Every Youth Deserves…Ch. 3

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I had the greatest sexual experience of my forty-two years upon this planet on that Saturday morning; in a week I had transformed from vanilla housewife to a woman who seduced an eighteen year old boy, then performed a threesome with her husband and young lover.

Amazing, I thought as I showered, truly astounding. Ricky was just barely an adult but he had some experience, an instinctive sense to please a woman, an engaging personality for one so young, enormous sexual energy and a thick cock built to please.

He knew how to use the meat between his legs. He knew how to tease and penetrate, moving his hips with bold desire, setting a rhythm while he talked filth, the kind that made me wet, hungry for cock, willing to open my legs or ass cheeks to a young man who would fuck me as my husband watched…

I was not ashamed to have crossed the line, to have seduced the son of our friends, our contemporaries. Ricky was not being harmed and he was enjoying himself, maturing to a new sexual level, fucking hard at a time when his body was in peak condition. My husband Lester was getting his rocks off like never before and I was addicted to the new relationship, to the new bonding between three of us, accepting a young guest into our intimacy.

I was halfway soaped when Lester entered the shower stall where Ricky had shaved my cunt and penetrated my ass a couple of hours before. Lester looked tired but happy.

“He’s asleep in the living room,” Lester said referring to Ricky, “naked on the couch.”

“Let him rest,” I said as I soaped my husband, “He had two earth shattering orgasms.”

“So did I.”

“I know and you should get some rest also, so you can have some energy for tonight. I have something special planned.”

“This was hot, Mary, the most incredible sexual experience of all time,” he said as he ran his hands over my ass, “when he took you up the rear right here, it was incredible…”

“He was thick, Lester,” I said as I soaped my husband’s crotch, “and when he entered me he filled me up, stretched me while I leaned on the wall opened my legs and pushed back against his cock, his thick meat popping right into my backdoor deep…”

“Oh, I am getting hard again…”

“Not now Lester. Save your energy for when the three of us are together and every moment is more intense.”

“Mary,” he said in amazement, “you sure have changed in a few days.” “Oh, yes, I have and when Ricky wakes up from his nap we will fuck some more.”

“This has been an incredible morning,” my husband said, “what is this special thing that you have planned?”

“It’s a surprise, Lester. A very special surprise.”

————– ———————– —————

I slept about four hours, waking up as the sun began its descent, beams of light coming in through the half open verticals, waking me lazily.

I went to the washroom, brushed my teeth, slapped some water on my face and walked towards the master bedroom to find Mary and Lester.

As I passed the living room I saw my naked form in a hallway mirror, which made me wonder at the fact that I was parading around buck naked in the house of my parent’s friends. Even more amazing, I had fucked my mother’s friend while her husband watched and also participated.

Before I entered the bedroom I met Mary in the hallway. She was dressed in a very transparent housecoat that showed off her curves very enticingly.

“And Lester?” I asked.

“Asleep for the last hour. I woke up when I heard you moving around.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Anything you want, honey. Anything at all, anyway you say…but I did have a surprise planned.”

“Surprise me.”

“I will, later, after Lester wakes up, but what do you want to do now?”

“Lay naked out by the pool, you suck my cock, we catch the few beams of sunlight before night comes and plan the greatest night of our lives, your surprise included.”

“Honey, I’m wet already.”

We stretched out poolside and I smiled as I lit up my pipe and watched her remove the houserobe. Her body was mature, years beyond the physical perfection of youth, but it was a sensuous figure, enticing, experienced, willing to shed inhibitions and enjoy the sheer lust of a physical, experimental relationship. Yes my friends, this woman made me hard, very hard.

She went down between my legs, engulfing my dick with her mouth, her fingernails caressing my balls as she sucked me with wanton abandon. I looked down at her, seeing her suck on me, her head moving up and down, her tongue and teeth playing, teasing my dick. I ran my fingers throught her hair, grasping her head, guiding her.

“Oh, Mary,” I said, “you are a first rate cocksucker. Yes, just like that…you like my cock in your mouth?”

Mary nodded as she sucked, her tongue swirling around my cock head.

“Oh, baby,” I said as I slid my dick on her toungue, “I like to fuck your mouth. You are a really good cocksucker…yeah, that’s it, nibble the tip, lick…the underside… I like to fuck your face, your sexy face…Oh…yeah.”

