Girls Lunch

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Girls Lunch
They had both retired early, although Alice was well into her sixty’s she was still beautiful and had a hot body her natural 40D’s did not sag at all, and she has an ass to die for. She had gone thru the change and came out on the other side safe to ride bare back, and constantly wet, actually dripping when played. Greg her husband on the other hand, after years of beating up his body in various endeavors, working and an inherited illness had left him with a shrunken cock that could not hold an erection. The hell of it is of the two of them Greg was the horny one. Alice was always very vanilla when it came to sex, no oral on her part, but loves him performing oral on her, and don’t touch her ass hole! She never initiated sex it was always Greg.

They still had sex of a sort at least twice a week, which consisted of a lot of making out nipple sucking, clit licking and mutual masturbation, every now and then once she got going she would try to get his cock in her but it would not work for them. He knew she desperately desired a cock deep inside her. So, I guess you could say Alice was a bit of a prude, even though she had a killer looks and body. That is unless you were able to get some booze in her, she became easy! Interduce pot and you had a willing slut. That being said it had been years sence she had had any booze, and three decades sence she had even seen any pot. Recently she had found a wine from a local winery she enjoyed and would have a glass every now and then.

Alice had been a volunteer coordinator for a local school before she retired. Once a month or so she would have lunch with a retired school administrator, and her favorite volunteer, both younger than her. This week the administrator backed out of their lunch date, just leaving Alice and Joan, so they decided to have lunch at Joan’s house on Thursday. Greg had been hinting for two days that he was horny, so on her way out the door to meet her friend Alice lifts up her sundress revealing a lacy bra half cup that lifts her boobs to haven, she had on thigh highs, garter belt and g-string hidden in her red harry pussy, she grabs a bottle of her favorite wine and says I have noticed your hints the past few days, be patient while I’m gone and I’ll be nasty when I get home. Actually, she had not shown any interest in his hints, so he was planning to hit the Hamster as soon as she walked out the door at 11:45 am.

Six PM she had not returned, nor had she called. The dog was giving him the look like feed me already, so he did. Garry called her phone but got no answer, so he left her a message to call him. At seven he called again still no answer, left a message again. Finally, at nine he was really starting to worry, and remember their contacts are synced and looked up Joan’s number and called, a man answered and Greg asked if Alice was there and the guy said hold on, he herd him say Miss Alice it’s for you, she says a slurred hello them OH GOD RIGHT THERE HONEY YOUR TONGUE FEELS SO GOOD ON MY CLIT! Then easy John my ass is still sore from the first time you fucked it, come here Phil baby I need your you to fill my mouth with your sweet cum again, then you can fuck me again. Greg started recording the call for the next hour he listened to her getting sucked by her friend Joan and her son’s girlfriend and getting fucked both in both her ass and pussy, by Joan’s son Jeff and her husband John. Finally, the phone went dead. Greg was devastated, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He called Alice’s phone and left her a one-word message WHY and attached part of the recording of he voice during her orgy.

First thing Friday Greg was taking no chances canceled all the credit cards, cleaned out the bank accounts and put the money in accounts in his name only and contacted their lawyer to let him know what was going on there by obligating him to Greg.

Greg did not hear from her till until Sunday mid-morning, when he got a text from her. She said she just got his message apologized for what she had done and asked if it was ok for her to come get some of her things that Joan and her husband had agreed to take her in to live with them. Greg though son of a bitch she doesn’t have the nerve to call him. He waited till three to text her back and said sure come alone if I see any of them with you, I will shoot them, you have one hour starting now. Twenty minutes later her car pulls in, she is by herself, she walks in with her head down and says, I’ll be as fast as I can I’ll just get some things to get by for a few days and we can make arrangements for me to get the rest of my stuff.

Greg says so that’s it forty years of marrage and all I get is a text saying you’re moving in with your lovers. Am I so horrible that your leaving me out in the cold? He said I’m sorry if I can’t satisfy you, I have tried, and I have loved you with all my heart and soul practically my whole life. You have never shown me any real interest in sex, and now you’re a bisexual, cock sucking, cum swallowing, slut getting fucked in the ass, things you would never ever let me even think about doing. How long have you been cheating on me, when did you stop loving me, hell did you ever love me.
She falls to the floor crying her eyes out saying no Greg I love you I have always loved you; I still love you I will always love you. Greg says you have a hell of a way of showing illegal bahis siteleri it! You did things with them in an hour you never let me do in forty years of marriage, and I heard it all, all the moans, sighs and pleasure I could never ever give you, what I heard was not a loving wife. Greg asks so tell me if you love me so much how did you go from a girls lunch to a three day orgy. She says Greg it really was susposed to be a girl’s lunch. We were talking drinking the wine before I knew it we had finished the bottle I took, and she had opened another we finished that one off, she was sitting next to me on the sofa her arm was around my sholder, her hand was on my thigh and the next thing I know she was rubbing my pussy, my dress strap had slipped off my sholder exposing my boob, she leaned in and burred her tongue in Alice’s mouth, and felt her fingers twisting my nipple and my pussy was dripping.

