitchen. “I don’t need the unnecessary calories!” he replied as he patted his flat stomach.

“As if you have to worry about calories!” I said.

He laughed. “I try to stay in shape” he replied.

“I can tell” I said without thinking.

“Glad you noticed” was his reply. “You do, too” he said pointing at me as I handed him a glass of ice water.

“No, not really” I confessed. “Everything in moderation!”

“Well, you look good” he said taking a drink.

“Thanks. I’m’ just a regular guy.” I replied

“I am, too” he protested.

“Well, yeah but not really. You’re trim and fit…” I said looking him up and down. “Tall…and you can pick up a chair by yourself” I said pointing at the chair he delivered last week. He smiled and looked down sheepishly.

“Thank you. But I’d much rather look like you” he said shyly.

“Why?!?” I blurted out. “You’re a good looking guy, you seem nice, assuming you won’t kill me in the next couple of minutes, I wonder why you’re single!”

He looked up from the ground with a look on his face that’s hard to describe. It was a combination of fear and dread but also of lust.

“Well, I won’t be killing anyone tonight, that’s for sure. But I do have to admit something” he said training off.

“Well, if you’re not a murderer, it can’t be that bad” I said with a bit of internal relief. “So what is it?”

After a few seconds he looked up. “I’m gay” was his response.

“Okay, me too!” I said with a sigh. “And…?”

“And…I’m very attracted to you and wasn’t sure if you were attracted to me so I wasn’t sure what to wear, how you’d react or even if I should come over tonight. I don’t know you and didn’t know how you’d respond or…”

I walked over to him and kissed him hard. I felt him initially tense, then relax as my tongue explored him warm mouth. I pulled back.

“Does that answer your questions?” I asked.

He looked at me with those big brown eyes, his long lashes seemingly bigger than before.

“Well, yeah… a lil’ bit” he replied with a smile. Then he laughed.

“What’s so funny, Mr. Miles?” I asked.

“I’ve never kissed a guy with a beard before. I felt…really good” he admitted.

“I’m glad” I said as I stepped back to the other side of the counter. I noticed he was hard under his shorts. “It’s more of a week stubble than a full beard, though.”

“The few specks of grey in it…I love it!” he admitted.

“It seems you really did like it!” I said looking at his bulge.

“Is canlı casino it that obvious? But you know what I’d really like?” he asked.

“What’s that?”

“Some more of that” he said as he stepped towards me.

“My pleasure” I said. I stepped over towards him and kissed him again. This time, he kissed back – hard! His mouth expressed his eagerness with aplomb. His tongue courageously explored my mouth and it felt good. The noise my stubble made as it scrapped my mouth was erotic on its own. As I moved from his mouth down to his neck, his strong hands grabbed my hair and started to push me down.

“Hang on, bud!” I said. “Let me work at my own pace!”

He moaned, but didn’t object and, while he continued to grasp my hair, he stopped pushing me down. I went back to his neck and kissed it slightly. His smell wafted in my nose; it was a strange, and yet intoxicating, combination of lavender and musk. I must admit, if I wasn’t turned on before I most certainly was now!

I moved from the side of his neck to the nap, and unbuttoned a couple buttons. His chest was initially smooth, but the further I felt a few hairs as I moved further down. He pulled my body closer to his as I finished unbuttoning his shirt. His flat stomach was, indeed, flat, but he also had abs. Abs that were covered in black hair that trailed up and narrowed until it stopped right at his sternum. I sat back on my haunches and looked at him. His chest was squared and flat, but much more defined than his clothing suggested. His chest was made complete by a patch of chest hair right in the middle.

I smiled and looked up to him, watching his chest heave with every breath. I leaned in and rose up, my lips kissing his way back up to his neck, where I nibbled slightly. He pushed me back.

“Take off your shirt” he commanded. I did so.

“Damn” he said as we stood there, me shirtless and him shirt open.

“I love a hairy guy” he said as he reached over and ran his hands through my chest hair. “And it’s so soft” he said in amazement.

“I’m glad, man” I replied as I closed my eyes and relished in his touch. His hands, which were so strong and forceful a minute ago, were now gentle and almost kind. He sent shivers though my body when he found a pinched my erect nipple.

“I’m not nearly as sexy as you, but I do okay I guess” I mused.

“It works for me” he said taking my hand and placing it on his bulge. I could feel it throb a couple of times with my initial touch.

“I see that it does” I hissed through my teeth, as I bent down and got eye-to-eye with his hairy abs. I placed the side of my head against those hairy abs as I reached over an unbuttoned his shorts, pulling them down. His white boxer briefs shown brilliantly against his caramel skin.

I grabbed his ass – it was round and firm – and hooking my fingers to his waistband, pulled them down slowly. With the rear down below his ass cheeks, which were fortunately hairy, I moved my fingers around to the front. I could feel his hairy cum-gutters so I slowed down, enjoying the feeling of every hair.

The hair increased in thickness as I got to the front. I pulled down his underwear exposing more and more of his manly, but perfectly trimmed, pubic hair. Soon, I could see the base of his cock, so I leaned in and slowly kissed it. I could feel the blood pump through it with each beat of his heart. I continued pulling his briefs down slowly as I licked and kissed his pulsating dick. I noted how wide the base of his cock was until, finally, I pulled his briefs down enough that his cock sprung out, hitting the underside of my chin with a heavy ‘slap’.

