Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 14

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Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 14
Part 14

“Candy it is!”

We had been driving for around 2 hours, mostly on the highway.

“I’m getting hungry. Let’s take a break!”

“Yeah, I could really use a coffee too!” I said.

“Good! Let’s hold at the next gas station!”

After 10 minutes of driving, we turned off to the gas station and found a place to park. He quickly jumped out and got my heels for me, and opened the door for me again.

“I got you, Candy! You just sit there with your feet turned to me!”

I turned around on the seat. The car was pretty high for little me. He took my ankle again and guided my nylon feet in my white high heels and closed the strap. His big hands felt warm and nice when he put his hands on my nyloned ankle. He gently closed the strap.


As was about to get out, he just picked me up with his big strong arms like I was nothing, and put me gently on the ground. I blushed as I looked up at him.

“Thanks again!”

“You’re welcome! Now let’s find something to eat!”

We walked inside and there was like a cafe there. There were already a lot of people sitting and eating.

“What would you like, Caroline?”

I looked at the menu they had. “I’ll take a cappuccino and a ham sandwich!”

“Ok. You just find a seat for us…I’ll order it!”

A lot of people were glancing at me. One or 2 truckers just stared at me – I still wasn’t used to all the stares. I found a seat by the window. I hung my purse on the chair and looked around the place. As I looked, people would look the other way, but I saw 3 girls, maybe in their late 20’s to 30. They whispered as their eyes made judging looks upon their faces. They were all in regular clothes – jeans and a blouse – 2 others sat in t-shirts. I could tell by their stares that they didn’t like me. Trash talking me, sitting only a table away. I could hear some of what they said about me too…

“Look at her. With her pink hair and stupid glasses!”

The other girls laughed.

One of them then said “She tries looking all innocent and cute. Bet you she’s a total bimbo!”

The last one then said “She’s probably never had a real man!”

They were laughing at me. I felt so bad about myself.

One of the girls then saw Luis at the counter ordering for us and she pointed him out for the 2 others. “Now look at that, ladies. That’s a real man!”

They looked like they were having a crush on him. So it was not only me that found Luis attractive!

“What I wouldn’t give for him to fuck me good! My husband is so boring!”

“You could just ask him? I’ll bet he has a big dick!”

“Shh…he’s coming this way!”

They where acting normal, and he had a tray with him with our food and coffee. He was about to pass the girls when one of them said ‘Hi’. He didn’t even see them, But politely said “Hello, ladies!” and continued to walk over to me and the table I sat at, putting the tray down and seated himself over from me with the ladies behind his back. They were sitting and staring at me and him with open mouths. “Here you go, Candy!”

“Mmmm…thanks, Luis! What do I owe you?”

He smiled at me “Come on, you owe me nothing! Let’s eat…I’m starving!”

“Thanks. Yeah, me too!”

I got eye contact with one of those girls and gave her a little wink. And she seemed very much pleased by that.

“I’ve gotta say your driving is really good! I saw you checking your mirrors as you drove. Remembering blinking when you changed lanes. I’m confident you’ll pass first time when you take your driving test. Nice, really nice!”

I would never get used to compliments. I blushed “Thanks. It’s a bit hard driving for so long. It was nice with a break!”

Luis’ phone rang and he picked it up. Talking with someone whilst looking out of the window. I saw the girls get up, and the one I winked at, gave me the finger. I pushed my tongue against my cheek making a hand gesture, looking like I pushed a cock in my mouth. That made her even more furious. She was about to walk over to me, but her friends stopped her and pulled her out the gas station. He hung up.

“Where were we? Oh right. Nice with a break, yes! We’re gonna stay at a motel tonight. Let’s see…what’s the time now? 14:37. So about 2 more hours of driving I think. Then you can get a proper rest!”

“That sounds so nice! Maybe I’ll just fall over in bed and to sleep!? He-he!”

He made a slight chuckle. “Yeah, maybe! Was hoping we could go out for a drink tonight!?”

My face got red. “Ehh…with…with me?”

He smiled. “Yes, silly Candy. Would be kinda strange just going out drinking by myself!”

“I’m really flattered, but not sure if I’m too tired! And I’m sure you can find any lady willing to drink with you!?” I smiled back at him.

“Well maybe I can…but I don’t want to! Let’s see when we get there. So if you’re done, then we can get going!”

I nodded and drank the last of my coffee. “Sure, and thanks for the coffee!”

“You’re welcome, Candy!”

We got up and walked back to his car. He lifted me up and took of my heels and got in. And we went on our way. We small talked some more…

“So you work or what?”

