DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend Part 13

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DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend Part 13
DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend
Part 13
Suzy, as I was finding out, is not only very bi, but she’s also very
aggressive and likes to play rough too. Quite a difference from the submissive,
eager to please, persona she displays when she is with my husband Mark. I’m
sexually submissive with both sexes so I was really enjoying being with Suzy
in a one on one situation where she could reveal more of her bi, dominatrix
side. What a gorgeous Asian hottie she is.
Suzy moved closer to me and then she grabbed me roughly by my blonde hair
and forced her tongue into my mouth. We began wet kissing and Suzy pulled my
hair harder and began sucking on my tongue. I was so turned on I just kissed
her back as passionately as I could. Our tits were pressing together as
Suzy pressed me back in the wall of the spa. I felt so submissive and horny I
think I was shivering a little.
She finally stopped kissing me and just looked me up and down like I was
something good to eat and she was very hungry. I no sooner thought that when
she said, “I could just eat you up, girl.” It was like she had read my mind.
She yanked my hair to pull me closer and then she put her tongue on my neck
and ran it up and over my chin and across my lips in one wet, long lick.
She was like an a****l in heat. Aggressive and wild. I was loving this and
felt totally ensnared in her power. I was hers and she knew it and she knew
that I knew it too. I’ve never felt this hot with another woman before and it
was intoxicating.
Suddenly, she pulled my head back türkçe bahis by my hair in her left hand and then she
roughly grabbed me by the throat with her right hand and squeezed. She
looked me in the eyes and said, “You’re mine bitch. You fucking belong to me.
She had a real tight grip on my throat but I managed to say, “Yes Mistress.
I will do anything you want.” I could feel her grip lesson and she looked
At that point, she smiled and removed her right hand from my throat and
then hauled back and slapped me across the face. I was surprised but I didn’t
try to move away. She still had a tight fist full of my hair and she shook my
head, pulling my hair, and then slapped me hard again.
I felt my face burning and feeling a little numb at the same time but I
just accepted it and waited to see what she would do next.
I was surprised when she released her hold on my hair and then pulled my
lip down with her index finger. She looked at me and said, “You’re a tough
bitch. I thought you would bleed for me but you haven’t. I think maybe you
don’t really want to please me?”
I said, “No mistress. I really do want to please you. What can I do to show
you how much? Please, tell what I can do to make you happy with me?”
Suzy smiled an evil smile and said, “Stick your face out so I can slap you
until you bleed. Do not pull back from me if you truly want to please me.”
I have never, ever, been in a situation like this before. Like I said, I am
sexually submissive but this was a deep kind of total submission that I
didn’t have any experience with but before I could think, I had my face perabet pushed
out for her to hit.
She smiled as I said, “Please Mistress Suzy, I want you to hit me.”
And then she did. Wham! She didn’t hold anything back on that one. I
actually saw stars for just a second but I kept my face out there for her as she
had told me too. I felt something run down my chin and as I licked my swollen
lips I could taste the blood.
Suzy grabbed me by the hair again and said, “Good girl. Yes, you are so
good my pet.” Then she licked the blood from my split lower lip like a very
turned on Vampire.
After that, I knew I would do anything she said. I definitely was hers.
This weekend started out with me thinking it was going to all be about
submissive sex and there was a lot of that but now it had taken me someplace I have
never been or even thought about. I had crossed some unseen line. I was now
a slave. This was not something I had considered. I was a slave. Wow.
As I licked more blood off my lip, Suzy pulled herself out of the spa so
she was now sitting on the edge facing me. I looked up at her as she spread
her legs and said, “You may please me, slave.”
I buried my swollen face into her gorgeous shaved pussy and began to lick
and tongue her with a new found submissive passion. I found her clit and in
no time she was moaning. I slipped my arms up under her legs and she reached
down and grabbed me by both wrists.
Her moans were getting louder and now I was the a****l in heat and she was
definitely something good to eat. Very good. I could taste her as she got
wetter and then she had a strong series of perabet giriş orgasm’s and that’s when I
discovered that Suzy is multi-O and a screamer.
I thought for sure that lights would be coming on and people would be
coming out to see what all the noise was about but none of that happened. I guess
this is the norm around here. I hadn’t been told to stop so I just
continued eating her pussy and her screams subsided down to moans again.
Finally, she yanked my hair and pulled my face back. She looked at me and
said, “Fuck that was intense. I think I’ll keep you.”
“Thank you, Mistress,” I said in return.
Suzy got up and pointed to the ground in front of her so I got out of the
spa and stood where she had pointed. She said to me, “grab a towel slave and
dry me off.”
I toweled her from top to bottom and took an especially long time toweling
her beautiful long black hair. Then I dried myself off.
Suzy was now sitting in a deck chair and pointing at her high heels. I
picked her shoes up and knelt down and put them on her. She told me, “If you
haven’t figured it out yet, high heels are mandatory for all females here at
the mansion. To be worn at all times when practical. Now get your shoes on,
I put my ankle strap black pumps back on and then Suzy snapped my leash
back onto my collar and gave it a jerk. I meekly followed her back into the
house and to the elevator.
Suzy pushed the buttons and got off on the second floor. As we exited the
elevator we turned away from the room I knew my husband was in which
surprised me. Somehow I thought I would be returned to him at this point. Suzy led
me down the hall to another door and then she knocked.
I heard a deep, masculine voice say, “You may enter.”
Suzy opened the door and dropped to her knees. She gave my leash a hard
jerk and I quickly dropped to my knees also.

Continued in Chapter 14

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