Fly United Ch. 03

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The girls think of more debauchery and games in Las Vegas. Not that the guys are complaining…

Janice awoke to find Hunter studying her body. She watched his gaze move up and down. When he saw she was awake he apologized. “Sorry. I just like how you are put together.”

“Um, thanks?”

Fingers danced over her skin.

“Uh, Hunter, after last night I need a shower or something. I feel gross.”

“Me too. Mind if I join you?”

She laughed “I expect nothing less.”

In the bathroom she pointed “I like that tub. Maybe we’ll take a bath instead. What do you say?”

“Fine with me, but I’m not sure how it will work.”

“Lori and I did it once. We were drunk and the tub was smaller so we sloshed out half the water. It’s a good thing we were on the first floor or we might have flooded out a room below. This one is bigger and nicer. We’ll figure out how to do it.”

She filled the tub halfway and they stepped in and sat facing each other.

“Okay, Janice. Now what?”

“We sort of scootched up until our pussies met and rubbed them together. It got rather…vigorous. We played with each other’s tits and kissed.” She laughed “Of course, you don’t have a pussy, so we’ll have to improvise.” They bent their legs and moved their bodies closer.

“Let’s make sure you’ll fit. I think you need to be really hard.” She grasped him and stroked, rubbing her thumb over the head.

“I’m hard already, although I like what you’re doing.”

“Me too. I like how I can make a guy hard. Here, I’ll aim you and we’ll try to get even closer.”

He laughed as they wiggled closer and his penis touched her entrance.

“This is fun,” he said

With more wiggling they got him inside about halfway.

“I have an idea. Let’s try to relax and lean back. Maybe that will help.”

They leaned back and wiggled while laughing until he was fully sheathed. Janice suggested they try hooking their legs behind each other and slowly sitting up. Her chest nearly touched his and their arms easily went around the neck or back of the other.

“Now, hang on and let’s see if we can make something happen.”

They laughed as they tried different moves, water sloshing in the tub, but found several moves that worked. She closed her eyes and concentrated on feeling him inside. He watched her breasts. When he had enough confidence he and Janice could keep the closeness he removed a hand from her back and caressed a breast, rubbing a thumb over a nipple. She increased her hip movements and he found a way to thrust without coming out.

It was a pleasant experience to move in the warm water, and they set an easy rhythm. Hunter felt himself tighten in preparation for ejaculation and she arched and ground against him. He exploded and kept thrusting until he was empty and exhausted. She continued to grind against him and, once he didn’t worry about coming, moved his hips to keep them grinding. Her hips moved faster and her arms around his neck pulled him tight to her. He got a hand up between them to massage a breast.

Janice gasped several times and ground extra hard until she felt the wave pass over her. She pulled his head for a kiss and continued to grind until her spasms subsided and they both leaned back against the tub walls, breathing hard.

He laughed “Well…that…worked…after…all.”

“Yeah. And now we can wash each other. And go get breakfast. I’m starving.”

Clark and Lori awoke and kissed, and he was thrilled when her tongue practically went down his throat.

“Mmm, that tongue is wonderful. I would be in heaven just to have you lick me all over.”

“So, you want a bj with lots of tongue?”

“It could even be all tongue.”

She screwed up her face for a moment. “Okay, I’ll do that for you. All tongue.”

He sat up. “You will?”

“IF you do me first. Just your tongue. Okay you can use your lips too. I think lips feel good when done right. And I’ll let you do hands on my tits. But ONLY on my tits. No pussy.”

Clark considered for a moment. “You’re on. Let’s do it.”

She drew her legs up and opened them, but he ignored the invitation. He kissed her and covered her breasts with his hands, moving them in slow circles. He sucked hard on a puffy nipple and his hand almost went down between her legs, but he stopped before she could warn him off. For several minutes he made use of hands and mouth on her tiny breasts. He massaged, kissed, licked and sucked. When her eyes closed and she got a dreamy look on her face he left a hand on her chest while he licked down to her bare vulva. It fascinated him, and he explored the surface with his tongue, pleased when inner labia engorged and poked out.

Clark shoved his tongue between the lips and used the flat of his tongue to massage each of the lips, savoring the wetness that coated his tongue. Tentatively he slid his tongue up higher and under the hood, briefly touching the head of her clit. She gasped and arched for a moment.