“Well as you know, Lauren called you up, and she hired me to be her maid!”

“Yeah, she told me about that! But you look more the type of girl…ehmm…dare I say, a little nerdy? Sorry…maybe it is those glasses!? Don’t get me wrong…you look cute as hell…they really bring out those pretty eyes!”

Mmmm, I really liked hearing that! I blushed. “Thanks. I was strictly disciplined by my mother as she had a shop to take care of. I did all the cleaning and laundry washing, so it came pretty natural as my career choice. Plus, I like helping people!”

“That’s nice!”

“What about you? Why did you decide to be a driver instructor?”

“Well I always liked cars. I’ve always like driving. And like you, I like helping people, and get paid of course!”

“He-he, sure. My girlfriend has got some old fast muscle car!”

“Really? You know what it is?”

“Ehh, not sure. But something Camaro SS!”

He turned and looked a bit baffled, “You mean a Chevrolet Camaro SS?”

“Yes, that’s it! Couldn’t remember the first part!”

“I would love to see that car!”

“Should be no problem!”

“Thanks. That’s such an awesome car!” and then his mouth just kept talking about cars. I could tell he enjoyed cars, just like Roxy. I nodded politely and smiled as he kept on going.

We arrived at the motel. And as before, he got my heels and put them on my pink stockinged feet and lifted me to the ground. He handed me my suitcase, and took his own bag.

“Lock the car, then I’ll go get the key. It’s room 66 up on the second floor!”

There were no elevators, only stairs, so I dragged my heavy suitcase up the stairs, and Luis came back before I was all the way up. He picked up my suitcase and lifted it like it was nothing.

“Come, it’s just up here!” He opened the door and we walked inside.

Not much here in the room. Small TV, table and 2 chairs, a king-size bed, and a toilet with a shower. I thought there would be 2 separate rooms, but not even 2 beds were there.

“I thought we would have a separate beds?”

He sat down on a chair. “Sorry, I really tried to get you your own room, but they were all booked. The only had a couples’ room. But I can sleep on the floor!”

I didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as him. Right now, I missed Roxy so much. “Oh ok. As long as you sleep on the floor, I’m fine to share a room with ya!” I seated myself on the edge of the bed, and there become an awkward moment of silence.

“So…I’ve been here before, and there is a bar not far from here. You wanna get a drink?”

I was thinking too much about Roxy right now. Maybe a drink would be good right about now. I nodded “Sure. Let’s do that!” So we walked out for a drink.


It was a really nice sunny evening. After 10 minutes of walking, we were there. He held the door for me and we walked inside. It wasn’t a biker bar, but not very fancy either – somewhere in-between. Some people were playing pool. Others threw darts. Not even a lot of tables left, so we seated ourselves at the bar counter. There was 1 waiter and 2 behind the bar serving drinks. A mature woman walked up to us and asked what we wanted. “So what can I get the lovely couple?”

I looked at Luis and smiled. I said “We are not a couple. He-he!”

And Luis said. “We are just friends!” And he gave me a little wink.

“Sorry, my bad. What can I get for 2 friends then?”

“I’ll take a beer. And what do you want, Caroline?”

“If you got some ‘Pink’, I’d really like that?!”

Luis looked a bit odd at me, but the women knew what I was talking about.

“Sure hun…coming right up!”

She came back with a cold beer and a bottle of ‘Pink’ – been a while since I had that. She poured my ‘Pink’ in a fine big wine glass and put in front on the table for me.

“Thanks. Can you please leave the bottle?”

“Sure thing, hun!”

Luis tilted the bottle and looked at it. “Sure is pink though. Well cheers on your driver’s license. You are doing so well!”

I raised my glass. “Thanks, Luis. You’re a really good instructor!”

“Ahh, stop it. He-he! Let’s find a booth to sit in!”

He took my bottle, and I jumped down from the barstool. We sat down at a booth, and there were a group of men in the booth beside us to one side. On the other side was like group of younger guys throwing a bachelorette party. The groups of men were pretty occupied and a bit noisy, so we just talked a bit louder. First, one glass of ‘Pink’, then the second glass. He had already downed 3 beers and had ordered a 4th, and some tequila shots – 2 for each.

We talked a lot about movies and series that we had watched, and canlı bahis the more I drank, the more I laughed. He was funny in a nice way. I poured myself another glass and the bottle was empty.

“I’m going to get another bottle…stay here Luis! You want another beer?” My speech started sounding a bit tipsy.

