Game of Love Ch. 04

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Hello guys and welcome to the 4th chapter of this lovely series. I love you guys a lot and I thank you for your love but please, don’t forget to comment. I need to know what’s going on with you, whether you’re following or not. Get hooked with me on this wonderful journey.

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Game of Love, feel the passion…


“Did you get ahold of him?” Henry asked as he came into the living room, stretching his arms.

Steve shook his head. He seemed really worried. “I tried this morning too but his phone is not going through.”

“What about his mother’s line?”

“It isn’t going through too.” He said softly. “Maybe she’s out of the country on a business meeting. But it’s not like Sergio to go out without telling us where he went. I am so worried. What if something bad happened to him?”

“Sergio?” Henry laughed, shaking his head. “He’s probably just fucking someone while you and I are worried sick here. You know the way he is, right?”

Steve sighed in frustration, throwing the phone on the couch. It was already 7. Am and he was supposed to be back even if he had hooked up with someone, right? Steve rubbed his head and was about to sit when all of a sudden, the door flung open and the first thing they heard was someone singing.

“I feel good… tananana… I feel good…”

Sergio was really happy. He was dancing like a little child that had just found a toy that he’d lost. He had a smile like they’d never seen on his face before. The look on his face was priceless and he was a bit sweaty.

Steve and Henry got up from their couches, looked at each other and at the guy that was coming closer to them. They’d never seen him act the way he was acting before. Did he win a lottery or something? But he was super rich so a lottery meant nothing to him.

“I feel good…” He even did a break dance as he neared his friend. “…so good… so good. I feel good.”

He pinched Steve’s cheek, laughing. “And good morning to you too. I will take you out for lunch and shopping. My treat. You can get anything you want. Come on!” He took Steve’s hand and span him slowly. “Come on, dance with me!”

“What’s going on?” Steve asked, a frown appearing on his face. “Are you okay?”

“Why not?” Sergio enthused. “I am more than okay.”

“Okay…” Henry sounded not so sure. “What’s going on? Where did you sleep?”

“Where else but at my boyfriend’s place?”

“Boyfriend!” Both Steve and Henry gasped, their eyes widening. “You mean Trevor is back in town? When?”

“Who’s talking about Tevor?” He chuckled happily. “I am talking about Eric.”

“Eric!” Henry felt his heart pound. “That’s impossible. There’s no way…”

“Maybe but…” He took out his phone and showed a picture to both his friends.

It was a picture that Sergio had taken a few hours back. Both of them were lying in bed with Eric on Sergio’s chest, smiling at the camera. Shit! The both of them looked so damn good together that Henry felt a surge of jealous go through him. He felt pained and a bit betrayed.

“Oh my God,” Steve gasped, covering his mouth. “Wow! This is… this is so sweet. You actually did it. You were able to woo Eric, the iron boy. Wow, dude…”

“Calm down!” Sergio chuckled happily, getting the phone from his friends. “I will tell you all about it later. But today, I officially tell you that the most beautiful boy in the entire university is my boyfriend. He now belongs to me.”

Steve gripped Sergio into a hug, literally jumping. “Congratulations. I am so happy for you, man. You two deserve each other, I swear. You look so sweet together.”

“Thank you!”

Henry was quiet. There was a lot that was going on in his head and he couldn’t just accept that Eric had accepted someone like Sergio over him. He was really jealous.

“You do realize that this is just a game, right?” He muttered. “We betted on it and he’s actually not your boyfriend, right?”

Sergio pulled away from the hug, raising his eyebrow. “Cool, down man. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I haven’t forgotten about it. I just proved that I can get anyone I want and…”

“You haven’t proved anything yet. You still…”

“What’s this talk about games and bets, come on?” Steve frowned. “It doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that Sergio has finally proven a point. Now come on, let’s go inside so that we can hear how our friend did it.”

“Yeah!” Henry chuckled nervously. “Let me just make a call. I’ll be there soon.”


The two friends went inside, leaving Henry there alone. Tears welled up in his eyes and he clenched his fists, feeling like someone had just stabbed him in the heart.

‘No!” He thought, breathing heavily. ‘This can’t be happening to me. Eric is supposed to casino oyna be mine, only mine. How could he accept Sergio so easily? What does he have that I don’t? Eric humiliated me… he insulted me in front of everyone but I didn’t say anything because I love him.

