Dice Girl Ch. 01

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I have masturbated in my classroom. I have fucked my teacher, a few times. I have done it with another girl. I have done it with a few boys, at the same time. I’ve had it in my pussy, my mouth and my ass, at one point, again, at the same time. I have blown my brother in his sleep. I’ve been a sex slave. And I have let two policemen take photos of me fucking their boss after I killed my ex. Mad? I’m not mad. None of this is even my fault. Why am I telling you this? The dice told me to.


It was Alice’s fault really. We were at university after a sleep inducing lecture and were sat waiting for the bus. It was raining again. I could feel the wet seeping through my shoes. My toes were damp. I hated it.

“Hey, you’ll like this,” Alice said and handed me this book.

“What is it?” I replied shaking my feet dry. It didn’t work.

“It’s called “the dice man”. It’s a bit strange, but I really liked it.”

“Okay, I’ll have a look at it later, I’m not exactly going to go out in this,” I said, “What you up to?”

“Jason,” Alice smiled one of those happy smiles. I hated that. “Jason is coming round and you know, he only comes once a month.”

“I bet he does,” I giggled.

“Oh shut up,” she said, “Least I have a boyfriend.”

Harsh. But she was right. I hadn’t got a boyfriend or anything since I left my ex, which I had left back at home. We’d decided the long distance thing wouldn’t work. Alice and Jason didn’t. They won’t work out.

“Finally,” Alice said. She started flustering inside her purse. She pulled out her bus pass. I did the same.

“Ah a new option.”

Finished. I had read the entire book that night. And, upon finishing I at canlı bahis once had to try it out. I searched my mess of a table and managed to find my monopoly game under a pile of folders. But, the dice were missing. I crouched down; I could feel my short shorts ride up my legs. But, nobody was here, not in my room. I let my hand claw at the back and managed to find my new six sided friend.

“Piece of paper,” I said. I rummaged around for a clean one, unscribbled on from history dates and historic figure profiles.

Referring to the book I followed the rules. Choose six different things to do. I decided to start small, unlike the person in the book. I chose six snacks I could eat,

1. Biscuit

2. Apple

3. Banana

4. Chocolate Bar

5. Toast

6. Nothing

I blew on the die as I shook it in my hands. I let it down. Three. Banana it was. I followed the die’s order and left my room and went to the kitchen. Nobody was awake, I’d spent most of the night reading, and it was past midnight now. I opened my cupboard.

“Sorry,” was written where my bunch of bananas was.

I wasn’t going to let it beat me though. I looked in another one of my flatmates cupboards to find a bunch of ripe bananas. I split one off and before I let the seductive fruit open, I had a thought.

“I’ll ask the die,” I told myself. I walked back to my room.

This time I gave it three choices. One and two said I didn’t eat the banana, but just leave it in my room. Three and four said I could eat the banana. Then, I thought I should try putting something in that was “different.” If it were a five or a six, I would masturbate using the banana.

I rolled the die on my bahis siteleri bed. Six. I can’t say I wasn’t happy with the decision. I smiled to myself enjoying what the die had instructed me to do. I went to my door and locked it. I was already in my pj’s, if you call a pair of short shorts and a baggy t-shirt pyjamas.

I slumped down on the bed with my new sex toy. I’d never used fruit before. I always thought it was weird. But the die told me. I had to do it. I placed the die on my bedside table and spread my legs out on the bed opening up to the fruit. I lay on my back and picked up the banana. I smiled, slightly embarrassed what I was doing and rolled it down my body from my mouth, past my breasts, my now erect nipples and past my bellybutton.

It was so long since I had an object shaped like that on my body. I couldn’t wait to have it inside me. I could feel my panties wetten just thinking about what I was about to do with it. Using the banana only, I rubbed it along my slit letting the folds of my shorts and panties bend into my wet pussy. I teased myself, letting it rub against me, not touching the bare skin.

After much teasing I wiggled out of my shorts and tossed them to the ground. I looked down to see a damp patch on my panties. I bit my lip in antisipation. I let the banana stroke along the patch. It felt better without my shorts on; I wanted to have the real thing now.

I almost ripped my panties off and spread my legs so the banana could get a good view. Though I never had a guy yet on campus, I liked to be ready, so the banana got to see my shaven delight before any men did. I rubbed it down from the recently shaved right down to my quaking lips. I shivered with bahis şirketleri pleasure.

“Why haven’t I done this before?” I thought to myself as I stroked it again.

I arched my back as I continued downward strokes with my new toy. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. No longer was I thinking of it as a piece of fruit I’d stolen from my flatmates cupboard. No. It was a long hard cock begging to fuck my brains out. I spread my lips and let it in gently.

I could feel my pussy stretch slightly as it went deeper inside. I hadn’t had a good fuck in ages. I eased it out a little and rammed it in deep. I let out a small moan of ecstasy as I let it fuck me. I moved my hand faster and faster driving it as deep as I could. I tried to match my hand with my hips, thrusting to my imaginary cock. I let my other hand rub my clit, small circles of spasms of delight.

Feeling myself getting closer to climaxing I kept going. The banana was soaked with my juices already and easily slipped inside filling myself up. I let my finger circle my clit more as I let out another moan, louder. I could feel it coming. With a burst of energy I came, I released the banana, but let it stay inside me, covering it with my juices. I fell back on the bed panting.

“Thank you oh great die,” I told my die whom had sat and watched the spectacle from my bedside table.

I lay staring at the ceiling. “That was soooo good! I wonder what else I can ask it. Maybe what I should tell the person about stealing the banana.”

I didn’t bother getting a piece of paper. If it was a one to three, I told the truth, I shoved it up my pussy and had the time of my life. Better than whatever my ex could do. Or, four to six, I lied and said I had no idea. I grabbed the die and rolled it on the bed. Six. Slightly disappointed I removed my banana. It was still wet, a small drop dripped onto my top.

“What else should I ask the die?”

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