He laughed “He-he. Sure, I’ll take another one!”

I got up and wobbled for a second.

“Are you sure you got this?”

“No, Luis…I got this…He-he!” and wandered off. I approached the counter. “Hi, can I get another beer and another bottle of ‘Pink’?”

“Sure, 40 dollars!”

I looked through my purse and found my stack of money and paid with a 100. “Because you’ve been so good to me and my black friend, and you even had ‘Pink’, you can keep the change!”

“Thank you, hun!” and she put it down her bra.

I winked at her and took the beer and my bottle. As I walked back to the booth where Luis sat, I saw one of the bachelorette guys stare at me. He poked to the guy beside him and pointed a little at me. I blushed and quickly sat down. I handed Luis his beer as he drank the rest of his.


There became a bit of quiet from those bachelorette guys, Then I heard something…

“I dare you to ask if you can smell her foot?! And remember, you can’t say no to a dare!”

I knew right away they were talking about me.

“Do it, Shawn. You’re the one with weird foot fetish…And she is smoking hot! Come on, before you get married!”

Another guy spoke up. “Yeah, are you really going to let this pass? You know you can only smell and suck one pair of feet after your married!”

The whole table laughed.

“Shh…Sh…Shut the fuck up! Ok…Fuck…Ok, I’ll ask her!”

Then I saw a head pop up from the other side of the booth. Our eyes meet and I quickly looked away. I was getting nervous. He walked up to our table. Luis got defensive from the start.

“Yes…something we can help you with?”

“Sorry, I don’t want any trouble. Just wanted to ask this fine girl if I could smell her feet?”

Luis got up. He was way bigger. “What did you just say?”

“Luis! Hey, Luis. Sit down. He’s only asking!” I looked at the guy. “Sorry, but you have to find another girl to do your dare with. Have a nice evening though!”

”Thanks for not making a big deal out of it. And enjoy your drinks!”

I smiled at Luis. “You’re very sweet for standing up for me. But you are not my boyfriend. I can fight my own battles!”

“I know. Just hate it when guys treat women like a piece of meat!”

I laughed a little “He-he. Sometimes girls like to be treated that way! Besides, he asked nicely!”

“I guess you’re right. I’m sorry. I won’t interfere again…unless you tell me to!”

Then I heard the guys again…

“Offer her 200 dollars for smelling her feet!”

“Dude, come on. I asked her once!” He came back and asked again. “My friend will give you 200 dollars for letting me smell your feet!”

This time Luis didn’t say a word, but I could see he didn’t like it. I was in a very good mood from drinking my ‘Pink’. I sat on the edge of the booth bench with my legs towards him, crossing one stockinged leg over the other. His eyes were all over my pink nylon legs, and his eyes stared at my pink reinforced toes, as I dangled my foot with my pretty heel on.

“Nah…I don’t think so, Shawn… It was Shawn, right?”

He didn’t say a thing – he just kept looking at my feet.

“Hello Shawn?”

Then someone from the booth said “500 bucks!”

Now the others guys in the other booth were curious on what was going on.

I nodded and said “I’ll allow him to smell my feet for 500…but nothing more!”

He totally blushed, and one of the guys yelled “Deal! 500 it is!” and another guy handed my some bills.

All of the mature men from the one booth gathered round, and the bachelorette guys got up and gathered round to get a closer look as well. I put my bills in my purse and handed it to Luis. I then got up and sat on the edge of the table and crossed one of my pink nylon stockinged legs over the other.

“Do it. Do it. Do it!” They cheered on Shawn.

His face was totally red, but he got on his knees and he looked at me. I gave him a little nod, and he gently unstrapped my ankle strap and pulled my heel.

“That’s some fucked up shit!” and only one sat back down at the mature table.

I was a bit drunk I must admit, but I loved all the guys looking. And underneath my see-thru pink panties, I had got a little erection, knowing that all men and guys looked at me as the pretty girl I am. Mmmmm, my god it felt good! 8 to 10 guys looking at a guy that was about to smell my stockinged feet! He stuck his nose and gently smelled my feet, very carefully, and looked around at the other guys.

“Come on, Shawn. Stick your nose in-between her dirty feet!”

I pushed my toes around his nose. And then his eyes closed and I felt him take a big sniff.

“He-he…look at that fucking face! He is so into that foot fetish thing!”

One of the other guys said. “This is good…I need to record him enjoying smelly nylon feet like that! Never seen anything like it! Ha-ha-ha!”

