Duel Jacking Ch. 02

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Don’s dreams were always exceptionally vivid. This one was exciting and a night trip to remember. Don accepted he was in fact dreaming and allowed the fantasy to take him away.

The jungle was steamy and thick with vegetation. He and companion Stu were on some kind of exploring mission and for the most part lost. Monkeys chattered as if making fun of their predicament. Don sweat profusely while slashing at the palm, green fronds.

Stepping into a small, open area they were soon surrounded by natives. Pointing sharpened spears, they prodded the duo to the nearby village and into a grass hut.

Two large breasted women entered and gave each a bowl of sweet fluid. Don drank the viscous, fruity offering and noticed their incredibly long, chocolate nipples. Warmth and sleepiness overtook them and the women aggressively divested of their clothing. Naked and passive, they knelt upon woven mats.

“What was in that drink?” Stu whispered, “I feel sorta loopy and tingly.”

“Dunno but I feel the same way. Probably some herb thing. An aphrodisiac?” Surprisingly, both penises began to rise on their on volition. The women smiled at each other, helped the men up and they were led outside to a large open, meeting area. A crowd had formed.

Nearby two tall X-shaped bamboo frames stood. Again, the women led them forward. By the time they had reached the frames, both Don and Stu’s phalluses were prominent. At full, throbbing attention against their pale skin.

Natives efficiently lashed their wrists and ankles to the wood. They were immobilized and spread eagle but due to the potion, not frightened. The frames were lifted and brought closer together. Stu and Don faced one another inches apart.

“This is weird but amazing.” Stu rasped.

The two women from the hut approached the duo and pressed their erections together. Swiftly, they wound and loosely tied a long length of rawhide around the two cocks. Other women began a chanting sigh and drums beat rhythmically.

A warm palm stroked Don’s derriere. An oiled finger pushed deep into his anus. His hips involuntarily jumped causing a delicious friction against Stu’s frenulum. His companion must be receiving the same pressure as Stu jerked forward also. The finger found and expertly massaged his prostrate causing Don to moan aloud.

The two jerked spasmodically against each other canlı bahis much to the delight of the villagers. Stuart’s breathing was raspy. Their huge cocks were engorged. About to burst and frustratingly in need of release.

“Ahh-eee-eee-eee!” The women chanted. So close, Don thought. Just a little more pressure Stu! Rub. Harder.

The cooler sheet accepted Don’s full load of cream. He yelped upon awakening as the massive orgasm overtook. Don pressed his aching penis into the soft mattress reliving, for a moment, the intense dream. Hips wildly fucking, gobs of jism splashed against Stu’s imaginary prick.

Don nearly fell back asleep as his penis tumesced and he lounged in the ecstatic, twilight world. It’s laundry day anyway, he chuckled, rolling over and heading for the bathroom. Don thought, while relieving an overfull bladder, he’d have to import the eroticism of the dream to Stu.

After a light breakfast Don jumped into the shower. Hot water pummeled his body and the still horny young man lathered up. Placing the bar of scented soap inside the washcloth, he pleasantly washing his genitals. Don slithered his soapy prick against the smooth tiles and fantasized about Stuart.

Later that Saturday afternoon, Don finished up the paper he was working on at the library. The day was again warm and sunny and he casually walked home. He phoned his friend.

“Hey Stu. What’s up with you today?”

“Umm. Not much. Did some domestic stuff and just hanging around now. You?”

“Was going to order a pizza and watch TV. Want to come over?”

“I’ll be there man.” But Stuart was always, fashionably late and Don was already diving into the greasy pizza and sipping a frosty beer when Stu bounded in.

“Grab a beer or whatever you want.”

“Ginger ale?” Don asked when Stu returned.

“Yeah. Think I drank a little too much firewater last night. Oh well.”

“Here. Take a couple of these. Make you feel better.”

“What are they?”

“Got em’ from my Uncle. They’re actually for erectile dysfunction.” Don laughed, “But it’ll clear your head some and get you hard as ever.

“Hmmph. Don’t need anything to get me stiff.” Stuart swallowed two of the blue pills anyway. He chewed on a slice boringly, his hunger abated.

“Hey. Got this DVD from the guy downstairs, Fred. He says it’s one of the best he’s seen.” bahis siteleri Don flopped in the disc.

