Chasing Fate Ch. 07

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I called Ann from the office and let her know that I had to unexpectantly fly to Orlando for the week on business. My firm was in the midst of landing a huge client and at the last minute the lead sales representative became too ill to travel. The week flew by rather quickly and with great success. I left Orlando with the signed contract and anxious to get back home. I had called several times during the week and each time Ann seemed anxious for me to return.

When I pulled up to the driveway, I saw the familiar sight of Mark’s white Volvo. I let myself in and yelled to Ann that I was home. Sammi, our little puppy tore into the den, his front two paws tearing at my trouser legs. Ann emerged in a housecoat looking rather disheveled. Her look was one of surprise that I was home so early. At that moment Mark walked into the den, his towering black naked frame dripping with sweat. It was evident what was going on.

“Larry…babe…,” she started before Larry cut her short. “It’s okay,” boomed Mark. “He ain’t upset. Just tell him.”

Ann looked back at Mark, and then at me. “Listen, I know about you and David.” My heart hung in my chest. What did that mean? Was she leaving me for Mark now? Were we through? She looked me in the eyes. Mine searching hers for where she was going. “Mark told me. I saw the videos. I know about you. About what you’ve been doing…..and I’m okay with it…really,” Ann said in a hushed almost pleading tone.

I sat down in a chair as Ann continued. “Mark came over the day you left. He dropped by with several bottles of wine he said was to replace what we had all drank last Friday.” Ann glanced back at Mark for a second before she looked back at me and continued. “I knew he shouldn’t be here while you were gone but one thing led to another. Well, the next thing I knew Mark and I were making love. Afterwards, I started crying. I felt so dirty…so guilty. Like I had betrayed you. That’s when Mark shared with me,… that’s when he told me you weren’t exactly faithful either. He went out to his car and retrieved some video that he played,” she paused as she looked directly at me. “I was shocked but things started to make sense.”

I was stunned as Ann spoke. “Mark and I, damn, I’ll just say it. I love him fucking me. I can’t get enough. And I know you seem to be enjoying David and it’s not like our sex life has been great lately.” Ann halted again and then looked at me in a firm gaze. “Bottom line you own my heart but Mark owns my body. I still love you but I also know how Mark makes me feel.” There was a silent pause as Ann and I continued casino oyna to look at each other. Our eyes locked. “Nothing has to change babe. You and I can still be husband and wife. You can have David any time you like and I can be free to have Mark.”

For the first time Mark chimed in. Folding his arms across his chest, Mark corrected, “I think you mean I’m free to have you. Both of you listen up.” Our eyes were locked on his massive frame. “Ann has one thing right. You guys can still be man and wife. I got no need for no wife. But let me make it clear…I already own him. Now …I own you. Your pussy belongs to me and me only. You can sleep together when I’m not here, but under no circumstance is he to stick his dick in that pussy. That understood?” Both Ann and I stared as Mark look at us for a response. His towering naked body stood in front of us. I could not help but notice his long ebony dick and heavy balls which hung below his waist. “I said,… is that understood?” Almost in unison we replied, “Yes.”

“Good. Now Larry, from here on out Ann here is your mistress. You can eat her sweet little pussy whenever she wants or I tell you. And if she feels sorry for you, maybe she’ll jack you off. But no cock of yours touches the pussy. Got it?” he spelled out.

“Yes sir,” I replied.

“And you,” he looked over at Ann, “Disobey me once and no more of my cock. You and him can go back together but we’re through and deep down we both know you’re hooked on my black dick. Aren’t cha’?” Ann nodded her head. “Say it.”

“I’m hooked on your black cock,” she replied “Tell Larry what you are,” he smirked.

“I’m Mark’s white cock slut,” she replied.

“Good. Now, Larry, do you agree that you both are my personal slaves. To do whatever I say?” he smirked.

“Yes sir,” I replied.

“Very well, let’s seal this deal. Part those legs bitch and let Larry here get that box ready for my dick again.” Ann sat back in the chair, opened the housecoat and parted her legs. Instantly, I saw that she had shaved her pussy bare. Gone was the little strip of pubic hair leaving her cunt bald. I stuck my tongue in the familiar pussy and knew in a moment that Mark had recently deposited a load in her hot box. I could taste his sperm mixed with her love juice. “Taste me boy?” he chuckled. “I’ve been fucking this little slut ever since you left….several times a day. She can’t seem to get enough of my black cock. She sucks my dick almost as good as you do!” I continued to lick her twat until Mark pushed me away and told Ann to get on the floor. She crawled down from the chair onto canlı casino her hands and knees. Mark mounted her doggie style while I watched his back dick saw in and out, stretching my wife’s juicy pussy. I knew my wife would never again be satisfied with my smaller dick as he pushed his cock further into her beautiful pussy.