He sucked on the labia, inner and outer. When he worked his tongue into her it almost seemed to him that istanbul escort her vagina opened for him. Clark had an idea and fastened his lips around her vaginal entrance, sucking hard. She squealed and kicked her legs. In rapid succession he moved from sucking on her hood to sucking her vagina to sucking her labia. While he sucked his tongue was active, teasing and massaging

Lori rolled around on the bed and he held on to keep her hips to keep everything within reach. He thought about the hand on her chest, and began to rub in circles once again, gently squeezing and rubbing. She arched against him and when he gave a particularly hard suck on her vaginal entrance he felt extra wetness; she began to pulse. She writhed and shoved his head harder against her until she finished.

He disengaged and laid his head on her thigh. With a tug on his hair she pulled him up for a kiss. “I want to taste me. I love a girl taste.” She embraced him until her breathing returned to normal.

“Okay. A deal’s a deal. You gave me what I wanted, although I had doubts you could, and now I’ll give you what you want – a good tongue lashing.”

She licked his nipples and he was surprised she started there. Slowly she licked down his body to his legs, down the outside of a leg and up the inside. At the crotch she tongued his sac, and he felt her tongue wrap around it. While it felt almost like it was in her mouth he could see it wasn’t.

Lori looked up at him with a smile as she flicked out her long tongue and demonstrated the tricks she could do with it. She curled it into a tube and held him cradled in the curl before moving her tongue in and out of her mouth to stroke him. She opened her mouth and took him it, although she kept her mouth open for him to see her tongue swirling and stroking.

She turned her head sideways for her tongue to wrap nearly all the way around him, and when she lifted and dropped her head she stroked him with it. Periodically she stopped to give him long, slow licks on all sides.

Once more her tongue wrapped around him and stroked. He gasped and she smiled as she felt him tighten. She stroked faster until he erupted in a fountain. The first spurts went straight up and came down on her face. As he slowed it ran down over her tongue and she paused to retract her tongue into her mouth and swallow before continuing to massage until he was finished. She took him into her mouth and sucked him dry.

“How was that?”

“Hot Damn! Holy shit.”

“I take that to mean you liked it.”

“You bet your ass I did.”

“You want to do my ass, Clark? You want to lick and suck it?”

“Uhh, no. I’ll pass for now.”

“Some guys like it. Some girls, too.”

“Maybe someday, just not today.”

Arnold and Kendra spent part of the morning kissing various body parts and generally having fun. Kendra at last said “I like this, but I’m hungry for something to eat. I need a shower first, want to join me?”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

“We’ll see about that.”

In the shower they used soapy hands to wash each other thoroughly. It was hard not to spend time washing certain parts and so they stood, his erection in her hand, and his finger thrust into her.

“I guess this is where we see about the pleasure.”

She turned around and bent over for him to slide in and he observed “I like this position because your tits hang down and are extra fun to play with.”

“I like it because I can feel you rubbing on a certain sensitive place.”

They began a rhythm. At first Arnold held both her hips with his hands, but freed one to caress a dangling breast and pinch a nipple. She reached under to massage her clit, but he used his other hand to push her away and take over. She tried to reach under and hold his sac, but had to use both hands to brace herself on the side of the shower. He slammed harder and she grunted with each thrust. He used a finger over her clit and rubbed in circles. Kendra clenched her legs together to increase pressure and he exploded into her. With continued thrusting as he died away she came, gasping and grunting. Her legs got weak and he grabbed her hips to hold her up.

“Fuck, Arnold, that was good. I don’t do it like that often enough.”

“I like to hold your tits in this position. They are so soft.”

When Rob awoke he found Gayle propped on an elbow beside him. “Good morning, sleepyhead.”

“Was I out long? I guess I had too much to drink last night.”

“Do you remember what I told you right after we finished last night?”

“Something about a special thing?”

“Yeah. I need something.” She reached over to stroke him to hardness. “I’ve had some good fucks here in Vegas, but there is a special one I’m craving. I don’t know why, but sometimes I just feel a need.”

“Shit, I thought everyone has experienced everything sometime or another since we’ve been here.”

“Nope. Missed one. I hope we’re gonna remedy that right now.”

Gayle got up on her knees and elbows and then lowered her upper body. avcılar escort “I want an ass fuck, Rob.”

“Not my favorite thing.”

“But you’ll do it for me, because…well, just because.”

“Got any lube?”

