Daddy in the Dark Pt. 02

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I lay in my bed running over what had just happened. While my parents were both out of town I had tried to lure over my useless boyfriend Josh for a naughty night of passion. The plan was to get him home and into my parent’s bedroom then have him make love to me while I called him “Daddy”. It was a kink of mine that I at last wanted to explore. What ended up happening was SO much better than that. Josh blew me off to hang out with his college mates. I ended up falling asleep on my parent’s bed where in the dark of night my Dad, who had come home early from his business trip, found me. Mistaking me for my mother he did things to me, forbidden things, until he discovered the truth. I could have stopped it at any time but I didn’t. He got angry, he kicked me out of the room, he said we would never ever speak of it.

We might not speak of it but he couldn’t erase what happened.

What a night! I had lived a blessed life thus far but this was easily the best night of my young life.

For the rest of that night I get very little sleep. I lay in the dark of my room staring up into the darkness with a silly grin on my face. All I could think about was my father. His strong arms and his manly scent, his big hands and his thick cock, his deep voice and his powerful kiss. Ohhhh, the way he held me…it was heaven. I now knew what it meant to be with a man. A real man. Ridiculous little boys like Josh would never turn my head again.

My pussy still sang with joy. It felt raw and used and wonderfully well fucked. I could still remember that magical moment and the deep powerful throb as he came inside of me. I could still feel his seed in my pussy and I silently thank him for that special gift. I told him I was on the pill to make him feel better. It was a lie but I knew I wasn’t ovulating…I was pretty sure anyway. And if I lay very still and concentrate I could still feel his rough hands groping my tits and his arms holding me tight.

The longer I lay there the more and more outrageous my thoughts became. An ugly knot of jealousy began to grow inside me. What was so wrong about what we did? Why should Mom get him all to herself? She wasn’t the only one who loved him. She wasn’t the only one to yearn for his touch. Why shouldn’t Daddy enjoy his hot 19 year old daughter anytime he wanted? Why shouldn’t I…

“Gah!” I let out a sigh and shake my head. These thoughts were crazy. Literally insane. What had gotten into me? My wicked smile returns. Daddy had gotten into me. Deep and hard into me. Ohhhh, that moment when he came inside of me…ohhhhh it was heaven!

I shake my head again and bring myself back down to Earth. No Fawn, this wasn’t right. This was seriously fucked up! What happened happened. It was a memory I knew I would always cherish but it wasn’t something that would ever happen again. My priority now had to be making amends. I needed to make things right with my father again. He was my Daddy and I was his little girl, he meant the absolute world to me. He had been so angry when he sent me from his room, angrier than he’d ever been, and understandably so! I had been a terrible daughter to allow that to happen. I prayed I hadn’t messed things up with him beyond the point of repair.

I make a resolution that tomorrow I would do everything I could to mend our father-daughter relationship…right after I got my ass to a clinic for a morning after pill! Jesus I’d been irresponsible this night. The fantasy was over and it was time to get back to reality.

I manage to get a couple more hours sleep before I finally roll out of bed. I slip into a long oversized t shirt I used as a nightie then slip across the hall to clean up. I still had the dried love sweat and other secretions on my body from the night before. The hallway is quiet and my parent’s door was still closed at the end of the hall. I take a very quick and very hot shower. As I scrub and rub my naked body of the smell of the taboo sex I had experienced I once more feel that glow of happiness all through me. All I could think about was my father’s big strong hands handling and fondling me and holding me.

“Mmmmm.” I hum happily as I grab my breast as he had the night before. If I had more time I would have put the hand held shower nozzle to good use but I wanted to be sure to talk to Dad before he left for the day.

I rinse off, dry off, brush my long blonde hair, and pull my nightie on. When I step back out into the hall I could hear the low bass of my father’s voice in his room. He was talking on the phone to someone. I pause a moment, wondering if it was my mother he was talking to, before turning to head downstairs. I consciously tamp down the irrational feelings of jealousy toward my mom as I go.

I go straight to the kitchen and immediately start pulling out food from the fridge. Eggs, bacon, various fruit and berries, etc. I dance and spin across the kitchen, the cold tile against my bare feet doesn’t bother me a bit. I had that morning after buzz, drifting gleefully about casino oyna on cloud 9. I get a pot of coffee going then busy myself with fixing the best damned breakfast I could make. I knew my father would be angry no matter what I did but I also knew some coffee and a good freshly made breakfast in his belly couldn’t hurt my cause. He was a man of large appetites and I wanted to be the one to quell those hungers.

