Christian Loving Ch. 05

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Despite his worries, Reuben was quick to fall asleep. His stepmother snuggled up to her new lover, draping her arms around him as she, too, dozed off into sleep. The juices from their mingling slowly crept out from her vagina. Nonetheless, Rachel blissfully fell asleep, knowing her efforts to conceive must surely pay off.

As he slept, a dream began to form in his head. He couldn’t quite finger when it began. Random images popped into his head: Homework, tiring days at his summer job, deadlines, pressure, family and acquaintances, a few friends from school, college and work. Not in any particular order. They appeared in sporadic events that either did or didn’t happen, as his mind and imagination conjured them.

Dreaming along, the events became more specific. Leaving for college. Keeping in touch with Joe over the year. Coming home again and putting up with his overbearing stepmother. Her constant, persistent nagging from past and present. It made him uneasy and weary. A part of him wanted to change the dream, or wake up all together.

Somewhere amidst her many complaints of how his life was unfolding, Dinah materialized and helped to defend her brother. He began feeling relaxed, even joyful to be in the company of his sister again. More and more their stepmother fell into the background as the two put their arms on each others shoulders. Knowing he could always turn to her whenever he needed to was a blessing for him, and he knew she could trust him for the same comfort.

His sister turned to him in his dream, somehow radiating as she faced him. Although she was his little sister, she was almost all grown up. She would be eighteen this fall. She kept a good figure. Her face was a smidge pudgy and her body could be more toned. The spring in her hair added to her warm, welcoming smile. Overall she made for a fairly alluring woman.

“Thanks Dinah,” he heard himself saying to her. “I don’t know how to thank you, for always being there for me.”

She kept smiling back at him as if she were giddy or nervous. Her oddly composed nature aroused his suspicions as she imagined his response. “We always watch each other’s backs, don’t we, big brother? And no matter how hard the situation has been for either of us growing up, we’ve always been able to make it through each other.”

Reuben felt a change in mood. He felt a change from reflection to longing. His sister’s mouth parted ever so slightly, her lips taking on a more pronounced reddish hue. Dinah postured herself to accentuate the curves in her form. It was as if her somewhat loose clothing had suddenly conformed to every contour of her body. He felt a general sense of arousal mixed with confusion. As uneasy as it made him feel, Reuben was powerless to do anything about it.

“And yet, brother,” she continued, approaching him with a cat-like walk, “I’ve always wanted to express how much I’ve appreciated you being there for me. You’re my rock,” she pouted, wrapping her arms around his chest. A sly smile overcame her face, “The one person I could share anything, and everything about me, with.” She closed in, planting a sensual kiss on his lips.

As he dreamt, Reuben imagined various rejections to her oncoming. ‘This is wrong,’ ‘We shouldn’t, you’re my kid sister,’ ‘What would dad say? What would our mom think?’ Yet his vision found him groping the back of his sister, feeling as their chests and bodies rubbed up against each other. He could feel the rising sensation in his penis, as if it were already inside a wet, warm sheath.

Pulling away from the kiss, he suddenly found his sister naked. Her face painted an unnatural, almost stupid smile as she fell back onto a bed. He too was naked and already inside of her. Without any notion or control he found himself gyrating in and out of his sister’s pussy!

Reuben’s heart beat rapidly as he tried to make sense of it. He was fucking his baby sister! Of all the ungodly and stupid things he could think of doing, this was the worst. The idea was revolting – disgusting! Yet he found his prick continue to plunge in and out of her tightness, his sexual urges growing and pulsing with every thrust.

“Isn’t it fantastic?” his sister squealed, in a voice he knew was not her own. “Finally, we can both express our love!”

‘No!’ he thought. ‘You’re just my kid sister, you’re still in high-school for Christ’s sake!’

“Oh, but we’re so much more now. We’re both mature, and we love each other very much. Everybody can see that. Why not express our love physically? It’s as if you being in me makes us complete. Oh brother! We truly are one now!”

He wanted to puke. He wanted to run far, far away from this nightmare, from what he was doing to his poor sister. It wasn’t real, was it? It couldn’t be real! It wasn’t right! And still his cock plunged deeper with every thrust into his sister, each time bringing him closer to coming.

