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Less than two miles from my house is the Pacific Ocean. There are some rock jetties going out into the ocean and a long pier that we can fish off of.

I used to like going out onto the big rocks, I could run at full tilt across the top of them, no problem at all. Hell, it was damn near a half mile to the end, many times I stood right there at the very tip of it.

Getting out there where almost no one ever went was fun, I caught things so big they sometimes surprised even me. Big old Cabezon, Lingcod, the Sea bass and smaller fish we called Sea Trout were always there. A few times I even cast out in the fall for the big Silver Perch and ended up with a Salmon instead.

But time takes it’s toll, years of hard work and age made the old muscles tired and sore, the joints ached.

Damn rocks got bigger and farther apart, too. One day I was struggling to get out onto the rocks and a big wave caught me, a couple of kids happened to be close by and dragged me out of the water.

“Hey, old timer, maybe you should not come out here, it can be dangerous.” One of them told me.

I looked at the over muscled kid’s wet suit and spear gun, and I thought about telling him to put me back in the goddamn water, I could take care of myself.

But I kept my mouth shut, just thanked them. They were right, I knew that.

I found myself ambling out onto the pier, sitting in a lawn chair and pitching a piece of sand shrimp out into the water.

Sometimes I even got a bite or two, mostly I just sat out there casting sidelong glances at the big rollers coming in off the ocean and hitting the rocks. They struck and often blasted 30 feet into the air. I could see that from the pier, smell the salt air, remember the times I had been out there, jumping from rock to rock to avoid the huge waves. Then I would dart down, drop a piece of bait into a likely crack in the rocks and almost always get a fish.

I sighed, life wasn’t fair. Just when I got to the point where I had all of this time all day every day, my body had betrayed me and would not let me do all the things I wanted to do.

Hell, I even had to stop at the little market and buy bait, I used to just take a shovel and a bucket and dig clams and sand shrimp, even that made me hurt so bad I just couldn’t do it.

The trouble with the damn pier was people. Families with kids, they ran screaming back and forth, throwing things into the water, it was noise all the time. Without fail a bunch would show up and throw crab pots over the side, yapping away in some foreign language, generally ruining what could be a peaceful day.

One day I decided to go back out onto the jetty. I checked the tide book, there was a series of shallow tides coming up. That meant a gentle current, and the weather report was good, little wind and no storms in sight.

By God I was going fishing! And I wasn’t going to use that damned frozen shit for bait, so I got a shovel and my boots and off I went. The tide was out pretty good, I got down to the river bank where a rock shelf runs out, it is covered by about 6 inches of mud so the shrimp can’t run.

It took me a half hour to dig a little trench, as it filled with water the shrimp slid out of their holes. I picked them up, in short order I had around 50 of them and a few clams. I put those into my little plastic bucket, went back to my truck and rested for a good hour or so.

Feeling up to it, I drove out onto the jetty to the sign and parked. The sign read danger, keep off, but nobody ever paid any attention to that.

I grabbed my fishing pole, a stout little five footer, my gunny sack I had clipped to my belt, and my bucket of bait. In my coat pocket I had some split shot leads and a package of fishhooks, all I really needed.

No point in any huge casting rig, all the fish were in the rocks anyway because if they weren’t, they would end up in one of those ever present Seal’s belly.

I started out across the rocks. I found myself sliding down one side on my fanny, on my hands and knees in other places. I just kept going, I knew that it would take me awhile but the tide was coming in and I wanted to be where I was headed at high slack tide.

The place I was heading was a huge flat rock that was well above the highest tide point. It had large rocks on each side, I could set my gear down and fish off that rock without much fear of falling in. It took me nearly two hours of starting and stopping to clamber my way out there, but by God I made it.

I put my gear down and sat down to rest, lighting up a smoke. I woke up a half hour later, looked down at the river. The tide was coming up on high slack.

I put a shrimp tail on my little number 4 hook, flipped in down into the gap between the two boulders. I tripped the reel and the pole bent double, out came a nice little Greenie a good 16″ long. I caught three more of them back to back, all the same size. Then I went a long time without a bite. I did catch a couple of Red Rock Crabs, nice ones so I stuck those in my sack, too.

