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I tip the cute baggage handler as he places my luggage on the hotel bed. I had visited Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico once before, during the cool days of March. Here I am again, alone this time. I decide to leave the hotel and go for a walk, take in the view, and see the people and the culture. I get lost and cannot figure out how to get back to the hotel. I end up at a large corral. The foul stench of chickens overwhelms me. I hear a man curse and praise at someone. I inch closer to the noise and in the midst of the corral is a young man. I lean up to the wooden fence to take a closer look.

In the midst of the dirt in an otherwise clean corral, stood this stud, at least 6 feet tall, with a V shape torso and a tight eight pack barely covered by his open blue shirt. His muscular arms flex with each movement as he tries to get the red rooster to fight the white one. His loose blue jeans held up by a tight, old, leather belt with a huge belt buckle showing a rooster’s head in mid croak, barely hid the bulge inside. His voice is a gentle caress in my ears, cursing at the rooster. His light brown hair covered by a brown straw sombrero with brown and red feathers matching those on the rooster he was training.

I could not stop starring at this creature. My loins were stirring at the tanned tight body in front of me, a few feet from me.

“Hey. Vale,” he yelled.

Startled I look up. “Huh?”

He stood up, buttoned his shirt and walks very sure of himself. He comes up to the fence. His clean and musky scent makes me fantasize of nights of hot passionate sex with him.

I see his deep brown eyes drawing me in as if it were a deep cave. “What? I’m sorry.” I almost fall in a trance staring at his virile face.

“You’re not from here, are you?” he asks in English, looking at me with a sardonic smile as if he knew my secrets.

“No. I was visiting and I left the hotel this morning and got lost,” I barley said without a tremble.

“What are you doing here?” he nods at me. “Other than stare at me?”

“I heard you calling out names and I felt curious. And, no. I was I was not starring at you, I was looking at your rooster.”

He stretched his hand outward towards me, “My name is Pablo.”

“I’m Blade, nice to meet you.” His hand grips mine and squeezes hard. I hold on to it as long as I can before he takes it away. “Are you fighting cocks?”

“Yeah. I train them and then I fight them. Most of the time I win.”

“Oh. casino oyna I’ve never seen one.”

“I see that you like my cock.” He says with perfect white teeth in a clean-shaven face. Maybe you should come tonight and see it fight.”

“I don’t believe in cockfights of this type.” I pivot and walk away.

“I get it.” He yells out, “You’re just chicken.”

I turn around, “No. I just don’t believe in two birds being forced to fight each other for money.”

Pablo looks at me and smiles. “It’s tradition. Or would you rather see another type of cockfight.”

“Are you insinuating something?” I act offended.

“No. I’m not insinuating anything! I’m telling you straight out. I think that you prefer a different type of COCKfight.”

“Prove it,” I challenged.

Pablo opened the wooden gate.

“What are you doing?” I said feeling scared and excited at the unknown.

“Come in. I’ll show you.”

“What?” My voice trembles with excitement. My heart racing and my blood pressure sky rockets. I hesitate. What if he wants to beat the hell out of me?

“I’m going to take you inside my house and show you a different kind of cockfight.”

I look at him. He was serious; he really wants to prove something. I figure why not, it was better than being bored at the hotel. I follow him into the dark house.

Roberto takes hold of my hand and pulls me into a small bedroom. He turns around to face me and gently unbuttons his shirt. Now that I see him closer, there is a small trail of brown hair from his belly button down into his jeans. I trace it with my eyes, my lips getting envious.

Roberto stretches his hands outward, “See.”

“See, what?”

“How you can’t stop starring at my body. Why don’t you admit it?”

I say nothing and continue to stare in awe. I see him undo his belt and take it off slowly from the belt loops. He unbuttons and lowers his pants to the floor, kicking them to the side. He played with the bulge in his white underwear. His cock grows steadily inside making a tent hiding a precious treasure. He teasingly pulls down the underwear releasing his cock. He bends down to remove his underwear and throws them next to his pants. His thick, long, uncut cock stands upward, oozing ambrosia that I want to taste. I savor my lips and cannot take my eyes off it; it is at least eight inches long and very thick. The head is a perfect tantalizing mushroom head. His cock is genuinely canlı casino ready to fight. I am afraid of the sheer size of it and thinking of where he might place it. Will it hurt? What a view, a naked stud in front of me except for the sombrero.