Now moaning, Dinah rubbed her hands over her chest and along her body. “Oh brother, you’re going to make me come! Oh, I can’t wait! I want to feel you come with me. I want to feel your casino oyna sperm in my belly. Oh! Can you imagine if we had a baby, a living manifestation of our love? Then we really would be complete!”

The thought practically threw his mind into a panic. A child?! His mother was trying to conceive through him already, and now his sister was thinking to as well?! He had to stop this all. He couldn’t have any children – he wasn’t ready for the responsibility having a child carries! Reuben tried to fight the dream with as much will as he could muster in his trance, but only imagined himself grinding deeper into his sister. Dinah was letting out little yelps of mixed pain and pleasure. He felt himself coming, his sister acting keenly aware to that. She reached one hand down to her pussy, cupping the other around her breast. Her eyes hungered to see her brother make his final lunge in her, and Reuben was powerless against it. He felt himself go over the edge as his ejaculate built up in his penis.

With a flash and desperate gasp for breath he awoke. He was coming, but while it was all a dream – the feeling wasn’t. As the waves of pleasure spread through his body, he felt his penis wrapped around something hot and wet. When he found the strength to, he rose up to see what was happening. He found his stepmother’s head greedily bobbing on his rod, her lips pressed tightly against his shaft while her mouth feverishly sucked down every last drop erupting out of his lust driven cock.

Reuben sat up and watched Rachel suck away at his prick, licking away until he was spent and his dick started to go flaccid. Taking her time, she finally lifted her head from his manhood. She became surprised looking over at her stepson and seeing him awake. She shot a smile at him, his cum lightly oozing out of the corners of her mouth.

“Well, I thought I might give you a wake up call. I’ll be making breakfast soon.”

* * * * *

Later, as Reuben showered, he tried coming to terms with the past few days. Fucking his mother to gain leverage on her while she tried to get pregnant. Incest, plain and simple. Be it a divine order or not he felt it was wrong, the shame of the acts becoming more and more evident with each penetration. She might not be his mother, she wasn’t even old enough to be his mother, but what difference did it make? Rachel was his dad’s wife. His father was trying to make child for his new wife, while he did the same for his own agenda behind his father’s back. How did he let himself stoop to such a low level?

Thinking about it, he saw his stepmother as two people. One was the demure, god-fearing wife who tried to mold her stepchildren into what she believes to be right. The one who pressed daily prayers and bible studies on to a previously unreligious family. The one who alienated his friends by denouncing their beliefs whenever he’d bring them home to hang out. The woman who took his father and gave him something extra to come home to every night. The same who changed his father from a guy Reuben could hang out with to one who became work and class-obsessed trying and impress his social kin.

Then there was also the Rachel he came to know as of late. One who wanted to bring about some sense of family cohesiveness. A woman who held back a fantastic and exciting sexual appetite. A wife with an amazing body with curves in all the right sizes, places and proportions. Even as he showered he was still aroused by her image and the memories of her scent and smell. She could make any man melt once she warmed up. His wake-up call was proof of that!

It was a long shower, but a refreshing one. In the end, he decided to go through with his stepmother’s wishes. He would do what he could to impregnate her and let his dad lay claim to the child. If he dropped her cold turkey now, Rachel might make her advances more public. If his dad or sister caught wind of their monkey business he would lose their trust, not to mention a complete breakdown of the family. Once this was over and his father returned, it would end. He needed to make his stepmom aware of this.

Stepping out of the bathroom with his towel wrapped around his waist, Reuben headed to his room to change when he heard Rachel call from the kitchen.

“I’ll be there in a minute, mom.”

“I need your opinion right now, sweetie.”

Reluctantly making his way to the kitchen, he saw his stepmom standing in the same open bathrobe she had worn when waking him up. She seemed easy and relaxed displaying her nakedness. An obvious change from when she had given strong lectures about how one should carry themselves around the house.

“Now what exactly are you hungry for this morning dear?” She had an array of food out on the counter, from bacon to pancake batter to eggs. “I can make any of these in a minute, unless you had something else in mind.”

The volume of sex the two had participated in yesterday left Reuben awfully hungry. “I was thinking pancakes and eggs, actually.”

“Oh, really?” she asked, her index finger lodging itself against the side of her cheek. canlı casino “I was thinking that too, but how should I prepare the eggs?”

It was the corniest question Reuben had ever been asked. He cracked a smile at it and decided he’d play along. “Fresh. Sunny side up, so I can break the yolk. You know.”

