Catherine , Thomas Ch. 05

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This story is taking me to unexpected places and as a result the focus has moved almost entirely away from sex. You won’t find any kinky sex scenes in this or probably future chapters either. I’ll still keep the stories in the Incest/Taboo category for the sake of continuity. I’m interested to find out what will happen to Catherine and Thomas and I hope you are too.


I had survived my first day at work and what a day it was. Discovering Kyle was Thomas’s business partner, fighting with Thomas (well, he fought and I fumed impotently) and then making up after work at his, our, apartment. My second day at work was slightly easier and the day after that even easier. Days turned into weeks and I experienced a warm feeling of contentment when I realised that, not only was I coping, but that my standard of work was acceptable to my colleagues. I had achieved a grudging acceptance from X-Factor employees that I was there on my own merits, rather than because of my family connections.

Another (pleasant) surprise was my budding friendship with Veronica. Her stern façade hid a kind heart and a razor-sharp wit. Working in a male-dominated environment for years meant that she’d learnt to keep her “girly” qualities under wraps. Most people we worked with considered her humourless and plain. I eventually realised that she didn’t feel compelled to impress others with her intelligence and knowledge. She got on with the job and did it brilliantly, without fuss or bother. The fact that she was a lesbian didn’t make things easier for her. She shrugged off the “dyke” jokes though I sometimes spotted a flush to her cheeks that betrayed her anger. She told me early on in our friendship about her orientation.

“They’ll be queuing up to warn you…um excuse me…tell you, so you might as well hear it from me. I’m a lesbian. I always knew I was into women and I don’t care who knows it. If anyone has a problem with that then that’s all it is…their problem, not mine. And FYI…I’m not into you. You’re not my type. I like cute bubbly blondes and as beautiful as you are, you just don’t do it for me. Understood? Any questions? No? Good. Now let’s talk about something interesting.”

And that was the entire lesbian talk.

I grew to enjoy my job and was secretly relieved that I didn’t have to work closely with Thomas. We weren’t even on the same floor and had yet to share a lunch break. When he did go out for lunch it was always to entertain a client or meet with one of his many business associates. We did not move in the same circles. I saw Kyle fairly regularly though. Whenever he was in the office he made a point of visiting me and always stayed for a few minutes to chat and flirt. We went out for lunch a few times and I was careful not to let Thomas see us. I assumed he’d probably hear about it through the office grapevine but he never mentioned it so I assumed that he had decided to bite the bullet on this one. I felt proud of myself for standing my ground, albeit in a sneaking around kind of way.

One day Kyle asked me out, on a “proper” date. He was endlessly amused at what he perceived as my innocence and naïveté. Naïve I might have been but I was certainly not innocent, though he didn’t need to know that. I told him I’d think about it and for once he was taken aback. I don’t think any woman had ever told him that before. He soon recovered his poise.

“Ok, let me know. You have my number.” He flashed me a smile and was gone.

I was in a quandary. I was in a relationship with Thomas but couldn’t tell anyone. I couldn’t tell Kyle why I couldn’t go out with him. And, yes, I was curious about what it would be like to date him. He was so handsome and charming and funny. I thought that I would enjoy being his date, even if for one night only. I decided to put off making a decision (procrastination is not always a dirty word) and put my faith in the “somehow I’ll know what to do” school of thought.

Two days after he asked me out I found myself in a meeting where Thomas and Kyle were both present. This seldom happened and when it did it was never comfortable. The tension in the air was palpable and everyone in the room was on their best behaviour. None of us wanted to be the cause of a fight. I was curious about why Thomas hated Kyle so intensely. Surely they must have been on reasonably amicable terms at some point? After all, they did own a company together. I had asked Thomas once and he all but told me it was none of my business so I decided to drop the subject. Besides, I thought that asking Kyle might be an easier option.

We made it through the meeting and I breathed a sigh of relief that I could escape to my rabbit hutch on the eighth floor. I nearly made it to the door when Kyle called after me, stopping me in my tracks.

“Catherine! Are we still on for Friday night?” he asked, straight-faced.

“Whu…what? Friday night? But I never…I mean…we didn’t…” I stammered.

“Did you forget already? I’m crushed!” he mimed an arrow to the heart, the melodramatic fool.

“But Kyle…” I began.

“I’ll pick you up at seven. Wear something sexy.” He grinned devilishly casino siteleri and made a quick exit, before I could respond.