But still no more canlı bahis bites. I knew what that meant, a big fellow was around, the smaller fish all take off when big Cabezon or Lingcod slides in under the rocks. I put on a tiny bit of bait and cast out on the other side, there was a shallower area there that I knew had little ones. I instantly caught a little yellow perch about 3 inches long.

I carefully hooked the yellow Perch through it’s fin on the back, dropped it down into the deep hole. It instantly darted for the cover of the rocks but didn’t make it. I saw the huge shadow dart out, then turn back, and I set the hook.

It was huge. I had caught some very large fish out there but this one was right up there with the largest. It proceeded to wedge itself into the rocks and refused to budge. I just kept up the pressure, I knew that eventually it would begin to give and try something else.

“What do you have on, mister?” Said a voice from behind me.

I glanced back and there stood a pretty little brunette in a bikini that she might as well have not bothered with.

I damn near dropped the pole! How in the hell did she get out here, besides, she was barefoot?

“We were swimming on the South side, the waves are gentle there.” She said, apparently reading the surprise on my face.

“We?” I asked, giving my line a tug. Just then the fish darted out of the rocks and across the hole into another spot, went back to sulking.

“Oh! You do have a fish on, what is it?” She started climbing down the rocks to where I was. Just what I needed was some tourists coming down and getting in my way, I was in a battle here. I was trying to keep my line off the rocks so it didn’t cut through, at the same time I had to keep pressure on the fish or it would be gone.

The young woman managed to get to my rock, right on cue she stepped in front of me and looked down over the edge. The tail of the thing was sticking out into view, it was a big Cabezon, it’s tail was a good six inches tall.

The trouble with big Cabezon is they will wrap their tails around a rock and hang on for dear life. The only way to get the really big ones is tire them and make them work.

Usually they win, to be honest.

“Excuse me, miss, please step back.” I asked her.

“Sorry.” She stepped back out of my way.

Just then another voice called out.

“Julie! Where the fuck are you?”

“I’m down here, Sandy! This man has a great big fish on!” Hell, she sounded as excited as I was. Another pretty light brown haired girl appeared, she was also in a bikini, if anything, it was even smaller. She climbed down and onto the same flat rock with us. It was getting a bit snug.

I would have yelled at them to go the hell away and leave me alone but to be honest I was enjoying the view.

The other problem I had was the fucking fish was beginning to win, I could feel my arms starting to give up.

I got an idea.

“Miss? Uhhhh….Julie? Hey, want to give me a hand?”

“Sure, what do I do?”

“Take this pole, just hold it tight against the fish. He might try to dart out under the rocks into the river and if he does he will get away so pull hard. I need to rest my arms.”

“Oh, OK. I know how to fish. Sandy, come here and help me hold this.”

Sandy reached out and grabbed to pole just ahead of the reel, Julie grabbed the butt of it. Her right hand came over and took the reel handle, I knew she had had a fishing pole in her hands before.

Thankfully, I let go, my poor arms were starting to cramp up from what was now a full half hour of constant pressure. I stepped back to a glorious view of two bikini clad behinds and both of them were spectacular. They were both leaned forwards, looking down at the big fish now six feet away.

I rubbed my arms, felt myself quickly recovering. In a few minutes, I stepped forward and took the pole again.

“Thanks.” I told them.

“You are welcome, sir.” Sandy said.

“Sir?” I thought with a grin, but just then the fish made another run for it. It was trying to get it’s head down to escape under the rocks, I was trying to hold it’s head up. I saw it give up, it’s maw came open and the head broke water. It hung there on the end of my line. I tightened up, slid it off to the side where I could reach down and grab it’s lower jaw.

I knew what was going to happen and it did, the instant I grabbed it grabbed right back. I lifted it out of the water onto the rock.

“Wow!” One of the girls said, their feet dangerously close to the flopping thing.

I knew I was done fishing, now the problem was going to be to get back with the fish and my gear, not to mention the fish I had in my sack. I bonked the big fish on the head, then slid it into my sack.

I thanked the two girls, they still stood there and watched me. Then I picked up my pole, my bait bucket and the sack, started back down the rocks. I almost didn’t want to leave, this pair was really fun to look at.

“We need to head back too.” Julie told her friend. They bahis siteleri started working their way along with me. After about a hundred yards I had to stop. They stopped and sat there with me while I rested, they were asking questions about fishing and everything under the Sun.