“Mmmm, I was thinking of sausage as well,” she whimsically said with a girlish glee. “So hot and ready to burst. I’d LOVE to have some of that in me!”

Reuben could only shake his head. He knew it would be difficult to discuss toning things down so long as she continued to conduct herself in this manner. “Mom … Why are you acting like this? You’re so, I don’t know. You’re different. You’ve changed.” An awkward pause floated between the two as Rachel tried to understand what her stepson was saying. “We can’t keep this up forever,” he finally said. “Dad is going to come home soon, and it’s going to have to stop. Besides, Dinah could be home any minute!”

“Oh, Dinah won’t be home for at least an hour,” Rachel firmly said, with a regal air of confidence. “And I know this all must seem very strange for you. Being in your father’s shoes and all. But like I told you, it’s okay. The Bible condones this type of action, given the circumstances. And I know Jacob has been trying very hard to have another child with me. And I love him so much that it saddens me to see his efforts end up fruitless. I prayed that somehow God might help see our family through this, and I just know through you he has provided.”

“Some sort of divine intervention, huh?”

Rachel continued. “It fills my heart with joy to see the effort you have put into this. I was apprehensive about all this at first too. But you’re young, and you’ve opened me up to how beautiful the gift of good, clean, Christian procreation can be. God willing, soon I will be carrying a child. Your child. Jacob’s child. Our family’s child!”

Reuben stirred for a moment, feeling naked having just a towel to cover him. She sounded so sincere. How did she just make it seem plausible? “But mom,” he continued, “we can’t do this forever until you’re pregnant.”

Rachel looked taken back by his comment. “Why not?”

“Well, even you have to admit we’ve been lucky getting time to ourselves. Dad has been working late recently. Heck, he’s out of town right now. Dinah’s been out and about with her friends a lot this week. A lot even for her. I’m only here for the summer. Come the start of the next term I’ll be back in college – I won’t be back until Christmas then.”

“Honey, in all things, God will provide. He will never test us with a challenge He knows we could never meet and overcome head on. I trust in Him. If I don’t get pregnant this term, or the next, I’ll keep trying. Your dad’s condition just makes it more difficult than if he were a young, healthy boy like yourself. I will still try to conceive a child through him. When you’re gone, we will still try regularly. And if it so happens you come back over break and I’m still barren, well, there’s no harm in upping my odds then, is there?”

Reuben fumbled through words. “I, I guess. I just don’t want to hurt dad or anyone.”

“Honey, she said, putting her hands to his face. “If I become pregnant, I’ll be happy. Jacob will be happy. Dinah will be happy. You should be happy. We’ll all be happy!”

The two gently kissed each other, their hands caressing the sides of each other’s face. Somehow, Rachel worked her charm on her stepson, drawing him to her. Whereas he entered with a cautious demeanor, she now held him in her grasp. Slowly she pressed her body against his. Through the parting of her bathrobe Reuben could feel her nipples harden, caressing and melding against his chest. As their kissing became deeper he found his arms working their way down her face to her neck. Reaching under her robe he stroked the sides of her breasts. Their breathing grew stronger. When their kisses broke, their eyes met, and they knew they wanted each other.

Turning him around, Rachel led their bodies to the kitchen table. He leaned in to kiss her neck, Rachel throwing her head back in response as little jolts of pleasure began springing over her body. Their groping increased, their hands beginning to shamelessly tease each other’s forms. The stepson’s hand cupped underneath her right breast while the other circled about the small of her back. His stepmother reached down and yanked at her stepson’s towel. His member was already erecting, carelessly fumbling against her inner thigh as the two embraced.

Moving both his hands to Rachel’s ass, Reuben lifted her on top of the table. With a smile of anticipation, his stepmother laid herself back. Letting out a loud sigh, she began moaning as she waited for her stepson to take her.

For a moment Reuben took the scene in. His stepmother lying hot and ready on the breakfast table, waiting to be fucked. You see it in movies and occasionally hear it as an urban legend, but how often do you get to participate? Besides, he was always up for something new. “Well, looks like my breakfast kaçak casino plate is ready.”