Now he accepts my best friend? I will not allow this. I have to do something to break their relationship. There’s no way I’ll let your relationship continue. I swear!’

Henry vowed to break Eric and Sergio’s relationship at all costs. That was a promise.


‘Baby, you know I was so worried about you the entire night. I didn’t even sleep and…’

“Mom!” Eric sighed, rubbing through his hair. “Please, calm down! I am absolutely fine. I was just pissed off with what happened yesterday at the restaurant but I am absolutely fine. I am so sorry for leaving the way I left and I’ll make it up to you.”

‘No!’ Laurel sobbed on the other end. ‘I am the one that should apologize for what had happened yesterday. I shouldn’t have let things get as far as they did. It is my fault. And I am so sorry for that, baby. Please, forgive me!’

“Why are you apologizing, mom? Anyway, let’s do this. Let’s just forget everything that happened. We’ll come and talk about it when I come home next weekend, I promise.”

‘Okay, baby.’ Laurel sighed. ‘I love you so much.’

“I love you too.”

He cut the call and sighed, covering his eyes with his hands. He was feeling a bit worried about his mother. He just wished there was someone there to help her. Anyway, there was Eric’s nanny and she had been like family. So he wasn’t that worried about her.

“You really gave me quite a scare yesterday, Eric!” Smith said with his arms folded. “I came back as quickly as I could when Riya told me what you did.”

Smith had arrived in the morning and he was with Riya at Eric’s apartment.

“I am so sorry.” Eric apologized. “It wasn’t intentional. I think the drink was laced or something. You know I have never tasted beer before.”

“You have never tasted it but you should have known better.” Riya sighed. “You don’t know how scared I got. You should just thank your lucky stars that we arrived at the time we did otherwise, right now you’d have been at the hospital.”

Eric didn’t even want to think about what would have happened if he’d gotten raped. He just didn’t wanna think about it because it was still scaring him. But then again, he started thinking about how he had woken up to the sight of the hunk, how he had shown concern for him and the kiss that they had shared. Fuck, if only he could reverse everything and be with him again, he would have done it because it had been really romantic.

“And now he’s smiling!” Riya said as she sat at the edge of the couch. “What’s going on, Eric?”

Before Eric could answer, there was a knock on the door and Smith rushed to see who was there. When he came back, he was holding a really big teddy bear with a bouquet of red roses and a small basket. He looked really lost and when Riya saw it too, she got confused.

“Oh my God,” Riya gasped. “Who is that from?”

“I don’t know.” Smith said. “But it’s for Eric!”

He put everything on the couch closer to Eric and Eric first opened the small basket and found a variety of chocolates and a small note. He didn’t know who sent them so he took the note and started reading it. But as soon as he started, a smile popped up on his face.

‘My lovely baby, I didn’t know what kind of chocolates you love so I bought a variety of them. I just hope you’ll love them. And as for the Teddy, it is to keep you company and so that it can cuddle you while I am not around. Thank you so much for making me the happiest man on earth. Love, Sergio!’

Eric held the note closer to his heart, taking in a deep breath. He didn’t even know he was blushing but his friends already saw it. They looked at each other before the both of them rushed to him and sat beside him.

“Eric!” Riya’s voice was baring above a whisper. “What’s going on? Why are you smiling like that? Who are these from, your mom?”

Eric looked at Riya, shaking his head. “No! They’re from Sergio.”

“What?” Both Riya and Smith gasped. “Sergio!”


Riya looked at the things that were there and she felt her heart jump into her throat. “But you don’t usually like anything from him. The last time I checked… Wait!” She gasped, her fingers finding her chest. “Oh my God, what happened when I left here? Did you two…” She paused, finding the right word to use. “…oh my God, Eric, did you…”

“No!” Eric shook his head. “Nothing of a sort happened. We just kissed that’s all and… now he’s my boyfriend.”

At first it was really silent. Riya and Smith both looked like they’d just encountered a ghost. Then after what felt like forever, both of them screamed at the top of their voices, hugging Eric tightly.

“Finally!” Riya shrieked. “Finally someone has swept him off his feet. This calls for a celebration.”

“Hey, you’re suffocating canlı casino me!” Eric breathed in deeply.