I saw 3, maybe 4 other guys with their mobile phones out, filming me, and Shawn who was smelling my dirty nylon feet. I wiggled my toes and pushed my hosed feet against his nose, and he couldn’t get enough of the smell. He blurted out, “Oh god…those sexy feet smell so fucking amazing! Mmmm…Ahh!”

All guys burst out in laughter.

“He-he-he! Man, get a fucking grip on yourself! Shawn, the freak!”

I was enjoying the attention so much, then one of the guys shouted “100 to let him suck your foot!”

I looked over at the one guy. “Make it 200 hundred, then he may!”

And he gave me 200 hundred more. I put it in my pink bra, and one whistled at me as I tucked the bills away. I smiled and felt so fucking sexy. “Come on, Shawn, suck her pretty toes!”

And then the cheering came again. “Suck them. Suck them. Suck them!”

His hands were shaking and he held my nylon foot for me, then he just swallowed my big toe. I bit my lip and smiled at the same time – I even blushed a little.

I heard one of the mature men say “Ahh, she is so fucking cute in those nylons. I think she likes it too! Mmmm…look at her lewd face!”

I totally blushed, but got so excited from all the men and guys looking at me getting my nylon foot sucked. I didn’t know what I thought of, but I unbuttoned 2 buttons at my dress, pulled it down and revealed my see-thru pink bra underneath with my nipples hard and pooky.

Instantly, all the phones started flashing like crazy, and my nylon toes just got sucked more. I looked down at him and smiled. Holy fuck, I was so horny! Then Shawn’s eyes rolled back in his head and stopped sucking with my nylon foot still in his mouth. He was shaking a bit. I realised he was cumming so hard in his pants. The others guys and men didn’t notice – they were too busy taking photos of me. But I knew that face anywhere! I loved looking at a guy cumming as I suck cock – and I knew exactly how they looked! I saw him finish and our eyes met.

His face got so red, and I just smiled at him. Gently pulling my soaked nylon foot out of his mouth.

“So, please gentlemen. You got your photo shots and he did your dare. Let me buy you a round of shots!”

They all shouted. And one said “Yeah…You go girl. Thanks. You’re so cool!”

Shawn had quickly got up and shouted with the others guys. One of the guys put his arms around him and said. “Mmmm…those nylon feet tasted good, didn’t they? Ha-ha!”

Another said “You totally enjoyed that shit! Little pervert!” And others laughed.

He was so embarrassed. “Those were the sexiest toes I’ve ever sucked! Just don’t tell my new wife!” And they all laughed.

I got my soaked foot back in my heel, then walked up to the bar, followed by around 8 or 9 guys and men, buying them all each a shot.

As they got their shots, they kept complimenting me, and I felt amazing! Just the right amount of drunk and pure joy. I didn’t had the thought of that I was a guy. No, right now I was real girl for all those men – and they wanted my pussy. Mmmm! I was gently pulled on my arm by Luis.

“We need to go if we are going to drive tomorrow!”

I smiled at him and nodded. “Sure, let me just say goodbye!” Luis was getting a bit tired of me I think. I turned around to the crowd again. “I have to go guys. Thanks for being so kind to me. You’re really sweet, all of you!”

Some of the guys I heard say “Aww…Why?”, “Come on, stay a little longer!”, “Aww, really?” “Can I get a hug?”

And of course I went over for hug. “I’m so sorry, guys. I have to get some sleep!” And others wanted hugs to. I just hugged them all.

Some of the men even smelled me as we hugged. “Mmm…you smell good!”, “Bye. Sleep well!” “Thanks!”, “Oh wow, your scent. Mmmm. And so fucking cute!” and he pinched my behind.

I smiled and gave him a little slap on his chest. “Stop it. You bad bad boy!”

I heard one say “My god, she makes me fucking horny!”

I hugged the last guy, and waved goodbye.

Luis held my hand and pulled me out of the bar. We got outside and he let me go. “You’ve had way too much to drink! I’m not sure you are ready to drive tomorrow!”

“Well, why does the party have to stop then?”

I swayed a little from side to side, but I managed to walk straight, kinda. Luis came up beside me and leaned me against his body for balance as we walked back to the motel.


We entered our room and he left me on the bed and went to the toilet to pee. I wasn’t tired and still in a very good mood. And now I just wanted to smoke a joint! But what would Luis say? I was too drunk to care right now, bahis siteleri and opened my bag, found my weed, and papers, and started right there on the bed making a joint.

Luis came back from the toilet and he looked down at what I was doing. “Tell me you’re not making a joint?”

