From Tyro to Lothario Pt. 01

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The pounding of Michael’s heart in his chest matched the throbbing of his cock which was threatening to burst through his fly. He could sense that at last he was about to score as he felt Allie’s resistance starting to crumble. Voraciously he sucked her nipples which had trebled in size from match heads to hard bullets. Her breathing was becoming ragged. Her fingers which had stopped his hand progressing further under her short skirt and up her smooth hairless legs had begun to move aside, allowing Michael to slide the edge of his hand into the gap between her thighs. An inch or two more and he’d be able to actually touch the gusset of her panties. His more successful friends had assured him that if he could get a finger inside a girl’s pants to tease her clit, he’d be home and hosed.

This was the first party that he and Allie had attended together. It had been organised by one of her fellow netball players, Claudia. Both were members of their private Melbourne girls’ school top netball team. Claudia’s parents were away for the weekend, giving her the opportunity to invite some of her playing colleagues and their male friends. All except Michael, who was half way through his first year at university, were school students in their final year, the majority facing university entrance exams in a few months’ time.

Stretching out his finger he could just reach the smooth feel of the silk covering her mound. Suddenly he could sense a change of mood. Her hand returned to stay any further advance. In spite of his excitement even Michael was now conscious of the cause of the distraction. Before Allie began speaking his cock was withering along with his previously high hopes.

As they listened, the rhythmic thumping of bedsprings through the wall beside the bed they were lying on became increasingly intrusive, with steadily louder cries of “yes, yes ,oh my god, harder!”. A few seconds later a boy’s voice shouted “fuck, I’m coming!!”

Allie sat up abruptly. “I want to go home, “she said in a defiant but clearly upset tone, as she restored her bra to its natural position, and refastened the buttons of her blouse. What a bugger, thought Michael, for this to happen just when I was so nearly there.

“I’m sorry, “she said, “this scene isn’t for me. I’ll get an Uber home.”

Doing his best to hide his disappointment, Michael realised he had to respond sympathetically, “Don’t be silly.” he said. “I’ll walk you home. It’s only 20 minutes or so, and I enjoy your company.” Walking out through the living room they couldn’t help but see in the dim lighting a couple lying on the sofa, both naked below the waist. The sound of slapping flesh and the girl’s panting confirmed in Michael’s mind that they were enjoyably engaged in making the two backed beast.

Once in the cool night air Michael put his arm around her in an attempt to alleviate her obvious distress. They walked quietly for a while. He sensed that she was trying to find the words to explain her abrupt change of mood.

“I know you must think I’m stupid, but hearing Claudia next door having sex with Bill was the last straw. She thinks he’s a dickhead so I can’t understand why she wants to do that with him. And I just felt the others were behaving like farmyard animals, rutting away. Surely there has to be more to a relationship than that!”

Her words made Michael reflect on their own relationship. He pulled her against his side sympathetically. Perhaps he had given her the impression he was more interested in sex rather than the pleasure of her company. In reality what had really attracted him, apart from her attractive smile and athletic figure, was the way she would engage in combative discussions on serious issues, rather than empty talk of celebrities or school-girl gossip. She had obviously had an upbringing similar to Michael himself and his younger sister, Kate. Their parents had insisted that the family all eat together without interruption from the TV or mobiles and expected both to be able to contribute a reasoned discussion of issues of the day. Because of Allie’s good looks he had thought her out of his league, but to his surprise she really seemed to enjoy their verbal sparring and, indeed, his company.

Michael had been out with Allie three times previously, twice to films, and once a pizza restaurant. Allie’s mother, who was originally from England, but now worked as a professor at the local law school, had tactfully disappeared off each time to her study when they returned home, allowing them to make out for half an hour or so in the living room. When she felt time was up she would return noisily, pointing out to Allie the importance of consistent studying for the forthcoming university entrance exams. Michael had yet to meet Allie’s father who was currently away on some ill-defined military project in Afghanistan, and was not expected back for another month or two.

Stopping in the patch of darkness under a large silver gum, he kissed casino siteleri her tenderly. “You don’t have to apologise,'” he said, “it certainly was a bit crude”.