“Oh sorry!” Smith said as he finally let him go. “But really? Did I miss a lot in just a day that I left? What’s going on?”

“Well, I just… I just realized that he’s really a good man.” Eric said as he remembered the passionate kiss that they had shared. “I feel that he’s genuine and will make a really good boyfriend. And besides, I like him too.”

Riya covered her mouth. “Finally, he admits it. Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening. I never actually thought a day like this would come. I was kinda thinking my friend was gonna die a virgin.”

Eric chuckled nervously. “And who said I was a virgin?” He laughed. “Come on, stop being silly.”

“Sorry!” Riya gulped but honestly. “This calls for a celebration.”

She rushed to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of champagne. It was time to celebrate. Eric was really happy and he knew that it was a time to start new, something sweet. He had finally let go of his fears and give in to the love of a man that truly deserved him.


Eric was rushing down the stairs as fast as he could, breathing in harshly. When he eventually reached down, he got pulled back.

“Eric, I am begging you!” Diego said, putting his hands together. “I am truly sorry for everything that had happened. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Really?” Eric chuckled bitterly, shaking his head. “If you had managed to do what you wanted to do to me that night would you be here, huh?”

“Eric, I already said I am sorry.” Diego said, trying to hold the boy’s hand but he pulled it away. “I miss you.”

“Can you hear yourself right now? It’s not like we grew up together or we have been that close. I already told you exactly my feelings towards you. Why don’t you understand it and leave me alone?”

“Eric that’s because I am not ready to give up on you.”

“Well, you’re gonna have to give up.” He said harshly. “Because no matter what happens whether in this life or the next, I will never, can never and may never be yours. Get that? Now get lost.”

He started going away but Diego pulled his arm painfully, gripping it harder.

“Let me go, Diego!” Eric said without even looking at him. “Let me go right now. You’re hurting my arm.”

“When will you realize that we’re meant to be together, huh?” Diego said harshly. “When will you…”

“Hey!” came an angry voice. “Didn’t you get what the fuck that he just said? Get your freaking hand off my boyfriend, right now!”

Eric moved his eyes towards the direction of the voice and saw Sergio standing a distance from them with a huge frown on his face and his fists clenched. A smiled brightened his face and he got really excited. He withdrew his arm from Diego, rushed to Sergio and held him tightly.

Diego felt like a chicken when Sergio’s arms wrapped Eric. His eyes were still on him and he got really scared with the look that Sergio gave him. He remembered him from the night when he had tried to take advantage of Eric.

“You!” Sergio pointed angrily at the man that stood at a distance from them. “Didn’t I warn you the other night to stay away from my boyfriend? Do you want me to kill you now?”

Eric moved away from Sergio’s chest, looking into his face. “It’s okay, Sergio. Diego just came to apologize and now he’s leaving.” He said, glancing at Diego in disgust.

Diego felt really foolish and stupid. He made a quick turn and stormed out of there.

“Are you okay?” Sergio cupped Eric’s face, staring into his face. “Did he hurt you?”

“No!” Eric shook his head. “I am fine and besides, I am even better now that you are here.”

Sergio felt his heart go cold instantly and he smiled brightly, taking in a deep breath. “I still feel like I am dreaming. I can’t believe I am holding you like this, being so close like this and looking into your beautiful blue eyes. If this is a dream, I don’t wanna wake up. I just want to be asleep forever as long as you’re with me.”

Eric blushed, dropping his eyes to the ground. He was feeling a bit shy.

“No!” Sergio moaned, slowly raising his head with his chin. All this might have been a game but the pleasure that he felt at that time was really amazing and something that he hadn’t felt before in a long time. “Don’t hide that beautiful smile of yours from me, baby. That smile is making my whole word spin. That smile is making my heart race and mostly… I wanna kiss those lips and confirm that this is really true. May I?”

Eric’s heart started melting with Sergio’s words. No one had ever spoken to him in that way. When he felt Sergio’s finger rub his bottom lip, he felt a surge of electricity and he moaned softly. His body was on fire. Their faces were pretty close, their eyes locked on each other and those hot breaths bouncing on their faces. God! Eric didn’t even know where he was anymore.

“I believe I asked for a kiss.” Sergio moaned. “I am still expecting an answer.”