I got a bit nervous, but answered him. “Ehmm…! Well, it is a joint…Ehh, sorry!”

He clapped his hands, “Yes. Man, it’s been ages since I smoked that shit!”

Wow! Not what I would think he would say! “Cool! Can you grab me something from the minibar?”

“Sure, why not! We can always drive later!” He opened the mini fridge. “There is wine and beer. Water, and some shots of different kind. Ehmm, and a little can of peanuts!”

“I’ll have the wine please!”

He poured half of it in a cup, and took himself a beer and peanuts, and sat down at the little table with 2 chairs. “Can I ask you something, Caroline?”

“Sure, shoot!” I finished up the joint and sat down at the table with Luis.

“Did you like getting your feet sucked?”

I blushed, but I gently nodded as I lit the joint. “I did. But I think it’s the alcohol that made me go a bit crazy!”

He leaned over the table and looked at me. “It’s not only the alcohol! You liked being watched while your feet got sucked. Right?”

My eyes broke away from his look.

“I knew it! You’re really kinky, you know that? I told you before, you have really nice feet. So it was kinda hard for me sitting there with a huge boner and watch someone else suck your pretty feet!”

I blushed and handed him the joint. I exhaled. I gave him a flirty look. “I hope you got some good photos of my feet if you liked them so much?”

“I couldn’t really, because you were surrounded by men!”

“Did you get a bit jealous? Such a big strong man as you?”

He made a funny face. “Pff. Me? Hell no!”

I flicked one of my heels off, and gently put my pink nylon stockinged foot that had gotten sucked at the bar by Shawn, right under the light and on the table infront of Luis’ sight. I was only a centimetre away from his beer with my moist nylon toes. “So you didn’t mind that people got some nice photos of me and you didn’t?”

He stared at my moist nylon foot on the table. He looked intensely at my foot. And I even saw him licking his lips.

“He-he…no, not at all!”

I wiggled my toes and swayed from side to side with his eyes following every moment of my nylon foot. He leaned back and put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his phone. Mmmm, I knew I had him – he was getting turned on by me – and me by him for admiring my pretty nylon feet! Then with my nylon toes, I wrapped around his beer bottle from where he drinks. Then I heard the shutter sound of his camera phone going off. Mmm, I fucking love this so much! Rubbing my moist sucked nylon toe right at the opening of the bottle.

“That is fucking amazing, my sweet little Candy!”

He took so many pictures! He grabbed his beer, looked at me, and put his whole mouth over the bottle where I rubbed my foot. He closed his eyes as he drank and he enjoyed it.

“Mmmm…you like that? Getting some good photos now of my pretty little toes?”

He put his beer down on the table. The weed made me so horny, and my tiny dick was poking my pink see-thru panties. Mmmm, yess! “Yes I am. Mmmm!”

He put his phone down on the table as his hands instead started to massage my moist nylon toes.

“Ahh…Mmmm!” Oh that feeling was amazing!

“Mmmm, Candy…you’re so fucking naughty!”

I blushed and had lost control. “He-he…thanks, Luis!”

He stuck his nose in-between my toes and sniffed them good. “Fuck yeah…AHH…Ahh. Sweet Candy feet!”

I tilted my head back and just enjoyed another man worshipping my nylon feet. I put my other foot on the table. He quickly pulled of my heel and sniffed all the scent from that nylon foot too.

“Mmmm. Your sweaty nylon feet odour is amazing! Thinking of your cute feet operating those pedals in the car. Till I’m now smelling them. Fuck yes…Ahh!”

I wiggled my toes and pressed my nylon feet against his face. And without warning, I felt the warm insides of his mouth over my nylon toes. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and let out a moan by the surprise of him sucking my toes. “AAHH…! Mmm. Oh god!”

He licked every single one of my nylon toes for 10 minutes or so. I started rubbing my own breasts, and pinched my hard nipples through my silky white dress with the pretty pink flowers on. We looked at each other and he made pleasing sounds as he sucked my feet. And I kept on moaning “AH…! Ahh Mmm…Mmm yes…”

He stood up and I got a bit of a shock. “I’m sorry for this, but the taste and look of your delicious nylon feet just makes me wanna fuck them!” He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. He didn’t even have boxers on, and the biggest and longest cock popped out. I was baffled, and it was beautiful black cock – just as I seen in porn movies. “Wow…Hmm!”

He took it in his hand and jerked a couple of times, and then he inserted his big black cock in-between my nylon feet. Holy shit, that cock felt so good in between my feet! He was fucking them faster and faster. My nylon feet were small beside his big black cock. He loved it though.

