Emma’s New Job Ch. 01

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It was a new business, there were a thousand things to think about, to get on top of, to organize, but his mind kept drifting to back to her. She had joined the company recently, one of his new team. She was smart and capable, with a strong background in sales; he liked her immediately and knew she was the woman for the job. He loved to watch her in action, closing sale after sale, she would purr at clients with her sexy voice, she would flirt with them mercilessly, and then go in for the kill, the clients were signing the paperwork before they knew what had hit them. It was a beautiful thing to watch, but as the weeks had passed, he was aware that it was not just her skill as a salesperson he admired, he had started to notice how silky her long black hair looked, how inviting the soft line of her neck was, the curves of her large breasts and her ample cleavage caught his gaze for longer than was appropriate…

She dressed provocatively, always making the most of her assets; she had been in sales for long enough to know how to use what she had to her advantage. She was used to clients ogling her, it was part of the job, but lately she had noticed Gary, her boss, looking at her, when he thought she wasn’t looking. She felt his eyes on her breasts, her legs and her round ass. Normally she would nip any nonsense in the bud, office romances were not for her, but she knew she had been doing the same to him. He had a good body, big strong arms and back, a flat toned stomach kağıthane escort and a tight little butt too! There was chemistry between them; she felt it and she knew he had too. Some people you make a connection with instantly, and this was how it had been for them…

As the days passed he made an effort to spend more and more time with her, he enjoyed joking around and flirting with her and he was starting to think she felt the same way. She would brush her breasts against him at reception, very subtly, no one else would have noticed, but he felt like electricity was shooting through his body, he felt blood rush to his groin and the beginnings of an erection. He longed to grab hold of her and kiss her long and hard on her soft full lips. But he was her boss and this was dangerous ground, he had to remain professional…

She spent days flirting with him, brushing her breasts against him, she knew he wanted her, she could tell he was struggling, trying to resist, trying to keep the relationship on a professional basis, but every day the attraction was growing stronger, she was dreaming about him, dreaming about him taking her, about how his cock would feel inside her and the weight of his hard body pinning her to the bed. She would wake up drenched in sweat and only a solo session with her trusty vibrator could satisfy her enough for her to return to her slumber. She wanted him, and he wanted her, it was just a matter of timing…

It kartal escort was Friday afternoon and his team were preparing for a promotional event the following day. Everyone was busy collecting display items and loading them into the van. He knew that the new flyers they needed were at the very back of the store room and he recruited Emma to help him to retrieve them. It was dark and musty inside and he took her arm to guide her and he felt her press in closer to him, he could smell her hair and the scent of her perfume, it was intoxicating. He stopped and she carried on moving forward, he pulled back firmly spinning her into his chest, she looked up at him and he kissed her deeply…

She felt her legs buckle as he held her close, his hands holding her face, she kissed him back with enthusiasm, wrapping her arms around him, she could feel manhood growing as it pressed against her leg, it was long and thick and she could feel herself getting wetter thinking about it, she grabbed his ass and pulled him closer to her, her short skirt allowing her to grind against his leg. A sudden noise outside broke the spell, she jumped backwards away from him and she felt him do the same, she froze for a second and then when she realized they were not going to be discovered she began to laugh, he was smiling broadly and pulled her back towards him, ‘meet me in my office in five minutes’ he whispered into her ear, his breathe on her neck giving her tingles…

As küçükçekmece escort soon as the office door closed with its familiar click, he was on her, pushing her up against the wall, spinning her around and pinning her. He started kissing the back of her neck, softly licking his way up to her earlobes; both of her arms were held above her head by one of his strong and powerful arms. The other hand pulled at her trousers working its way in, pushing her thong to one side he slid his fingers under and into her soft wet pussy…….

She felt his fingers working their way inside her, thrusting in and out making her pant with pleasure, when she was dripping wet, he spun her around and forced her to her knees, his large cock was out and waiting for her attentions. She hungrily licked the tip, tasting his precum, before taking his full length into her mouth, he gasped with pleasure, as she moved up and down his shaft, slowly at first and then quickening the pace…….

‘Stop’, he cried, I want to take you here in my office. Obediently she stood up and pulling down her knickers, she bent over the office chair ‘ is this what you want’ she purred, presenting him with her soft, moist opening. He sprang on her like an animal, thrusting his massive cock deep into her, she gripped the arms of the chair as her whole body shook with pleasure, he gripped her hips and pulled them towards him, allowing him to penetrate her fully, faster and faster he drove his cock into her, she tried to gag herself but could not prevent a cry of pleasure from escaping her lips. Finally with one forcefully thrust, he came powerfully inside her, filling her with his seed. Panting they both quickly pulled on their clothes, as they heard footsteps approaching the office door….

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