Rachel giggled at his one-liner as he began to administer soft pecks about her body. Soft moans escaped her lips as her essence continued to fill with passion. She reached her hands to Reuben’s head to encourage him along in his foreplay – each kiss bringing her closer to the moment of ecstasy she so desired. Her nipples were pert and ready. They did not escape her stepson’s attention. His breath descended on them, their caressing exciting her breasts. The texture of his lips aroused her in addition to her sensitive nipples created a stir in her mind. His tongue flickered and danced against breasts to keep her guessing.

Her sex was evident to him. More and more he could smell her sex emanating from her hungry, waiting pussy. It must be wet by now, he thought, but he wanted to try something else first before sheathing himself in her warmth.

Reaching across to the container of syrup, he held it over her for a moment to draw a response.

“Ahhh, Reuben, what in the world?”

Without a word he tipped the bottle. The thick liquid poured over her belly. Rachel cooed with excitement at the unfamiliar feeling, anxious to see what her stepson would do with it. Raising it higher to her nipples, the cool syrup sent shockwaves through Rachel. As stimulating as the syrupy coating’s initial jolt felt, it mere sight of it pouring over her body excited her more. Her cry of ecstasy morphed into one of rapture as the syrup continued to cover her chest. When Reuben was happy with what he had done, he put the bottle back down. His tongue descended over her chest, fully licking the syrup off her with each pass.

The feeling was incredible to Rachel! The response from the syrup, combined with coarse feeling from the taste buds on his tongue kept Rachel moaning at her stepson’s advances. Her body squirmed, the heat in her womanhood aching to be filled with her lover.

Reuben reached to the sides of her breasts, pushing them in so he could lick the syrup from the sides that were overflowing with the gooey, sticky fluid. Seeing them both pressed together, he thought of another wicked idea. Rachel’s tits may not be huge, but they should be big enough for a titfucking. The idea excited him, just imagining titfucking his stepmother was giving him a stronger rise. She had let him go this far, and the area was lubricated with what remained with the syrup and his spit. Why not?

Hoisting himself up on the table, Reuben crept towards her attentive chest. The speed at which he climbed the table surprised Rachel. His knees were at either side of her – his overpowering frame effectively had her pinned. His cock was erect now, but he clearly wasn’t going for the kill. Just what was he thinking? Her stepson gently lowered his body to position his prick.

“Reuben? Honey? What are you doing?”

“You’ll see,” his voice rasped back.

Using a hand to guide his crotch to comfortably rest on top of her belly, he leaned over and pressed his cock down between his stepmother’s breasts. Rachel simply laid there as her stepson again cupped her breasts, swallowing his cock. The delicate, soft texture of her boobs rolling against his cock drove Reuben mad with lust. Slowly, he pressed his cock as far along her chest as he could. He hoped to get his cock to her mouth but was finding it to be a challenge. It came close, but without his stepmother’s head lifted up it couldn’t happen.

Pressed as far up as he could go, he murmured, “Kiss it.”

Confused, Rachel lifted her head up. Her stepson’s lightly throbbing cock stood in her face. She found she couldn’t quite kiss it, but with a flick of her tongue she teased the helmet.

The feeling of it all continued to entice Reuben. “Ohhh, that’s it. Ohhh, just keep doing that!”

He began sliding his cock between his stepmother’s tits. As he approached the hilt, she would reward his cock with a lick. Reuben found himself rising to come at an alarming rate. The feeling was simply too much – something he had never felt or dreamt of experiencing! Mindlessly, he began fucking her tits faster and faster.

The increased force brought his cock closer to her lips. Despite the modest pain, Rachel brought herself to close her lips around his cock head as it bobbed in and out of reach. She could already taste the precum oozing out from his tip. The rate of his fucking was creating an unusual amount of it. Soon dabs of his come were stringing from her lips to her cupped tits as Reuben continued to hump away.

As much an abuse of the act of love as this might be, it was fun to play. After all, she needed to bring him to come. Such was her intent and purpose. He was moaning now, certainly she was doing her job. Rachel thought of this being what happens inside her when she made love and became even more aroused. The thought of a man’s prick spearing between her folds. The throbbing, jerking nature of her lovers’ cocks as they feverishly slid within her. The thought of those cocks exploding with their jism! Sinful as it might be, she wanted to try it just once! To feel her man’s seed splashing against her face. Her pussy’s pulsing strengthened as she imagined each gob of his cum splatter against her lust-crazed face.

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