As I fix breakfast I look out over our expansive back yard to the the trees beyond. My eyes drift upward. The sun was bright, the sky was a lovely Cerulean blue, and a few fluffy white clouds drifted lazily by. Everything just seemed…better. The colors were richer, the light was warmer, everything just shone with natural beauty. It was such a wonderful day. I truly couldn’t remember such a nice day as this.

I begin to hum a cheerful little song and wiggle my tush in a little dance as I slice into a cantaloupe to start a fruit salad.


Thump, thump, thump, thump.

I hear my father’s slow heavy footfalls as he comes down the stairs. His stride was plodding and even hesitant. He was surely dreading this first, sure to be excruciatingly awkward, encounter between us since our nighttime adventure.

My heart was beating and my breath caught in my throat. I honestly had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what I would say or what he would say. I can only pray for the best.

Thump, thump, thump.

His foot steps go quiet as he hits floor level. I wait anxiously, checking over the plate I had made for him a third time to make sure everything was picture perfect.

He appears in the hallway, standing just outside the kitchen. His large form fills the entry and I am immediately struck with a bolt of powerful arousal. He looked good! Real good. The morning light reflecting up off the white tile floor gave his handsome bearded face a warm radiance. The little bit of gray in his beard and hair made him look so dashing and distinguished. He was already dressed and ready to go out. He wore slate black trousers and a nice cobalt blue collared shirt. His sleeves were rolled up to just below his elbows revealing his thick hairy forearms. The top button of the shirt was undone allowing a little glimpse of his upper chest. God he filled out those clothes so damn well.

I could see right away that the anger from the night before was long gone. In its place was shame and resentment. It killed me seeing him like this. I never meant to hurt him.

It also bothered me that I wasn’t feeling the same. Where was my shame? Where was my regret? It stung that I’d hurt my father, but for the taboo act itself…nothing. No guilt or remorse. Quite the opposite. I LOVED the fact that it had happened! What the hell was wrong with me? I push those those thoughts from my mind.

There is a moment of tense silence before he says. “I’m going out.” His piercing blue eyes were focused on a random spot on the wall off to my right. He didn’t even want to look at me and that broke my heart. He turns to go.

“Wait!” I say. “Wait…I, uh, I made you breakfast.”

He peers back over his wide shoulder. I motion towards the perfectly arranged plate I had so painstakingly put together. He thinks about it then shakes his head and turns away. “I gotta go.”

“Dad, I made it for you.”

He takes a step toward the front door.

“Daddy…please.” I say softly. “I need us to be normal again. I’m sorry. Please stay.”


I grip my hands nervously. “I love you Daddy. I didn’t mean for it… I…don’t know what I can say. How can I fix this? I’m sorry. Please. I’m so sorry.”

I watch his shoulders rise and fall as he takes in then lets out a big breath. His head bows and all goes quiet. The pause seems to stretch on forever. Finally, mercifully, he straightens up once more and nods his head. Turning back he enters the kitchen and takes a seat at the breakfast bar. At no point does he actually look at me.

“Smells good.” He says in a low quiet voice.

I smile brightly.

I hurry to take his plate and serve it out in front of him. I bring him a knife and fork then go to pour him a freshly brewed mug of coffee. Cream and lots of sugar just like he likes it. Daddy likes it sweet. As I rush around to serve him I am suddenly keenly aware that I wore only the long t shirt nightie. This was not unusual for the morning just hanging around the house but after what had happened the night before I realized I should have worn something more concealing. The shape of my titties were easy to discern through the thin well worn cotton and if I moved suddenly the wrong way there was a chance my butt might peek out, never mind the fact my bare legs were almost completely exposed.

‘Way to go Fawn, way to put him at ease.’ I sarcastically berate myself. ‘Dumb, dumb, dumb!’

As I spin back toward him, his warm coffee mug in my slender hands, I just catch him looking in my direction. His eyes snap back down to canlı casino his plate. Was…he looking at my ass!? Was he checking me out!? I can feel my nipples harden with arousal before I shake my head. No, of course he wasn’t checking me out! I was being such a silly girl.