Clinging tightly to him, Allie seemed a little more settled. “Thanks for understanding,” she whispered in his ear. She took a deep breath, and then sighed, murmuring, “The irony is that I was really enjoying the way you were touching me.” Michael felt his body start to respond, but knew it wasn’t the time to try anything further.

In reality, while Michael felt progress was frustratingly slow, he had to acknowledge that Allie had allowed steadily more access to her small high boobs, and was starting to respond quite aggressively in their french kissing sessions. Giving her a final kiss at her family’s front door and agreeing that they would do something together next weekend, he found himself walking to his home in the adjoining suburb in a better mood than he expected – perhaps the evening hadn’t been a complete disaster, after all. He would try to sound out his sister Kate. She was his primary source of information on the mysterious ways of teenage girls. While she had a sharp tongue at times, they had a very companionable relationship, helped by the fact that they shared the top floor of their family’s inner city townhouse, with each having a bedroom on either side of the shared bathroom. Their parents seldom came up to the top floor, giving them a real sense of privacy.

When the family moved in five years ago Michael had inherited his parents’ old double bed. Kate was a serious student who regularly studied late. To relax she would often join him for a pre-bedtime chat, sitting leaning back on the headboard beside him shoulder to shoulder with her legs stretched out on the counterpane. When he had complained to her of his lack of success with girls before the advent of Allie she had suggested that perhaps the problem was that he was only attracted to the intelligent ones who were often a bit picky and didn’t have the same confidence in dealing with boys that the more popular and frivolous girls developed more quickly. Michael couldn’t help wondering if she put herself in that category, but when he made the suggestion she responded, “No, I don’t think that’s fair, I have my eye on someone but he’s not available at present.”

“Do tell?” he asked, but she had just smiled he added, “perhaps you should let him know you’re interested – according to those celebrity magazines they’re all having affairs or swapping partners.”

He was pleased that she gave guarded approval to Allie, who was at the same school, but a year ahead. “I think she’s a bit of a loner, but usually quite friendly. Half the year 12 girls are constantly stressed and bad tempered. And there are quite a number of rich cliquey girls who spend most of their time criticising everyone else, particularly girls in my year, so you could have done a lot worse.”

Three days after Claudia’s party he was walking back through the local park after his early morning tennis lesson when he saw Allie’s mother on her regular morning run. She came over to greet him, then to his surprise said, “Hello, Michael, I was hoping to catch you. I have a job that needs a strong male, so I wondered if you could help?”

Feeling he could scarcely say no, he agreed to come over about 10:30, since he didn’t have any classes until the afternoon. On arrival he noted that she had changed from her running gear to a blouse and skirt. There was a clear family likeness between Allie and her mother though Allie was taller and slimmer. Her mother’s shape was more curvy but it was clear that she had avoided any suggestion of middle-aged spread through regular running. He greeted her as ‘Prof’, the mode of address she had earlier suggested, and was asked to sit down beside her on the living room sofa. After a momentary pause, she put her hand on his.

“I’m afraid Michael, I got you here under false pretences. Actually I wanted a word with you about Allie. I know she returned the other night rather upset, but she wouldn’t say anything about it. I must say I was disappointed, as I can sense that she really likes you.”

Michael was nonplussed. Clearly she was expecting a response but he didn’t feel it was his business to explain Allie’s distress. In truth he was a little intimidated, as his friends in the law school had told him that she had a reputation as a ball-breaker who treated poorly prepared students with disdain. In addition, her educated English accent made her sound somewhat aloof. Realising that he was conflicted, Prof continued, “Look, I may sound like a helicopter parent, but this is a very important year for Allie, and I don’t want her distracted. I had more than my fair share of demoralising early sexual experiences as a uni student, generally with partners with no experience. I can tell you that Allie’s on the pill so pregnancy isn’t a problem, but it worries me that the first boy canlı casino she’s been attracted to has so little sexual experience.”

Michael continued to listen in stunned silence. “Look,” she said, “I think the best thing is to reconstruct what happened, so it won’t be a problem next time. Okay?”