Bright colorful clips flashed across the screen giving the viewer a peek of the erotic, multiple vignettes within the full length movie. They settled in to watch with great interest.

In a tropical setting a gorgeous redhead was carefully shaving the pussy of an equally gorgeous woman. She washed and oiled the softer, now naked mons area. A man appeared and began the task of tattooing a beautiful flower around her coral lips. Soon the ménage a trois were playing delightfully.

Costumed as a she devil, the woman pranced around statues of male, clay statues. Her topless red corset encased enormous breasts capped with dark nipples. She licked the end of the long triangular tail. Staring into the camera, she manipulated the tip into her crinkled anus. Magically, the statues became lifelike and assaulted her in every opening.

“Holy shit Don. This is fucking awesome.” Stuart said while removing shorts and shirt. His massive boner was threatening to rip through his blue bikini underwear. Don smiled removing most of his clothing also.

An orange lipsticked mouth hovered near a pulsing clitoris emerging from its silky sheath. The close up view was breathtaking. The pink tip of her tongue tickled the bud and lapped small circles around the stiffening pearl. The mouth hungrily enveloped awaiting vulva. She moaned deeply, juices running down into the crack of her ass.

Stuart and Don, both naked now, sat close while stroking their rigid poles in unison.

“Let’s go in my bedroom. Okay?” Don suggested.

“Man. I could cum in seconds.”

“Yeah. Me too but I want to tell you about the dream I had last night…or this morning.” They left the TV playing and walked into the quiet of Don’s sleeping quarters.

“En garde!” Stuart turned quickly, holding his penis like a sword, “I challenge you to a duel!” Don laughed aloud at his friend’s mirth and held his own prick out, swishing it back and forth. They moved closer and playfully slapped their cocks against one another.

“Okay,” Stuart said lying across the edge of the bed with feet on the floor. “So tell me about this dream.” Don stared lustfully at Stu’s large cock. Standing between his outstretched legs and began the story.

How they started in the jungle. Taken by natives. bahis şirketleri Inside the hut and given the drink. Naked and brought outside in front of the villagers. The X shaped frames built there. How incredibly hard their cocks were.

Don moved closer, his cock leaking pre-cum.

The natives lashed our wrists and ankles to the bamboo. They lifted and moved us closer. Inches apart. And then our cocks touched. The women tied a strip of rawhide around us. Chanting and sighing. We were on display.

Don lovingly rubbed the front of his penis against Stu’s fleshy monster. Mutually slick with arousal, the erect members slithered erotically. Stuart sighed.

“You…you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Don rasped, moving the head of his cock onto Stu’s frenulum.

“Don’t stop. Feels so good. Different. Sexy.” Don clearly wasn’t about to. The soft, sensitive underside of his penis sensuously rubbed along Stu’s front. Gripping their cocks, Don slowly began a fucking motion. Teasing their slick heads.

“You’re huge Stu. The biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”

Don’s hips lurched and he ejaculated a volley of white semen onto Stu’s cock and stomach.

“AHHHH! Fuck oh fuck. Mmm.” Stuart’s incredibly soft skin encouraged each pulsating spurt and Don groaned through a spectacular, mind blowing orgasm.

Don massaged his sticky essence over Stuart’s throbbing, hot cock. Stu’s eyes were closed.

“So close. So close. Jerk me. Please…now.”

The pace of Don’s wrist action increased watching him shudder and quiver from the intense feelings. Gobs of warm semen shot from Stu’s massive horse cock head. He bucked and moaned in ecstasy. Don milked every last remnant of pure pleasure from his friend. He plopped down onto the bed, attempting to catch his breath.

“Oh wow. That was fantastic.” Don whispered. His feelings of love and deep passion were flowering, growing inside and he didn’t want them to stop.

Stuart rolled over to face him. “You really know how to turn me on. You so get me off. There’s nobody else like you. You know…” Stuart trailed off, a tad embarrassed.

“I think I know what you mean.” Don playfully caressed Stuart’s cock and balls. “God! You’re still hard as a rock!”

“Mmm. Could be the pills or just you.” Don felt a beautiful rush of butterflies in his stomach.

“Are you ready to go again big guy? I…uh…have another story with us in it.”

“Really? You know how much I love your stories.” Stuart teased. Don smirked, his puckered asshole twitched in anticipation.

~To Be Continued~

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