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Your skin trembles as I take hold of your left wrist and lift it into the leather cuff attached to the wall by thick chain, and I can feel its feverish heat through the thin barrier of my elbow length pvc gloves. Now your right wrist, and I hear a soft sigh escape your lips, as if in resigned acceptance of your fate. For the final step in preparation, I lift your silken blonde hair from your neck and snap the studded leather collar into place around it, stroking the soft skin of your neck as I let your hair fall back into place. The collar- the symbol of your complete and utter surrender to me. You are mine now, my pet, my plaything, to do with whatever I so wish, to act out my every forbidden fantasy.

I step back to admire my handiwork. There you are before me, facing the wall, arms wide and high in a V above you and held snugly in place by the two leather cuffs, perfectly designed to fit your height. The chains are short, giving limited movement to the wearer, holding them securely in place for whatever punishment their captor feels they deserve. I smile and lick my lips thinking of the fun I’m going to have with you tonight. I can feel myself getting turned on already just by the sight of you displayed so prominently before me, like a piece of exotic artwork exhibited exclusively for my pleasure. You look like an angel in your delicate, lacy cream lingerie set and girly stiletto heels, golden hair cascading down your back in fine waves…although I know for a fact that you are far from angelic in thought and deed. In fact, your impure acts are exactly what has brought on this particular session.

“Now Monique…you are ready for your punishment, aren’t you?” I question as I draw one gloved finger down the length of your back, enjoying the contrast of the shiny black pvc with the honey colour of your skin.

“Yes Mistress!” you quickly respond, your voice fearful, yet with that edge of excitement I know all too well.

“Good…confess to me your sins this week then, and I’ll decide the appropriate tools to teach my naughty girl a lesson.” Suddenly leaning in towards you, I grasp your chin and turn your head to face me so our eyes are locked together. “Make the story good; mind you…Be sure to tell your Mistress everything.” I force my mouth upon yours and slide my tongue inside, noting your urgent response as your tongue frantically swirls about to meet my own. Just as quickly, I pull away, smiling at your breathlessness, your eyes half closed and lips still parted. Your face is the picture of desire. “I bet you’re sopping wet for me, aren’t you, my pet?” I ask, confirming with a quick run of my hand between your thighs that this is indeed the case. The gloves slip over the dampness that has soaked right through the lace of your g. “Oh my God, you’re soaking already, you little slut!” I exclaim in wonder. Your hips are gyrating against me still, craving more of my touch, but I’ve brought my hand away now, to suck at my gloved fingers and savour the sweet taste of you. “Mmmm…you taste amazing…” I say as I lick at my fingers seductively, looking deep into your azure eyes, which are now dilated with unfulfilled lust.

“So tell me my girl…what am I to punish you for tonight?”

“Oh Mistress…I’ve been very, very naughty…” You begin, shaking your head in shame as you turn back towards the wall. “I had sex with my boss!”

I lean over to the small table beside us and take from its selection of toys and sexual instruments a short leather whip, very much like a riding crop. “Go on.” I command as I begin to very gently flick the end of the whip against your pert bottom.

“Well…it was after the Friday night drinks and all the other staff had left. I had had a few too many wines and Frank offered to give me a lift home, so of course I agreed. I went to get my things from my office and he followed me in and shut the door behind me.”

I can predict what is going to happen next, but I can’t wait to hear it from casino siteleri your sexy voice all the same. You’re slowly and subconsciously undulating your hips as you speak, lost in the recollection of your hot encounter, and the light lashes with my whip are falling in line with your quickening breath. I know you’ve always had a fantasy of being dominated by your boss, Frank, and it arouses me immensely to hear your account of its fulfilment. “Then what happened?” I ask as I slowly trail the end of the whip, ever so lightly, up the length of your inner thighs towards the mound of your sex.

“He grabbed me towards him and kissed me, Mistress…I couldn’t help but kiss him back!”

SMACK! I plant the whip harder on your bottom, causing you to squeal in mingled pain and pleasure at its sharp bite. “Naughty girl…tell me what happened next.”

“Ohhh…he kissed me harder and harder until I felt like I was going to faint…I could feel his hard on right through the pants of his suit. He was pushing me backwards towards the desk and tearing at the buttons of my shirt at the same time, he was so rough with me Mistress…”

“The way you like it.” I smack you hard again with the whip to illustrate.

“Ohhh…yes Mistress” you breathe in delight. “He pushed me right onto the edge of the desk and lifted my skirt up over my hips.”