“I’m way ahead of you. It’s right here on the bed next to me.”

Rob slathered lube on his penis and all around her anus, pushing an extra blob inside.

“You sure you like this? It seems…harsh or something.”

“I like it sometimes. This is one of those times. Proceed.”

He rubbed his erection in the lube between her ass cheeks and lined up to enter. With a small push he got the head in.

“Go slow, Rob. I’ve got to get used to you being in there.”

He nodded and pushed in a half inch more, pausing until she gave a slight head nod. Another half inch in and another pause. Gradually he entered. Once he was more than halfway in the pace became faster. When he was fully in he rested on her back until she gave further instructions.

“Okay, Rob. Go slow at first. I’ll let you know when to pick it up”

He began slow thrusting – almost out to all the way in. Hip movements were her signal to go faster and harder until his body slammed against hers. She reached under for her clit and he reached for a large dangling breast. While Rob had never particularly enjoyed ass fucks he had to admit they were tight. Gayle increased her movement and Rob slammed harder. She worked furiously on her clit and he groped a large pendant breast.

She came and he could feel her vaginal pulses even in the anus. He came in great gobs in her, and continued to pump until he was finished. Gayle collapsed on the bed with Rob on her back, still inside.

Eventually they rolled apart. She held his face and kissed him. “That was great. It was just what I wanted. Thanks.”

“God, I need a shower.”

“Me, too, or I’ll have come running out of my ass and down my leg. I am in serious need of food, too.”

The group spent the day visiting tourist spots and trying their luck with the slots at the various casinos. Lori had some luck at Paris casino and danced out with an extra fifty-two dollars. Rob grumbled “It’s like throwing money down a hole,” and Lori stuck her tongue out at him.

They explored Treasure Island and the girls left the guys to go shopping for some ‘special things,’ while the men continued their casino crawl.

After dinner at Planet Hollywood they gathered outside the restaurant. The girls, shopping bags firmly in hand, discouraged the guys from another round of nightclubbing. “You don’t need to go anywhere. We have our own nightclub entertainment.” Kendra said mysteriously, holding up a shopping bag.

With a shrug of their shoulders the four men tagged along behind the four women who almost skipped down the sidewalk, exchanging glances and giggling.

Once again they all gathered in Gayle and Arnold’s room and the girls started pulling bags and boxes out of their shopping bags, piling items on the bed.

Gayle stood in the middle of the room. “We said we had nightclub entertainment and we meant it.”

Hunter pointed to the bags and boxes. “Ya got any showgirls in there?”

Gayle laughed “How did you guess? We not only have showgirls but something for the ladies enjoyment as well. We also have a game or two in mind.”

Clark frowned. “I don’t know what you have in there, but it better be good.”

“Oh, it is, Clarkie. For the first part of the entertainment we need you guys to go next door and wait until we tell you to come in. I think you’ll agree the wait was worth it.”

The four men went into the adjacent room, where there was a stockpile of libations. Rob looked over the array, picking up a bottle here and there. “How did they get this stuff in here without us knowing?”

“I don’t give a shit how, but it’s here and I, for one, am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.”

With ice tinkling in glasses filled with bourbon or scotch they turned on the tube to see what was interesting, but were interrupted and called back to the other room.

Inside, the room was dim and a voice from inside the bathroom told them to sit in the chairs arranged side by side in the spacious room. When they were seated the lights came on and the four girls came out in showgirl attire – sequin covered jackets over some sparkling something or other, long beads and feather boas wrapped around their necks, wearing high heels and fishnet stockings. Janice set her phone by a Bluetooth speaker and called up some music to dance and strip by. The girls danced around the guys and soon shed the jackets to reveal sparkly costumes consisting of not much more than a thong so small as to be almost invisible, sparkly fabric strips held together somehow and lots of bling around their necks and bare breasts. They danced and the guys watched breasts bounce. Each girl went up to each guy and rubbed her breasts across the men’s faces. They did some high kicks.

Each girl sat astride a guy, straddling his lap, wiggling in an impromptu lap dance, and shaking their breasts. şirinevler escort They got up and wrapped the boas around the guy’s necks. Arnold reached up for a breast but was met with a hand slap and shake of the head.

With a final move of facing away from the men they bent over to expose their butt cheeks. The music ended and they stood to face the guys. “How was that?” Kendra asked, breathless from her dance.

Hunter said “That was hot.”