I was overwhelmed and got up to go to the bathroom, and almost fell over, Joan helped me to the bathroom, as we went to the bath room she unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor, when we got into the bathroom she had me hold onto the wall and pulled my G-String off, and sat me down, while I was peeing she pulled her sun dress off and she was nude, her pussy was shaved bare, she layed a towel on the floor and once I finished she layed me on the towel and shaved my pussy leaving a patch of red hair above my lips. She helps me in her bed room, lays me on their huge bed, at this point I’m so drunk I don’t care, she lays down on her back and says eat me, I kneel between her legs and suck her pussy then I feel a pair of hands on my hips, her son is behind me he has his long cock skiny cock in his hand it had to be ten inches and is sliding it up and down my slit, I feel him pushing it up inside my pussy and I cum immediately, it’s the first cock I have in me in over five years, she says Greg I’m so sorry I couldn’t help it, it had been so long and it felt so good and when he came in me, I came so hard I almost passed out. We took a break and Jeff, Joan’s son got out some weed, after that I only remember bits and pieces, I know Jeff’s girlfriend Pat was there nude with us as well as John, Joan’s husband, who has a huge cock. At one point I’m eating Pat’s pussy and I feel Jeff behind me and he is pushing his cock into my ass, it hurt at first but then I felt heat and pleasure, he fucked my ass so hard, the only other thing is John fucking me, his cock is big I remember the first time he fucked me his cock is so big I have never cum so hard it felt so good.

When I woke up this morning, I thought it was Friday morning, then I checked my phone got your messages relized it was Sunday, and I had destroyed our marrage. I was laying on the sofa crying my eyes out, Joan and John came out asked what was wrong and why was I crying, I showed them your message and that’s when they said I could move in with them.

Greg says I have to tell you I have taken steps to devorce you; I have blocked all access to any funds, the credit cards are all canceled. Jerry our lawyer has drafted our devorce papers. Greg says I have to be practical I can never give you the pleasures you have experienced the last few days, he says take your dress off, she says no please don’t make me do that, he says again take your dress off she drops her dress, her thighs, breast and ass cheeks are covered in hickes, her pussy is swollen actually bruised and red and raw, as is her ass. She has her head down and is crying. Greg says if you choose to go live with your lovers how you are now is how you will leave here, you will get nothing from me I will burn all your stuff, your nice new car is in my name, you have ten seconds to make up your mind, walk out of here nude and go live with your lovers, or stay here, but I have to warn you I’m not going to make it easy on you, you have torn my heart out destroyed what little manhood I had, remember your last act when you left here Thursday was to tease me dressed in sexy underware promising me sex that night, so whats it going to be, she says you will actually let me stay with you, he says you are my wife yes of course. She puts her arms up to hug him and he says back off you have a long way to go to earn a hug from me again. Call your lovers and tell them you are staying here with me where you belong, and never speak to them again. All your stuff is in the spare bedroom in trash bags, that’s where you will be sleeping. Feed the dog I’m going out, she asks where are you going, he says that’s none of your business, you don’t have the right to ask that after what you have done, just know I won’t be out cheating on you.

Greg sat at the bar in the restaurant, trying to get his thoughts and feelings together. The burger and fries he had ordered was sitting in front of him untouched as he took a swig of his beer. He knew she had hurt him far deeper than she could ever imagine, but she was the love of his life, his whole world. Jim the bar tender asks are you ok Greg, he answers I don’t know. Jim asks where is Alice tonight, and Greg just gives him a hurt look. Jim says damn no not Alice I’m so sorry man I would never think she would cheat you, Greg says me nether. Jim says what are you going to do, Greg says I don’t know, Jim says let me warm up your burger you need to eat it, you can make better perabet güvenilir mi decisions on a full stomach. Greg eats his burger realizes his hate is for what Alice had done not for her. Greg stops at the all-night pharmacy and asks what he has for a pussy that has been fucked raw and he gives him some ointment.

