Fix Me!

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Starting to wonder what was left to do, Mimi continued to look around the room. She had tried to tidy up as best she could in the short time she had knowing that he would be here soon. Now he, of course referred to the cable repairman she had called. It was the only way she could get her work done from home and her new novel had to be finished that week. Figures that the internet would go out right before she needed to meet a deadline.

The phone rings and Mimi runs to answer it. A strong male voice comes through the phone and mentions that he is from the internet company and will be around to her house in about 5 minutes. Hanging up Mimi again checks to make sure there are no wine glasses still scattered about, she liked to have a glass to relax before bed but often left them laying about. All clear, she sighs and then the doorbell rings. She isn’t sure why but she felt like this particular day was going to be different then most.

Answering the door she first asks who it is out of habit. The same strong male voice from the phone comes back through the door and she slowly opens the door. As it opens it reveals a magnificent man standing on her welcome mat. Her eyes roam from his feet to his calves, then to his inner thighs and up to his waist, his work clothes are kinda dirty but tight enough to show off the right muscles. Mimi grins at that thought as her tongue runs around her lips moistening them as she greets the man finally.

Telling him to please come in she checks out his ass as he walks by her. Damn that is a fine looking man, she can’t decide if she is horny or just plain deprived because this man is technically just fixing her Internet. Either way she moves toward her main internet connection to show him where it is. Explaining that she really had to get her novel finished before the deadline or the editor would have her head.

“I understand and will do my best to get your internet back up quickly, ma’am” he says with a chuckle.

“Thank you so much, it’s great to have you here so quickly” she says averting her eyes around the house again checking for some sign that she is slightly untidy while writing.

He sets to work and fiddles with a few of the wires, connections and asks about how they get into the house. Mimi opens up her back patio door and points outside to the side of the house. He promptly exits the door to take a look.

Mimi busies herself by making a cup of tea while the man works. She hears the door open and close a few more times then his voice startles her.

“Ma’am I think I figured it out! Could you please test out the internet for me?” His hand moving toward the computer room he had been in.

“Of course, give me a minute to finish my tea and please call me Mimi.” She looks at him a minute as she stirs the tea on the counter. Their eyes meet and he smiles. He has laugh lines that come to the corner of his eyes and dimples that could pierce a girls heart if she stared long enough. It was scary that a man could take something as simple as a smile and make it become intimate or seductive even.

Looking back to her tea as it slops over the edge of the cup. Chuckling she grabs the paper towel to sop it up. Throws it out and again moves toward him with a polite inquiry if he would like some tea. He shakes his head as she moves past him into the den where the computer is. They both try to move to the chair sitting askew in front of the desk. They collide and she falls back. His arm quickly reaches out to catch her, pulling her back against him with a thud as their bodies are thrown together. Her breath now gone from her chest as the repair man holds her upright. Simple words are not reaching her so all she does is nod when he asks if she is okay. Apologizing profusely!

All she can do is stare up at him perplexed with what she could only guess were wide eyes. Clearing her throat she regains her composure, pushing away gently then fixing kadıköy escort her tousled clothes. Looking back up at him she sees that he seems to be taken with her as much as she is with him. Wishing she could read what he was thinking right now, knowing that her thoughts were probably worse.

He was looking at her, no staring at her and he couldn’t stop himself. The woman was as plain as anything. Hair pulled back in a ponytail, face had a light dusting of makeup on her eyes, almost like it was there the day before and hadn’t been removed. But there was something about her that was so sexy. The way her hair was long enough for him to tug on? Or maybe it was the fact that she didn’t go out of her way to impress him, yet seemed completely enthralled with him.

The way the jogging pants clung to her pelvic bone and shaped around her tight ass or the way the shirt was low cut and when she bent over he got a glimpse of her breasts as they fell into her bra. The lace of the bra barely visible but at the edge to tease him. He had to stop, his cock was growing fast and furious. It might just bust out if he didn’t divert his attention to something other then the brunette that was standing directly in front of him. Reaching out and pulling her to him again was not an option.

Suddenly there was an awkward silence. A pause as to what to say next was happening then they both chuckled aware of the awkward but unable to change it. Mimi looks to the door and walks toward it as she asks over her shoulder, “Are you finished out there? May I lock this door now?”