I bring him his coffee then pull up a stool beside his. As I get a whiff of his cologne a flood of memories from the night before fill my mind.

I take a breath and settle my wild libido. Sitting quietly I watch him eat the food I prepared for him. You could cut the tension with a knife. It was as if there was a vast distance between us though he sat within arm’s length. It had never been like this before. I remind myself that this was my fault. I allowed the thing to happen and now I had to accept the consequences. But he was here eating my food, it was a start.

Dad peeks over at me as he chews on some scrambled eggs. “Not eating?”

I shake my head. “I made this for you. To make up for last night.” I cringe. That wasn’t what I meant to say! As if a breakfast could make up for committing the ultimate taboo. I was messing this up. I was so damned nervous I didn’t know if I was coming or going.

“Make up for…!?” He lets out huff. I watch his face flinch and the grip on his fork tighten. “We don’t talk about that.” He says in a low serious tone. “We never EVER talk about that.”

“Yes Daddy.” I whisper meekly. “I’m sorry. I love you Dad.”

He sighs again and I sense the nervous energy drain from his hulking body. “I love you too Kitten.”

Tears well up in my eyes. He used his nickname for me! That single word did more to put my mind at ease than any long eloquent speech ever could. I can’t hide the smile that comes to my face. Wiping the tears from my eyes I settle in and quietly watch him once more. He called me Kitten. Everything was going to be okay.


I sit there watching my father eat the meal I had so painstakingly prepared for him. He obviously liked it and that made me feel good. While things were far from normal the tension had palpably eased between us. I did wish we could talk about it but I knew in the end that would simply upset him. Besides, what could I really say for myself? I could only say sorry so many times.

Dad glances over at me. He pauses a moment as he looks at me closely then returns his attention to his plate. He says what any father might. “You should eat. Not good to skip breakfast.”

“I’m okay.” I assure him.

“So, what are you up to today?” He asks as casually as he could manage.

“I don’t know yet. I have to go out for a bit.” I skip the part about it being a trip to the clinic. “Then I’m not sure. Probably just bum around the house or something.”

He clears his throat and shifts uncomfortably. “Not going out with Josh?”

I don’t mean to but I let out an exasperated breath. “Pahh. Uhh, no. He and I are done Daddy.”

This surprises him. “Oh?”

“I…” I sigh. “He’s a foolish boy. The whole reason I was…um…well…sleeping where I was…uhhh… I was lonely and…I wanted to be somewhere…nice.”

“Hm.” Dad hums. He eats another couple pieces of melon before saying. “Good. Never liked him much. He’s a punk. He wasn’t good enough for you Kitten. You deserve better than him.”

I smile. Now I KNEW I made the right choice. If Daddy didn’t like him he was no good. My Daddy was a good judge of character. My Daddy was the smartest man I knew. I loved my Daddy and I knew he looked out for me. Nearly dancing on air I grab his empty coffee mug and go to get him another sweet creamy coffee. I pour the coffee and stir in the cream and sugar.

I pause. I remember the first coffee I prepared for him. I remember looking back and as his eyes flitted away from me. I’d convinced myself he wasn’t checking me out but…but… Some irrepressibly impish part of me allows the spoon to slip from my fingers and drop with cling clang cling on the tile floor at my bare feet. I take a fortifying breath…then bend over at my waist to pick it up. I don’t bend at the knees at all, choosing to fold straight forward with my ass pointed directly at my father. I feel the hem of my nightie run up my butt as I bend. I knew my pussy would juuuust be peeking out now. I pause longer than I needed to, take the spoon in my fingers, then slowly straighten back up again.

I turn back to Daddy and giggle. “He he he. Oops, butterfingers.”

Dad’s focus was on his plate as he finished up the last bit of the breakfast I’d made him but he had a subtle pink blush coloring his cheeks above his beard. He’d seen it alright. He saw my bare pussy. The thought excited me. There is a long moment of silence, a VERY long moment of silence as he seemed to gather his thoughts, before he finally says. “Fawn.”

“Yes Daddy?”


“Mmm?” I smile brightly and nervously nibble my bottom lip.

“I…uh…” The seconds tick by like minutes in the suddenly electric atmosphere. “I…” I wait for kaçak casino what seems like an eternity. He suddenly straightens up in his seat. “I don’t care for belly button piercings. They’re tacky.”