“Argh…argh…Yess! Feeling your pretty nylon feet rub my cock…AHH…Mmmm…Is amazing! Argh!”

I kept on pinching my nipples and even pulled my dress down from my tits. Sitting in front of him in my see-thru pink bra and my dress at my stomach. I moaned loudly.

“Shit…AHH fucking, Candy…You’re so fucking hot. Mmmm…you’re gonna make me cum!”

With his hands, he pushed my feet harder together around his cock. And I felt his rock hard cock grinding hard against my nylon feet. He took his phone and started taking pictures of me and my nylon feet wrapped around his pretty black cock.

“Fuck yes…AHH…AH!! SHIT!”

A huge load shot out of his cock – and it shot like water hose! Streams of cum just shot all over my nylon legs and feet. And a lot of his cum hit my face and over my breasts, soaking my see-thru bra. His camera phone went off like crazy as his cum sprayed out of his black cannon.

“Fuck…shit! I’m so fucking sorry. I just cummed so suddenly!”

I was so fucking turned on right now. Cum was dripping from my nose and onto my lips. I smiled at him and was licking his cum of my own lips and swallowed it. “Mmmm…it’s ok, Luis. Glad you liked it!”

His jaw dropped as he saw me whipping more cum of my face and sucking my finger. “That’s so fucking hot, Candy…Wow!”

I lit the joint again and smoked some more and enjoyed my wine.

He then said to me “I do hope you don’t get in trouble with your girlfriend!”

“I’m a big girl…I can take care of myself! Plus, I do what I like!” I passed the joint to Luis and he smoked too. I stood up and drank the last of my cup of wine. “Excuse me. I’m just gonna clean myself off!” and walked to the toilet. I closed the bathroom door and wiped my finger in his cum shots off my legs and sucked my fingers. Mmmm, his cum tasted so good and I got even more horny. I pulled up my dress and rubbed my finger in some cum from my tits and stuck my finger in my horny pussy. “Ahh…His cum inside me…Mmmm. Jerking off to my…AHH, nylon feet!”

I heard something in the room. It shocked me, so I stopped playing with myself. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands, and even pulled my dress back over my cummed-on tits and bra. I walked into the room again. Seeing Luis laying across the whole bed and full-on snoring. The joint was still smoking in the ashtray. I picked it up, opened the door and went outside leaving the door open to our room. I looked over the railing and out over the parking lot, and only saw a guy and girl kissing next to the car outside by another motel room. Otherwise, no one was here. The weather was a nice fresh evening, and I felt a nice breeze there were Luis had cummed on my legs and feet. MMMmmm, it turned out to be a nice trip!

I smoked the last of the joint and held my breath. Then I heard a door open 2 doors down from our room. I exhaled and looked. It was one of those men from the bar. The mature man that said “My god, she makes me fucking horny!” He saw me, and I gave him a little wave. He even waved back. Then a voice from the room called him.

“Harrold! Come to bed, and satisfy my pussy!”

He pointed at the room, and off he went.

I walked inside my room and Luis was still snoring like crazy. I sat down on the bed, and had kept the door open for a light breeze. I pushed Luis. No response whatsoever. I looked at his jeans and you could clearly see his huge cock bulging. I smiled and couldn’t keep my hands off. The weed and the alcohol was mixed perfectly for this kinky sissy girl to play! I couldn’t let this pass. I positioned myself next to Luis and touched his cock outside his jeans – it still felt hard. I slowly unbuttoned his jeans, trying to be careful not to wake him. I tried gently tugging his big cock out, but his jeans held it back. I tugged one hard time and still no response from Luis. He was passed out, so I stood up and pulled as hard as I could on his jeans, pulling them all the way off.

His beautiful big black cock bounced as I pulled off his jeans. He was laying in front of with black socks on and a t-shirt. I spread his legs and lay myself in-between them with my face at his cock – it was about the same size about my underarm. I lifted it up, and I honestly had to use both hands to control it to my mouth. I opened as wide as I could and wrapped my lips around his cock head. ‘OHH…Fuck YES! Mmmm…I’m sucking a black cock! I can still taste his cum!’ I immediately bahis şirketleri was full-on moaning, and getting so hard sucking his cock. I pushed it further and further down my throat, as far as I could, and gagged. I was not even halfway over his cock – it was so big – and I fucking loved it! My saliva was pouring out the side of my mouth. I pulled my mouth off his cock and gasped for air, and used both my hands, jerking

his soaked cock. Oh wow, what a beautiful cock! I got so fucking turned on, I just had to try! I got up and kicked my heels off. I pulled down my panties and threw them on the floor. Then I got back up in the bed. I placed my nylon legs on each side of his fine masculine body and squatted down over his cock. I looked at him, and pushed him hard one last time, but no response – he just laid there snoring. I grabbed his beautiful big soaked cock, and raised it up to my horny hole. I was gently moaning, and it just felt so good! I pushed my needy pussy against his head, but it was so big, it wouldn’t go in.

