Bus Train Public — HOME TRIP

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Bus Train Public — HOME TRIP
This was my time when I was late to catch train to my home due to pending office job.
So, I went to bus stand to catch any bus to my home, luckily I caught last bus from the stand, the bus was too much crowded, hardly I got last corner seat of bus where lot of booked luggage placed already.
I hardly move to window seat and two more person also came there and stand infront of me, they talked on some topic.
After sometimes bus was moved to destination and atmosphere of bus was cooled down.
Bus was completely filled from sweat smells, conductor collect money and distributed the tickets, then driver switched off the lights.
Connecting road was too much rough, so driver used too much breaks due to this we all were touched each others, many times my head struck from the lower tummy of boys who were standing infront of me.
Both were smiled to see this, their dicks were became hard and so they adjusted their pants infront of my face, both were not wearing any underwear, so I easily saw their semi erected dicks, I felt water in my mouth, both were guessed the situation and put their dicks out infront of me, due to luggage nobody watched us, their dicks was full of smegma and piss smell, I took one of the dick and started sucking and cleaned the smegma, that boy also started fucking my mouth and left his semen inside my mouth, I swallowed it. When I started sucking another dick, that boy also pissed in my mouth, I gulped all and swallowed his salty piss, then I sucked and cleaned his ton of smegma, then he started fucking my mouth, after 15 minutes he flooded his lot of semen inside my mouth, I swallowed his tasteful semen.
The next stop came and they left the bus.
When bus moved again and two more boys came to me and who saw me sucking dicks, without said anything they hanged their dicks out, they also pissed in my mouth and then fucked my mouth and left their semen inside my mouth.
I loved this bus journey, even three fourth of journey still remained yet.
After sometimes driver stopped bur near a dabba to diner, we all left to bus and took whatever we needed, I asked for beer, so dabba waiter moved and gave me beer and said me to sit back side which was open area, where three person drank beer, where I drank beer, and started talking each others, they was local villagers and enjoyed every day there.
They wore lungi only due to hot summer, they had clean muscular bodies, they talked dirty and laughed so much, after sometimes one villager took his dick out and pissed in his beer bottle and then shared with his friends, OMG, they all was gay and piss lover too, I felt happy, they started play to their dicks and sucking each others cocks, I also took one dick in my mouth and sucking it, meanwhile another one sucked his manhole deeply and put his cock inside, they muscular gay villagers had awesome hairless bodies, in the manhole fucking session, I licked and cleaned their cocks after they pulled out cocks from manholes, their dicks had great pleasant fragrance and delicious taste of their manhole’s chocolate, I tasted every dick out and cleaned all manhole’s chocolate. Soon they flushed their lot of semen inside my mouth, after this, they also licked me so hard and made me spurt in air, they inserted their fingers in my manhole and then licked their fingers which covered in my manhole chocolate.
Then I put my pant back and moved to bus coz driver started bus.
Bus moved again and all passengers slept tight, after half an hour on toll booth, conductor mover to driver cabin and paid the toll, then I also moved their and started smoking with conductor, after sometime conductor felt some pressure and he said to stop bus for a moment to piss, till now we all opened with each others, I smiled and said to conductor to piss in my mouth if he felt so bad, driver and conductor shocked to hear this, conductor unzipped his pant and took out his heavy black cock, his cock had super long forskin and filled with creamy smegma, he stared pissing in my mouth and swallowed his every drop, soon I cleaned his ton of smegma mix with piss and sweat, due to this his cock started erect and rock solid, then he fucked my mouth and left his semen inside my mouth. Driver saw me with his lustful eyes, but I denied to suck his cock while he drove the bus, so he parked bus near a public convenience, he rushed with me backside of toilet and took his dick out and started pissing in my mouth and fucked my mouth so hard till he cummed inside.
Then I cleaned his soupy creamy dick and moved to bus again.
Now I changed my seat and sat with a boy, then I started to play his cock and sucked it hard and swallow his semen too. Then I took some rest and slept, after an hour I awake when bus stopped with slight pause.
Then again driver and conductor pissed in my mouth and fucked till cummed. Till the last stoppage was coming I sucked most of the dicks of the bus male passenger.
On the last stoppage, I took my luggage and mover to railway station to catch the morning train of my home.
Soon, I reached my stop, my village was 20 km far from the station, I tried to call my friends to pick me but my phone battery was drained, I stucked there, so I moved to tubewell near station which was one of our village person and he was friend too, I entered his farm and moved to his tubewell hosue, tubewell was running and some moaning sound came from there, I saw that he fucked a nude village girl Munia there, they tried to hide themselves but not got success, I put my luggage on khat and removed my clothes too, my friend laughed and happy to join me, now Munia started to suck my cock, and my friend whose dick was 12 inch continued to fuck her asshole, my dick became hard rock, so I slipped down and started to suck her cunt, now Munia moaned so rough, so my friend kissed her to stop high voice, due to this, his chocolate ümraniye escort bayan covered cock slipped to my mouth and fucked my mouth, he said sorry but I felt good and I continued to suck his dick, he pulled his cock from my mouth and inserted again her asshole, now he enjoyed fucking of two holes, one of her asshole and another one my mouth.
