Getting Caught Opens Her Doors

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She stood there in her living room, at the New Year’s Eve party they were throwing, in that dress. A red dress with a glittery effect that matched her eyes. Her long brown hair flowing past her shoulders in waves – stunning.

Since the day they moved across the road from me, she’d been at the forefront of my wishes and desires. He (I’ll call him Mick) was a six foot slim built decent bloke, he worked away over three or four days occasionally as an engineer, so sometimes I felt safe from being spotted by two pairs of eyes, I’d take my chances with one pair.

We didn’t really overlook their garden, but from my bedroom, on my chair, I could see the route they’d take to get there. It was a secluded pathway for no more than 10 yards, and it was their “giggle” area, the area they’d fool around and be silly until they got to their back garden where the whole neighborhood would be able to see them.

Her name shall be Julie (not her real name).

She stood there 38. Years old, full figured, but not overweight in medium heels (red) tanned tights or stockings (I had my suspicions whether they were stockings or not) welcoming the neighbors to their gathering .

After my parents were welcomed, it was my turn – she kissed me! Not on the cheek, but the lips, I was 14 years old and smitten, Julie, would be the object of my ever growing interest and dreams. Her C cup size tits were perfect, her legs that flowed all the way to that arse was perfect, that backless dress that showed her slim back, snaking up to those shoulders, that smooth neck, perfect face and conservative makeup – she was beautiful, all 5ft 6′ of her.

Roll on Four blissful masturbation filled years later, I was just approaching my 19th birthday. It was June. Life changed.

I wasn’t a musclebound man scaling 6ft with a 48inch chest a 9inch cock and model looks, I was a near 19year old fresh faced 5ft 8′ lad with regular looks normal sized penis and size 11 feet, I was so naive for an 18 year old boy. This is a true story, the names have been changed because I still occasionally spend time with her intimately 20years later.

Girls had been an inigma to me, scary things that I’m sure would always say no and make me feel small. They scared the living crap out of me. Sure I’d fumbled around, had a prod and a poke, but never even seen a pair of tits in real life – the readers wives section of the 2nd hand porn mags my friends passed around was it.

I could never speak to them without stuttering or fucking it up, there was one exception – Julie. Whenever I met her in the street, answered the phone, it was as natural as it could have been. She was/is perfect.

As I walked into my bedroom one Friday afternoon, I casually glanced through the window, I saw Mick carrying a large box in from his van, I was intrigued. Time break out the binoculars, jump on the chair and see what was going on. A cheap pool, a fabric and pole designed pool.! Awesome!!

Maybe, just maybe I might get to see Julie in a wet bikini as opposed to her normal summer outfit of small shorts and bikini tops/Tshirts. I never understood why, she was perfect, why didn’t she show it off and get a great tan.

For the rest of the day I watched as Mick battled with the pool, at the end of the walkway, at the start of their medium sized garden. Throughout this Friday of pool building, Julie bought him countless cups of tea, occasionally patted him on the bum, joked and smiled.

About 8pm, the pool was finished and was being filled from the outside tap, and I wondered what visual delights the next day would bring.

Saturday morning at 8:30, I hear two loud bangs, as Mick slams the rear doors of his van, he didn’t look pleased. Called away, not too far away, but far enough to have to stay in a hotel, I know this because his voice was letting the world know of his displeasure. I craned through the net curtains and watched gorgeous Julie, she was barefoot, had a pair of tight fitting jeans and a white Teeshirt on, probably no bra, but I couldn’t be certain and her hair was bunched up at the back, see him off with just a short peck on the cheek – interesting? And a wave. She stood at the gate and watched mick and the van travel up the road, her head turned slowly back around, and stopped! She seemed to look for an eternity through the net curtains directly at me, paused then slowly walked into the house. Oh Shit! Busted!!

I peeled myself away from the nets and sat on the bed, fuck fuck fuck I thought!

I felt a wave of embarrassment and humiliation, what will I say or do when we meet again?

Sod it, time to go to a friends house, I grabbed my wallet and keys and walked out the front door. This time, as I turned from shutting the gate, I noticed movement in Julie’s first floor window, the net curtains twitched – was I being spied on? Wow, this is weird!