He wanted to point out that his relationship with Allie wasn’t equivalent to a football match to be analysed and reviewed, but before he could get the words together she turned towards him, and kissed him firmly on the lips. Her hands held both sides of his head, preventing him trying to avoid the contact. Her breasts were pressing against his chest. Her kiss was far from repulsive – indeed, warm and pleasurable came to his mind. In spite of his mixed feelings he found his cock swelling with interest. Sensing his response she took his right hand and pressed it against her breast.

“Come on,” she said with a touch of impatience, “I’m sure you did more than just kiss.” He realised that she thought it was his inexperience that had unsettled Allie, but it was too late for a rational discussion as without thinking he slid a hand under her blouse and enjoyed feeling the weight of her right breast in the cusp of his hand. As he had done with Allie he grasped the base of her bra and lifted it outwards, up and over her breasts, leaving them free. Cupping her newly freed right breast he found that it was appreciably heavier and fuller than Allie’s. It gave him a thrill to note that he could feel her nipples hardening and extending as he scraped them with his fingernails.

“Unclip my bra at the back and undo the buttons on my blouse,” she ordered. “That makes it much more comfortable,” He hastened to comply, then sucked both nipples in turn.

“Good, now nip them with your teeth or pull them with your fingers. Many women enjoy men biting the side of their necks, or even their breasts,” she added as if still in lecture mode. “There’s a hot line from their nipples to their cunt, so you need to pay attention to how they react to your touch.”

Meanwhile she slipped her hands under his shirt, pushing it up so her bare breasts were rubbing against his chest. “I’m sure you didn’t stop there, so keep going.”

At Claudia’s party he had tried to slide his hand down Allie’s flat stomach under the elastic of her panties but that had proved both awkward and unsuccessful. Recalling that the approach under Allie’s skirt had worked better, he put his right hand between Prof’s knees and tried to slide upwards.

“This is where you need to listen to your partner’s response,” she instructed. “If she’s virgin you need to reassure her she still has control. Tell her you just want to touch her and promise to stop the instant she asks you to.”

Using her phraseology virtually word for word he slid his hand up her skirt between her thighs, continuing to reassure her as she had directed. He couldn’t help but notice that while she might see it as just a training exercise, he could feel her body responding to his touch. As he bit the side of her neck and pulled her nipples he was conscious that her breathing was sounding almost breathless, “Yes!” she muttered, That’s good!”

Her knees spread apart, and before he knew it, his fingers were touching the crotch of her panties, which was damp. He could smell a different scent, which he assumed had to be the smell of female arousal.. “Great, now scratch the area around my clit,” she ordered, squirming with pleasure as her hand moved his finger to the critical spot. “That’s it,” she gasped in a strangled breath as her hips started lifting towards his finger. Not waiting for further instruction he slid a finger under the edge of her panties, feeling her gasp as his fingers stroked the little numb of her clit.

Her right hand rubbed the front of his pants. “Let me feel your cock,” she demanded. He immediately pulled his trousers down, allowing her to wrap her fingers around his hard cock. Lifting her hips she ordered him to drag her knickers off. Any pretence of reluctance was gone. Michael could tell that she was almost as aroused as he himself. She was now lying back along the sofa. With one foot on the floor and the other along the back of the sofa, he had an unimpeded view of her sex. Her bush was thick and brown, and he could see drops of moisture on the red lips of her vulva. “Don’t just look, slide your cock up and down the lips of my twat!” she instructed. Such dirty talk aroused Michael’s cock to a hardness he’d never before experienced. Her hips pushed upwards. Taking his cock firmly in her hand she guided him towards her vulva. “Let’s get this in my twat,” she insisted, using her hand to pull his cock in as she lifted her hips.

Michael could scarcely believe how his whole being was focused on the intense delight of feeling his cock welcoming by the embrace of a tight but slippery pussy. “Fuck me with your hard cock!” he heard Prof hiss in his ear. “Fuck me hard!’ He could kaçak casino feel her legs behind his backside pulling them together. His hips needed no further encouragement as he thrust forward frantically. The sensation was almost indescribable. All his senses seem focussed on the pleasure of his throbbing cock. After half a dozen thrusts he felt his balls gathering up and responding irresistibly. With a cry he shot the biggest load of his life deep in Prof’s welcoming cunt. His first screw had lasted barely half a minute.