After sometimes he left his semen inside her asshole and some in my mouth. And now I moved to back and cleaned her asshole then started to fuck her cunt barely, Wow! her cunt was tight enough, I felt awesome rubbing on my cock. Soon I finished and spread my semen on her face and boos, then we washed and cleaned ourselves, then he took his bike and dropped her to the outer of village and dropped me to my home.
My parents and brother were on our farm and only bhabhi was there, I touched her feet and hugged her tightly, due to this my tshirt became wet and her blouse also wet due to lactation of milk, I said to her, “you are so milky, bhabhi.”
She smiled and said, “devarji, soon you become chachu and this is pre effect in my body, but your brother have tight schedule due to farming, so this milk came like this.”
I said to bhabhi, “if you need, I can help to suck your boobs empty.”
Then bhabhi opened her blouse and I started to drink her milk, I sucked her watermelon sized boobs and sucked every drop of her milk.
After she said, “wow! mera bachcha, you give me awesome relax.”
Then she advised to meet all and gave food to them, I went to farm and meet all and served the food given by bhabhi, then I came back to home, that time bhabhi prepared to bathe, so I sat on courtyard to watch her bathing, her tummy was some big from before, she rubbed and cleaned every inches of her body.
My dick became hulk, so I removed my clothes and joined her, now I licked her juicy washed cunt and she said to me, “your bro never lick it, but you also make me happy to do this.”
Sudden her pissed fill in my mouth, I eagerly drank all. Her taste of piss changed due to medicine which she took regularly prescribed my doctor.
Then I started to fuck her very carefully, her cunt was tight so much due to pregnancy, so I mover to her asshole, after gave her awesome rimming, I started to fuck her asshole.
When I finished, I pulled out my dick covered her chocolate and insert her mouth and gave some stroke to cum, then I grabbed her head and shoot my semen inside her mouth one after another. Then she swallowed my semen and licked her chocolate and cleaned my dick.
Then she said to me, “wow! my gand still having good taste and your cock milk was quite good and tasty before.”
Then we took lunched and slept while talking each others.
In evening all came back from farm. After sometimes, me and my bro went to liquor shop and bought some whiskey and went to farm again, where tubewell ran already, we sat on tubewell side and started drinking whiskey, my bro said, “hmm! How is job chotte? Is everything fine!”
I replied, “Yes! Bro, nothing to worry about that, I just switch to another one.”
He said, “You return to home so fast in morning, you still like bhabhi, but remember she is pregnant now, so be careful while fucking her.”
I replied, “Okay Bro!”
My bro asked me about my weakness of sucking cocks and drinking piss, I replied to him that I still loved it, then my bro took out his 15 inches black thick un-erected cock, I loved his cock from a long while when my parents on farm and I slept to take his cock in mouth and in sleeping mode, I sucked his cock and drank his piss and his semen.
But he never took my cock in his mouth and touched my cock.
I said to bro, “bhai you must be lick and suck bhabhi’s milk and her cunt to please her this time.”
My bro replied, “chotte, if I do this then how your bhabhi allow you to touch her? She still unaware about this, but if u say, I do this in night and you ‘ll catch us and join us”
Because a long time, he did not fuck bhabhi, so his cock covered with smegma, I cleaned his dick, then he made a peg with his piss to me, I drank it, his piss had muscular taste, I took his cock in my mouth and drank it rest of the piss. After sometime of sucking, he emptied his testicles white fluid in my mouth, my bro’s semen taste was so good as always.
We came back to home and took dinner, then my parents went to farm coz of tubewell running.
Coz of alcohol effect, my bro started play with bhabhi infront of me, my bhabhi denied her touch coz she did not know about brothers’ life. But bhai started removed her blouse and made her watermelon sized boobs free. Then he called me and said to lick her another boob together, bhabhi enjoyed her pati and devar on her boobs, then bhai removed her saree and petticoat and started licking her cunt, ohh! bhabhi started crying with happiness, his hand pinched my ear to say thanks.
Then we both fucked her asshole with too much caution. And then we slept together.
Next day I met with my old pals, one of my friend married with his girlfriend, I said, “ohh chipkali, you look awesome.”
My friend said to me, “oye hero, she is now you bhabhi, naa, talk with sense.”
I said, “saale, you forgot those days when we fucked chipkali together, that was our first sex with her.”
He said, “but hero, now she is my wife and you need my permission to fuck her again.”
