Champagne Climax

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“WHAT?” I called out loudly in apology.

“I said, I need another drink,” Jennifer replied pressing her mouth up to my ear.

The music from the club stereo was thumping through the floor and the smoke in the air seemed to vibrate with every beat of the song. Although dimly lit, the spinning lights and lasers made the room alive with moving colour. A dry ice machine in the corner puffed clouds at random intervals into the room flooding the floor with a carpet of mist.

We were sitting in one of the cosy cubicles lining the back walls. Although anyone could easily look over the low dividers, they provided enough privacy for groups to enjoy themselves without having to mingle openly with the other guests. A white table cloth hung down almost to the floor and the long, soft chair surrounded the table almost all the way around.

“What do you want to drink?” I asked Jennifer.

“Champagne!” She replied with a smile on her face, pointing at her empty glass.

“And one for Amber as well!” She added looking over at her best friend sitting next to her.

Amber looked at me and then over to Jennifer. They both grinned and giggled nervously at each other. I stared at both of them, hoping they would let me in on what was so amusing.

“Well go on then,” Amber cajoled me, waving me off with the fingertips of both hands.

I turned to Jennifer. She just smiled at me and looked over at Amber. The two of them broke into nervous giggles again.

“Hurry back honey,” Jennifer said turning back to me and they both collapsed in a fit of giggles.

I was half way to the bar when I turned and looked back. The two of them were deep in feminine consultation. Amber’s hand was cupped up against the side of Jennifer’s head. I could see Jennifer listening intently, nodding in agreement with her friends words.

The bartender looked at me and I ordered two champagnes. She placed two thin glass flutes on the bar edge and taking each in turn, tipped casino oyna them on edge, filling the glass to the top. The bubbles of the champagne settling down perfectly as I handed over a $20 bill. She took the note and fed it into the cash register. I looked at her hoping for some change, but she shook her head and smiled sweetly indicating that $20 was just perfect.

Resigned, I lifted both glasses and made my way back to the table, carefully avoiding the dancing couples on the main floor.

The girls face’s lit up when I returned and 2 outstretched hands demanded I instantly hand over the champagne. They each took a glass and placed it on the table next to them. I started to sit down next to Jennifer on the outside of the table. Jennifer shook her head and indicated she wanted to stand up.

“Sit between us,” Jennifer said to me, her mouth close to my ear again to let me hear her clearly.

Amber patted the seat next to her and looked at Jennifer in nervous anticipation.

I shuffled and slid my way behind the table to the middle of the chair. The lights and lasers on the dance floor were easily visible in front of me. Dancing couples spun and twirled around on the floor engrossed in their own movements.

Jennifer took a small sip of her champagne and made a face of disapproval.

“This champagne is no good,” She claimed, her bottom lip pouting proudly.

“What about yours Amber?” She asked her friend with a twinkle in her eye.

Amber lifted the glass and took a small sip herself. She placed the glass back on the table and nodded in agreement.

“You’re right Jen, it needs something extra,” She replied smiling, looking me directly in the eyes.

At the same time, I felt two hands run up my thigh to my zipper. They deftly wriggled their hands and my cock stirred, quickly hardening in my trousers. Amber stroked over my shaft as Jennifer leaned over to me. She gave a quick look over her shoulder before she disappeared below the canlı casino table cover, awkwardly kneeling in front of me on the floor.

Amber just smiled and without taking her eyes off me, helped Jennifer unzipped my fly. The soft skin of Amber’s hand guided my cock out of my trousers into Jennifer’s waiting mouth. She breathed hot air over my cock as she took the length into her mouth and clamped her lips half way down the shaft. Jennifer’s tongue slid down and she sucked hard. I winced in pleasure and Amber placed her hand on my inner thigh to steady me. The suction on my shaft and manipulation of my balls was intense. I bucked my hips forward slightly as Jennifer’s oral massage continued.

A single hand reached out from below the table and Amber handed over one of the champagne flutes. It disappeared below the table and an empty hand returned to receive the other champagne glass. Amber placed her drink in Jennifer’s hand and it too vanished below the table.

Amber had slid herself right next to me, her hand still on my thigh. I could feel Jennifer bump her leg and Amber turned her head to my ear. At the same time I could feel Jennifer start to suck and play with my cock in her practiced way that she knew would produce a quick orgasm.

“We want to taste your cum in our drinks,” Amber told me and moved her hand to help Jennifer finish the job.

I felt the pressure increase in my cock and I was just about to explode. Sensing this Jennifer stopped briefly, Amber taking over manipulation duties of my cock. I heard two glasses clang together below the table and Jennifer took just the head of my cock into her mouth again. She sucked hard and I could feel her tap Amber on the leg again.

“Do you think you can give us a big load of your cum to go into our drinks?” Amber asked me in a sexy voice.

It was too much for me. The stimulation from Jennifer and her friends sexy voice in my ear pushed me over the edge. I rocked my hips forward and the head of kaçak casino my cock expanded. Jennifer released her grip on my cock and I felt the edge of one of the glass flutes bump the underside of my shaft. I grimaced and my cum sprayed out the head of my cock. My cock muscles contracted hard and several spurts later I was spent.

Slumping back relaxed in my chair, I saw two champagne flutes quickly reappear from beneath the table. They both were dripping around the edge and there was a small pool of cum in the bottom of each glass. Amber released her grip on my cock and took the glasses placing them back on the table, one in front of her, the other where Jennifer was going to sit.

I gave a small shudder as Jennifer cleaned me up with her mouth. She tucked me back into my trousers and zipped me back up.

Amber gave a quick scan around the room and held up the table cloth signalling Jennifer to return to her seat. Jennifer wriggled her way up of the floor and sat back into her seat with a sigh of success.

The girls leaned back into their seats. Lifting their glasses they clinked them together in salutation in front of me. They both stared at me as they drank the entire glass of champagne and cum. Jennifer’s tongue swirled around the rim of the glass as she tried to consume all of my sticky fluid. Amber ran her finger down inside the glass to scoop out the remaining cum. She placed her finger in her mouth and licked it clean.

Seemingly content, they placed the empty glasses back onto the table. Amber leaned across me and Jennifer gave her a quick French kiss, the two of them sharing the lingering taste of champagne and cum.

I looked across the room to see if anyone had seen what had just happened. The room was oblivious, as if we were in another world.

Amber sat back licking her lips and looked over at Jennifer.

“I’m still thirsty,” She complained half heartedly.

“Mmmmm, me too,” Jennifer replied.

She turned and looked at me.

“Honey, could you get us some more champagne?” She requested.

“I suppose so,” I answered in feigned annoyance and slowly stood up.

They both burst into another fit of giggles.

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