Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 17

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I was nervous as hell when I heard the door squeak open. She was home. I wiped my hands on the dish towel and came around the corner, smiling as she dragged her bag in behind her.

“Welcome home.” I took her bag and gave her a soft kiss, shivering when her arms went around me. For a few seconds, we forgot about time and enjoyed the warmth of each other’s mouths and the caresses of each other’s tongues. I pulled myself away and pushed her bag under the entry table, then reached for her raincoat. “How was the flight?”

“Easy, boring and unbearable.”

“Unbearable? Why?”

“You know why.” She grinned, tugging a small purple envelope out of her pocket. “You were very sneaky … “

“Never said I wasn’t.” I hung up her coat. “So, how do you like the house?”

I watched her size up the entry way and glance into the front room. “Looks very nice. How about a tour?”

“Thought you’d never ask.” There was another fifteen minutes remaining until the Cornish hens were done so I poured us glasses of Woodbridge chardonnay and gave her the grand tour. The front sitting room, Mom’s parlor, the dining room and den, the kitchen and the mudroom in the back. Up the stairs and we waltzed through the canlı bahis master bedroom and its bathroom, my bedroom, another bathroom and the screened-in balcony.

“It’s beautiful, Tawnya.”

“And it’s all ours.” I grabbed her hand, weaving our fingers together. “Come on. Dinner’s ready.”

Dinner was great. Between bottles of wine, we ate garlic-roasted Cornish hen, pecan wild rice with mango ribbons and butter-basted white creamer potatoes and finished with cinnamon praline ice cream. For the first time, Alisa opened up to me, telling me about her lonely childhood and her climb up the ladder. If I hadn’t already fallen in love with her, I was definitely there after learning more about her. She was interesting as well as vulnerable, beautiful as well as flawed and I was hooked even more.

“Ready for a bath?”

I ran a bath for her and prepared the rest of the night’s activities as she luxuriated in the perfumed water. Thirty-five minutes later, I heard the drain gurgle and knew she was getting out of the tub. Now, it was time to fulfill her fantasy. Time to make her mine.

When she opened the door to our bedroom, I was waiting, seated on a single chair and dressed in the style of tuxedo that bahis siteleri Marlene Dietrich had posed for in a still for Morocco. I took a drag from the holder, tapping ash from the cigarette and leaning forward.

“Miss Gudmundsdottir?”

She stood staring at me for a moment before she dropped into the role. “Yes?”

“I understand you have a special request for me.” I stood, tossing the top hat aside and unbuttoning my suit jacket. “A request that only I can fill?”

“Yes.” She whispered, seeming to be mesmerized by my costume. “You see, I’m a virgin and I promised myself that if I met someone that I would want to be with for the rest of my life, I’d let that woman have my cherry.”

“And that woman is me?”

“Yes,” Her voice was soft. “That woman is you.”

I advanced on her until she bumped into the door, looking frightened as if I was going to eat her alive. I took her hand and forced her palm onto my crotch, watching her innocent eyes widen as she felt the hard rubber cock that rested beneath the pinstriped polyester. I moved close, inhaling the faint scent of strawberries on her heat-pinkened skin. “Are you sure that’s what you want? I won’t take no for an answer.”

“I-I’m bahis şirketleri sure.”

The breath caught in her throat as I ripped the towel away from her luscious body. “Good, because my cock’s pretty hungry.” I put my hands on her shoulders and gently forced her to her knees. “Why don’t you give it a little suck?”

“No.” Her eyes burned as we fell into the script we’d planned. “I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want it.”

“I told you that I wouldn’t take no for an answer.” I reached between us and pinched her nipple, loving the breathless whimper that escaped from her soft mouth. “Now, get down on your knees and suck me.”

She struggled for a moment before lowering herself. I unzipped my pants and reached in, slowly pulling the thick, black cock out and smacking her cheeks with it. She kept her lips pinched shut until I rubbed the fat head along the seam of her mouth and slid it inside her mouth, moaning and shivering at the same time. The one end of the double-sided cock was deeply embedded in my pussy and her tugging made it bump against my clit. She took to sucking it as if it was a real man’s penis and in no time at all, I was cumming, squeezing her shoulders as my pussy flexed around the plastic pole.

Her eyes met mine and that slight smirk that I so loved touched one corner of her mouth. “That was good.” I pulled her to her feet and shoved her toward the bed. “Why don’t we get down to business?”

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