“Oh…Mmmm! Such a big cock…” I kept at it and felt my pussy loosen up, and the tip of his head pushed a little in. “AHH…Fucking god! UHH!” All the saliva on his cock helped it get further and further in. I had never had anything so big in me before. Then his cock head popped in me. “ARGHH…Fuck! Mmmmm!” It hurt at first, but then I gently slid my pussy up and down his cock. The sensation was something else. I was now finding a nice rhythm and the sensation in my body just got better and better. “AHH! AH…FUCK!… Mmm Argh!” I pushed it as far as I would go, but only half of his cock would go in me. But it felt fantastic, and my tiny dick was erect, bouncing against my silk dress as I fucked this amazing huge cock! Then a man walked passed by the door. I was a bit shocked, and slowed down my fucking. I should really close that door, but the big cock inside of me said otherwise. I moaned a little quieter now.

I didn’t want anyone to come with complaints. Then a shadow appeared on the curtains by the window. I acted like I knew nothing because this black cock felt so wonderful inside of me.

“Ah…Mmmm yes…AHH!”

The shadow moved closer towards the open door. Then in the corner of my eye, I saw a man poking his head in, taking a quick look and hide again. Fuck, that really turned me on, being caught like this! So fucking excited I was! I threw my head back, letting my light long pink hair fall down my back. I kept sliding my pussy over his big cock. I was really amazed that he could sleep through all this. I guess the weed and alcohol mix didn’t go to well for him! I slowly fucked him faster and faster. Then I saw the man again. Still, I acted like I didn’t see him.

Moaning a bit harder. “AH! I love…Cock in my AHH…Pussy! Mmmm!”

He was now fully standing in the door opening to our room and slowly started touching his crotch outside his pants. It was the mature man from before just 2 rooms from us. Harrold, that’s it! I unbuttoned my dress and pulled it down, and was now only covering my pussy and dick with the skirt part. I then gently pinched my own hard nipples through my moist pink bra. I then heard a slightly heavier breathing from Harrold. He had pulled out his cock and was playing with it. He stepped inside and kept on jerking himself. I felt his intense stare at me – and it just turned me on more! I felt pre-cum oozing out of my tiny dick.

He came closer and closer, then he said “You’re so fucking sexy!”

I closed my eyes, and moaned some more. “MMM…AHH. Thanks AH…Mmm yess!”

He seemed a bit baffled, but he just started to jerk faster and faster. “You don’t mind me looking?”

My pussy was still being fucked by passed-out Luis and his big black cock.

“Not at all! Mmmm, I actually enjoy it. AH…AHH!”

“Fuck, you’re so fucking hot! Arghh…Ah! Is your boyfriend passed out?”

“AH…! Yes, he had too much to drink! Mmmm, Ahh ah…he’s not my boyfriend. He is my driving teacher!” I looked at his dick while he jerked himself.

“Ohh you’re so fucking naughty! My wife hasn’t made me cum in a long time! But seeing you in that pretty dress and your amazing nylon legs, while bent over the railing outside your room…Standing there smoking! ARGH…Just drives me crazy! I even thought about you while I fucked my wife!”

I was about to cum after hearing him say those things about me. “AHH…AHH…AH…! Mmmm, god!”

“Can I touch you?”

I put my arms through the straps of the bra and let it down on my stomach, as I kept on moaning wildly. “Mmmm Yes! Please touch me…AHH Argh!”

His hand immediately grabbed my breasts and pinched my hard nipples. “Ohh…Mmmm…you feel so soft! Ahh yes, you like that?”

I nodded with a shy smile.

He smiled back with a grin. He then bent down at me and put his lips around my nipple and sucked it hard.

“Fuck AHH…Ahh…! Mmm Yes…” My body started twitching like crazy. My arms grabbed around his head, pulling his face harder against my nipple. He sucked it so good. Then my tiny sissy dick sprayed the inside of my dress with my squirting cum. “ARGHH…FUCK! AHH! Yes yes yes! AH AH AH…Arghh god!”