“Now it’s your turn.” He pulls my t-shirt up over my head and onto the floor. I do not know what to do, so I let him do whatever he wants. I am his. This god of masculinity undoes my jeans and pushes them to the floor with my underwear. My cock is readily a raging hard and dripping from staring at him.

Roberto takes my hands and pulls me to him in a tight embrace. Our hot bodies meld together, our cocks fighting for control of the other. He moves back and forth making his cock slap my cock. He laughs and kisses me saying. “You do enjoy a good cockfight!”

Roberto pushes me on to the bed. He climbs and hovers over me. His hard cock slides from my belly button down my shaft to my balls. He leans down and kisses me, pushing his tongue inside my mouth. His sweet breath mixed with mine. He slowly pulls my legs up in the air and gently pushes his cock onto my ass gliding it from my balls to my back. He holds it with his hand and places the mushroom head on the pucker of my ass. I can feel the pressure of his cock pushing in. I hesitate in giving in to his need.

“Let me in,” he whispers.

“No,” I said challenging him.

“No?” he asked letting go of my legs and getting off the bed.

“You wanted a cock fight, not a coupe for your cock to hide in,” I tease.

“Look asshole! I want to fuck you and I’m going to fuck you one way or another,” he climbs back into bed lifts my legs back up in the air. He teases my ass a little and gently pushes his cock inside of me. I feel him break the barrier of my ring and pushes inside me, he is strong willed and nothing I would do could prevent him from entering my ass. He stretches my ass so deliciously. I almost faint from the pain he is creating in my ass. I take in deep breaths and relax as he opens me wide with his cock. I see stars; I relax and let him go in deeper. He is inside me, filling a void that I did not know was there. I do not know how I can take his size. It hurts so bad and yet so good. I want him in me forever. His sombrero falls from his head and lands on my face. I inhale his aroma and squeeze my ass making him moan.

Roberto pulls out gently and slides back in hard, but in a slow rhythm like trance making me feel the kaçak casino glory of his full length inside me, stretching me, filling me. I feel his pelvic bone on my butt. He is all the way inside of me.

Roberto holds me by the hips in that position for a moment and then caresses my flat stomach. “You’re nice and tight.”

I can barely breathe. I take in a deep breath. I cherish this moment. I am afraid of breathing, of moving, or blinking because the moment would pass and there would be no more.

Roberto retreats slowly and goes back in keeping a slow, yet increasing pace. I feel his nut sack banging my ass cheeks. He pulls his hard raging cock out of my ass quickly and slams it back in up to the hilt pushing my head against the headboard, making me see stars again. I convulse, I feel my body ready to explode in a high orgasm. I tighten my ass and try with all my might not to cum. I want him to cum first.

“Where do you want me to cum?” He moans.

I could only whisper the words, “Inside me.” I hold the back of his rough hands as they pull my hips towards him.

Roberto grabs hold of my cock and strokes it slowly faster, and faster. I cannot hold it anymore and I cum so hard that it flies up in the sky and lands on my face. I squeeze my ass repeatedly. I feel him tense up and he screams loud enough that the windows reverberate as he cums inside of me. I feel his body tremble over me and his face make a gesture of release and satisfaction. It is an unbelievable look on his face; he is one that truly loves the act of whatever a person wants to call this. Cockfight, fucking, making love, epiphany or ecstasy, I do not care. I love it. I feel him drain inside me. His warm ambrosia of life fills me by the gushes. My mouth is forever envious of my ass’s gift.

Roberto licks the few drops and slivers on my upper lip and tastes me, relishing the moment. Still inside of me, he rolls to the side to spoon me. He stays inside of me and holds me tight.

“How did you like our cockfight?” he asks, kissing my neck, his arms around my chest pulling me in.

“We should fight more often.”

“You have to bet on my cock tonight. I’ll make you rich.”

“Okay. I’ll go to the cockfights. But if you lose I’ll be very upset.” I smiled and kissed his hands.

We lay there in each other’s arms. He caresses my nipple, kisses my shoulders. His breath on my neck is a welcome warm breeze. His flaccid cock slowly sneaks out of me. The void he leaves me with is painful, it needs to be filled again, make me feel whole. I am empty without him. My ass misses him already. He squeezes me and falls asleep. He has a gentle snore, a lullaby. I doze off.

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