“Mmmm…go on.” I’m getting so fucking turned on by your rendition of your encounter and your response to my whipping, which is ever increasing in frequency and strength, now leaving bright red marks all over the perfect globes of your arse.

“He pulled my panties aside and just shoved his cock into me, Mistress… I was so wet for him he sank straight in. It felt so good, he was fucking me so hard I came in seconds. But he kept going, pounding into me harder and harder…then he flipped me over onto the desk and took me from behind. I was absolutely powerless to stop him, all I could do was hold still as he fucked faster, harder, slamming me against the desk every time he thrust into me”. You’re whimpering now as you wriggle under the lashes of my whip, but I show no mercy to your plight.

“And then?” I’m breathing almost as heavily as you as I whip harder and harder.

“Oh my God, Mistress…ohh…he grabbed my hair and pulled it back and came inside my pussy…I could feel everything, feel his cock twitching inside me as he pumped his cum into me…it felt amazing…I came again, all over his cock as he fucked me over the desk” You manage to utter through laboured breath.

I give your arse one last, hard lash, then drop the whip, deciding you’ve had enough of that kind of punishment for now. You let out a low moan as I stroke my hands over your now fiery hot, completely reddened bottom. Pulling your legs together, I slowly draw your lace panties down to your knees, noting with satisfaction their soaked state as I do so. From the table, I lift an intricately jewelled ornamental dagger. Your eyes widen in fear as you see it in my grasp, but I don’t touch you with it at all. Instead, I use it to cut a long vertical slit right through the gusset of your panties. You look confused for a minute, but as I pull them back up your legs a knowing smile plays upon your lips. The slit is the perfect length of your pussy, and the snug fit of your panties ensures that the sides of it press hard against your outer lips, making your inner folds swell as your blood rushes to the area. I know it will feel incredibly good, and even more sensitive to the lightest touch…which is all the better for what I have planned for you next.

This time, my tool of torturous pleasure is something far more ordinary. I take a long sip of my drink, a frangelico over ice, as I admire your perfect form in its captive state. There’s only ice left at the bottom of my glass now…but the ice is exactly what I want. I tip a couple of cubes into my hands and ever so gently run them over your ravaged bottom. You twitch as canlı casino the freezing ice hits the sensitive spots where my whip has bitten into your skin, but soon begin to move your hips in that sensual rhythm that I know all too well. I begin to slide the ice further downwards, underneath the mounds of your arse cheeks and towards the slit in the centre of your lace panties, where your beautiful pussy is peeping through, begging to be touched. I hear you cry out in shock at the first cold bite of the ice upon your swollen clitoris, then you begin to rub against it and my fingers, pushing down hard upon me. The ice melts in your wet heat almost instantly, but I keep playing, rubbing at your clit harder and harder, then dipping two gloved fingers into the sweet warmth of your pussy. You grind down upon me, desperate for release.

I can hear you getting closer and closer to orgasm…but this is meant to be a punishment. I pull my fingers abruptly from your dripping pussy. “Please, Mistress!” you beg, but I’m not letting you off so easily. I bring my fingers to your mouth.

“Lick them, my slut”. You follow my orders immediately and passionately, frantic with unfulfilled desire. The sight of you licking your own juices from my fingers sends a wave of lust through my body, and I can feel my own pussy twitch and throb in response to the sheer erotiscm of it. “Good girl…now let’s have some real fun”.

Leaning towards you, I unclasp your wrists from the cuffs on the wall. Your arms drop to your sides and you shudder with relief as the blood flows back into them with a rush. I turn you around to face me and kiss you passionately. You meet me with an even more aggressive response, shoving your tongue into my mouth, sucking and biting at my lips. I can taste your pussy juice on your tongue and it sends me wild with sexual hunger. It’s so hard to keep control now, with your tongue flaying my own and your body writhing in unison with mine…but I somehow manage to pull away before I relinquish all my power.

Once again, the table provides the tools I need. I take from it a short leather leash, then another tangled looking leather instrument that at first garners a look of confusion from you. As I slip it over my hips, however, its purpose becomes clear and you giggle with excitement. It’s a harness, designed to hold a dildo inside at perfect hip height. And I have the perfect device for the job. Shiny black and huge, thick, yet curved perfectly to fit, with two ends joined in the middle, so that the wearer can simultaneously fuck and be fucked in return, this is one beast of a dildo. I pick it up and stroke it lovingly while looking deep into your eyes, reading the message reflected within them. Both of us know that from this point on, the descent into depraved pleasure is inevitable.