I was left alone to face a glowering Thomas.

“We’re not dating!” I blurted out. “He’s just teasing! You know Kyle, you know how he is!”

“Apparently I don’t know him as well as you do.” He said acidly.

He glared at me and stepped forward until we were standing toe to toe. I trembled as I felt his rage radiating over me.

“You belong to me. You don’t date other men, especially not Kyle.” He said through clenched teeth. “Don’t push me Cat. You don’t want me to lose my temper.”

I was speechless. His fury and possessiveness shook me to the core. I hardly recognised the man glaring at me, as if he hated me. I took a careful step back and whispered shakily,

“You don’t own me Thomas. You can’t tell me what to do.”

I don’t know where I found the courage to stand up to him. I was scared stiff.

“I can tell you what to do when it concerns you dating other men, fucking other men!” he spat the words at me.

“I’m not fuh…fucking other men.” I stuttered. I’m not…doing that…with anyone else. I love you.” I was dangerously close to tears.

“Stay away from him then! Why can’t you just stay away from him? Did you think I knew nothing about your cosy little chats and your romantic little lunch dates? Do you think I’m stupid? Are you trying to make me jealous? Is that it?” he demanded.

“No! I’m not trying to make you jealous. Kyle is just a friend. We talk, that’s all. I swear!” I was crying now, hot tears spilling down my cheeks.

Thomas snorted disbelievingly.

“I don’t believe you. You’re not the little innocent you make out to be. I should know. You proved that once again in bed last night. What would your precious Kyle think if he knew who you fucked last night?” he snarled.

I stared at his rage-contorted face in fear and astonishment. I didn’t recognise the man in front of me. Where did all this ugliness come from? I was too shaken to say anything else. He stared at me for a few seconds longer and then stalked out.

I took a few minutes to mop up my tears and try to hide the evidence of my distress. I walked to the nearest ladies room with my head bowed, hoping no one would notice that something was amiss. As I splashed cold water on my burning face images of the altercation in the boardroom flashed through my mind. I honestly couldn’t understand why Thomas was that angry. Even taking into account his antipathy towards Kyle, that didn’t excuse his harsh words and ugly accusations.

I made my way despondently upstairs to my workstation. Fortunately there were few people about when I got there so I was able to compose myself and eventually get on with my work. As I worked I desperately thought of how I could fix this with Thomas. I hadn’t come up with any answers when my cell phone rang. It was Thomas. Judging by the traffic noises he was driving.

“I thought about it and you’re right. I have no right to tell you what to do. Do what you want. It’s your life.”

“Thomas…” I began, only to be brought up short by the sound of a woman’s laughter at the other end of the line.

He had a woman with him! And it did not sound like business. Before I could say anything else the phone clicked off. I stared open-mouthed at my phone, as if I could will it to ring again and this time Thomas would explain it was all a mistake and everything would be alright. Eventually, I dialled his number with trembling fingers, only to reach his voicemail. I ended the call without leaving a message. What was the point? He’d made himself crystal clear.

Before I could change my mind I dialled Kyle’s number. When he answered all I said was,

“You need my home address and what was that about wearing something sexy?”

“Catherine. Hi. I didn’t think you’d call me. But I’m so glad you did!” he added hastily. “Let me grab a pen. Ok, go for it.”

I gave him my address and rang off quickly before I could change my mind. Two could play that game. I would show Thomas that he couldn’t control my life.

By the time Friday night arrived I was still simmering. My anger and resentment drove out any remaining shreds of nervousness I had about my date with Kyle. I hadn’t seen Thomas during the past few days and I’d made no further attempts to contact him. My phone was equally silent.

Kyle arrived promptly at seven. My mother was curious about this new man in my life but both she and my father were polite and didn’t detain us any longer than was necessary after I’d finished making the introductions. Kyle was on his best behaviour, which was a relief. I wasn’t sure my mom would get his sense of humour.

We drove to a lovely restaurant about 20 minutes away that I’d read about but not yet visited. I was surprised at his choice. I’d expected him to take me to one of the ultra fashionable restaurants in the city and this place was, well, homey. He was casually but neatly dressed in blue jeans, a white shirt and a soft brown leather jacket. I had on a black mini skirt and designer t-shirt, with black strappy sandals and a copper coloured hip-length canlı casino jacket – maybe a little too fancy for this place, but Kyle didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I could see that he approved because he kept stealing glances at my bare legs throughout the drive there.

