DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend Part 3

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DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend Part 3
DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend Part Three (of 15)
Suzy stood there, leaning against the door frame and looking me over. She
said, “I hear you met my three stepsons?”
I replied, “I saw them but we didn’t actually exchange names, mistress.”
She continued to stare at me, then said, “I’m sure you’ll get to know them
much better before the weekend is over. The youngest one is 19 and just out
of high school. They’re all just a year apart in age but they won’t be
around again until Robert invites them to join us.”
Suzy was still watching me for a reaction, then she said, “Well, it seems
you’ve been a very good girl while I was gone so you may now stand up. We’ve
all been watching you over the security camera up there.” She was pointing
up at a camera looking down on the porch that I hadn’t even noticed.
I stood up. My knees were a bit sore and it felt good to be standing again.
Both Suzy and I were wearing five inch heels and at 5′ 2″ I was still a
couple inches taller than she was, but there was no doubt about who was in
charge here. As our eyes met I said, “Thank you mistress Suzy.”
She stepped up to me and locked a red collar around my neck. Then she
clipped a leash to the collar.
“I’ll explain how this all works. Mark has assured us that you are a sexual
power house and that you are an experienced submissive. So you have been
brought here this weekend to perform for Robert and we will decide at the end
of the weekend as to your worth as a slave slut. If you don’t play by our
rules, you’ll be punished. Questions?”
I replied, “No Mistress.”
Suzy continued, “Anytime you decide you want to leave you are free to go.
Everything we do here is based on a consensual power exchange. You will never
be forced to do anything. Obedience and a eager to please attitude will be
your ticket to becoming a welcome and valuable member of our elite group. Of
course if you disappoint us and are not up to our standards then you will
be sent home and it is unlikely that you would be invited back.”
I looked at Suzy and said, “I understand and I promise I won’t disappoint.”
“Very good DeAnn, I have a feeling you’re going to fit in just fine.”
“Mark has told us you are multi-Orgasmic and he says you really enjoy sex.
Keep in mind that güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri your pleasure is second to your obedience so if you happen
to enjoy what you have been ordered to do that is a bonus but if you are
not enjoying it, well, that’s where your obedience is tested.”
I was feeling so hot standing there naked and having this sexy bitch lay
down the law. I’m sure she could read me and knew what I was felling.
Suzy continued, “This is not all about sex. This is about domination and
submission first, and everything else will come second to obedience. The
things Robert may have you do will progressively become more challenging as he
explores your abilities and molds you into the perfect obedient slut slave.”
“If you are a good, obedient slave you will be loved and valued here.
you’ll never be punished, but there will always be some discipline during your
training. This weekend is just the start. If you succeed and are a good girl
then you and your husband can become members of our select group here and
enjoy other weekends meeting some of our other members too. you will discover
there are many benefits to being a member of our elite society as you will
discover as time goes by. I’m sure Mark wouldn’t have brought you here unless
he was confident that you will succeed.”
I simply said, “Yes Mistress.”
“There is a pecking order here at the house. Both men, Robert and Mark, are
always our masters. We will both be submissive to them. I am what you would
call, second in command. You, DeAnn, are at the bottom of the pecking
order. You are the new slave and you will be submissive to us all. You will obey
everybody, and you will show an eager to please attitude as well. As far as
my step sons go, that will be up to Robert. That means that when Robert
desires you to serve his sons, he will command it and you will do it. The boys
are no doubt looking forward to slut time with the new girl and they are very
energetic and well equipped. Slut training will be part of your over all
obedience training and I suspect the three boys will be involved in some of
Suzy watched me closely, gauging my reactions to what she was telling me.
Then she asked me, “Have you ever been used as a slut DeAnn?”
I replied, “Yes Mistress, I have had many submissive sex encounters as Mark
has desired and canlı poker oyna with who Mark has desired, so I do have some experience and