I explained that I didn’t come out onto the rocks much since I got old, it was too hard on me but that I really did enjoy it.

“You don’t look so old!” Sandy giggled at me. She had noticed my glances at them, hell, I couldn’t help myself, they both looked to be almost naked. Sandy had started almost posing, letting her shoulder come back which made her breasts look larger and higher. Julie just kept grinning at me.

Finally I was ready to go again, Sandy took the bait bucket, looked inside at them.

“Yuk!” She said, laughing.

“The fish like them.” I told her.

Julie took my fishing pole, she stuck the hook into the soft butt of the rod, then spun the sinker around the rod with a practiced motion. I knew for sure she had been fishing before now.

With just the sack to deal with we made better progress, but the damned sack was heavy as hell so I had to stop a couple of more times to rest. Each time they stopped right with me and we chatted. I lit up a smoke, Sandy asked for one so I lit it for her. She held it between two fingers and did that posing sideways thing to me again.

Julie noticed, too, she kept looking at me and back at Sandy and grinning. Hell, it was giving me a woody, and that was a bit of a rare thing at my age. That bikini Sandy had on didn’t actually cover her, the tiny piece of cloth seemed to sit on the ends of her nipples. Sitting sideways I could see a portion of brown and it was tough to try and not look at that.

I knew damn good and well that she knew it, too. She was pointedly sitting there teasing me.

Finally we made it to the sand, a short walk later and we were at my truck. I looked around, there were no bikes, no other cars. There were some people way down the beach but that was it.

“Where is your car?” I asked.

“We don’t have one, we walked.”

“Like that?”

“No, we have some clothes and shoes in a bag over there.” She pointed towards some tall beach grass. Julie walked over and retrieved the bag, came back to my truck. I was stowing the fish in my cooler, putting away my gear.

“Hey, can you give us a ride back to town?” Julie asked.

“Sure, glad to.” I told her.

“We need to change first.” She looked at me.

“OK, I will turn my back.”

Sandy just laughed, slipped off her top and stripped down the tiny bottoms before I could react. She looked at me with a grin, reached for a T-shirt and pulled it over her head, taking her sweet time.

I looked her up and down, what the hell. She was completely bare, no pubic hair at all. I had seen some photos of young women on the internet, it seemed to be the thing in today’s world.

Sandy finally tugged on a pair of shorts, she had to hold the sides of them and jump up and down to get them on.

Julie turned her back, peeled off her bikini and changed into a similar outfit. I watched her for a second, her bare ass didn’t have a single mark or blemish on it. But she carefully kept her back turned so I didn’t get to see her titties.

We climbed into my truck and headed off towards town. Sandy climbed in first, scooted over tight against me. I was totally and completely aware of her body touching me. I was also completely aware of my cock doing it’s best to swell up, I tried to control that but wasn’t having much luck.

“How many fish did you get?” Sandy asked me, reaching out and putting her hand on my leg. She touched me so high up that another inch of so and she would have her hand on my package.

That didn’t help my state one damned bit. I wasn’t used to having two very pretty young girls around, in fact at 65 I wasn’t used to having any females around at all.

“Maybe six, I think. Couple of Crabs, too.” I managed to finally answer. Sandy moved her hand back and forth a bit, patted my leg and smiled.

“You are really a good fisherman, aren’t you?”

“I catch a few from time to time.”

“So where are we going?” She asked me.

“I…I was taking you…..where do you want to go?”

“It doesn’t matter, Julie and I are just on a trip, we came down from Seattle last week. We had an old car but it broke down.”

“You mean you are on foot?”

“Yea. Can we maybe stay at your place?” She asked.

“Just for the night?” She patted my leg again.

I thought about that, I did have a spare bedroom and a couch, so it wasn’t a problem. Besides, the idea of two rather uninhibited pretty young ladies around sounded like fun to me.

“Sure, no reason why not.” I told her. We were in town now, so I turned off down the bay road to my house.

I showed them around, then I went in to clean the fish. I cut off some big steaks for dinner, got out some spuds and frozen Corn.

“Can we take a shower? We both smell like fish!” Sandy bahis şirketleri asked me, giggling.

“Sure, go ahead, there are some towels in the cabinet in there, plus soap and shampoo.”

