Chasin ‘That Sex HIgh I got From Judy

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Chasin ‘That Sex HIgh I got From JudyWe had a few more afternoons with Miguel that summer. I liked to think of myself as quite the wild girl, along with Judy Chavez, my chunky friend from Panama. After my experience with butt sex with him, I decided that I had proven myself to be every bit the complete woman that Judy was, that it wasn’t so necessary to have Miguel’s giant penis inhabit my backside. Judy seemed to have a real appetite for having Manuel drive that big boy right up her behind, but for me, the memory of one afternoon was enough to hold me for a while. I did lots of other things, and I didn’t want to be outdone by Judy. I was always trying to think up ways to make my cock sucking and pussy fucking more memorable for him.Judy wasn’t a whore exactly, but she had connections and knew people that I would have never met if I stayed in my world of high school and music lessons.Not every sexual encounter was with Pedro or Miguel or someone like them. There were a lot of afternoons when it was the two of us, well, I should say, plenty of marijuana and the two of us.She said I seemed like such an American girl about sex. I guess it would be fair to call her a project-oriented young woman. One of her projects, she told me years later, was to use acid and marijuana to change my whole approach. After a few months with her, I was never the same.Sex toys weren’t so available then, but she had them, pornography, the raw kind, was completely i*****l, but always could find it. She introduced me to bi-sexual women who liked toys and porn. The double-headed dildo that we could both fuck or fuck a third person was a particular delight of hers. Not very many people, even gay men in Los Angeles, had heard the term “Glory Hole, but Judy knew the word, where something so “out there” might be found, and how we might put such knowledge to use.There was a man who owned several book stores in west Los Angeles. He operated several “Gloryholes” for his gay clientele. He introduced the idea that a “Glory Hole” featuring two slutty teenage girls might be the perfect money maker for all of us.It sounded so utterly filthy that Judy had no problem selling the idea to me.When Judy kadıköy escort first described the glory hole, at least her idea of it, I was entirely repelled and disgusted. “You want us to go into this bathroom at “Ranger Books”, go in the toilet, kneel on the filthy floor, get our pants down and wait for guys who we never even see to put their dicks through a hole in the wall, and suck them off till they cum?””Yeah, it sounds scorching hot, Syl…””It does? It sounds insane to me.Who would do that? Something so nuts??” What if we get sick?””Gay guys do it, they do. I have an older woman friend. Her name is Penny. She is the woman who gets me the toys and the porn and all that stuff. She knows everybody, Syl. She is hilarious and nice.” “She told me about this. She said it’s not so gross. Hardly any girls are there, that’s why she thinks it would be fun and we could make a shit load of money…”. She said when she was there; there were all these dicks and plenty of baby oil to jack them off. She said some woman was making all these squealy, fuck noises, and men and women with cum all over them.She said it was fuckin’ hot. She said she stayed for a while, got her pants down, and fooled around with herself. She said we could make like, one or two hundred dollars without even having to fuck anybody ..”‘ Syl, it sounds nasty. I know you love all that cock sucking and cum and the sound they make. You ought to at least come and check it out.” Judy had me figured out. Even when I wanted to pretend I wasn’t so slutty, she knew what I liked and what I was really like, not who I pretended to be. When I was s*******n, I pretended to be a normal middle-class Los Angeles teenage girl about sex, not the “nympho” I was. “Nympho” was the insult used in those days for women and girls with a big appetite. I think it was in all the pyschiatric diagnosis books.Judy sucked ten cocks in an hour. She blew each guy till he came all over her face and her mouth. She didn’t know any of them.I thought I was going to just watch her do all these men. After I watched two men shoot all over her, üsküdar escort and Judy, fat Judy, with her glasses and her big bare tits, all jizzy, talking to the guys and asking for more, I had my hands in my puss, and then I was trying to get some of those cocks in my mouth. Judy wasn’t sharing, though. This was her gig, and she took home all the money. I got dried semen on my face and in my hair. I made up my mind that the next time I would do better than that!I kept having dreams about sucking cocks that way. I’ve seen a lot of dicks. Usually, I don’t care too much about them, but sometimes, if I see a lot of stiff ones when I’m already excited, it gets to me. I want to get on my knees, lick it, kiss it and wrap my mouth around it. I have no idea where this feeling comes from; I didn’t think about doing that when I was eight or nine, when I had my face in my sister’s pussy every night, but when I began to see three or four boners at the same time it changed everything!Judy teased me on the bus ride home. She didn’t just torture me, though she did that too. Still, It was so fucking personal, with the wooden clothespins on my nipples and my pussy lips, when I was all spread open for her to see.She didn’t do that today. She just teased me and teased me and fucking teased me some more. She knew that I was so excited about watching her do all her stuff today. I loved her cock sucking and cum eating and her whole manner of doing it. Judy knew that seeing her that way just put me through the fucking ceiling. The bitch knew it, she fucking knew it. I was so queer for her now. I saw cum on her face, sitting in the bus seat next to her. It was mid-afternoon in Los Angeles. There was not one empty seat on the bus. People were standing, Anyone who bothered to glance her way could see it. She knew she was working her most powerful stuff on me. I wanted to, no, I was dying to kiss if off her face, right here, right now, on the bus, but she wouldn’t let me.

“Wait till we get home,” she said, squeezing my upper thigh.. “Wait till we get home” I knew that tuzla escort as soon as we walked through the door, her tease would get so delicious, so much more than the taste of whatever she had on her cheeks right now.Did you ever have anyone, any lover, capture you that way?Judy was fat, well over three hundred pounds. She stood a foot taller than me. She wasn’t pretty, except for her brown eyes, and she wore thick glasses. She didn’t dress slutty in any way, so most men or women just saw a busty teenage fat girl with brown skin. Judy had a nice big round ass and big boobs, too, but none of it looked weird on her body. In those days, fat people and women of color never showed up in ads on TV or movies. Judy covered up her cleavage, and I did too, on purpose, because we were weird enough without drawing more attention to ourselves. Judy was a young woman who could ride the Los Angeles bus system with semen on her face without getting a second look. I was the girl who noticed, and who squeezed my legs together from the erotic intensity of it.!The thing that Judy could do that Rachel couldn’t or nobody else I knew could do, was to take a day like the first glory hole day and use that to work all kinds of other stuff into our relationship. Somehow, I can talk about pee and getting peeing on, especially with Judy or Rachel. But when she tied me up and made me…well…..other stuff.. she made me do…that I let her… as I said with the clothespins and me being all naked and everything. And I liked it, and I wanted more…I didn’t know how to deal with all made me feel so weird.Judy put clothespins on my nipples and used a device she designed to stretch them out. That hurt so much. I cried from the pain and humiliation, but I didn’t want her to stop.In my experience of not wanting Judy to stop, I had to confront something in my personality so dark; it scared the shit out of me. There was no script, no talk from mom, no middle-school sex ed. class, nothing that helped me with some of the scary stuff I discovered when Judy started to turn these rocks over. It was intense, scary, and powerful.and liberating! After we were lovers for eight months, Judy had to nearly pull my nipples off for me to get the intensity I needed to come. When I did come from that, I would pass out. What scared me the most, so much I could not tell Judy about it, is how much I loved that intensity, what a sense of completion it gave me. I said to myself, never to another living being: “It’s stronger than any music for me; it’s like heroin.”

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