“I’m so sorry” he said feeling incredibly humiliated with his premature ejaculation. Prof stroked his cheek gently. “Don’t worry, I’d have been surprised if you didn’t come almost immediately with your first fuck. I’m sure it won’t take long for Willie here to recuperate for round two, “she said, as she stroked his deflating penis.

“Take your clothes off and come with me,” she ordered, dropping her skirt and blouse on the floor. Once he too was naked, she took his penis in her hand and led him to her bedroom, where she threw himself backwards onto the bed, spreading her legs invitingly.

“Lick me while Willie recovers.” For the first time Michael could observe a woman’s cunt in detail. He had watched enough porn to know the basics. Licking the nub of Prof’s clit, Michael was guided by her scarcely verbal instructions “Yes, just there, suck it gently, good, good that’s right,’ gave him confidence he was doing the right thing. “Put a couple of fingers in my twat and curl them upwards. You should feel a firm pad of flesh. Stroke and press it – that’s my G-spot”. Following her instructions he soon had Prof lifting her hips in pleasure, muttering, “yes… yes that’s right.”

As her passion grew he found her hands pulling his head so firmly against her vulva that he could scarcely breathe. Her hips bucked wildly against his face, then suddenly stopped. He could feel her cunt making a series of strong contractions around his fingers then forcing out a burst of cum. “God, that’s good,” she sighed. “Come up and kiss me.” She thrust her tongue deep in his mouth then reached down to take hold of his eager cock. “I think Willie’s ready for round two, don’t you,” she whispered, guiding his cock into her hot and slippery hole.

This time they soon established a rhythm of give and take as Willie enjoyed the new experience. After a few minutes, Michael’s gasps indicated ejaculation was near. Pulling him deeper with her heels behind his backside she urged him on. “Cum for me, fill me with your spunk!’ she urged, digging her fingernails into his shoulders. His cock pulsed convulsively half a dozen times, leaving him feeling as if he completed an exhausting 400 metre run.

They lay together companionably. “How about another session next week? Same time?” she said quietly. He nodded his consent. Half speaking to herself, she mused, “I didn’t realise how much I was missing a hard cock in my twat. There are plenty of colleagues who have made it clear that while Sam is away, they’d be interested in a casual fuck, but I’ve seen the problems that shitting in one’s own nest can cause.”

Michael forebore from pointing out that it was difficult to see that fucking your daughter’s boyfriend was any different. It had been one of the best experiences of his life.

“Thinking about Allie, how about you come over for lunch on Saturday? I’ve got to finalise an article in the afternoon, so after lunch you’ll have some time with Allie. I’ll suggest it to her. Now, I’ve got a class this arvo to prepare for, so it’s time to go.”

When Allie phoned to suggest Saturday lunch, Michael feigned surprise but accepted willingly. Prof had prepared a tasty quiche and salad. She insisted that he sit at the end of the table with her and Allie on either side. Conversation flowed freely but Michael was at times distracted by the feel of Prof’s foot caressing his leg, particularly when it reached towards his groin. At the end of the meal he stood, offering to help clear away, but Prof forestalled him.

“Allie, you clear away and make coffee. I want to show Michael something.”She led him to her study, taking the opportunity to rub her hand across his cock as soon as they were out of Allie’s sight. Shutting and locking her study door she seized his right hand and slid it under her skirt until it reached her mound. His cock leapt with excitement as his fingers felt her naked labia. Sitting on the edge of her desk, Prof lifted her skirt showing him her wet cunt, spreading the pink lips of her labia in invitation. “We’ve got about 5 minutes, so get Willie in here and fuck me hard!” she demanded.

Pounding away, it did not take long before he ejaculated, with Prof coming a few seconds later.

“Tell Allie I showed you some family photos,” she suggested, pointing to the album on the side of her desk, while she started to gather her working papers together. . Returning to the dining room, he found Allie, thankfully, was totally unaware of her mother’s activities with him. After a cup of coffee Prof left for the university, giving Micheal a wink behind Allie’s back as she waved goodbye. She mouthed something him which he took to be “Good Luck!”

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