When Greg gets home, he hears Alice sobbing in the guest bedroom, he walks in she is curled up in the bed wearing a night gown, and tells her to strip, she cries out please don’t throw me out, he tells her he is not throwing her out, to get her clothes off and she strips, he says lay down and spread your legs, she does and he sits on the edge of the bed takes out the ointment and gently applies it to her pussy ass and all her hickes, when he was finished, she looked at him with tears in her eyes as he tells her the pharmacist told me if we do this twice a day you should be all better in a few days. She looks up at Greg as he reaches down lifts her up and carries her into their bed gently lays her on the bed, takes his clothes off gets into bed and cuddles her into his arms and says good night I love you, Alice holds onto his arm and says good night Greg I love you too!

Alice spends the next week mending, fences, as Greg gently mends her body. On Friday morning as Greg was applying the ointment, he noticed her pussy was getting wet and he asks her if she was getting any better. Her face turns beat red as she says it’s been better sence Wednesday, but your care felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. Greg hands her the ointment gets up and walks out the door. Alice did not know what to think half an hour later the phone rings Greg tells her to go to the salon they are waiting for her. When Alice got to the salon, she was told she was to get a facial, hair, nails, makeup, and waxing including bikini, Alice says to herself this does not feel like he is mad! When she gets home, she finds a note on the table that says your clothes are on the bed meet me at the Hilton Restaurant at seven.
As she is getting ready to get dressed her phone rings, it’s Joan, she says I haven’t heard from you is everything ok, how are things with Greg. Alice says much better; I think he bought me a new outfit and is taking me out to the Hilton at seven for dinner. Joan says really, well you know John really misses you he can’t wait to get his cock back in you, he says you have the best pussy he has ever fucked, and I miss you too. Alice says Joan I really need to think about Greg right now, ok I have to finish getting ready, bye.

Alice goes to put on her new clothes, in her bag is a pair of thigh highs, garter belt, matching g-string that had a stick note on it that said optional, there was also a matching shelf bra. The black dress was very sexy, the top was a very thin with a deep v with large oval sleeve holes exposing lots of side boob, the back was cut down to the top of her ass crack and the hem just hid the lace top of her thigh highs. The outfit was finished off with a pair of six-inch pumps, when she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw a thousand dollar an hour call girl. She thinks to herself hubby must be really horny or if he isn’t, he will be by the time dinner is over.

When Alice walked into the restaurant heads turned, she told the Host she was looking for Greg Miller, he says lucky man, right this way, as they approach the small intimate booth in the back Greg stands to let her in, he says you look stunning, Alice blushes and they kiss, he takes her hand to help her in the booth, and she places something in his hand, he realizes it’s her G-String. He smiles as she sits exposing all of her legs! Greg says I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world, now drink up they have your favorite wine, and I plan on getting you good and drunk for the susprise later tonight. As the dinner went on Greg made sure her glass was kept full and she was feeling no pain. Greg’s hand had found its way up her thigh to her bare pussy, she spread her legs giving him easy access. As the end of the dinner neared, he took her hand and placed it on his very hard cock inside his paints, her eyes got wide! He tells her he has been going to clinic and he now has the sexual abilities of a twenty-year-old.

Alice says we gota get home you pay the bill I need to visit the lady’s room and I’ll meet you at the car, Greg smiles and says deal! In her haste to get to the bathroom, and being more than a little tipsy, Alice doesn’t notice the couple sitting with their back to her get up and follow her into bathroom. When she finishes and opens her booth door she sees Joan sitting on a sink with her legs spread and her finger in her pussy, John grabs her pulls her skirt up and says we have missed you and need you now, John puts her hand on his huge hard cock, she says please not now, John says yes now baby you know you want it as bad as we do, we will be fast bend over and eat her and I’ll fuck you quick, his finger now well into her pussy he can feel she is wet and ready, Alice bends over and buries her face in Joan’s dripping cunt, she feels the pressure of John’s huge cock forcing open her pussy as he pushes stright in and starts pounding her sweet pussy, Alice lifts her head and says please don’t cum in my pussy, Joan pulls her face back between her legs and says eat me bitch! John starts pumping tipobet her faster and harder, Alice can feel his cock begin to swell and is relieved when he pulls out but then cries out as he forces his cock all the way up her ass, he pumps her for another thirty seconds and fills her ass with a huge load cum. As Joan hears him say he was cuming she pumps her own load of cum down Alice’s throat, and wipes her pussy all over Alice’s face.

