Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 07

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Separate baths woke us up and we packed, ready to hit the road once again on our trip eastward into Tennessee, but first we had to have some food to fuel us for at least the morning.

We headed south on US 65 back into Arkansas and then picked up US 412 east going through the northernmost reaches of Arkansas as we enjoyed the beauty of the Ozarks. The sun was already warming up to the air around us and even with the top down and the wind blowing, it was causing beads of sweat to glisten. We stopped after about two hours and fueled the car and bought cold drinks for ourselves. Walnut Ridge was behind us when we stopped for a quick snack of burgers and fries. My blood sugar had been behaving itself lately and I suspected that all the sexual exercise we had accomplished in the past 2,500 miles or so had helped to keep it down.

The road wound its way through the eastern reaches of the Ozarks and then seemed to come down out of the mountains into the flat plain west of the Mississippi River as it ran almost straight as an arrow through Paragould and into Hayti, Missouri. The wide open plains and wild stretches of lonely road were well behind us and there was traffic in both directions, traffic that kept our clothes on and our libidos in check. By now we were well beyond the sunburn stage and had tans that some people would kill to get. Our hair was beginning to be sun bleached. We were happy as larks and twice as carefree.

We crossed the Mississippi a little south and east of Hayti on interstate 155 and pulled into Dyersburg, Tennessee to replenish the gasoline for the car and the cold drinks and snacks for us. It was early afternoon by this time and I knew we were going to find a place to stay somewhere in the western neighborhoods of Nashville. A quick run down to Jackson put us on interstate 40 headed eastward.

We spent the night in Dickson, just west of Nashville. After a quiet dinner, we undressed each other and flopped into bed settling into a sixty-nine position with you on top. Your lips felt like they were trying to suck the essence right out of my body, and I guess that in a way they were. You moaned your appreciation for my oral efforts on your vagina and clit and rewarded me with a spurt of lovely cum. I drank it greedily before I pushed you off and positioned myself to drive my cock deep into your pussy from the doggy position. You forced my dick higher and aimed it at your brown little ass hole telling me to pound it into you. I pushed gently until I was balls deep inside your anal opening and then started an escalating rhythm that took me both shallow and deep, but the speed kept getting faster and faster. Your fingers had found their way to your clit as my hands tugged at your sensitive nipples. You screamed through your orgasm and the shuddering of your body triggered my own copious release deep within your bowels. Still joined, we rolled over and fell into a deep, peaceful, satisfied sleep.

When I awoke in the morning, I was surprised to find my cock lodged deep inside your pussy and still as rock hard as if it had never fucked you the night before. Your warm, moist pussy encouraged me to set up a slow rhythm designed to make the sex last for as long as humanly possible. Your cunt muscles milked my cock, allowing it free access on the in-stroke, but clasping it tightly as I withdrew until only the head was lodged between your glorious pussy lips. I could tell that I had woken you when you started canlı bahis pushing back against my thrusts harder and harder. We may have taken a long time to finish our cums that morning, but we both came with loud moans and groans, our breaths coming in ragged pants. We laid there until our breathing returned to normal and you moved to get up, letting my dick leave your velvet sheath with a soft plop and oozing cum down the back of your leg. You got out of bed and moved to the bathroom.

“Is that anyway to wake a girl up? Getting her all nasty first thing in the morning?”

“I thought you might like it.”

“Oh, I did like it, but you didn’t answer my question.” The twinkle in your eye said volumes and you laughed as you sat on the commode letting your urine and my semen drip into the toilet.

“Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t, but I do have a question for you.”


“Feel like doing some more gambling?”

“Well, we still have a good bit of all that money we won in Nevada, but yeah…I guess I would be interested. Where is there to gamble around here?”

“No place.”

“Then why did you ask?”

“We can gamble in Cherokee, North Carolina and that’s only about six hours away.”

“OK. Let me get a shower.”

“Can I help?”

“Only if you can control your dick long enough to get us clean.”

“I don’t know about that. That might be a bit hard to do.”

“You crazy old man. Get in here and wash my back…. I said my back! I can take care of my own pussy thank you.”

“Hey! I was only playing!”

“Well get serious, lover. If we are going to get anywhere today, we need to get showered, dressed, fed, and on the road.”

We finished our shower and dressed inside of 30 minutes. Breakfast took a bit longer, but we were on the road before the sun was too high in the sky. The wind blew in our faces and tangled our hair but kept us cool. By noon, we were crossing from Tennessee into North Carolina on US 441 which snaked its way through the Great Smokey Mountains between Gatlinburg and Cherokee. We ate lunch in Cherokee and proceeded to the casino where I dropped you off at the door and went to park the Midget in some shade, what little shade there was.

When I joined you we entered the casino and both sat down at the “one armed bandits.”

“I thought you didn’t like slot machines.”

“I don’t, but right now my head isn’t into playing cards. I’ve got to unwind a bit before I can concentrate on blackjack or poker.”


We chatted as we slipped our quarters into the machines. Every now and again either one of us would hit a small pay out, enough to keep us playing and to make up for most of our small losses. Then I put the last of my money into the machine in front of me and pulled the handle. A loud bell went off, the light over the machine started spinning, and coins dropped out into the tray. I thought they would never end, but end they did and an employee came over and shut the light off. She wrote something on a pad of paper and tore it off.

“Congratulations, sir. You’ve hit the jackpot.”

“I have?”

“Yes, sir. It’s a progressive jackpot worth $1,275,049 right now. Please take the slip I gave you to the cashier and pick up your money.”

“Thank you.” I looked at you and you raked up your modest winnings shoving them into my bucket of coins.

“Come on, lover. Let’s get your money before they change their minds.”