We all laughed, he asked her wife, “oye you wanna bisexual again now.”
She smiled and removed her blouse, her perky boobs nude, she leaned on face and spit in my mouth and kissed me deeply, then he started licking her clean armpits and moved his tongue inside her nasal cavity.
I said, “you become more kinkier before, nasty guys.”
He said, “yes dear, we both like unusual things to do in daily sex. We like unwashed body parts to feel the real taste.”
Finally we all naked, licked and sucked each others, they nasty guys had awesome taste, my friend started fingering inside ataşehir escort her asshole and he took her chocolate on his finger and licking it, by this act her asshole was so shitty, her tight small chocolate piece came out, and my friend swallow it, then he put his cock inside her messy asshole, then he pulled out, his dick became yellowish with her chocolate, she took in her mouth and tasted her own yellow chocolate, then my friend took my dick and instructed me to fuck her messy asshole, after some stroke, he pulled me and my dick came out from her ass, my dick fully covered with her thick brownish chocolate layer, he licked and cleaned my dick and swallow her brownish chocolate. They made me nastier too, I leaned to her back and lick and swallow her brownish messy asshole.
She said to me, “haan kutte, kha le meri gand ka maal.” And started to allow my tongue more deeper in her shitty and messy asshole. I fucked her hardly and flooded my semen inside her asshole.
Then she came over me, my friend came over her and started fucking her, and she inserted her tongue in my nasal cavity, due to cold my nose was running so badly, she put her mouth on my nose and started sucking badly, and swallow my nose thick liquid. Then she started to lick and dig my manhole, I tried to control myself but some of my chocolate slipped her mouth, she swallowed it, and cleaned my rectum. Ohh, man! Where I was stucked today, I thought, they both lost their sense for sick sex.
Meanwhile my friend started to lick and dig her asshole and swallow semen mixed chocolate, and fucked her, when he reached to left, he pulled his dick out and inserted his messy chocolaty dick in chipkali’s mouth, she quickly swallowed and cleaned it and after then swallowed his semen.
Now me and my friend dressed and moved to the door, chipkali still nude inside, sudden a mad nude person reached near his home, his hair was long, his pubic tried to cover his big black snack, he said to chipkali, “Sun! pagla aa ra hai, you need him.”
I shocked to hear him.
Chipkali voice came to us, “Bhej do andar usko. Let him come inside.”
My friend caught his hand and moved to inside, I just watched, mad man happy to see chipkali, chipkali sat and licked his dick, she cleaned and swallowed his smegma and sucked his dick, his snake was around 7 inches but too much thick, means double of us.
He grabbed her hairs and fucked her too hard, after 20minutes continue fucking, he shoot his semen like gun on her body and face.
Then chipkali dressed herself quickly and served the food to him, he ate and moved to outside.
I left them and said, “saalo! Take care yourself.”
They laughed and I moved from there. I backed to home, took some lunch and talking with bhabhi.
In evening me and bhabhi went to bhabhi’s home. Bhabhi discussed something with her parents.
Bhabhi asked her sister, “Munni, you come with for next some months till you become mausi?”
Munni her younger sister watched her parents face and replied, “Okay Didi, Lets go.”
Next day we took Munni’s luggage in rented car and moved back to our home.
Bhabhi gave her a corner room which belongs to me, and said me, “Devarji, you share your room with Munni till you are here, then Munni live there till you bhatiza came in this world.”
I said, “Okay bhabhi.”
I did not know that bhabhi and Munni was a great lesbian lover, they both played naked when they met, but today bhabhi had some problem with me to love her.
When I went to give lunch to bhai and parents, they started to lick and kiss each others, but I affected from Munni, so I came back home so soon, when I knocked the door, they came with their disturbed clothes, I said bhabhi, “you both sister same like me and bhaiya, haan!”
Bhabhi smiled and said, “haanji devarji, you are right.”
Then we came inside and locked the door, then they again started to suck and kiss each other, I sat on sofa and masturbated myself to watch them.
After sometimes, bhabhi and Munni came to me and started playing with my dick, then Munni sucked it and then sat on it, she jumped on it again and again, soon I flooded inside her cunt.
Bhabhi came and suck her cunt deeply and she instructed her to washed it properly to remove every semen seed.
Then I said to bhabhi, “bhabhi, don’t worry, I provide you some pills to avoid pregnancy, Munni just take one in a week.”
Next day, I packed my luggage and moved to station. My train was in night from home to direct my working place. I reached to my friend’s tubewell and started drinking with him, we already planned to drink, so he managed all things.
After sometimes, his kinnar friend also came there and joined us.
She had good sized boobs and hot looks, she attracted us too much, when the bottle downed to half, we removed our clothes and moved in tubewell pot, then she also removed her clothes and also joined us in tubewell pot. She had beautiful boobs and a handsome hanging dick.
