Delay Tactics

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His arms went around her as she walked out of the bathroom fresh from the shower, and she squealed and thrashed, kicking her feet as he effortlessly stripped the towel from her body while holding her off of her feet at the same time.

“Connor! Put me down!”

“OK,” he answered with an evil chuckle and with another two steps toward the bed gave a toss as though she were weightless. Her still wet, nude body landed with a comfortable thump and bounce and she let out another little shriek.

“What are you doing?!” she laughed.

Instead of answering, he began to unbutton his shirt and peeled it free from his wide shoulders.

“Connor! No. I have to get ready. We’re going to be late, and we can’t exactly show at the same time, especially late, and with me disheveled,” she said and started to slide forward on the bed to stand up.

His hand came out, stopping her, and he caressed her face for a moment before catching the hair at the base of her skull and carefully pulling it tight. Lauren let out a little gasp as he tilted her head upward to meet his gaze. His eyes locked onto hers and she felt a little shudder go through her and a warmth begin at her center, as it always did when he looked at her like that.

“Connor, we…” she began again, her voice pleading, but laced with desire as well, but he shook his head and began to pull at his belt buckle with his free hand.

She reached up to help him, pulling the buckle free and unbuttoning his pants her fingers sure even though she felt shaky and flushed. He let go of her hair and caressed her naked shoulders as she pulled his pants down his hips and his cock sprang free. He stepped back just far enough to free himself from the pants and then was back in front of her. His hands went to her shoulders again and she unhesitatingly took his cock into her mouth. He caressed her breasts and ran a thumb over her nipple, squeezing its hardness until he felt the vibration of her moaning around his cock.

Abruptly he pulled free from her mouth and reached down to catch her under her thighs. He picked her up again and her legs went around his waist even as he dropped one of his knees to the bed and crawled forward canlı bahis to place her in the middle of the bed again, his mouth working hungrily against her neck and shoulder as he moved. She leaned back, intending to pull him with her, but he resisted.

“Turn over,” he said, and she smiled against his shoulder. She untangled herself to arrange her legs and turned so that she was on her hands and knees in front of him, her head and shoulders lowered to the bed and her back arched. He took in the smooth line of her spine, the lean muscle of her thighs and back, the dimples in her lower back above her perfectly shaped ass. She was tall enough that she lined up with him almost perfectly.

Connor reached forward and pulled the pillows from alongside her head, slid them beneath her waist used his knee to spread her knees apart. She turned to look back at him, a mischievous grin on her face. He ran his hands over her body, across her back, down her sides, down her thighs, and then back up to her ass, he face a mask of desire and need. He kissed her lower back, his thumbs settled into her dimples and his fingers gripping her narrow waist. She shifted under him, anxious and wanting. He let out a low laugh and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, slowly, fingertips dancing until his hand was against her cunt, cupping it so that the heat of her radiated against his palm. He entered her with his thumb curled it toward the differently textured spot inside her, her g-spot, and ran outer edge of his index finger across her clit.

She sighed his name and pushed back against him and with his other hand he gripped her ass, spread it apart. Without warning, he ran his tongue across her asshole, and she trembled and jerked at the unexpected touch.

“Connor! That’s…” she gasped, but then stopped, instead allowing the feeling to wash over her, the wrongness of it caused her to flush with desire and her pussy to clench around his thumb. He did it again and she relaxed to enjoy it, shut her eyes, ran her tongue over her lips.

“Get your toy,” he said, and went back to licking her at her forbidden core.

“What?” she asked, confused.

“Your toy. The rabbit. It’s in bahis siteleri the bedside drawer,” he answered, and went back to running his tongue across her.

“OH,” she laughed and then moaned again, “You’ve been doing some planning.”

She reached out and grabbed the handle of the drawer and reached inside blindly, her hand falling easily on the rabbit. She reached back and dropped the toy at the side of her thigh, within his reach, and then clutched at the bedspread as his tongue actually penetrated her ass.

“Fuck. Goddamnit, Connor, you are a dirty fucking bastard. Jesus that feels good,” she whimpered.

Connor pulled his hand free from her and picked up the toy. It was bright and translucent, shaped like a penis with a clearly defined head and the outline of veins. Inside were stainless steel ball bearings inside that when turned on would rotate. Jutting from the base of it at a 45-degree angle was a caricature of a rabbit with two ears that vibrated to stimulate the clit.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Fuck me, Connor. Do what you want.”

He pushed the toy inside of her and pushed the controls that would activate the rotation and vibration, and she immediately started to tremble with pleasure, her breath coming in short sips.

“Take it,” he said, and she reached back between her legs, past the pillows to take hold of the base of the toy. She felt the bed shift as he moved and then felt his tongue on her ass again. The cords of muscle stood out in her forearm and her wrist flushed with the strain of the thrusting as she fucked herself. When she felt his finger, slick with lubricant at her asshole, she realized what he had in mind and trembled even harder.

“Oh, Fuck, Connor.”

“What do you want me to do, Lauren?”

She didn’t hesitate. “I want you to fuck me. Fuck me in the ass.”

He pushed gently on the small of her back so that she settled forward against the pillows and let her legs stretch out behind her, spread wide. She continued to fuck herself and then felt the head of his cock at her asshole, his thighs on the outside of her ass. His knuckles pressed against her as he held his cock by its base and pushed forward, bahis şirketleri slowly forcing himself inside her.

When the resistance gave way, he felt her tense for a moment, and he waited, allowing her to adjust to his presence inside her, the extra fullness that he was causing as she continued to fuck herself with the Rabbit. When he felt her relax, when the almost impossible tightness and heat eased up a fraction, he pushed forward again until he was as far inside her ass as he could be, hands on her waist again, and balls against her wrist and the toy she was working in and out of herself. He felt her first small orgasm as he began to pull backward and then began to fuck her ass slowly, pulling almost all the way out and then pushing back in until he was buried completely once again. He ran his hands up her spine again as he fucked her ass, reveling in the smoothness of her skin, and appreciating the tint of it as she flushed with pleasure. She was groaning and incoherent, forearm rock hard with exertion and wrist bouncing against his balls, and he began fucking her harder and faster. He could feel the pressure of the rabbit inside her pushing against his cock through her interior wall, and the vibration was traveling through her, driving him on.

Suddenly he felt his orgasm rushing up from his core. He didn’t have warning, or ability to hold back, to wait at all, and his grip tightened into her waist.

“Lauren!” he barked, and his breath raged out of him as he sawed in and out of her.

She didn’t answer in words but shoved back against him, howling her encouragement, fucking herself with one hand and scratching at the bedspread with the other as she came in a series of building orgasms.

When he came, it boiled up from somewhere inside he that rarely existed. He thrust forward and stayed there, sweat rolling down him and mingling with hers. Finally he collapsed on top of her as she let the toy fall free at the same time his cock pulled out of her.

He lay gasping, rolling his weight free from her, ridiculously and illogically now afraid of hurting her. She turned and curled into his arms, pushing herself away from the pillows and fitting perfectly into his arms, lining up against him.

“We’re definitely going to be late,” she said with a giggle.

“Fuck ’em,” he replied and kissed her shoulder, and pulled her even closer.

“Yeah,” she laughed. “Fuck em.”

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