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I liked getting a massage, especially those with Happy Endings. Some of the local massage parlors provided table showers, which I also liked, a lot.

This day I went to a local and the only masseuse available was a guy. I actually wanted a massage and took the opportunity to see what the difference might be. When being massaged by the women they usually took their tops off and rubbed their tits on my body to give me a hard on. I know the idea was to entice the extra charge for the happy ending. What was a guy going to do, I wondered?

Eric came in, about 6 feet tall and not bad looking at all. He was wearing shorts and a tank top. I undressed and lay face down on the table as he put a modesty towel over by ass. After the usual questions about any particular sore spots or restrictions, allergies to oils, etc. he then put oil on my back and started a gentle massage. He went from my arms to shoulders to hands. I was very relaxed by now, comfortable with the small talk and a gentle sense of euphoria was setting in.

Eric asked if I minded if he removed his top. I didn’t. More massage on my back and down to my legs. I felt his shorts against my hands, open and palms up on the table. I think I felt his cock just casino oyna a bit as he pushed it against my hand. He went around the table and did the other side, again I felt his cock and it seemed to be getting more prominent. I decided to test the situation and touched his cock through his shorts, just to see what might happen. I would often feel the girls through their pants, their mound and legs. Eric simply continued the massage and moved down my legs to my feet.

I heard a rustling sound and just knew he removed his shorts. I admit I was getting a bit excited by the thought. He moved back up my legs and started massaging my butt, touching a bit between my cheeks and between my thighs. I spread my legs to give him room to massage my inner thigh and he brushed against my balls. I felt his cock against my hand and simply wrapped my fingers around his shaft, feeling it begin to grow in my hand. My own cock was growing under my stomach.

Eric now moved up to my head and massaged my back from my head down. I felt his balls against my head, and his now turgid cock brushed against my ear. I loved it.

He then moved back to my side, rubbing my back as he did so and getting to my ass again. He was very hard now canlı casino and I loved the feeling of his hard cock in my eager hand. My legs were still spread apart, and he gently fingered my ass and lightly tickled my perineum. I thought I would almost cum then.

Back up to my head and he had me turn my head to the side and his cock brushed against my cheek, across my nose and lips. Oh, what a thrill that was.

“Turn over on your back,” he said, and I did so. My own hard on was laying on my belly and I felt his against my cheek and my own turgid erection flopped up and down against my belly.

Eric moved to my side and began to massage my legs from the thighs down to my feet and up the other side. He stopped just long enough at my side so that his hard cock was available for my open hand to grasp. And grasp I did, gently rubbing back and forth. I heard a slight sigh of contentment and I softly fondled his hanging balls, tickling that sensitive space behind.

Oh how I wanted that cock near my face. Near my mouth. I wanted to suck his cock and my own popped up in anticipation of doing just that.

Eric moved up to my head and turned my face to the side brushing his hard penis against my lips. I opened kaçak casino my mouth wide and his cock slid in. It felt so very good, so very natural and satisfying.

He pulled out and I just knew I had to finish him.

I told him I wanted to really suck his cock, on my knees in front of him.

I got off the table and on my knees as he stood in front of me and put his hard, throbbing cock in my eager open mouth. I put my hands on his cheeks to bring his turgid tumescence deeper to my throat, back and forth as I licked, sucked and enjoyed his penis sliding back and forth, my tongue licking his shaft. Out again, just the tip at my lips, as my tongue flicked under and just behind the head of his penis. I felt it growing, becoming thicker and even more rigid. I knew what was next as he groaned and thrust his cock deep in my throat, cum spurting across my waiting tongue and down my impatient throat. I had been stroking my own cock. My excitement was almost complete, and I started Cumming at the same time. I was Cumming, Eric was Cumming and I loved the feeling of that jizz spurting across my tongue and going down my throat. His hard cock between my lips and on my tongue. I felt his cock begin to soften, getting smaller in my mouth and enjoyed that sensation, feeling his tip, soft against my lips as it left my mouth. As his cock softened in my mouth and mine in my hand I felt both elated and drained.

Now that was a massage.

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