I think I can do whatever is required.”
Suzy looked at me thoughtfully and then she said, “I do believe you can
DeAnn. Robert will be paying close attention to your attitude and ability to
complete his commands. This is your first visit to the house and how you
handle yourself this weekend will decide what your future status will be here. In
time you might get promoted to my level and if that happens then the two of
us will be out here giving this speech to other new girls. Keep in mind I
said might.”
At this point she reached out and squeezed my left tit and pinched my
nipple hard. Her eyes never left mine as she squeezed and pinched. It hurt so
good. She then stepped in close and slid her other hand over my shaved pussy
and entered me with two fingers. I was shivering and a small moan escaped my
lips. This was the kind of action I craved.
Suzy smiled a wicked smile and said, “My, my, somebody is very wet.”
Still squeezing, pinching, and fingering me Suzy said, “Mark has given you
to Robert for the entire weekend which means Robert owns you now, until
Sunday at least. It’s important that you understand that you will get no help or
advice from Mark this weekend. In fact you will not speak to Mark or anyone
else unless you are spoken to first. Robert is the only man in your life
now and he will decide how you can best serve and amuse him. You are now
Robert’s property.”
Then as an afterthought she said, “But don’t worry about your husband being
bored. Robert has traded me to Mark in exchange for you and I intend to
take care of your husband and serve his every whim and desire with all my heart
and soul. No, Mark won’t be bored, I assure you.”
“I think at this point you should understand the rules and what
expectations that Master Robert has where you are concerned. So now it’s time to take
you to meet your new owner.”
I was feeling really helpless at this point and part of me liked it. I have
never been in a situation that required me to be totally submissive, and to
a man I haven’t even seen yet but I looked at Suzy and said, “Yes Mistress,
I desire only to please.”
I could tell by the look on her face that I had given her the right
response. In truth, I was wet and internet casino horny and anxious to get inside and meet my new
owner. This was turning out to be a very exciting weekend. Well, so far at
Suzy replied, “My good girl,” and then grabbed a handful of my blonde hair
and jerked me to her for a long, wet kiss. I kissed her back
enthusiastically and sucked her tongue as it entered my mouth. We were still out on the
porch and this was so damn hot. As we kissed she was still fingering me and
pulling my hair and I had a shivering climax.
Suzy broke off the kiss but still had a tight grip on my hair as she
removed her fingers from my pussy and held them up to my mouth. Without a word I
opened my mouth and eagerly sucked her fingers clean for her. So far I was
loving this action and I thought about the big smile I figured Mark was
wearing while watching us out here on the porch via the security camera. I knew I
had made him proud. At least so far. I still really didn’t know for sure
what was about to happen to me but that too made this more exciting.
Finally Suzy stepped back and said, “It’s time to present you to Robert. We
have kept him waiting long enough. Don’t worry about your clothes here on
the porch, they will still be here waiting for you when you leave. If you
need clothes during the weekend, Robert will have me provide them for you to
wear. We have a large selection of sexy outfits and shoes for our guests to
wear if desired by the masters.”
I was pulled by my leash and we entered the house. The door shut behind us
as Suzy firmly pulled my leash and led me into the beautiful interior of the
I had a sudden nervous feeling, the reality of the situation seemed to fall
over me when I heard that front door close but I knew it was too late for
feeling uncertain. I was naked, collared and leashed and being led to a
stranger who would use me as his personal property, his slave, his slut. What was
there to be nervous about?
From here on, I had to focus on nothing but obedience to my new master. I
would be a good girl I thought to myself. No matter what, I must be a good
Suzy led me into a lavishly decorated room and there sitting on sofas
across from each other was my husband Mark and a handsome black man who looked to
be in his early 40’s. This was Robert, my new owner.
I glanced at Mark and he winked at me but I quickly refocused my eyes on
Suzy said, “Kneel before your master DeAnn”. She then handed my leash to
Robert as I knelt before him and then took her place on her knees before Mark.

To be continued in PART FOUR
( Total of 15 chapters )

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