I casino siteleri was mesmerized by this woman, this friend of my parents, pillar-of-the community who kneeled naked on the pool deck and swallowed my cock while her husband took a nap inside the house. I pushed into her face, mouth-fucking the good housewife who was also enjoying herself with one hand between her legs.

I pumped my dick in an out of her mouth and she stroked me while sucking me, the tip of her tongue licking my cockhead as I enjoyed the sight of her taking my cock, sucking my meat, draining me until I exploded and she swallowed while making moaning sounds, her hand buried between her legs.

I’ll tell you my secret,” she said after we had rested a few minutes, “Lester will love it and right now it makes me wet just to think about it. It’s something I would not have considered a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been thinking about it for the last couple of days…”

“I’m all ears,” I said, “and cock.”

When Lester woke up we ate lightly. Mary prepared a salad and sliced up fruit, which we washed down with white wine.

“Let’s get dressed up and go to a nightclub,” Mary said.

“Ricky is underage for clubs and he’s supposed to be in the Keys,” Lester answered.

“Don’t worry Lester,” I answered, “Like most teenagers I have ID stating I’m twenty-one. As far nightclubs we can go to Broward County where chances of bumping into anyone we know are one in ten million.”

“Okay,” Lester said, “any club in particular?”

“That’s my surprise,” Mary said, “but I’m sure you’ll like it.”

————- ———————– ——————————

After a hot shower I perfumed my body and dressed in a black peasant blouse and skirt outfir without a shred of undergarments. The dark texture of the cloth prevented it from being fully transparent but anytime I walked near a source of light my naked silouhette showed clearly.

I can’t believe I’m taking my husband and my eighteen year old lover to a swinger’s club, I thought as I placed black sandal pumps on my bare feet. I can’t believe this is my idea…I don’t want to fuck strangers but I do want an audience. I want strangers to look at me while I fuck my husband and my boy toy. I want strangers to look at my nakedness, my shaved cunt and still firm tits and touch themselves while I suck off my husband and Ricky opens up my asscheeks and sticks that fat cock right in, deep and hard.

I was always an exhibitionist. Lester and I have made love in public parks, drive in theaters, empty buildings and an elevator, always excited by the thought of being found.

Eventually we were.

We attended a party at a multimillion dollar mansion in Coco Plum, where we hid out behind a concrete storage room next to the private pier. I bent over a railing and lifted my skirt while Lester entered me from behind. As my husband fucked me I looked up and could see the figure of a man smoking and looking down upon us from a second story balcony.

It was very exciting. I came in a matter of seconds, bent over the railing, looking up at the swirling blue smoke in the balcony and wondering who the man in the shadows was…perhaps someone who knew us?

This time I was going to be in the open, on display for other horny people to see…I was wet with anticipation.

Ricky was dressed in jeans and a dark T-shirt, wearing a sports coat that had been left behind by Lester’s uncle on a trip through Florida. The coat was one of those patch-at-the-elbow professorial designs that although not in fashion, are still accepted. With a couple of days stuble on his face he looked several years older than eighteen. Lester was dressed in a brown and pastel sports coat and slacks.

“Two handsome men,” I said as I came down the stairs into the living room, “with two handsome cocks. Let’s go have some fun at the swinger’s club in Broward.”

I laughed as I saw the look of stunned surprise on Lester’s face.

“Yes, sweetheart,” I said,”that’s where we are going. I’m not going to fuck any strangers but I want an audience to see Ricky and my husband treat me like a toy.”

Lester nodded his head in mute delight.

——————– ———————- ———————-

There’s nothing sexier than a middle-age woman who dresses to be desired. Mary’s makeup was well applied, accentuating her best features. The black peasant dress was almost see through under beam lights and my meat was already twitching in my pants by the time we headed out the driveway.

On the way to Broward County Mary described the procedure. We registered as members at the door, paid a fifty dollar fee and entered the club, which had a bar and dance hall for a “regular crowd” feel. Beyond the bar there would be locker rooms where we could put away our clothing and be provided with large towels to cover our naked bodies if we felt modesty. We would have access to the play rooms through the locker room. The playrooms had orgy mats, assorted creative furniture for fornication…

“How canlı casino do you know all this?” Lester asked, “have you been there?”