“Oh…okay.” I reply with a bit of confusion. What an odd thing to say.

His next words send me for a loop. “Your mother’s perfume…is nice. I like it. It’s my favorite. Smells nice on a woman.”

My breath catches in my chest and my eyes widen as his words hang in the air. My heart is pounding in my ears. What was that supposed to mean!?

“Ahem.” He clears his throat. “I…I should go. A lot to do today. I probably won’t be home until late.” His blue eyes glance up at me and hold me in place for a long five count. He then smiles like everything was perfectly normal and stands up with a stretch of his back. His hulking muscular body fills his shirt magnificently as he stretches and flexes. “Could be very late actually. It’ll probably be after dark. Don’t wait up for me.” He looks me square in the eyes with an intensity I’d never seen before. “Love you Kitten. Hope you have good day.”

And with that he turns and exits the room.

I stand there stunned, the stirring spoon still held loosely in my hand, as I hear the front door close followed closely by the sharp snarl of his Porsche Boxster coming to life. It is just another moment after that I hear the engine get put into gear and the car roars out the driveway far faster than usual.

Without realizing it I’d been holding my breath this whole time. I let out a gasp and the spoon once more slips from my fingers and lands with a cling clang cling on the tile floor at my bare feet.


I’m not sure how long I stood there before finally gathering my wits about me. When I finally do the very first thing I did was undo and pull my belly button ring out and toss it in the trash. The second thing I did was phone up Josh and dump his punk ass. He was upset and confused but I simply did not care. He couldn’t hold a candle to Daddy, not as a lover and not as a man.

I run over again and again what Dad has said to me. He didn’t like piercings, insinuating I should get rid of it. He liked Mom’s perfume, insinuating I should wear it. He said he wouldn’t be home until…after dark. Just like last night! With no piercing to give me away and wearing my mother’s fragrance there would be nothing to distinguish her and I in the dark of night. This couldn’t be real.

And it wasn’t just what he said. It was how he said it. His cheeks were still flushed from seeing my bare butt and teen pussy when he told me these things. His voice had been measured and careful, but brimming over with some hidden meaning. Was I imagining that? He wouldn’t knowingly commit incest, would he? He wouldn’t purposely cheat on my Mom, would he?

I continue mulling it over as I clean up the dishes from my father’s breakfast. No matter how I looked at it it seemed he was inviting me to “trick” him again. Was I imagining this? What was he really telling me? Was I crazy? The invitation seemed so obvious, and yet…it couldn’t be. Could it? Gah!

I wander the house in something of a daze as I dare to dream of another night of forbidden pleasures. But that would only work if Mom stayed away for another night. Did Daddy know something I didn’t? There was that phone call I heard him on this morning…

Hurrying to my room I quickly find my phone and text.

“Hey Mom! How’s the visit?”

I send it and hope that my Mother couldn’t somehow magically infer the ulterior motive for my question. Sitting on the edge of my bed I stare at the screen and wait for a response. Mercifully I don’t have to wait long.

“Your Father didn’t tell you?” The message says.

I could feel my heart beating in my chest. My mouth was dry and my palms clammy. With trembling fingers I reply.

“Nah, what’s up?”

The wait, though no more than half a minute, stretched on for an eternity.

“Grandma twisted her ankle. Nothing serious but I’m going to stick around for a few days to help out.”

In a swoon I fall back onto my bed, arms out wide, and stare up at the ceiling with the biggest happiest dreamiest smile of my life. That message was all the confirmation I needed. Mom would be gone for days yet. Dad and I had the place all to ourselves. The way was free and clear for another unholy “mistake” to happen in the pitch black of the witching hour.

I got your message Daddy. I got your message loud and clear!


The confirmation shakes me right down to my core. Strange new emotions that I had been bottling up since last night are unleashed and roll through my psyche like a tsunami. Tears roll down my temples as I stare up at the ceiling with unseeing eyes, tears of unabashed joy.

This was really happening!

Gathering my wits I force myself to come back down to Earth. As fast I can I wrap up my goodbyes and well wishes to my mother and grandmother. Once more I am struck by my complete lack of contrition as I text with my Mom, the woman whose husband had fucked me just last night in HER marriage bed. Again, no guilt, no regret, no disgust or revulsion, only taboo desire. I was such a bad girl.

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