I carried on, my thoughts are filled with the dream of Julie wanting me, shagging me and doing what the hell she liked really. I spent the day with friends, being stupid, casino oyna having sneaky looks at girls and general doing lad stuff. When I looked at my watch it was 8:45, shit, better get home, my parents would be thinking the worst could have happened. As I turned on to the street it was 9pm, and just dark, I noticed that Micks van was still not there, I opened the gate, turned to close it and saw nothing but a small glow of light from maybe a lamp upstairs at Julie’s house.

I said hi to my folks, and said I’m going to have an early night, then made my way upstairs.

I had a sly look at Julie’s room once my light was off, and my room was in pitch darkness. Nothing – but I could hear quiet music. It had to be in the garden! The pool!!

I craned my neck and grabbed the binoculars, there in all her bikini top (all I could see) was Julie- partly obscured by her house but it was definitely her. She lay there, doing nothing, relaxing. Bingo.

For 45min I perched on the seat desperate to catch a glimpse of flesh, my patience was awarded when finally when the chill of the air got to Julie, she stood up. Her glistening body was to me perfection, not slim but not overweight, her bikini wasn’t particularly flattering, but it was Devine to my 18 year old hormone overloaded brain.

I couldn’t see the moment she got out of the pool, but I did see her with her towel, wrapped around her shoulders, heading for the house along the pathway. Then my life changed. When she got to the pathway which only I could see, she stopped, not for me but it gave me the best view of anything I’ve ever seen. She stood in the dimly lighted pathway and started to dry herself, it was halfway through this that without warning, she looped the neck strap over her head and wriggled the top down to her waist. My first and most memorable pair of tits were there for me to savour. Her nipples were erect I could see the goosebumps on her tits, time stood still. She then began to dry her tits carefully and thoroughly, my dreams came true.

That was it, out came my cock on went my hand and pumping commenced. Wow.

During this frantic wanking I never took the binoculars away from her body, it was Devine. She dried her abdomen and back with sensual strokes of the towel, she actually seemed to enjoy the cold air on her skin. So much so that Julie’s next move was to grip the waistband and the bikini top and wiggle her bottom and let the bikini drop to the floor. My first female pussy was on show. Due to the dim light, I couldn’t see it perfectly, but boy I knew it was there. I was so intent on wanking at the sight of Julie’s nakedness, I gripped my cock hard and pumped my cock to its natural ending, sending spurts of cum onto the net curtains and floor,. I stood on that seat having spent my seed, panting at the sight that was still there. I decided to watch the rest of the show, and what a show. Sensual dabbing of her towel, down her legs, pointing her toes and stretching, I was in heaven. As she finished drying, I concentrated my view on her face, her beautiful face. As I did this, her head raised, looking me straight back through the binoculars. I froze. Coincidence or did she know I was there? The answer came immediately – Julie smiled, then poked her tongue out at me!! Shit! Caught twice!!

What do I do? For some inexplicable reason, I decided to continue to watch, captivated by her beauty and raw sexual appeal. Julie then did something I shall never forget, she raised a finger, put in her mouth, slowly withdrew it drawing her tongue along it then beckoned me with it.

Oh my god!

What do I do?

Well, I was busted, so either way I was in the shit, I either went, and got a bollocking, stayed and got a bollocking, went and lost my virginity, stayed and remained a virgin.

Either way, I’m in the shit, with one small chance of getting laid – decision made.

Shorts on, trainers on, Teeshirt on and a slug of vodka and coke for bravery.

I crept out of the house with apprehension excitement and fear. Made my way toward her front door, as I approached, I heard psssst!! Are you fucking mad? Side door not the front door!!

Oooops – sorry!!

The panel gate was opened, and I was met by Julie in a terry style dressing gown with a beaming smile on her face. Come on in pervy she said with a giggle. Let’s go inside.

I followed Julie into her kitchen where two cups of tea were made and steaming. Here you go Matt, thanks I said, I started to apologize about spying, and it was interrupted and cast aside, don’t be stupid she said, I’ve seen you looking for years. It’s lovely really, quite a compliment.

There she stood, in a huge toweling dressing gown, no makeup, hair still damp, and yet looking like the most beautiful woman in the world. I couldn’t tell if she had any underwear on, but I hoped and prayed she didn’t.