Eric kaçak casino licked his lips softly. “Yes!”

Sergio smiled and then he grasped the back of Eric’s head and started getting closer to those lips that he was dying to taste again. With each space that he closed, he felt like there was something pulling him closer and closer. His heart raced so much that he felt like he was gonna have a heart attack.

Those lips met his and his world exploded into shards of molten light. His grip across Eric’s shoulders tightened, pulling him closer. The other hand at the back of Eric’s head brought even those lips closer. The tip of Sergio’s tongue brushed his lips, insisted, and Eric opened to let him in. When their tongues melt, Eric simply melted into that kiss as his senses exploded in the raw emotion that he felt at that time.

He felt really weak and he held on to Sergio’s arm as he allowed the man to do his thing. A wave of darkness washed over them as everything disappeared. There were only the two of them. Everything seemed perfect as their tongues danced and Sergio started sucking on Eric’s tongue softly. He was in a world which he never knew existed, the second heaven. It was ecstatic.

Then after what felt like hours, the two men broke the kiss for a much needed air. They were breathless. And it was right at that moment when the two of them realized that they were not alone. There were some students that had come to watch and they were clapping and cheering for the two of them.

Eric felt really shy and he buried his face in the hunk’s chest, holding on to him tightly. But he had a really gorgeus smile on his face. Sergio on the other hand hadn’t planned on kissing Eric for so long or even French kissing him. It was meant to be a just a peck on the lips. But what could he do, the boy was irresistible and his kisses were so sweet. He smiled at the people that were cheering for them, some happy and some jealous.

Others were happy because two most popular guys in campus had started dating. But no one knew the truth of what Sergio was really after or what he was trying to prove. Question is, ‘was he still playing the game or was he starting to fall for this beautiful boy?’


Sergio was seated on the bed, staring at his laptop because he was watching a really gorgeous movie. He was only wearing a white muscle shirt, showing his gorgeous abs. He was putting on a black jean with the belt unbuckled. He had a smile on his face and he couldn’t wipe it away.

Suddenly, he heard the door to the bathroom open. He quickly moved his eyes to take a glance but what he saw got him hooked. Eric was coming out of the bathroom toweling his wet hair. He was wearing a black t-shirt and a white skinny jean that showed off his gorgeous curves. He was looking really sexy as he slowly came inside. He didn’t see that Sergio was checking him out because he was busy with what he was doing.

Sergio was definitely caught in what he was seeing. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. The way Eric was moving… the slowness with which he wiped his hair and some ends of his wet hair on his face. Shit! Sergio had never seen something so beautiful in his life. He didn’t wanna look but he couldn’t help it. It was only the third day since they’d started being together and everything was amazing already.

Eric was busy wiping his hair when he decided to take a glance at his boyfriend. Their eyes met and he felt them piercing through his. The look that Sergio gave him, Eric couldn’t help but blush. He smiled sexily and went to the mirror where he continued toweling his long hair.

Even through the mirror, he could see that Sergio still had his eyes on him. It got him really excited and he bit his lip seductively, still blushing. The guy didn’t even blink. He loved what he was seeing.

He chuckled softly and then did something crazier. He flipped his hair seductively, smiled and then glanced at the guy before he went back to toweling the hair again. But he didn’t know that by that single act, what he did to Sergio was something that he couldn’t explain. He simply too his breath away.

“Will you stop staring at me?” He said in the sexiest tone Sergio had ever heard before.

Sergio chuckled, got off the bed and slowly walked to the boy. “How could I? I can’t stop staring at you even if I wanted to.” He locked his arms tightly around Eric, boringly his body closer to his. “I am staring at my boyfriend because I still can’t understand how someone could be so beautiful!”

He kissed Eric’s neck, making him nervous. “I am staring at the person that I love so much because I still can’t believe that you’re mine. A few days ago, I used to stare from a distance but now I have the right to stare at you as much as I want. It is my right.”

Eric dropped his neck and turned his head, looking directly into his boyfriend’s face. Shit! Sergio had a way with his words. He’d never met anyone so romantic before. It had only been three days and he was making him feel like an angel.

“You really are sweet.” He moaned. “I never actually thought I’d be this happy in my life. Had I known this is how I would be feeling, I would have accepted your proposal the very first day.”

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