“The internet, sweetheart,” she answered, “There’s over seven hundred thousand swingers in the U.S. and a good chunk are in Florida. I took a virtual tour of the site. You are going to enjoy this a lot, Lester. I’m not going to fuck any strangers but I want a few of them to watch the three of us together. Does that excite you?”

Lester nodded his head. Mary -who sat between us- reached out and grasped our cocks through our pant legs.

“I guess you are both hard,” she said, “but you must save your energy. It’s going to be a fun night.”

We entered the club without incident, paying the membership dues. We decided to stop at the bar for a drink, to steady our nerves. The bar area was almost empty, except for a few couples drinking and smoking in dark corner booths.

All three of us ordered scewdrivers. We were halfway through the drinks when a well dressed, attractive woman in her late forties approached our table.

“Well,” the woman said, “Mary and Lester. What a surprise!”

—————– —————— ———————-

I was stunned.

I never expected to see anyone I knew at the swinger’s club and three minutes after arriving, Alice walks up to our table and greets us with a smile.

Alice and Joe had been our neighbors for three years, but had moved to Fort Lauderdale a couple of years ago and we had not seen them since. Alice is forty-four, an elegant woman battling the weight scale but her body is at the lush level of slightly overweight that some men find exciting. Her husband, an accountant for a cruise line company, is a tall man who stays in fair shape playing golf.

“Cat got your tongue?” she said.

“Oh…I…where’s your husband?”

“Joe is back there in that corner booth. You come here often?”

“Ehhh…no…It’s…our first time.”

“It’s our fourth,” she answered with a teasing smile, “We are finished with our drinks and headed for the locker rooms. Want to come with us? We’ll show you around.”

“We will join you,” Ricky answered as he introduced himself.

Men and women had separate locker rooms and Alice and I continued our conversation as we traded our clothing for oversized towels.

“I did not figure you for a lifestyle person,” Alice said as she removed her top.

“I’m not,” I answered, “this is my first time here.”

“But you are doing that darling young boy, aren’t you?”


“Proud of you, Mary.”

“I don’t really want to swing,” I said, “I would just like strangers to see me fuck Ricky and Lester.”

“I’ll enjoy that,” she said as she removed her panties and I took the peasant dress.

“But you are not a stranger…I know you.”

“My, oh, my,” Alice said, “what a smooth shave.”

I blushed and Alice smiled.

“So if I’m not a stranger I can’t watch the three of you?” she asked as she walked closer to me, her face inches from mine.

“I just said…”

Alice’s mouth covered mine. I was stunned beyond movement, frozen in surprise as her tongue found mine, her chest pressed against me and the palm of her hand caressed my smooth mound.

I pushed Alice back and she looked at me questioningly.

“I’m sorry,” she asked, “did I go over the line?”

“It’s just…I never…with a woman…”

“Did you like it?”

“I don’t know…”

“If it bothered you I’m sorry…but I don’t think it did…your nipples are hard.”

“I’m not a lesbian,” I said a little anxiously as I wrapped the large towel around my body and looked for the door to the playroom.

“Neither am I,” she answered, “will you lend me that young hunk tonight? I just love young cock.”

“Yes, but take Lester first. I don’t want his ego bruised.”

“Two cocks is a generous offer. You can have Joe and believe me, you will like him. He’s hung like a horse.”

I did not answer. I was still in shock, a shiver running up and down my spine as I remembered the feel of her tits pressed against me, her hairy bush rubbing against my thighs. Would I dare to do this also? With a woman?

“Let’s go, Mary,” Alice said as she wrapped a towel around her body, “we have an orgy waiting for us in the playroom.”

—————— ———————- ——————–

The playroom consisted of a room with sexual furniture, to ease fucking in a variety of positions, a second room with four hot tubs, and a large room with a long mat and a few throw pillows. Each room had a large window that offered a view of the other rooms. The light was a soft greenish-blue hue and soft music was piped in, giving the place a sensuous atmosphere.

When Joe, Lester and I entered, the only people in the playroom were a black couple -in the hot tub- and two couples resting on the mat after a sexual session, all four bodies limp and breathing in that gasping way that one does after great sex.

I was looped, having smoked a pipe before kaçak casino we left the house and practically chugging the screwdriver at the bar. This was my first time in this type of emporioum and the concept of a swinger’s club, the sheer debauchery, made me horny as hell.

“You guys are welcome to try my wife,” Joe said, “she’s a great fuck.”

