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I was washing the dishes one day. I’m Christina by the way. When my girlfriend Courtney walked in the room completely naked. She pressed herself against my back as I continued to do dishes she kissed my neck and raised the back on my shirt so she could press her bare 32b breasts against my back causing me to shiver. I tried to finish doing the dishes but she wouldn’t stop nibbling my ear whispering how she wanted me. She had me the moment she slide a hand down my pants inside my panties and start to softly stroke my clit kissing my neck the whole time but I tried to pretend that I was still doing the dishes. She kept it up rubbing my clit and kissing my neck my hips started to move to her fingers and within seconds my thick creamy juices were leaking into my panties.

Feeling weak-kneed washcloth still in hand I came in my panties my creamy juices flowing into my panties. As soon as I could support myself I dropped the cloth in the sink and turned to her kissing her as deep and passionately as I could. Once we broke the kiss she toke my hand and lead me to the living room where she laid me down one the couch. She laid down beside me and we started kissing again with her free hand she open my legs which I more then willingly spread for her hand went back down my pants and panties stroking my clit at first then move to push 2 fingers deep inside my dripping creamy pussy deep as she could slowly moving them in and out causing me to moan into her mouth. As her fingers moved in and out of me I started moving my hips to her finger meeting them as they were thrust deep inside me casino siteleri moaning louder as she started to finger me faster causing me to cum again hard my juices leaking around her fingers onto my panties soaking through them now.

Courtney slowed her pace so I could calm and as I did I whispered to her you love when I cum in my panties don’t you. She whispered back yes. And then proceeded to take my pants off. Then she looked down at my panty-covered crotch to see my panties sticking to me completely soaked through she smiled. Then leaning down she started sucking my pussy through my panties making me push to her mouth. I started to moan her name loudly loving every moment of it. She started to suck harder pushing her tongue into my panties causing my panties to push inside me I came hard my juices going right through my panties into her mouth pushing to her hard moaning loudly not able to control myself.

As I calmed down once again I told her to straddle my face I wanted her pussy so bad by this point I could not contain it anymore.

As she straddled me I pulled her down making my tongue fall over her clit licking and sucking it like a wild woman. A moment later she looked down at me and said I have to pee hold on. But instead of letting her go I gripped her tighter and suctioned over pee hole and sucked hard causing her to pee right into my mouth. Drinking her golden nectar down every last drop. I continued to lick her pussy within seconds after that I had her Cumming hard and wildly into my mouth my tongue stuck deep inside her taking all her canlı casino juices inside of me. As she calmed she looked down at me and said ohhhhhhh didn’t know you could be so nasty. I just smiled back up at her and continued tongue deep inside her pussy licking sucking taking all I could with greed till I had her Cumming again drinking her down again. Letting her calm she moved back to laying beside me.

As we lay there we kissed holding each other close whispering how much we loved each other. Soon after we fell asleep. Not waking till we heard a knock on the door waking us. As we awoke to the door being knocked on I got up and put on my pants. Walking to the door I could still feel my panties were soaked and sticking to me. I answered the door as Courtney covered herself with a near by blanket. I was surprised to see it was our neighbor’s daughter Lisa 18 and a beauty and to this point Courtney and I assumed she was straight. She stood there fidgeting for a moment then said I heard you 2 through a open window and I kind of got turned on by what you were doing. Did you I said as I watched her fidget. She said well I actually played with myself a bit and once you 2 were done I umm wanted to come over but it toke me a bit to work up the courage. I looked over at Courtney and she uncovered herself telling me yes invite her in.

I told Lisa to come in. she walked in and right away her eyes were fixed on Courtney naked body. Courtney spread her legs to give Lisa a better view. I walked up behind and whispered into her ear do you see something you want. She just kaçak casino nodded silently. At that I toke her hand and lead her over to Courtney laying their spread eagle for her. Courtney reached down between her legs and spreads herself open looked at Lisa and said want a taste. Lisa blushed and nodded yes. I moved behind her again and whispered go-ahead lick her pussy. At that she moved down between her legs moving inches away from her pussy she stuck out her tongue and started timidly licking Courtney pussy. I leaned in and whispered in her ear lick deep inside her she loves that. Lisa slowly slides her tongue deep inside Courtney. Now wiggle it I told her. She did so with in a couple of minutes she had Courtney Cumming in her mouth for the first time. Lisa did not move but instead drank her juices down.

As I watched Lisa licking my girlfriend I toke my pants back off and fingered my pussy on a near by chair watching. I came a few times my panties beyond soaked now. As I watched. Courtney had Lisa pants and panty less and straddling her face as she eats and Lisa young and fresh pussy her tongue deep with in Lisa moaning and moving wildly to Courtney tongue. Lisa started Cumming hard on Courtney tongue. Soon after Lisa feel limp laying there motionless catching her breath. I moved to her side asking her how she enjoyed that. She looked at me smiled and said she would be back tomorrow for more but she wanted me next. I smiled back at her and told her that was very possible. As she got up I toke off my panties and gave them to her. She smile held them up to her noise and inhaled deep and left after getting dressed.

Once gone I laid down with Courtney and we went back to sleep not waking till the next morning. I got up before Courtney and finished the dishes and then laid back down with her till she awoke.

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