Our date turned out surprisingly well. Apart from the flirting that seemed to be second nature to Kyle, I was pleasantly surprised to discover an engaging and rather down-to-earth persona underneath his big city corporate raider exterior. He told hilarious, self-deprecating stories from his childhood and college days and didn’t take himself too seriously. I soon relaxed in his easy company and found myself giggling uncontrollably over my pasta. The only awkward moment cam when I spilled a little pasta sauce on my hand. Before I could reach for a napkin, Kyle reached over, took my hand and carefully scooped up the speck of sauce with his tongue. I flushed with embarrassment and glanced around to see if anyone had seen what he’d done. Fortunately no one had noticed. Noticing my confusion, he acted as if nothing had happened and continued telling me a complicated story involving his best friend from 5th grade, a dozen eggs and someone called Spanky? Boys are weird.

Before I knew it we’d finished our meal, had lingered as long as we could over dessert and coffee and were receiving meaningful looks from the restaurant staff. We took the hint, settled the bill and walked outside into the cool night air. I shivered a little at the transition from the warm restaurant into the crisp night air. Kyle pulled me close as we walked to the car but other than that he made no attempt to take it further.

We drove back to my parents’ home in a companionable silence. I had grown so used to Thomas’s intensity that I’d forgotten it was possible to be with a man without the constant see-sawing emotions.

We pulled into the driveway and my nervousness returned. Surely he’d try to kiss me? I wasn’t horrified at the thought of him kissing me. On the contrary, an anticipatory fluttering in my tummy told me that a part of me was looking forward to being kissed. I pushed aside all thoughts of Thomas. For all I knew he was out there right now with the laughing woman. They were probably even in his bed, a bed that, for the past few months, he’d only shared with me. I suppressed a surge of jealousy and turned my attention back to the man next to me.

Kyle smiled warmly at me and said, “I had a really good time tonight Catherine.”

“So did I Kyle. I enjoy your company. You’re easy to be with.” I replied.

“I know I kid around a lot but don’t let that fool you. I’m not all about bimbos and partying. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and tonight was one of the nicest evenings I’ve had in a long time.” He paused before continuing. “I hope it won’t be the last such evening because I’d really like to see you again.”

I looked at him uncertainly. I knew that men said all sorts of things to get a woman into bed and it wasn’t all that hard to fake sincerity. Kyle didn’t have a good track record where women were concerned and I wasn’t entirely sure he wasn’t just trying out a different tactic with me.

“You’re thinking about my reputation aren’t you?” he asked unselfconsciously.

“Yes I am.” I replied honestly.

“I can’t make you believe me. All I can do is prove it.” He said. “And the first step is that all I will do tonight is this.”

He leaned forward and kissed me lightly and sweetly on my forehead.

“Now let me walk you to your door, so that I can protect you from all the terrible suburban monsters out there.” He joked.

And that is all he did. He walked me to my front door, kissed me again on my forehead and said good night, telling me as he left that he’d call me the next day.

I walked inside and found myself smiling all the way to my bedroom. I was still smiling as I got into bed about 15 minutes later. What a wonderful evening and what an entirely pleasant surprise Kyle had turned out to be.

I had barely fallen asleep when I was woken by my cell phone ringing. I stumbled over to my handbag to retrieve the offensive item. Who could be calling at…1a.m! My sleep-bleary eyes couldn’t make out anything on the little screen so I answered with a mumbled “Who are you and what do you want?”

“I want you Cat.” A familiar voice said.

I was instantly wide awake.

“How was your evening? Did you enjoy yourself with Kyle?” he continued.

I didn’t reply.

“What’s the matter Cat, suddenly too shy to talk to your big brother?”

“No…I’m not. I’m just surprised. That’s all. Why are you calling me Thomas?” I asked uncertainly.

He inhaled raggedly and was silent for a moment.

“I miss you. I hate the thought of you being with him. I’ve been torturing myself all evening with thoughts of what the two of you were doing. Did he kiss you? Did he touch you?”

I didn’t answer his questions. Instead I asked one of my own.

“Who was that woman in your car the other day?”

“She was no one, just a friend. I picked her up intending to take her home and fuck her until I forgot about you.”