It was at this point I noticed my own, leaking cock, straining hard against my own shorts. I reached down and felt a big wet spot on my shorts – I pre-cum and the more excited I am, the more I leak. I reached up and grabbed his cock, pulling my mouth along its veiny and impressively thick shaft. I guessed his cock to be, at least, eight inches long, upward curve and ended in big, cut, mushroom head, complete with a pearl of pre-cum present.

“Come here” I heard from above me. Miles pulled me up and kissed me, pushing me back against the counter. He bent down and went directly to my left nipple. He licked it causing an electric sensation to flood my body. I looked down and watched his buzzed head move around my defenseless nipple. I could feel my own cock plump up. It was then I felt a familiar strong hand grab my crotch.

“Looks like you like this” Miles said, looking up at me with my nipple still being delightfully tortured. In one quick movement he moved from my nipple to my shorts. He quickly pulled them down. I helped kicking them off to the side as he ripped my boxers off, releasing my cock.

“Damn! White boy got a big dick…” he said, inspecting my cock. While I wasn’t as long or thick as his, my head was bigger than his. “I do alright” I replied.

“More than alright…I have plans for this thing!” he said as he took it into his mouth, burying his nose deep in to my own trimmed kaçak casino bush. His mouth was so warm. And he did something I’ve not had anyone de before: he was able to put my cock down his throat and squeeze it like a snake swallowing its prey. It was heaven.

Normally I insist on doing the sucking but this guy convinced me he was more than capable to work my cock. After minutes of slurping and using my balls as a punching bag for his chin, he stood up, my cock popping out of his mouth.

“I want you inside me” he growled. This time, the look on his face was nothing but lust.

“I don’t have any rubbers” I admitted.

“That’s fine – I have a couple in the car – I’ll run out and get one” he said, putting himself together.

“I’ll meet you in the bedroom” I said as he bolted out the door.

Less than a minute later, he came back in and met me in the bedroom. I was still hard as a rock and he was, too. He shed his clothes quicker than I thought possible.

“Stop!” I yelled – he stood there naked.

“What?!” he asked.

“I just wanted to see you like this” I said. His body was spectacular: wide shoulders, square chest, hairy abs, big block cock nestled in a black bush, hanging balls and muscular legs. My cock begs for more attention from this Adonis but I knew good things come to those who wait.

He crawled in to bed next to me, his cock resting on my thigh as he ran his hand up my hairy thighs, cupping my nuts, and up through my hairy belly and chest. In doing so, he leaned in and kissed me suggestively.

I reached over and pulled him on top of me. He body weight pushing me down in to the mattress. I wrapped my arms around his wide shoulders; I could feel his dick grind in to my balls. As he moved around I could also feel my pre-cum being smeared around like warm paste. I wrapped my legs around his hairy ass and locked him in to an embrace, adoring the feeling of our bodies together. Breaking my concentration, he placed both hands on my chest and rose up off of me. He reached over for the rubber he tossed on the mattress.

“The lube is over there” I said reaching for my night stand.

“Don’t need it; I’ll use yours” he said. He reached down and milked my dick hard, pushing loads of pre-cum out of it. I moaned as it hurt but felt good at the same time. He reached back and lubed up his hole as I pulled the rubber over my cock.

He propped himself up at an angle on one leg and positioned himself directly over my cock. He leaned towards me and set down his leg he used to prop himself up near my arm pit, right across from the other one. As he lubed up my cock with my own juices, his dick bounced in front of me. I couldn’t resist and leaned in and took the head of his black meat in my mouth. His dick head grew in my mouth as I wormed my tongue around it. He moaned as he slowed the stroking of my own cock. He held it at its based and squeezed hard.

He pulled his body back, popping his cock out of my mouth, and positioned my cock on his hole. He lowered himself back. I felt my cock slide in to his hole. The heat his hole generated was immense. I could tell he was turned on more than he seemed. His head as rolled back and I watched his abs tense up as he lowered himself on to me more and more. I could feel even inch of his insides envelope my cock. After a few inched he pulled his hand away and collapsed his hairy, round ass on my crotch, engulfing my cock fully.

He sat back, bracing himself on my thighs. His cock standing up at attention, I watched his balls pull up and swirl around and he twisted his ass around my cock like a pro. I reached up and rubbed his hairy abs. I could tell they were still tense.

“God your dick is so big!” he cried as he pulled one foot from behind him to in front of him. “Fuck!” he gasped as he pulled his other foot to parallel each other. He leaned in and bragged the back of my head and raised his ass. I pulled his balls aside so I could watch my cock slide out of him, his ass hairs sticking to my lubed cock. Then he lowered himself back down, releasing all the air from his lungs. I moaned and I felt his ass squeeze my cock yet again.

“Fuck me, white boy!” he said as he raised himself up again. I hooked my arms around his strong thighs and started punching his prostrate with my big dick head. He groaned and moaned and cried as I fuck his round ass. I could feel his balls slapping my stomach.

“Hold your balls up, baby!” I said. He reached down and pulled his low hanger up. I continued to thrusts up in to him, watching him take ever inch. After a few minutes he pulled off of me.

“Damn. You’re killing me!” he said with a smile. “But I’m about to cum, how ’bout you?”

“I’m waiting on you” I said trying to catch my breath.

“Then let’s do it!” he said sitting back down on to me, my cock slipping in easier than originally, but his insides still as tight as before. He started bouncing up and down on me while his cock bounced up and down, slapping my stomach, then his abs, then my stomach, then his abs…I knew I wouldn’t last much longer and wanted him to go first so I grabbed his giant bouncing meat and started jacking him. By this time he had produced enough of his own juices I could lube him up pretty good.

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