Alice backs away and stumbles out of bathroom thru the restaurant out the door and into the parking lot towards the car, she hears Greg yelling come on slow poke what happened did you fall in, when she got about five foot away Greg was holding the door open for her he is able to see her face and her makeup smeared all over her face just then she spins around bends over and dumps her expensive dinner all over the parking lot, as she does Greg sees that the back of her dress is folded up over her ass and both her pussy and ass are gapped open as she heaves a huge load of cum is pushed out of her ass flows down across her pussy and down her thigh and forms a pool on the ground between her legs. She stands up and looks at Greg and says I’m sorry I told John not to cum in me (as she says that she realizes what she has said and should have gone with sickness). Joan and John are parked on the row behind them and were watching Greg’s reaction to Alice, Alice had gotten out of the bathroom before Joan was able to clean her up before she met up with Greg. Greg had never met them so to him they were just on lookers. Greg says hand me the dress before you barf on it, Alice being half drunk and half in shock reaches back unzips the dress and pulls it over her head and hands it to him, he says this was twenty five hundred dollars maybe I can return it, he folds it lays it on the front seat, he looks at her with tears in his eyes, and his calm collected demeaner turns into rage, he yells what kind of sick slut are you, do you enjoy hurting me, you’re a sick fucking whore, after all I have done for you, as caring and understanding I have been for you, he reaches out and rips her bra off, then reaches down rips off her garter belt which rips her hose to shreds.

John reaches into the back seat of his car grabs his tire iron, and charges Greg, Joan yells no John stop. Greg realizes this is the son of a bitch that just ruined his marrage, he calmly reaches into his waist band pulls out his 9MM Sig, aims between his legs to just barely graze his thigh and fires John goes down holding his balls, Joan runs up to aid John, Greg points his gun at her and says I take it your Joan, the slut that destroyed my marrage, I should blow all three of you away, she looks up at Greg and says no we never wanted to hurt your marrage, Greg says and did you think taking her for four days with no contact then sending her home so fucked up she can’t function for a week was going to good for our marrage. Joan says it’s not like you can take care of her now is it, Alice finally speaks and says actually he has had treatment he is fully functional again we were going to celebrate that tonight for the first time in years, but now I guess I’ll never ever get to sleep with my husband again. Greg says to Joan put her in the back of your car before the police get here, I have already called them, she says she has her gym bag in her trunk and Joan puts her gym clothes on her.

The police arrive on seen Alice is in the back of Joan’s car, the officer walks up to Greg and says whats going on Chief (Greg is the retired Police Chief), the owner of the restaurant comes out and says I saw the whole thing that idiot bleeding on the ground went after Greg with a tire iron. John yells up that son of a bitch tried to kill me, the cop says if he wanted you dead you would be dead, he was five-time national police pistol champion. The cop asks Greg are you pressing charges, John yells up I’m pressing charges, Joan says shut up John, sorry he’s had a bit too much to drink. The paramedics show up and John says I need to go to the hospital and have the bullet removed, the medic says it’s just a scratch I have seen worse wounds from a rose bush.

Joan asks can I take him home now. The cop says your free to go, Joan helps her husband up and to the passenger seat, as she goes around to the drivers door and calls Greg over and asks do you want me to drop Alice off on the way home, Greg says bring her by tomorrow around nine park on the side street. Joan says listen Greg please don’t be mad at Alice, you got her drunk we just took advantage of her it’s not her fought, Greg turned and walked away.

The next morning as Joan was driving Alice home, they noticed smoke in the air. When they pulled onto the block Greg and Alice lived on as they got closer, they can see its coming from Greg and Alice’s house, Joan says whats that, Alice says that’s my marrage going up in smoke! Joan pulls to the curb and sees Greg throwing her clothes on the fire, she asks whats he is throwing on the fire Alice says everything I own, he said he would, but Joan said why because I chose you and John over him. Joan said what are you talking about, she said yesterday in the bathroom, I should have fought you off I should have yelled for help but instead I let you have your way with me choosing you and John over him, I know it and he knows it, right now he is erasing me from his life. Greg walks over to the car; Joan rolls down her window Greg looks past her and says good your just in time the k**s and grand k**s will be here any second and you can explain to then your new chosen lifestyle, that doesn’t include me or them!

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