He moves towards the door as he says, “Oh yes I am done! I am sorry let me do that for you.”

His hand gets to the lock just as hers does, their hands brush against each other as you hear them both intake a sharp breath of air. The attraction between them was obvious, they were staying with their hands holding onto the door one over the other. She looks slightly behind and back at him as he stands with his arm out stretched to reach the door from back there. She smiles up at him and he smiles down at her. She hadn’t actually realized that he is a whole foot or more taller then her before that moment. She wiggles her hand to try to break free of his but he grips onto hers a little. Not much pressure but enough to say no stay just like this. She again looks up at him her eyes meeting his as their looks mirror each other. Their attraction again obvious with the cloudy lust in their eyes.

Her thoughts drift to a fantasy of the two of them. He would grab her, bring her close to him and kiss her so passionately she would be left with stars floating around her head. Then as they kissed his hands would be roaming over her, rubbing her back then down to her ass squeezing and kneading it. The passion between them increasing as she moans satisfaction of his hands on her. His warm hands sliding down the front of her shirt grabbing onto a tit and squeezing it. Her breathing increases as she feels the juices flow through her pussy. All of her aroused, nipples hard, tickling the palm of his hand as he squeezes her firm round mounds.

He guides her hand with his to the lock on the door, locking it. She tries to slow her breathing conscious that her little fantasy has left her panting and very aroused. As soon as the click of the lock is heard she snaps her hand out from under his then jumps back from their closeness. Attempting to regain composure, hide her stimulation from the thoughts of them together. Telling herself that he is just a repairman, this is silly. Reminding herself that once this novel is done she needs to get laid. Not made love to but laid. Bent over something and banged from behind until they both collapse from sated bliss.

Shaking her head once more she realizes that the poor man is standing there with his mouth gaped open staring at her. Mimi üsküdar escort smiles at him, goes to say thank you and realizes that no words came out. She must look like a deer would in headlights. Eyes wide, mouth just a little open, like his is. Goodness they were a sad pair. Sure that by now she must seem as though she were an idiot. She looks to him, points back to the desk on the other side of the room and moves toward it. He nods then follows to the seat that started it all. He motions to her to sit as he stands upright waiting. Her fingers glide over the keyboard as she punches in her password then a few url’s to double check that the internet is once again working.

He watches her intently as her nice long smooth fingers glide over the keys effortlessly. They know what they are doing, as he thinks to other things they would know what they were doing to as well. She turns her chair to face him. He stays still as she pushes her hands up his shirt, then one hand moves to his pants and undoes them. Her face looking up at him, one hand keeping his shirt out of the other hands way as his pants are undone falling to his ankles. Gulping, completely frozen in place he waits to see what she will do next as he watches her tongue trace her lips. Hungry for him. His attention drawn to her pretty face as she bends her head to his now exposed cock. It jetting out from his body, pants, underwear at his ankles. She opens her mouth animated like its all in slow motion, brings her mouth down to his cock from where she sits. She inserts his cock into her open mouth. Not closing around him just yet, he can feel her breath on him as she slowly closes tight around him at the base of his hard shaft. He gasps and grabs the desk from the shock of her warm wet mouth around his engorged erectness. She begins to bob up and down taking him deep into her throat each time she pushes down his length. Staying still at the very bottom of his shaft, all of him so deep in her mouth that she gags as his tip tickles her throat. The gagging allows for a sweet sensation to pass through him then when he is on the edge she comes back up to his tip. Sucking hard on it while her tongus swirls around it. Unable to help himself he maneuvers his hand to entangle in her hair. Slamming her head down over him again as his balls slap against her chin. Then easing her back up to his tip again, repeating the slamming down deep a couple times to show her the rhythm he desires her to use. She gets it and continues to do as he showed her, until he is spilling his seed deep into her throat. Her gasps for air and gagging mixed with the sounds of her swallowing him down hard.

“It seems to be working fine. I have tried a few sites that I would normally be at to double check my research and such. Thank you so much for your help.” She expresses gratitude with her tone of voice. Then realizes that he is not paying attention. He is zoned. So she takes a minute to roam her eyes over his body. His shirt is tight and black, some holes in it. Work shirt she assumes, still roaming over him she notices the shirt shows his muscles well. He has abs and pecs, with the biceps accentuating his arms just right. Trying to stay unnoticed in her search of his body she shifts her gaze to his lower half. Stopping at the protuding member in his pants. An “Oh My!” escaping her lips.