Both women entered the room wrapped in thick pink towels. If I was filming a movie based on these events, Megan Mullally -of Will & Grace- would play Mary while casting for Alice would have favored the middle aged -somewhat chunky but still sultry- version of Kathleen Turner. Middle aged and past their physical prime they were still sexy, perhaps more so, for their lusty smiles promised and infinite enjoyment not found in young girls that are sexually naive.

The pink towels covered the bottom third of their cleavages and down about three or four inches below their mounds.

I had a raging boner but I also had a surprising amount of control. I knew at that moment that I would be able to fuck for hours with these two women. My dick felt as though it was forged from tempered steel.

“Can I have your attention, please?” I said to the four on the mat and the couple in the hot tub, “we have a show you will enjoy.”

———– —————– —————– —————

Ricky took charge and the audience responded, their heads nodding, anticipating the sexual performance of two married couples and an eighteen year old. Three couples were going to see me fornicate and the thought of it alone made me wet.

“This,” Ricky said as he removed my towel, “is Mary. Look at her folks. Isn’t she grand?….She has very tasty nipples and look at that shaved cunt… turn around dear, so they can see you…there’s a great ass…good for squeezing and fucking…feel these tits, Joe…”

Alice’s husband removed his towel, exposing a thick cock. He walked towards me and his fingertips touched my nipples, the tips instantly hard, my legs opening to his cockhead rubbing against my slit.

“It’s not fair for Joe to have Mary,” Ricky said, “unless Alice can have Lester.”

As three couples watched all five of us went down on the mat, grabbing, licking sucking. Lester and Ricky doubled dicked Alice while I sucked on Joe’s long cock, sliding the thick meat in and out of my mouth as his hands guided my head. My eyes were open and I could see the three couples watching us, the hands of the black woman stroking her husband’s meat.

Then Alice and I were side by side, both on all fours, our legs open and rear ends up on the air as her husband entered me and Lester entered her, hands grabbing hips, dicks pushing between folds of flesh, moaning and groanning filling the room. Ricky moved between Alice and I, both of us giving him head. The feel of a tongue licking his balls while a mouth engulfed his dick was driving our young lover wild.

“Look at it, folks,” Ricky said to our audience, “Look at the way these women fuck and suck, look at the way those cocks slide into them…these are two housewifes who fuck like sluts…. Mary, tell the folks how much you like my hard cock…tell them how much you like it when strangers look at you getting well fucked by a stiff, hard cock.”

“Ohhh…” I moaned as his wet dick dropped out of my mouth and dissapeared between Alice’s lips, “Ooohhh… I like Joe’s cock…you are soooo hard… ohh…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me hard…deep…hard ohhh…fuck me…I love it, Lester…I love it just…like that..this is hot. Look at me getting fucked…ooh…I’m almost there…Oh, fuck me…that feels good…yeah, fuck me deep with that thick, fat cock….oh…I like it when people look at me… I like people to watch me….fuck….you are going to make me come soon…oh, you fuck so well…so thick…I can’t believe how hard….oh…you are…I love it!!.. feels so good..yes, fuck me hard…hard…you are so thick…..yes, that’s it…that’s yes, that’s it…that’s perfect….I love your cock ….Oh…Oh…I’m almost… ..there….oh, yes, just like that…I am close…yes…..fuck me deep…”

His cock entered my mouth and then it was Alice’s turn to talk.

“This so hot…I like young cock…please come in my mouth…please, I want to taste you…yeah, stick your dick in Mary’s mouth….Oh…I think…Lester is going to come. Are you?”

“Yes,” Lester grunted, pushing into Alice, his body twitching with the orgasm and I shivered with pleasure watching my husband come inside another man’s wife.

My own orgasm was tremendous, awesome, earth-shattering…I looked at the couples on the mat and the black woman was playing with her husband’s cock as Joe slammed his fat cock into me. My fantasy of being watched was now true as three couples saw Joe stick his cock in me, saw me swallow Ricky’s meat and my husband penetrate another woman’s body. It was dirty sex and it was better than the best sex I ever imagined.

As I was climaxing I felt Alice’s hot lips on my neck, her fingertips caressing my nipples. For a moment I thought of rejecting her, but the orgasm was exploding inside me and I was so hot…so hot…I let Ricky’s magnificent meat slip out of my mouth and my lips found Alice’s lips… the best part of that orgasm was as we frenched each other.

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