Chemistry Help Ch. 05

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Ty woke up with a shudder as he thought about what happened the previous day. The fact that his seed found it’s way into Brittney’s mouth why Mrs. Milton was on the phone was better than any erotic thought he had lately. It was even weirder for Brittney to let him answer his phone while she was fellating him. Still, the thought that Mrs. M. would have him that morning. The alarm clock buzzed again as he reached over to hit the switch. He slowly walked to the shower in his blue checkered boxers.

A little while later, he walked down stairs to where his mother was just getting ready for her day. She wore a casual gray suit with white blouse under. As she grabbed her suitcase, she spied her only son. A smile crossed her lips as she thought of how wonderfully handsome he turned out and how beautiful her grandchildren would be. But that thought would wait as she blew a kiss to him and rushed out the door to her car. Her early morning meeting with her newest client would be right before she would have to go to school. As she pulled up at the local café, she saw her wearing a very tight black skirt and her black jacket. She exited her car as she greeted her.

“Hello Mrs. Milton. Nice to meet you,” she said, extending her hand. Mrs. Milton returned the handshake as she thought about who this lawyer looked like. The hair was apparently highlighted, but her face almost looked like a certain student. The student was in her thoughts as the lawyer handed her a deposition.

“Mrs. Monroe, do you have any children?” Mrs. Milton asked.

“Please, call me June. I have one son. I thought you looked familiar,” Ty’s mom said when she realized who she was. “So has Ty been any trouble, Mrs…”

“Please güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri call me Angie. Ty’s been his usual self, but he’s a joy to teach. So what do you think my chances for this to go smoothly are?”

“Honestly, I am surprised he isn’t putting up much of a fight. You would think after being married this long that he would want to fight you tooth and nail. But he’s almost rolling over. Are you sure he is a good lawyer?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure,” Angie said laughing. “He seemed to always be busy and it wasn’t until I started checking his cell phone bill that I started thinking there was someone else. How long have you been married, June?”

“It’s been about ten years, my second. Ty was obviously a big part of it because I wanted a man who would accept him. Do you think maybe your husband wants you back?” The last question rocked Angie a bit. It had been a while since she moved out of her house. The thought of reconciliation with her husband was never in her mind. In fact, it was never an option in her mind. However, the way he wasn’t contesting the divorce. The thought lingered in her head as she paid for the breakfast and left to get to the school.

She reached the school a little before the bell. As she walked into the school, she saw Ty with his girlfriend. She noticed Brittney’s cheerleader like features and the way she hung on Ty’s arm. Ty was not paying attention to anything around him it seemed. As she walked to her classroom, the thought of her husband still lingered. She grabbed her cell phone and looked on the extensive log of missed calls. The majority of them were from the husband. It was a deep thought in her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri mind that she should check her voice mails. She was just dialing the phone when Ty walked in. The look on her face caused him to keep quiet as she listened. The last message was that he was moving out of the house the next weekend and that it was hers. The image of him moving out was driving her to tears as Ty stood there watching. She ran out of the room and tried to call him. As his cell phone rang, she thought about all the damage caused. Finally, his voice mail started and she left a message for him to call her. Only then did she remember Ty in the other room. As she walked back in the room, she saw him there sitting quietly. He looked hurt.

“Ty….,” she said quietly as he looked at her.

“Are you ok?”

“Your mom gave me some thoughts this morning. My husband isn’t contesting the divorce.” This shocked Ty.

“So what are you going to do, Angie?” The fact Ty called her by her first name shocked her. The fact that he seemed genuinely interested in her thoughts was comforting. It was then a familiar voice at the entrance to her room. She looked over Ty’s shoulder to see her husband standing there. He stood in his suit, disheveled and bum like. She turned and walked towards him and grabbed him in a hug. As they embraced, Ty excused himself to go into her office. As he closed the door, they began to talk. Ty sat there quietly trying to ignore the conversation as he looked at the papers on her desk. It wasn’t long until there was a soft knock at the door and Angie appeared.

“You ok, tiger?” she asked. Ty looked at her and smiled.

“I guess you güvenilir bahis şirketleri two are going to try to get back together?”

“Yeah, and I still need your help to move back to the house. Your girlfriend could help too if she wants.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Ty looked down.

“What’s wrong?” Angie asked.

“I am very happy, Mrs. M. I just wish….”

“That you could fuck me again?” The words sounded like a stick of dynamite in Ty’s ears as she came closer and began to rub the front of his jeans.

“Mrs. M…..”

“Ty, what did I tell you about calling me that? The only difference is that I will not require you to fuck me. It will be your choice.” Ty looked at her.

“Too bad the periods almost over, Angie.” Ty was beginning to think about when he would get the chance to feel Angie again when his jeans were undone and her hand started massaging his dick. Ty looked down to see Angie slowly running her tongue over his cock head in a circular manner. Ty quickly looked at the clock nearby and realized there were ten minutes left in the period. At the pace Angie was going, he was never going to get the chance to cum.

“Angie,” he whispered. “We need to hurry.” With that, Ty in one motion stood up, had Angie bend over the desk and pulled her skirt up. As he began to move her panties to the side, he felt how moist they were. Ty quickly placed his member at her entrance to her pussy and unceremoniously slid it in to the hilt. Angie moaned softly, attempting to stifle it in case someone else was around. Ty began pounding inside Angie quickly as his hands reached for her hips. It was about three minutes of hard fucking before Ty shot his load to fill her moist cavern. Ty sat back down out of breath as Angie stood up and fixed her skirt. She turned to see Ty’s dick limp and a sly grin on Ty’s face.

“I love quickies. You know that my husband won’t be back at the house for a day or two. Did you want to come over tonight?” Ty looked back at her and smiled.

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