He is jarred from his thoughts as he hears her expletive “Oh My!” He looks to her face to see that she is in deed looking at his very hard and obvious prick sticking out from his pants. The bulge not easy to cover up he turns to face the other side of the room, blushing from his toes to his nose. Unable to form an apology or speak in any way, he is left with his back turned to her. Thinking of his grandmother to calm the erection. Then he hears her breathing change, looks over his shoulder to her and her hands are exploring her own body. Her nipples are showing tuzla escort through her shirt as very erect. Her finger glides over her chest, up her neck stopping at her mouth as she lays it on her lip then juts out her tongue to trace around it. He loses it. Turns back to her, snatches her out of her chair and into his arms. Carries her to the nearby couch, conveniently in the same room.

Crossing the room with Mimi in his arms, his eyes locked on hers as they get to the sofa. He gently leans forward to place her feet on the floor, she stands and he removes her shirt, her arms reach above her head to aid in the process. He is in a hurry, wanting to get at this woman he has been fixed on since she opened the door to allow him in. She is beautiful, even more so as her breasts are revealed. She didn’t have on a bra. Moaning with admiration of her as he loops his hands into her sweat pants and tugs them down to her ankles. He is surprised to find her lack of panties as well. Thinking that she was naked under those two things has his cock pulsing. She takes her hands and places them on his shoulders, roaming them over his body, following the lines of muscles. Once at the bottom of his shirt she glides under it and pulls it over his head, tossing it to the floor. Both of them panting with excitement, she kisses his chest, down to his stomach then undoes his belt and jeans button as they fall to the floor. He steps out of them then flings them to the side with his feet.

Standing there naked in front of one another they are each admiring naked bodies. They are panting and aroused. He wraps his arm behind her pulling her into him. Their nakedness collides, brushing her nipples against his light dusting of chest hair. Her strip of brown curls entangling with his short and curlies. Inhaling sharply as if gathering courage she drops slowly to her knees, gulping as she sees the length of his pulsing cock now at eye level. She uses her right hand to wrap around his shaft, then stroke it gently from base to tip a few times. He throws his head back as a guttural cry releases from his mouth.

He growls down at her as she picks up the pace of stroking his cock. Looks at her face and softly says, “I want you!”

She stops stroking, grabs each of his hips and turns him to face away from the sofa. Once his ass is in line with the seat she pushes her palm against his chest, with a gentle push he lands onto the sofa. Sitting slouched against the back of it. She then faces him and takes her finger to her mouth sucking on it and sliding it down between her legs. One leg up on the sofa beside him and one still on the floor she inserts her finger for him to see. Removing it there is a wetness all around it, glistening.

“Ohh I am wet!” She exclaims proudly as she turns herself away from him.

Knowing what is coming next he holds his erect cock upright, watching as she gently eases her wetness onto his hardness. She moans as his tip penetrates her, then cries out as he pushes deep into her. She rides his cock up and down, rotating her hips from time to time as her fingers play with her clit. He grabs her shoulders and leans her back against his chest. His eyes go forward and over her chest to see her fingers playing with herself. He gets more aroused as he fucks her, their bodies meshing together, bodies tensing on the edge of ecstasy. God he wants to cum, he wants to shoot his hot load deep into her slippery wet pussy. Then she slams down onto him hard, shoving his cock so far back he feels her womb tickling the tip of his pulsing cock. Yelling out loud he is going to cum he tries to pull out but she keeps her ass glued to his pelvis as he shoots inside her. His cum filling her up, she rotates her hips a few more times and then cums too.

“You feel so good, I am cumming over your cock.” Moaning and bucking into him she groans one last time as he feels her cum surround him.

He is growing softer inside her but can’t move just yet. She goes to stand up and loses her balance, falling back onto him. Both groaning and laughing she says, “Do you think you can make a call back tomorrow to make sure my internet is still working?”

Laughing he says, “And the day after that too, maybe even a daily check up to see that everything is in order for you.”

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