Enjoyin Laura’s boyfriend in my ass

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Enjoyin Laura’s boyfriend in my ass
My girlfriend Laura told me all about her new lover, a young guy in his late twenties, called Ron.
Considering that Laura had my own age, I laughed and said she was a slut old bitch trying to steal something from a cradle…
She laughed back and kept talking openly about how this young guy fucked her. According to Laura; the guy was very skillful at fucking her in the ass. One time he had made my girlfriend cum three times while his hard cock was buried deep in her anus…
Laura went on and described how anal sex with that guy was great.
Then she offered me I could borrow that wonderful boyfriend just for a while and try some anal action with him.
I told Laura that we should arrange to go the movies with Ron on Saturday night, because I was home alone. She agreed and said if I liked him I could invite him over to my place the next day.
On our Saturday date, I wore a tight dark blue skirt which accented my firm round buttocks and a white silk low cut blouse which revealed very much of my cleavage.

At the movie I knew Ron was attracted to me; but also I knew it would be Laura who would be fucked that night by this guy.
Thinking about it made me a bit jealous and then I decided the next day I would do anything with this handsome young guy; including taking a cock in my tight asshole; since my beloved hubby had not sodomized me for ages…
While Laura went to the ladies room, I gave my card to Ron and told him I hoped he could güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri make a visit to my house…

The next day after lunch time Ron came over and we had several drinks by the pool. Soon I felt a bit tipsy.
I finally told him that I had never experienced a man inside my ass and I wanted to try it. Then I asked if he wanted to help me.
Ron just woke up from the longue chair and we headed off to our guest bedroom. We sat there on the couch and I kissed him.
The young gut kissed me passionately, concentrating on my lips, neck and boobs. Then to my surprise he went down on his knees in front of me and spread my legs. He quickly pulled down my bikini bottom and again he spread my thighs.
He ran his tongue from my ankle to my upper thigh, kissing and licking my legs softly along the way. I moaned in pleasure when his tongue made its way to my clitoris. He began softly licking and sucking me while his tongue also worked on my pussy lips.
This guy really knew how to eat pussy and I was going crazy.
I decided this guy would deserve to have my ass that afternoon.
By now Ron’s tongue led me to my first orgasm, as my hips swayed upward to meet his tongue. As my orgasm subsided, he gently moved me from the couch to the bed.

I decided I would invite him to take my ass by getting on all fours near the edge of the bed to present him the gift of my tight anus. Ron knew exactly what to do; he got some cold gel and lubed my tipobet asshole while gently inserting a finger into my awaiting opening.
I moaned and squirmed from his gentle probing. But then a strange feeling over took me his finger began making and in and out motion which oddly began to feel pleasurable. As he manipulated me pleasure overtook the somewhat painful feeling of the initial insertion. I began to moan in pleasure as his finger passed my very tight anal ring. Ron then added a second finger and inserted it even deeper and I squealed in delight…
I knew he wanted to have me get used to this before he could shove his large cock into my rectum.

Then I laid on all fours on the edge of the bed and told him to take my ass. Soon I felt Ron’s cock nudging itself into my rectum.
At first it was fine as he just rubbed his cockhead around my anus. Then I felt a push against my body as he inserted his dick inside.
The pain was incredible as Ron opened my anus in just one single push. I screamed in pain as the head of his cock invaded my anus and went slightly further.
Then I felt the cockhead passing through my poor sphincter…
It hurt less as his cock went further inside. Ron stood still as my rectum got used to being stretched open with his thick cock. It felt huge inside me.
Then I knew why Laura loved so much to be fucked in her ass.
I began to relax my anal muscles and finally got used to the feeling of that guy’s cock stretching my ass. perabet It still hurt somewhat when Ron inserted the remainder of his large cock into me. I just stood still and got used to it when Ron began to gently move his cock back and forth into my rectum. He made it with slow motions…
Ron was very gentle as he held my hips firmly in place so I could easily accept his thrusts. Soon the pain disappeared and a pleasurable sensation took over. I began to moan as Ron’s cock went fully inside me.
Then I began pushing my body against him and I fucked him moving my ass back and forth over his powerful dick.
Soon I let out a loud groan as I experienced a hard anal orgasm.
I yelled at him to keep fucking my ass and not dare to stop…
Ron obliged me and kept his rhythmic motions up for what seemed forever. I had wave after wave of pleasure and my whole body shuddered as he sodomized me.
All of a sudden I felt it; his cock got larger inside me as he began to squirt warm semen deep inside my rectum. Ron just held me still while he had his own orgasm. He then withdrew his cock…
He left a while later and for the rest of the afternoon and the following day my ass was sore from my wild anal experience.
Laura was right; this guy was a perfect lover for anal sex.
After Ron left me in a puddle of semen; my beloved hubby called from out of town. I told him not to worry; he wanted to know if everything was going right at home.
But then he surprised me, asking if I had already enjoyed Ron`s dick in my tight asshole.
I asked why he knew about Ron.
Victor laughed and said he had introduced him to Laura.
And he knew that this guy had introduced something hard into my sexy girlfriend asshole…
Just asking… Victor laughed again…

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