Cat’s Got Your Tongue Ch. 02

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Linda removed the harness and spread her pussy lips so that Janet could suck on her large clit. She instructed Janet to put a couple of fingers in her pussy and this helped to bring her closer as she massaged her own caramel breast and pinched her dark chocolate nipples. Linda began to cum hard and her pussy gushed all over Janet’s face.

“I take it that I did well?” Janet giggled licking her chops like a cat with cream on its lips.

“Yes that was wonderful but I am not through with you yet. There is still more I have to teach you about pleasing yourself so that you can please others.”

Linda led Janet from the bed over to the desk chair where she placed a pillow on the seat to comfort and had Janet sit down facing the large mirrored wall. She went over to her nightstand drawer and removed some items in a black bag that Janet could not see. Linda pulled the foot stool for her bed from underneath and sat between Linda’s knees. She placed the desk beside them a silk scarf, Velcro cuffs, a bottle of lube, a fat black dildo with a suction cup at the base of the balls, a vibrator curved for g-spot stimulation, nipple suction cups with weights and a paddle.

“What is all of this for? Why do you even have all of this stuff Linda?”

“I am a Dom Janet. A Mistress of pain and pleasure if you didn’t know what that meant. I train men and women in pleasure for themselves and for my pleasure. They submit to me in everyway and I take them to new heights sexually.”

“You’re scaring me.” She said looking stricken. “Don’t be afraid you’ve trusted me this far right? So casino siteleri far you have overcome several things that you said made you feel dirty and caused you to freak out.”

Janet thought about it and realized that she had gotten so caught up in the pleasure her body was made to feel that she did not freak out over sex with a woman (her best friend at that), the oral sex, the dirty talk, the animalistic positions, or the anal sex that she had just partaken in.

“I want to watch you masturbate for me Janet. I want you to explore your body and locate all of the spots that feel good to you. Some of them I helped you find and these things will help increase the pleasure.”

“Okay, but how do I begin Linda. I’ve never done this before.”

“Start from the top and work your way down.” She said getting up and removing the ponytail holder from Janet’s hair and running her hands through her thick black shoulder length hair and tugging slightly.

She sat back down between Janet’s legs on the foot stool. Then she commanded, “Touch yourself for me Janet. You do want to please me don’t you? I want to see you make yourself cum for me or I will never give any pleasure ever again.”

Janet did not want Linda to never touch her again. She had just found so much pleasure in one encounter that she didn’t want to lose someone else especially not her best friend and new lover.

So, she reached up and ran her hands through her own hair and pulled slightly. A soft moan passed her lips. She ran her hands down the sides of her face and over her lips. Janet dipped canlı casino two fingers of her right hand into her mouth and sucked on them while her other hand cupped her right breast. She pinched and pulled on the nipple rolling the hardening tip between her thumb and forefinger. She took wet fingers and rubbed them down the furrow of her swollen pussy lips.

Linda watched Janet spread her legs and watched her slide slick fingers in a v-path around the clit before delving into her hot hole. She watched her friend rock her hips back and forth along the pillow in the chair. She felt her own pussy clinch and ooze as her friend found her way to self ecstasy.

Linda reached up and placed the nipple devices onto Janet’s hard long nipples creating pleasurable pain. This caused Janet to moan. She then hung weight from them and a gasp left Janet’s lips and her hands never stop rubbing her clit and fingering her hungry hole.

Linda moved Janet’s fingers from her opening and slid the fat black dildo into her wet pussy. She made Janet stand up and she pulled the pillow from under Janet’s ass. She made her turn around with the chair so the back of it was now facing the mirror and Janet was straddling it backwards. Linda pushed the suction cup base onto the hard chair surface.

“Ride this cock Janet. Fuck yourself on this fat ass cock. Watch yourself and make yourself cum for me.”

Janet held onto the back of the chair and rode the cock for all she was worth. The nipple weights swayed and pulled on her sensitive peaks. She panted and moaned and rolled her hips in kaçak casino a circular motion as she lifted her ass up and down on the thick dildo. She suddenly felt the tip of a vibrator buzzing between ass cheeks and touching her asshole. This drove her to ride faster and breathe quicker in loud gasps and pants. Then she felt the sting of the paddle on her left cheek and then her right, but the vibrator never left contact with the outer ring of her asshole.

“You look so good fucking yourself for me Janet don’t you?” she said meeting her eyes in the mirror.

“It feels good to feel this dirty doesn’t it? You like feeling slutty and showing off for me don’t you Janet?” she said smacking her bouncing ass with the paddle again.

“Yes Linda. Yes. I love showing off for you. Oh, I’m cumming for you Linda. I’m cumming. Mmmmm!”

Linda leaned over and whispered into Janet’s ear. “That was very very good Janet. We have two more lessons before we are done. Follow me.”

Linda led Janet into the bathroom to bathe her. She cuffed her hands above her head to a special hook she had installed in the shower. She did not remove the nipple clamps even when she soaped Janet’s stretched out body. She moaned every time Linda ran the soapy sponge around her breast, over her ass and between her legs across her sensitive cunt lips.

She toweled her dry and massaged warm vanilla oil into her skin. She placed her hands behind her back in the cuffs and covered her eyes with the silk scarf. She led her into another room where there was a fire going. She had Janet sit in a winged back chair with a fur rug under her feet.

She whispered into her ear, “I’ll be back with a surprise for you.”

Janet was left with the sounds of Linda’s throaty laughter fading from the room and her pussy clinching and going moist again.

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