Clipping the leash to your collar, I tug at it lightly and lead you towards the bed in the middle of the room. You come willingly, enjoying the feelings of submission that being on the lead evoke within you. As we reach the edge of the bed, I push you down to your knees before me. I lie back on the edge of the bed with legs splayed before you, my bald pussy exposed to you between the edges of the leather harness. I pass the dildo to you wordlessly, but you guess my intention without needing to be instructed. You take it by one end, lift the harness so that it fits around the middle, and slowly slide the other end inside me, looking into my eyes the entire time. I can’t help but moan in pleasure as I feel the shaft of the huge, thick dildo stretching me open, filling me with the sensations that I have so craved. Pushing hard against you, I gasp as the entire length of my half of the giant fake cock sinks into me.

“Oh Mistress…” I hear your sharp intake of breath at the sight of it. The other end of the dildo is now jutting out prominently at a 45 degree angle to my body, curved upwards…exactly like a huge male cock.

“You know what to do”. I manage kaçak casino to command.

You don’t disappoint me. Leaning forward, you begin to lick at the head of the colossal dildo, flicking your tongue around the edges, then dipping your head further forwards and sucking in earnest, taking an impressive length of the shaft down your throat. As you bob your head up and down, it pushes my end of the toy deeper and deeper inside my pussy. It feels so amazing, I could almost let go and give into the intense need to cum that has plagued me for the whole time I’ve been around you…but I have to hold back. “Enough” I order you as I pull your head up with the leash. Your eyes are glittering with lascivious pleasure.

Somehow, on shaking legs, I manage to stand before you, pulling you up to my level with the leash as I do so. I kiss your soft lips one more time, almost chastely, lightly flicking your tongue with my own, then pull away and push you roughly facedown onto the bed. Forcing your legs open with one hand, I pull you back towards me with the leash, so that you are once more wide open and exposed to me, ass up, face down on the pillows. Your pussy is swollen and glistening, straining against the slit sides of your panties, and I can see the rosebud of your gorgeous little arsehole at the very top of the slit. I take a deep breath as I shuffle forward towards you, holding the edge of the dildo like a cock in my hand, leash still held in the other.

“Mistress…please!” you beg me, wriggling your hips back and forth, teasing me with the sight of you.

“Please what?”

“Please, fuck me Mistress! Fuck me with that huge strap on cock, please, I need it now!”

Much as I enjoy tormenting you with the denial of your pleasure, I can’t wait for this moment any longer either. I edge forwards and position the very tip of the dildo at the entrance to your pussy, rub its head it ever so gently down and over your clitoris, then back up between those beautiful, slippery, swollen lips. You push backwards onto me and the head slips inside you, then I can’t hold back any longer and I sink the entire length of the dildo into your pussy with one savage thrust. At the same time, the pressure forces the other end of the dildo deeper inside me, and we both moan in pleasure. I begin pull the end of the shaft out and sink it back into you, as you meet me with a rhythm of your own, pushing your hips back against me as I fuck the dildo into you and force it deeper into me with each thrust. Deeper, harder, faster, more, and our breathing gets heavier, ragged with violent, vicious lust, as I pump the dildo rapidly in and out. I can’t help but pull at the leash to help steady my thrusts, and it pulls you backwards, sinks it even further inside. You’re choking and gasping as I pull your neck backwards with the leash, but bucking against me even more fiercely, grinding your hips against me at a frenetic, frenzied pace. Suddenly, with one slamming thrust, I feel the entire room revolve around me as I feel the tension of the entire afternoon break into an earth shattering orgasm. On some subconscious level, I know that you are experiencing the same feelings as I am, and I drop the leash and grab your hips as we fuck wildly through the waves of it, moaning, shuddering, even screaming in unrestrained pleasure. It’s the most intense feeling I’ve ever encountered in my life and it feels as if it takes forever to come down. Eventually though, the extremity of our simultaneous thrusting and pumping subsides, and I slowly pull back and release you from our tryst, falling back onto the bed in a state of delirious exhaustion. Unclipping the harness from my hips, I slide the dildo out with a final shudder of pleasure and turn to face you. You’ve flopped down onto the bed in the same spent condition as me. I turn your chin up towards mine, smiling at you as I unhook the collar from your neck, symbolically freeing you from your submissive role. “I love you.” I whisper as I throw the collar to the floor beside us, and you lean in to kiss me, pulling me so close I can feel your heartbeat.

“I love you too babe.” you whisper back.

Now it’s just Monique and Tanya again.

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