The bahis siteleri trip to the cashier was not quite as simple as presenting the slip of paper and picking up my money. There were tax forms to fill out, a check to be written, and much hoopla to endure including having my picture taken by the casino’s PR people. It took almost an hour before the formalities were over. You and I took the check and left the casino.

It was late afternoon and we decided we could afford to get the best motel room in town. We tottered through the doorway into the room and stripped our clothes off within a minute. I looked at your lovely body and you looked at my old pot belly and we both smiled our appreciation as we walked up to each other and kissed softly first and then more and more passionately as our lust rose.

My hand travelled from your cheek to your breasts and finally to your hips as I pulled you closer. Then I reached around front and parted your lips feeling the warm moisture at the junction of your legs. You gently tugged on my cock until it started growing in your hand. My fingers found your clit and I rubbed it softly as your fingers found my balls and gently rolled them around in their sack.

Our tongues started a duel in your mouth that spread to my mouth and back again. We were fucking each other’s mouth with our tongues and our moans were the evidence of our growing passion. Our breathing became more rapid and ragged as we continued our oral assault. I finally broke the kiss and took a nipple into my mouth, biting the rubbery nubbin gently, licking it with the tip of my tongue, and sucking on it for all I was worth. Your moans came closer and closer together. I dropped to my knees and my tongue entered your navel sending shivers up and down your body. Your breath was coming in pants as I pushed you back onto the bed and spread your legs. My tongue hit your clit on the first stab and you screamed your pleasure as your orgasm hit you like a runaway freight train. I kept up the pressure, lapping up all the sweet juices your pussy could provide my tongue. Your body shook a second time and then you pushed my head from between your legs.

You reached down and pulled me up onto the bed, sliding yourself off the side and taking my cock deeper into your mouth than you ever had before. It was my turn to moan my appreciation. It was my turn to breathe hard. My cock hardened as I felt it slide deep into your throat. Suddenly, I felt my balls start to contract and I warned you of my impending cum. You raised your head only slightly, just enough to keep the head of my cock within its warm embrace. Jet after jet of hot sperm erupted into your mouth as I grunted my release. You drank it all, never letting a single drop slip out of your vacuum-like mouth. When I had stopped spewing hot cum into your mouth and you had cleaned all traces of my sperm from my cock, you lifted your head and smiled.

“Now that is what I call a good appetizer.”

“Not as good as your pussy juice, Fiona. I love the taste of your pussy. I’ll never get tired of it.”

“Different tastes for different people.”

We crawled up into the bed and dropped off into a sleepy afternoon nap waking only after the summer sun had gone down. Food was next on the agenda and we found a very expensive restaurant to celebrate the day’s winnings. We dined on the finest fare available in Cherokee and sated our hunger for food but not for each bahis şirketleri other. After I paid the check, we walked back to the motel and rode the elevator up to our room.

“You know, Fiona, I never realized how much of an aphrodisiac money could be. If I had known, I would have gotten a whole bunch of it a lot sooner.”

“Ready for a nightcap?”

“My mind is, but I don’t know about my cock. I just can’t believe that we won all that money this afternoon–and on my last bet!”

“It’s your money. You won it.”

“No. It’s our money, we won it together.”

“That almost sounds like you want something permanent. I don’t know about that quite yet. Well, maybe we can come back down to Earth in the morning, or do you want to go back to the casino?”

“I don’t know about anything permanent either, but as excited as I am, I couldn’t get to sleep right now, and I don’t know if I really want to gamble any more tonight.”

“How about a nice back rub instead?”

“Now that sounds like a jackpot!”

You pushed me flat and undressed me slowly, kissing my body parts as they became exposed. For some reason, you lingered longer on my cock than anyplace else and despite my earlier doubts, my dick rose to the occasion. For some unexplained reason, you stopped massaging my body and started to massage my hardening shaft.

You smiled down on me and took off your clothes, doing a striptease for me, making every move sensuous and erotic. My eyes drank in every detail of your body. You took your time teasing me almost beyond endurance.

My shaft had stayed hard and you started to hum as you bent down and sucked it deep into your mouth, slobbering saliva all up and down its length. When it was good and wet, you straddled my hips and lowered your body down until my cock was poised at the entrance to your backdoor. With one sudden motion you dropped down on my prick until I was balls deep inside your anus. Your scream of delight almost set me off right then and there, but you reached under and pinched the bottom of my dick until the moment passed and I could control myself. Then your ass started a slow grinding motion that let me feel every side of your stretched rectum.

The helmet at the end of my cock pressed deeply into your hot bowels. My entire shaft seemed incased in a very hot velvet glove that rippled with every move you made. Soon your grinding changed to an up and down movement and I picked up the rhythm thrusting upwards as you came down. “Fuck me, you mother fucking son of a bitch! Make me cum and cum and cum. God damn you’ve got a fucking great cock and I want to feel every inch of it come out my mouth. Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Your orgasm sent tremors throughout your bowels and put my cock over the edge. I sprayed the insides of your bowels with my hot sperm and felt the jets hit your rectum with force causing my cock to slide in and out even easier than before. “Take that Fiona! You want my fuck juice? You’ve got it. Take it all! I can’t give you any more of myself than that! Oh, fuck! Oh, mother of God! Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Damn! You’re too much. Fill my ass full of your cum!” I obliged you with two more hard spurts of semen far up inside your guts.

You collapsed on top of me and lay there with my cock balls deep in your guts. As your breathing returned to normal, you started small movements and slowly withdrew my cock from your ass hole. I quickly turned around and slurped my cum dripping from your gaping hole. You pulled my seeping cock and licked the sperm from the slit on the end. I moaned my appreciation and you hummed yours around my dick.

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