CFNM with Sister

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I was 22, my sister was 20. Almost 21. We both were still staying at home. I was looking for a job, she was in photography school. Now we got along for a brother and sister. My sister is very pretty but I never had never and would never thought of or have sex with my sister. Even though I have masturbated thinking of her catching me masturbating. I wasn’t lucky with females and she was the only one that I really knew and was close to.

Anyway, this one day we were at home folding clothes and we were talking and she brought up maybe someday I can take nude photos of you. I was taken aback at first wondering if she was serious. So to see if she was serious I said ok. She looked up at me and was like what are you serious? I asked if she was serious? We had an awkward silence then both said at the same time yes. Which I was kind of half serious and half not and found out later so was she. I felt a stirring down below but nothing major. So we picked a Saturday that we knew that mom would be out shopping. When mom goes shopping she is gone all day.

So, the day arrived and once we were alone my sister said that I didn’t have to do this if I didn’t want to. I said its ok I don’t mind. She made sure it was warm enough for me. Once she got set up she said anytime I was ready I could take off my clothes. So I started taking them canlı bahis off and set them aside. Once I was fully naked I was facing her. I saw her eyes go down to my penis and it grew just a little bit but not much. I was able to control it not getting any bigger at the moment. But I did see a smile come over her face though which I almost lost the control off keeping myself soft. So we started. She took her pictures. I posed. About an hour or so later she said lets take a break and if I didn’t mind I could just stay naked. I said I was going to.

She had on jeans and a polo type shirt and said she was going to go change, she was getting pretty warm. I went and sat down at the kitchen table. It was a few minutes and when she came back she had on shorts and a t-shirt. That did it. I couldn’t control my penis any longer and boom, it got hard as a rock quick. She couldn’t see it. She looked at me and said you look flush or blushing you ok. I said yes. She asked if I was sure. I said yes. We went back and forth and then she asked if I wanted to still go on. I said yes but I need a moment longer. She said again are you alright. Then as I said yes, all of a sudden she smiles and says did you get an erection. Is that why your red. Cause your embarrassed. I looked down and she was like OMG you did. Are still erect. I was still looking bahis siteleri down and she laughed and then said sorry she didn’t mean to laugh. She said we don’t have to continue if I didn’t want to. I said I would like to but I am embarrassed getting an erection. Then she said she wondered if that was going to happen.

She said if it might make me feel more comfortable why don’t I come out from the table and let her see it. Maybe that might help with my embarrassment. It took a moment and I stood up and walked out in and stood in front of her. She said oh my you definitely are aroused that is for sure. As I stood there as we talked about anything to try and see if it would go down but it wasn’t. She said this isn’t helping is it, her sitting there looking at it huh? I said no. She said it’s making it stay hard isn’t it. I blushed. She said no need to blush after all I have raging hormones and she is a female. I said but she is my sister. She said yes but still a female with a naked guy with raging hormones what else was going to happen but getting an erection. She said she knew. We took more pictures but with me using various things to hide my erection.

After about another hour or so we stopped and I took away what was in front of my erection and I was still hard as can be. She said damn she thought it would have bahis şirketleri gone down by now. She said not to be funny but I must be really excited. We sat there on the couch and talked for about another 20 minutes when she said you must be very frustrated right now and probably want some relief. I said yes. She said if I wanted to I could go take care of it if I wanted to or stay there and take care of it while she watched. After all she asked if she was the one that caused it. I said she was but I couldn’t believe she was willing to watch. She asked if I minded her watching. This was my half my fantasy come true. She didn’t catch me masturbating but she was willing to watch. She said what’s it going to hurt, her watching me. That was true. I asked her to move so I could lay down on the couch. She moved to the end of the couch. It took a moment before I wrapped my hand around my shaft and started stroking. I tried to go slow to let it last but I couldn’t was way too excited and her watching and being able to see everything from where she was sitting. I mean seeing me totally naked, my balls, my erection, my hand stroking my erection. My whole body in other words. It didn’t take but about 2 minutes or so and I was squirting all over my chest and stomach. When I was done she got me a towel and I cleaned up.

She said I probably should get dressed as its getting later and mom might get home soon. As I got dressed she told me that if I ever needed to and was very frustrated like this again she wouldn’t mind watching me again. If I didn’t mind that is.

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