Gayle asked “Are you aroused yet?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Good, because now it’s time for part two. We gave you a show, now it’s your turn.”

Lori laughed at the blank expressions. “We got something for you. Gayle is putting it in the other room now. We’ll wait here and you go into the other room and get into your costumes. When you do, I bet you’ll know what we expect.”

“We need refills, anyway.”

In the other room there were four boxes with their names on them. Rob opened his and laughed out loud. “Of course! It really is our turn, gentlemen. Let’s put this stuff on and give them a show.”

Arnold gasped when he opened his box. “They want us to…to…”

“Do a Chippendales routine! Don’t be such a wimp, Arnold. Have fun with it. Let’s see what we have.”

They sorted out the items and figured out what went where.

Hunter looked at himself in the mirror. “This is weird. Do these shirts rip off?”

“I think that’s the idea. Pants, too. Ready?”

When Rob announced through the door that they were ready Gayle turned out the lights so they could make their entrance onto the ‘stage.’ When the men were in place she flipped on the lights and the girls, sitting in the chairs, dissolved in laughter. Kendra said “Oh, I’m SO looking forward to this. Don’t look so scared, Clark. Have fun with it.”

Janice put music on again and the guys tried to get in a line and do something together. They swayed and thrust their hips suggestively, to appreciative clapping. They danced, sort of, and began to take off their shirts. Hands reached out and tore them off, leaving white cuffs on their wrists. They danced close to the girls and retreated. When they got near again, hands reached out to rip off the pants, leaving them wearing what amounted to fancy jockstraps. The girls, still in costume, got up to dance with them and bodies rubbed together erotically.

The girls sat down each one in front of a guy. Gayle reached out and pulled Hunter’s jockstrap aside. “Come on, guys, you can do better than this! Do we have to get involved here?”

Each girl pulled aside the jockstrap in front of them, and four semi-hard erections sprang forth. The girls laughed and rubbed bare breasts on the shafts, hardening them more. Lori leaned over and took Arnold into her mouth, and he instantly became completely hard.

“Oh, so you need some encouragement?” Gayle licked Hunter. The others licked and stroked. Clark panted “Are we gonna fuck yet?”

Gayle shook her head. “We have a game to play yet.”

Kendra said “We had a game in mind where you get blindfolded and try to identify us by feel.”

Janice added “But realized that would be WAY too easy since our tits are distinctive and so are our pussies.”

Gayle said “So, we figured it would be more challenging for us to identify you guys by your cocks. We thought our dancing and your performing would get you excited, and we definitely want you excited. Nice and hard. I think we’re almost there, but I bet you’ll harden up soon enough.”

Lori walked down the line of guys with her hand out to brush against each penis. “Here’s how it works. We will take turns being blindfolded and have to identify you just by touching your rods. Do ya think that’ll be fun?”

The four men exchanged glances. Rob shrugged and said “Why not?”

“Goody! We just need to decide the order we go in. Give us a minute.”

Clark poked Rob in the ribs. “Bet Janice can identify you. You two have been together for a while.”

“I guess we’re about to find out.”

Lori produced a black night sleep mask and put it on. “Looks like I’m first. I’m told there will be only three of you so I can’t use elimination.”

Rob moved to the side of the bed and the others changed position and waited. Lori started with Clark. “Hmm. Nice. Just a bit of a bend in it. I’m going to guess…Arnold. Okay next…ooh, seems a bit thicker. I like this one. I’m going to guess…Hunter. Now comes…wow, this is hard.” A roar of laughter followed that. “Of course what I have in my hand is hard, but the task is hard is what I mean…I never noticed subtle differences before…I think this is Rob. Definitely Rob. How’d I do?”

She took off the mask. “Shit. Looks like I only got Hunter. This is more challenging than I thought it would be.”

Janice put on the mask and Rob joined the group while Arnold dropped out. “Here goes. Number one is…Clark? Number two is…ooh I think this is Rob. I know what his feels like. I think.”

The group laughed and she continued. “Number three is…Arnold.”

She took off the mask and scowled. “I thought I nailed it. Sorry, Arnold.”

Kendra adjusted the mask and the men changed position with Arnold in and Rob out once again. “Okey dokey, here goes…I like this one. I think it’s…Rob. Number two is…Clark. Definitely Clark. Now to number three…ooh, this one likes to be touched. I think we have a drop of something. It must be…Arnold.”

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