Fun at the Library

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I had only been living in Topeka for a month and the only place I had ventured so far was the public library. I liked the section devoted to research because it seemed the older men, men in their fifties, tended to be there.

There was one particular gentleman I had been admiring and I could tell he was enjoying the attention I was giving him. I would always sit by him at the big table and laugh at his jokes and tell him how nice he was looking that day. One day, I decided to evaluate just how interested in me he was.

I decided to hold nothing back on this little test. I dressed very provocatively, wearing a micromini denim skirt which rode low on my hips and a white shorty tanktop without a bra, of course. Did I wear any panties? Of course not.

When I walked into the research area, Phil was sitting at the usual table. He looked up and saw me and smiled. He then looked me slowly up and down, repeatedly. I sat down next to him. “Mari,” he whispered, “That is a dangerous outfit to be wearing out on the street. Someone is going to try and pick you up.” I giggled. Little did he know that he was illegal bahis the person I wanted “picked up” by. I proceeded to arranged my purse and lunch around my seat and then excused myself to go find a book.

I could feel Phil’s eyes on me as I walked away from the desk. If he thought this was hot, wait until I completed my test! I went to the area with books on sex and found a hot book all about expressing yourself sexually. It had sensual photos on the cover and inside. I sat back down and began reading the book, making sure Phil could see what I was reading. I could tell he was having a hard time concentrating. He cleared his throat and told me he would be back in a few minutes. I guess he was going to the bathroom. The view he would have of me when he came back would probably send him back to the bathroom in a hurry.

The chair I was sitting in faced the entrance of the research area. During the week it was usually empty except for Phil and me. I reached into my lunch bag and pulled out a banana. Boy, was Phil in for a treat when he walked around the corner. I spread my legs and slipped the tip illegal bahis siteleri of the banana into my pussy just before he walked in.

Phil stopped dead in his tracks, starring at my pussy with a banana in it. I giggled, looking right at him so that he would know I was doing it to arouse him. He was by my side in an instant. “Mari,” He said, “What are you doing? Someone is going to see you.”

“That’s what I was hoping for, Phil. And that someone is you. I wanted you to see me with a banana in my pussy so that you could imagine something else in it. Hmmmm, Phil, what else would go in there nicely?” I asked.

Phil cleared his throat again, “Mari, I haven’t had sex in two months and you are diving me crazy. You are making me want to slip into the bathroom and jack off.” Phil whispered.

“Phil, baby, you don’t have to go into the bathroom. Just turn your chair facing me and unzip your pants. I’ll do the rest.” I assured him as I massaged the growing bulge in his trousers.

“Oh god, Mari,” Phil said. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I am. Oh god, do it, Mari. Stroke me. Make canlı bahis siteleri me shoot here in the library.” “You got it, baby,” I agreed. Phil turned his chair and unzipped his pants. I had his cock out in a instant and was stroking it, using the massage oil I had brought along.

I teased the head of his dick repeatedly. He kept warning me that he was going to shoot all over and that I’d better be careful. I told him not to worry that I would make sure he shot his load in one spot. With that, I sat backwards on his lap. “Baby, have you ever ass fucked a girl before?” I asked. “No, Mari. Though it’s been a fantasy, I have not.” Phil stated. “Well, then, baby, your fantasy is about to come true.” I said as I pushed my rectum onto the head of his stiff cock.

Phil grabbed my breasts and held on as I rode his cock with my ass. I told him to pay some attention to my clit and so he left one hand free and tickled my clit with his thumb. I bounced up and down on his cock with delight while he pinched my nipple in one hand and my clit in the other. Phil grabbed me tightly, groaned and began pumping me hard. He sat up quickly and bent me over the table. He was ramming me so hard, I was sure someone would hear. Finally, he shot his load deep inside.

There is definitely more than just books to enrich your lives with at the library.

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