So then Matt, tell me what you saw and did she said smiling and drinking her tea, she sat me on a kitchen stool. I then stumbled with the words when she placed canlı casino an arm on mine and with a whisper, said, calm down, and tell me what you saw, I want to know. Shit, why did I wear shorts, my ever hardening cock would be visible soon. I relayed the story slowly and my confidence grew – as did my cock.

When I finished she said, you find this body attractive, but it’s 46 years old, I immediately blurted without thinking, – it is the most gorgeous body I have ever seen!

Matt, what you are doing is wrong, what I am thinking is wrong she said, you need to get a girl your age, someone who will be rude and dirty, and who you can be rude and dirty back!

But I want to be rude and dirty with you!! Shit shit shit!! I had done it again.

The look on Julie’s face was neutral, she gave nothing away.

Matt, come back tomorrow evening, we will discuss this then, I’m off to bed, please let yourself out. With that, she patted my right leg said goodnight, and walked away dragging her hand lightly across my lap, she must have felt my stiff cock. I walked toward the back door, passed the washing machine when I stopped, the laundry basket! Right on top were two identical pairs of panties, both quite brief, lacy and purple, I took one pair and headed home.

I virtually inhaled her sex aroma that night, and wanked over and in them till I slept. The next day I didn’t see Julie in the garden, or anywhere. As we didn’t arrange a time, I headed over at a similar time, so neighbors wouldn’t see, there was a note on the gate “come round the back”, I took the note and headed to the garden. No one!

As I made it to the garden, I heard a tap on the window and Julie visually ushered me inside.

She was fully clothed.

I was going for a dip, but the bitch at no:38 has her curtains open and lights on!

Shame, I enjoyed the view I said to lighten the mood.

Tell me Matt, have you ever had any sexual partners or experience?

I replied instantly and with visible embarrassment no, none, I’ve felt a girls tits through a jumper if that counts.

I was expecting a laugh from her, but she just took pity and said, you need a hug!

She outstretched her arms and I advanced, when we hugged, I could feel the warm feeling of her tits on me and her breath on my neck, I immediately began to get hard, embarrassed I wanted the hug to end but she wouldn’t allow it, so my cock grew and started to nudge her abdomen. ‘Nothing wrong with the willy then!” I went Crimson.

What I propose can never be spoken of, no friends, no one.

I will teach you lovemaking, I will teach you oral, and I will teach to fuck and not necessarily in that order, you just need to be discreet and know that we will never be in a relationship, we are just utilizing each other. Mick no longer has any sexual appetite but I love him dearly, so you will be helping my cravings, and I will teach you. Deal? I nearly bit her hand off!! YES

So then, lesson no:1 cleanliness

Shower! Up you go. I was directed to the main bathroom where Julie told me to strip and wash thoroughly, as I was showering, Julie came in and sat on a stool watching me naked and washing, she sat with a smile on her face while I lathered my body and rinsed, as I was rinsing, she walked to the shower, opened the door slightly and cupped my balls, she looked me in the eye, smiled, squeezed them gently and walked away. I nearly came on the spot.

After drying, she passed me one of mick’s dressing gowns, it was huge and said, when you are ready, spare room down the hall, I’ll be waiting.

A couple of minutes later, I gently pushed the door open to see Julie lying back on the bed playing with an iPad, she was wearing a white blouse, white bra, knee length black skirt, I would find out later her panties were purple, she later said with a smile, I know you like these and when you are finished, I’ll have the other pair back please – busted again!!

Julie looked at me, right then, let’s have a look at you, gown off, boxer shorts off and twirl for me! Down went the iPad and she sat there with her arms folded. This, for an embarrassed young lad seemed to be the most natural thing for me to do, I was amazed. “Very nice” she said with a smile. Now come over here, she ordered me to lie next to her but do not touch, man that was hard to do.

So when do we shag I asked?

Never, if you talk like that again young man she giggled out. To woo, make love, give oral and shag, you have to take your time. Visually undress before actually undress.

Lesson 2 she said, touch.

As the curtains were shut, there was no risk of us getting spied on, Mick was 120miles away in a hotel and there were no children to get in the way. Perfect.

Julie chatted about if I had girlfriends, career aspirations and continually smiled, smoothing her blouse, altering her seated angle occasionally thus showing off some bra and skin ‘accidentally’ after a while, she asked- before we go any further, are you happy with my idea, no kaçak casino love, no connection, just physical lovemaking and lessons?