I heard the shower start up, went back to preparing the meal. I had it all laid out ready to start cooking when Julie came out. She had on some jeans and a T-shirt, and was drying her hair.

“Your turn.” She grinned, sniffing at me.

“I was going to cook…..”

“Here, let me. I know how to cook.” She shouldered me aside, reached for the pans.

I shrugged, headed for the shower. Sandy was sitting in a chair in my living room, watching a soap opera on TV.

“Thank you for letting us stay, sir.” She called out.

“I’m Dan.” I told her. She beamed and nodded. I went in and washed up, dried and slid on fresh clothes. Julie was setting the table when I came out. She was right, she could cook. Everything was perfect. I did notice that they both ate quite a bit for being smaller young ladies, it was obvious they were hungry.

I asked them what they were doing, where they were headed. They took turns explaining that they had headed from Seattle for Seaside up the coast, but their car broke down. They didn’t have enough money to get it fixed and it was a piece of junk anyway. Since they didn’t want to give up their vacation, they had hitchhiked to Seaside, spent a few days there, then hitchhiked on down the coast.

They ran out of money for motels and food so they had gone out to the jetty to try and catch some seafood. Julie said they were swimming along looking for Oysters. But it was hard to do since there weren’t any out there, then they found me.

I laughed at that, told them they were nice and safe with me and I had plenty of food.

Julie got up and cleared the table, Sandy even pitched in and helped her do the dishes.

I went in and sat down, lit a smoke and poured myself a finger of brandy. It had been one hell of a day. I could hear their animated conversation in there, I missed most of it but got part of it.

“….looks just fine to me.” Sandy said.

“Yea, I think he is interested.” Julie’s voice answered.

“Should we?”

“OK.” Then there was a bunch of giggling, I heard more dishes rattling.

Both of them came out into the living room, Julie plopped down across from me on the couch. Sandy spotted my bottle of Brandy, glanced at me.

“Help yourself.” I told her. She got two glasses, poured some for each of them. I looked at what she had poured, thinking that that should do it.

The TV was on, some news program, we all sat quietly sipping the drinks. It wasn’t long before Julie started to doze off. Sandy and I chatted for quite a long time, Julie softly snored.

Finally it was time for bed.

“You can take this bedroom.” I told her.

“OK, thank you. You are sweet.” She came over to me, lifted up on tiptoe and kissed me on the cheek.

I looked at Julie, went and got a blanket and spread it over her, then I went to bed. I was just starting to doze off when I heard a noise and a body slid into bed with me.

That surprised me. I wasn’t sure which one it was in the dark but I suspected it was Sandy. I felt her hands reaching for me, all I had on was my underwear. She slid her hand inside my briefs and felt my limp crotch. It didn’t take much of her fondling and I started to respond. I reached out and fondled back, she didn’t say a single word and neither did I. I felt her snug little breasts, ran my hand down and found her hairless slit. For a second I thought then that it was Julie but then I realized both of them had to be hairless. I could feel an ever so slight roughness from the hairs starting to grow back, she had apparently shaved rather than waxed.

I didn’t care at this point, she rolled up on top of me and reached between her legs and spread herself, sitting down on my solid six inch erection. She was very active, she was just fucking me, and she was on top and in control. I held back as long as I could, I felt her body let go with a shudder and that did it for me, I let go right behind her.

I lay back, exhausted, and felt something behind me. The other one was in bed with me too, with all the activity I hadn’t noticed. Her hand came over and began to stroke my now slippery cock, damned if it didn’t begin to stand up the second time. I rolled towards her as I felt something wet, the first one was licking my ass! I got up on top of the one on my right, inserted and began to stroke her. I felt fingers reach between my legs from behind, cradling my balls as I screwed the other one with no mercy. Then I felt her arms go around me and she began to feel up whoever was under me’s titties.

This was erotic as hell! Not only was I getting gloriously laid by a pretty young woman not more than 20 years old, I was getting two of them! I finally let fly into the other girl’s body, then collapsed. I rolled over on my back, lay there as I felt hands cross my body. The one on my right slid up and over me, giving me a push. I scooted over to make room.

I lay there listening to the sounds of two women going at each other in the dark. I reached out to feel them, they were in a 69 position. I had no idea at all who was who in my pitch dark room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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