Fuck You

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I miss you. Laying here in the bed we once shared, I am clinging to a shirt with traces of your smell, pretending you are here with me. Your arms wrapped around my body, I am wearing a T-shirt barely covering my nakedness from you. I can feel the warmth of your torso pressed firmly against me, the heat of my body tempting you to remove your clothes. In the candle light, I see the desire in your eyes, so wanting, so loving, I cherish this. This second when we look into each other’s eyes and speak without words, feeling without touch, the bond we share at this moment seemingly infinite. Once you lift your shirt over your head, you help me remove mine, falling into me with a kiss that sends shivers throughout my entire body. Your bare chest caresses my breasts, so electric, my nipples are erect against you. My hands touch your back, holding you closer, needing you closer as your mouth continues to devour mine, our tongues swimming in each other’s mouths. Holding my face in your hands, I can feel my body tremble, losing any control I may have over my lust for you, falling into the spell that your sex has on me, I am yours. One hand gently touches down my throat, to manipulate one breast, you lift slightly from me, then move to the other, twisting hard my nipple, I moan into your kiss. My hips rock against the cool air, and I allow my hands to pull at your jeans, awkward, I unbutton them, freeing you. Your hard sex pulsing bahis firmaları at my thigh, I stroke you, hold you in my palm, my own sex so wet from your desire for me, in my desire for you. So comforting, feeling your flesh move against me, your breath is mine as I urge you on top of me.

My legs are open to you, as you linger above me, I hold your sex, position you, rubbing up and down my wet slit, rocking my hips as I so. We both moan, loving the feel of your head on my clit, until I can take the torture no more. I move my hand to your ass, your head at my wanting pussy, and you plunge into me with a force that takes our breath away. Filling me, feeling whole in that instant, an immeasurable amount of pleasure searing me as I wrap my legs around you, and we hold still for a moment. Our desire cannot keep us calm for long, we rock against each other, your sex moving slowly within me I gasp, moaning with each breath. You stroke my inner walls, touching me with your head so my legs feel weak and useless. I cling to you, my hips willing you deeper, you moan at my throat, kissing, biting. Your sex feels so right inside of me, so perfect almost as I say your name, wanting to cry at times, so intense is the feel of you. My legs on your shoulders, I feel you even deeper with me, your kiss quiets my whimpers, your head now pounding into that sensation, building my orgasm. You know just how to touch me, how to kiss kaçak iddaa me to make me succumb to you, I fall even deeper still into your spell, your sweat causing our skin to slide against each other, as you slide within me. Feel me clench my muscles inside, sucking you into me, so powerful is this, when I begin to feel my orgasm growing, I bite hard into my lower lip, quiet now, digging my nails into your shoulders. You know I am coming, moving slightly faster, harder within me, I rock my hips into you, tightening my muscles, forgetting to breathe.

The only sound in the room is your gasping breath and your body slapping into me, faster still when I know I cannot hold it any longer. Letting go with a scream, I say your name, and various vulgarities, releasing the pressure, thrashing against you, convulsing inside around your sex. You do not let up, reaching down between our bodies, rubbing my clit, you slow your pace but do not stop this exquisite agony, forcing the pleasure from me. I have lost complete control as my body shudders even more, I can feel nothing but the tremors through out my entire body as you slow gently until my moans cease. Panting, I kiss you, your face, your neck, remaining still with your sex still filing me, still pleasing me. I moan for you to fuck me, to come on me, anything, I want to make you feel as much pleasure as I can give you, as the pleasure you have given me. As hard as you are kaçak bahis moving slightly inside of me, I know you are not far. I twitch slightly with sensitive movements that quickly subside and give in to satisfying my desire for you. You moan at my ear as we hold each other, tightly, our hips driving further into one another as if trying to become one. Your gasps start slowly, and I can hear your moan begin in the back of your throat, your fingers tighten, your hips quicken their pace until I can no longer keep up, my legs fall completely open, letting you fuck me. I hold you tighter as you lose control of your voice, your head so swollen inside of me, I can feel as you release, stopping almost, then moving even slower, my inner walls sucking you in once more, my legs wrap around you. Our bodies feel weak, and do not want to move in this moment of rest.

We pant against each other, not moving, not speaking, remembering that we have breath as you collapse on top of me, kissing my throat softly with what strength you have left. My arms hanging loosely about you, I kiss the your forehead, moist with sweat, whisper that I love you. I wonder if you truly hear these words.

But I wake from my fantasy, my hands both drenched in my juices, my skin perspiring, my eyes watering. You are not there with me, my bed empty, lonely from your absence, knowing you will never be there again. No amount of tears I cry, or lovers I may have will ever bring this feeling back. I cling to your shirt, force myself to sleep where my dreams of you plaque me still. I will never say good bye to you, and never feel what once was an infinite moment again.

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