Absolutely! I will not fall in love with you, I promise. I’m not sure she believed me, or I believed myself, but I’d at least act out a fantasy and loose my cherry too.

During all of this small talk, I was naked, my cock had inexplicably become flacid and soft, it was weird but things were about to change.

Without warning, Julie reached over and ran her soft fingers from the inside of my knee to just below my balls, I nearly leapt out of my skin and in no time, I was hard as a rock and totally on edge. That, young man, is the power of touch! It can have the same effect on women too! Wow!!

So then Matt, let’s get the lessons moving a bit faster, with that, she stood up dropped a heel as ladies do, and slowly unbuttoned the side of the skirt, then let it drop to the floor.

She stood like a goddess, in that blouse, those purple panties, hold ups, head tilted slightly to one side and that flowing hair. To top it off, she put the tip of her little finger in her mouth It was the most exciting view any man could want, my cock was hard virtually instantaneously and in no time, pre cum was oozing from my cock, this was getting unbearable.

Get up, she ordered, and I stood naked in the room with this goddess 3ft from me.

She took two small steps toward me and just gazed into my eyes, she was a tease.

She looked down, noticed the precum and so gently wiped it from the engorged head with the same little finger, then placed this finger in her mouth and sucked gently. She showed her pleasure by humming a quiet hmmmmn.

I was absolutely enthralled with the whole situation.

Slowly, Julie bent over, stretching those purple panties over that peach behind, she then very gently licked the shaft of my cock with a saliva filled tongue. Up and down, up and down, then engulfing the the head all the way to the base with so much care. This erotic act was repeated very slowly, with her tongue expertly working on the underside of the head with her lubricated tongue.

I was close, very very close. Julie knew this and placed one of her petit gentle hands, wrapped it around the base and massaged it so very carefully. I started to utter the words ‘I’m coming Julie,’ but never got it all out. Just as I was cuming, she withdrew her mouth, and while looking and smiling at me, she massaged my cock with so much care. I ejaculated onto the bed with a force and amount I’d never seen of felt before.

WOW, that’s a lot of cum! She giggled. My legs nearly buckled with the whole situation.

Well, she said, your aim is fine giggling as she said it. How was it Matt? I could have cried, no BJ since will equal the emotion that Julie uncovered that night.

She put her hands on my shoulders and guided me backwards to the bed and gently nudged me so I fell backwards on the bed, I shuffled up to the head of the bed and just watched Julie remove her blouse seductively, let it drop to the floor, then reach around and release those fantastic breasts, perfectly formed and firm. She told me to put the bedside lamp on, she then turned the main light off and began to crawl up the bed like a tiger, between my legs never loosing eye contact.

I was in a right state, never did I think that loosing my virginity would be this intense.

She was over me on all fours, looking down in the dim light “panties off Matt”, I could feel her warm sweet breath and smell her exquisite perfume as I reached up and tried to put my thumbs in the waist band, I jiggled her purple panties over her arse so the were at her knees, within seconds, she used her feet and expertly flicked the a cross the room – i never really got a good look at her pussy but I didn’t care, I had a naked goddess on all fours above me!

I’ve changed the lesson! She said, Julie the sat on her haunches on my thighs, looking down at me and my ever hardening cock, she reached down with both hands, place one hand around my shaft and with the other, she cupped my balls and massaged my genitalia with both hands. I was in a state of pure ecstasy, at no point had I done anything for Julie, but she didn’t seem to mind.

When my cock had hardened to its fullest, she looked down, pouted and said in a whisper, if I’m going to be your first, it’s going to memorable, and the best sexual experience of your life.

She then slowly raised herself up, used one hand on my cock, used the other on my chest to steady herself then guided my cock to her pussy entrance. She began to rub my cock up and down the entrance to that heavenly place, mixing my precum with her own sexual juices, they felt so hot, looking at me in the dim light, she spoke in quiet confidence and control, your going to like this a lot she said.

The moment she started the slow impaling of my cock was mind blowing. It felt like nothing I’d ever felt before. She let herself all the way down till all Julie’s weight was on my thighs, she didn’t move, she was shuddering and her eyes were half closed in a dream like state. I just lay there, with my hands on her waist, my mouth open and speechless with the passion of the experience of my first pussy.

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