Someone reached into my chest kaçak casino and squeezed my heart painfully.

“But all I ended up doing was driving aimlessly and too fast for about an hour and then I took her back to her place. I didn’t even get out of the car.”

I could breathe again.

“I want you now.” He said simply. “Get dressed and meet me outside in half an hour.”

“Ok.” I said.

What else was there to say?

Half an hour later I climbed into his car and we drove in silence to his house on the lake. I felt once again the familiar feelings of tension, love, excitement and wariness that I usually experienced when in Thomas’s company. There was nothing uncomplicated about him or our relationship.

We arrived at his house and went inside, his only acknowledgement of my presence was a light brushing of his hand against mine. I didn’t know what to expect. Would he be gentle, rough? Would he yell at me, be nice, what? My mind raced as I tried to figure out what lay in store for me.

What actually happened was that he hugged me, gently at first and then tighter. He hugged me as if he never wanted to let me go. I relaxed against him, happy that our fight was over and that everything was going to be ok. He tilted my face to kiss me, softly at first, then passionately. He led me to the bedroom where he undressed me, slowly and carefully; treating me like a precious object he was afraid to break. He spent a long time caressing me, trailing his fingers over my skin and planting light kisses all over my body. I sighed with happiness and relaxed under his tender treatment.

That night he made love to me slowly and lovingly. He was kind and generous and made me feel more loved than I had ever felt before. He showed a gentle loving side of himself that I had never seen before. I was more in love with him than ever before.

He took me home before dawn and my parents never suspected that I had been away. The next morning my mother asked me how my date went with Kyle and for a second I didn’t know what she was talking about. I recovered quickly though and told her truthfully that I’d had a wonderful time and that Kyle was a perfect gentleman. Talking about Kyle brought on a rush of guilt. Kyle really liked me and I was about to let him down, badly. It was unthinkable that I could date him and continue my relationship with Thomas. I had to break it off with Kyle now, before he developed deeper feelings for me. He’d said he would call me today and I thought it best to tell him then.

As it turned out, he didn’t make the call and I didn’t speak to him that weekend. I was puzzled and rather hurt that he hadn’t called. Maybe he had lied to me last night after all. Once he realised I wasn’t going to sleep with him he’d probably decided the best option was to avoid me rather than tell me he was no longer interested.

Other than that, I drifted happily through the rest of the weekend. I didn’t see Thomas on the weekend though he did call and we had a short, sweet talk, ending with him telling me how much he loved me and how precious I was to him.

On Monday morning I arrived at work feeling rested and happy, ready to take on the world. My contented state lasted about half an hour. Lucille, the other female member of “the team” dashed into Veronica’s office and a few minutes later Veronica appeared at her office door, frantically beckoning me to join them. I complied quickly, curious about their agitation.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

Veronica pulled me inside and shut the door before replying.

“All hell’s broken loose, that’s what’s going on!” she blurted.

I had never seen Veronica in such a state. Lucille stood by, wide-eyed and pale with shock.

“What? What? Tell me!” I demanded. All I could think was that someone was hurt or dead.

“Ok, ok.” Veronica said, catching her breath. “I’ll tell you, just let me think for a moment.”

We waited while Veronica took a few deep breaths and then told me what had happened.

“Thomas called an emergency board meeting on Saturday. Apparently he called all the board members on Saturday morning and told them to be at the meeting because he would announce something that would affect the company profoundly. He revealed that he’d secretly bought all of Kyle’s shares, using a front company. He also bought up the shares of several other shareholders and now Thomas owns 80% of the company. He tabled a motion to dismiss Kyle from the board and no one objected.”

My legs suddenly wouldn’t support me and I sank into the nearest chair. I was too stunned to respond to Veronica’s revelations. She continued.

“Catherine, he took Kyle apart. Kyle owns another company that is a major supplier to X-Factor. Thomas announced that he was terminating the contract between the two companies with immediate effect. That means Kyle’s company loses more than half its revenue stream, just like that. He humiliated Kyle in front of everyone. He insinuated that Kyle was incompetent, possibly even criminal, in his role as a shareholder of X-Factor and in his handling of the contract between X-Factor and his own company. Kyle was furious! He totally lost it, he was so angry. He tried to attack Thomas and had to be restrained by two of the board members. It was a very, very ugly scene. Kyle was escorted out of the building by security and Thomas told him never to set foot here again.”

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