Mark would reach under her and pull at her nipples alternating from one breast to the other. Occasionally Mark slapped her ass hard as his black crotch slammed into her white ass. After several minutes, he removed his dick slick with her love juice, and then pushed it back at her asshole. I was blown away. In eleven years of marriage she never let me fuck her in the ass. She even objected to me sticking my fingers in her back door. But here was Mark pushing his huge black dick into her gorgeous rear end.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass,” she cried. “Give me that black dick. Stick it in my ass. I want to feel your cock in my ass.”

“What are you?” he responded.

“I’m your slut. I’m your little whore. Fuck me with your dick. Ohhhhh, I love your dick”

“Do you belong to me? He grunted in between thrusts.

“Yea, baby. My pussy belongs to you…only you. Just keep fucking me with your big dick. I love your dick baby.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My wife, who rarely ever cursed, was using one laced filled profane word after the other. Mark rammed his cock in and out her ass, over and over, until he groaned and shot deep in her back door. Pulling out, his dick left streams of cum across her back. He would push his dick back into her gaping hole and then pull it out rubbing it across her glistening ass covered in their sweat. As Mark got up he settled into a chair. Catching his breath he informed us he would come over whenever he liked. When he did, we were always to be naked. Some nights he might send me over to stay with David so he could be alone with Ann. He might have me service his friends and perhaps take Ann in front of them but she was his and his only.

Since that afternoon, Ann and I have continued to remain husband and wife to much of the world. But behind closed doors, we are slaves to Mark, doing whatever he commands. He really enjoys coming in my wife’s pussy or ass and then have me lick her clean. While Ann enjoys this too, she seems to really get off watching me give David or Mark a blowjob or having one of them take me up the ass. Ann will sit in a chair and rub her clit, as David slides his cock in and out of my ass.

A few days ago, Mark decided to take us to the tattoo parlor where he took David to get his piercings. kaçak casino Our master said it was time we were both marked as his personal property. Mark said he would like to see me with nipple rings like David since I seemed to be so fascinated with his. He allowed David to pick them out. David has for some time asked for me to pierce my nipples. It was as much a commitment to David as it was a symbol of Mark’s domination over me. David sat in a chair beside me and held my hand as my nipples were cleaned, clamped and pierced. The second seemed to hurt worse than the first. Perhaps because I knew it was coming. But I wouldn’t trade the look for anything and am really glad Larry made me do it.

We waited for a while on Ann as Mark decided on a tat for her. It wasn’t until we got home that I was able to see what he had selected. Mark settled on a tribal tat on her lower back just below her waist line but above her ass. On her right breast was two bold black Asian looking letters. Larry informed David and I the markings are the Chinese symbols for “Slave”. They also pierced her navel which was something Ann had always expressed an interest in doing after seeing models with belly rings in her magazines. It was the third tattoo that really floored me. Just above her shaved pussy lips to the right are the words “Mark’s Cock Slut”. While the letters are not huge, the words tattooed in black are very legible and leave no doubt who owns Ann’s pussy. Mark had toyed with the idea of piercing her clit but figured she had gone through enough for one day.

Seeing my wife on her knees, the tats on her young shapely body, her plump pink lips sliding up and down on Mark’s black cock is beyond description. It makes my dick rock hard to see his black body lying on top of hers. Her tanned slender legs wrapped tightly around his lower back. I still can’t believe it’s her. Then again, I’m sure she can’t believe it when she sees me on all fours, nipple rings dangling from my chest, with a dick in my mouth and one in my ass.

Last night Mark dropped a huge bombshell on her. He came across a photo of Ann’s younger sister Cindy on our bookcase. Immediately, Mark began asking questions and Ann’s evasions simply made it worse. Mark gave her an ultimatum of arranging for Cindy to visit or else he would cut Ann off from his dick. I felt sad as I heard Ann crying in the bedroom but I know she will give in to his demands. Cindy is 26 and got married last year. Mark set a date of July for Cindy’s visit. In the end, Ann will recruit her younger sister for Mark. She too will be introduced to his dick and I’m sure, like her sister will become a slut for his black cock.

I know our lifestyle is extreme and it isn’t something we planned. I supposed in a way I was chasing my fate. And in the end it simply caught up to me.

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