The cum dripped all over, even down on Luis’ balls. I let go of his head.

“Holy shit! Your nipples taste so fucking sweet! Mmmm…You just cummed, didn’t you?”

I blushed as I gave him a gentle nod. I raised myself of Luis’ big sloppy cock.

“It’s ok. Still fucking sexy as hell! Thanks for letting me taste your sweet tits and look while you cummed!”

I held a hand around my dress so it wouldn’t fall down. I walked towards him as he buttoned his jeans. I got up close to him and pressed my breasts against his chest. “You’re welcome! It really turned me on…Mmmm! So Harrold, don’t you wanna cum?”

He blushed a little and smiled. “I would love to, but it’s not working right down there! You know, getting old. He-he!”

With my free hand, I grabbed him by the crotch outside his jeans. He looked surprised.


I took my hand off my dress and it fell to the floor. I started unbuttoning his jeans again. He looked me up and down. Me, standing in front of him with only my light pink nylon stockings on, with my pink bra around my stomach. I was shaking a bit from the sheer excitement.

His hands touched both my breasts. “Mmmm, you’re so fine! Wow, ahh!”

I pulled his jeans down with his boxers and gently touched his hard cock. It was a nice big one and felt so warm and nice in my hand. I saw his eyes glance at my tiny dick, and his eyes got big and looked so surprised.

“What the hell?! You are a dude?”

My face turned red, And I smiled and said “I’m all girl! Ahh…let me prove it to you, Harrold!”

Our eyes locked and I went down on my knees and licked the tip of his cock. Mmm, I could taste his sweet pre-cum.

“Holy shit! You…Ahh…You don’t have…Mmmm too!”

I then sucked myself over his cock head, and his head just tilted back.

“Ohh fuck yes! AH…AH…AH…”

He gently put his hands on my head and held it, as he found a rhythm to fuck my mouth. He was really gentle, and he kept it going for 15 minutes. His cock felt nice in my mouth, and pre-cum oozed out on my tongue as I sucked him. I could feel sometimes he was close to cum, but he just couldn’t! And I could see he was getting frustrated! I got up and kept on jerking his nice cock. I then turned around and bent myself over the bed where Luis still was snoring loudly. I spread my nylon legs and really showed my pussy hole as my bubble, butt ass-cheeks spread. I looked back over my shoulder and could see him looking right at it.

“Please fuck me, Harrold!”

I could see he was a bit confused and baffled.

“I don’t know…Ehmm, if I should do this!”

“Please please…Fuck me…AHH! I wanna feel your cock inside my tight pussy! Mmmm!”

He touched my hole. “I don’t have any condoms! It’s a very sexy-looking pink asshole you’ve got. Mmmm!”

Mmm, his fingers felt so good playing with my horny hole. “It’s ok. Just fuck my pussy…Please! I beg you. Argh!”

I heard him spit and felt in my hole. “Shit! I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

I felt his tip pressing against my pussy hole. “Fuck yess! Stick that hard cock inside me…Ahh!”

He pushed gently, but I pushed against his cock and in it went. My pussy just swallowed his big cock. “ARGH!! Yess!”

I happened to look up, and on the wall was a mirror, and I saw a woman standing in the door opening. Harrold was grunting as he fucked me hard. My head was swaying as he fucked me. I got so nervous as she just kept on looking.

“Harrold, stop! Stop! AHH! Someone is looking!”

The woman walked inside the room, as she said “You better not fucking stop, Harrold! Keep fucking that little bitch!”

His fucking slowed drastically. I could hear that she’d got closer to me. And then I saw her in the light as I was bent over and getting fucked. I first saw a pair of brown 40 denier opaque pantyhose legs, with black ankle boots. I looked further up and saw a black suede pencil skirt going to her knees, and a brown leather belt that exaggerated her curves.

“Come on, fuck her! I didn’t tell you to take a break! You are fucking useless, Harrold!”

He fucked me harder “I’m sorry Karin! Just…Ehh…”

“Blah blah blah! Shut your fucking mouth! You are in enough trouble! Just you fucking wait!”

I looked further up and saw 2 big breasts in a black silk shirt. Then I saw her face. She looked nice and was naturally pretty. Pretty red lips and mesmerising grey eyes, with a light red hint of eye shadow. Her black shoulder-length hair was so pretty. She got down to my eye level and I got a real good look at her, as my head still swayed from the fucking. Then I remembered her.

‘Holy shit…It is Karin! Jan’s ex-wife! The one I stole those red and white opaque pantyhose from!’

My god. My heart raced like crazy.

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