I said to her, “wow! you looks awesome.”
Then we took bath and started play with each others, she licked my friend’s menhole and licked her asshole.
After sometimes, kinnar started to fuck my friend’s manhole and my manhole alternately, we both kissed each others and enjoyed her dick in our manholes.
Soon she left her semen inside my friend’s manhole and pulled her dick out, then she inserted her half erected cock in my mouth and started pissing in my mouth, her piss was so good, I swallowed it followed by some semen.
Then we took some more peg then she bent and spread her butt and invited us to lick and fuck her, I licked her asshole and same time my friend inserted his dick in asshole, then I licked her asshole and his dick side by side.
When he finished, I inserted my dick, ohh! it was amazing asshole which was full of my friend’s warm semen, I started fucking her around 15 minutes and shoot my load inside her.
Then she sat in tubewell pot and our bostancı escort semen came on upside of water.
Then we took last peg of bottle, then they both dropped me to station and put my luggage to my berth. They left train when it was moved.
I placed my luggage to upper berth and I slept on another upper berth.
In midnight TT came and checked the tickets, I saw one couple sat on lower berth, TT checked and moved to another, and light dimmed again, I saw the couple, I saw her cleavage clearly, door of compartment locked by the couple.
They denied my presence, husband kissed wife and played roughly with her boobs, wife’s hand moved in his pant and rubbed his dick, then husband opened her blouse and bra, her tight melons freed to play and her black nipples erected, husband sucked her nipples and she still tried to rub his dick, after sometimes they both became naked, husband had a 15 inches cock, now wife sucked his muscular nipples and inserted her finger in his manhole, wife’s finger erected his dick so hard to tickle his manhole, she pulled out of her finger and licked it clean, then husband started to fuck her cunt rapidly, after 20 minutes fucking, her cunt reached to orgasm and started pissing, husband rushed to her cunt and swallow all her piss, to see my appreciation voice came out with WOW!, they saw me and laughed and invited to join us, I came down to lower berth, I started play with her boobs and sucked them, she moaned coz husband started to fuck her asshole, she started to lick and suck my cock and so I bent on her and started her red cunt, husband pulled out his dick and inserted in my mouth, he hold my head tightly and fucking my mouth and her asshole side by side, husband dick came with her very thin layer of chocolate and cleaned in my mouth, I tried to move my head but I failed. Meanwhile Wife sucked my cock and my manhole side by side, her finger tried to search chocolate inside my manhole, finally she pushed her three fingers inside my manhole and I felt some pain, so my stomach disturbed and a small tight piece of chocolate moved to slide, she felt the chocolate and pulled out her fingers, and started licked my manhole, sudden she pressed my tummy so hard and chocolate came to mouth, she just swallow that piece, then she dig my rectum again for some chocolate and she swallow them all. Husband also reached to eject so, he pulled his dick with her sticky chocolate and inserted in my mouth and shoot his semen then he kissed me and swallowed all chocolate mix semen. I also left my semen in her mouth. He again inserted his half erected dick in my mouth and started pissing and I swallowed all to clean my mouth chocolate.
After that I fucked her wife again and slept right on the compartment floor.
After one or two hours, wife fallen on coz I was on floor. Opps! I awaken with pain.
She apologized and moved to washroom, I also moved there, she stopped on the gate and started smoking, in night nobody was there.
I joined her and smoked another cigarette.
Then she moved to washroom, so I said to her, “Can I help you, I love your taste.”
She smiled and allowed me to washroom, she took her maxi up and grabbed my hair and pissed in my mouth. I swallowed her yellow salty piss, it was awesome. After this she turned and asked me to lick her shitty asshole, I smelled her asshole perfume and inserted my tongue in her asshole, and licked her chocolate too. She moaned and farted twice. Then we moved to gate again.
Wife was a HR head in a reputated company and husband was marketing head in another IT company, they merely visited same time like today.
She told me that they or she never missed a fucking session with train strangers.
I joined them not by chance, it was pre planned.
When we backed to our cabin, she took out my cock and started sucking hard then she sat on my cock and started jumping. Soon I flushed my semen inside her cunt.
Now she cleaned my cock and inserted her finger in her cunt and cleaned it. Then she started rimming my filled manhole and cleaned my rectum.
I saw her face, her mouth completely cleaned but her lips became brownish, so I kissed her and cleaned her lips, I felt some problem to breathe, she asked me about this, I told her that I had too much told and so felt difficulties while kissing, OMG! She took my nose in her mouth like chipkali did, and and played my nasal cavity with her tongue, she sucked my nose discharge, now I felt good again, now I took breathe from nose too. Her mouth was filled of nose discharge, which quite looked like semen, she swallowed it. I told her that both was same my friend and his wife, they was too kinkier in sex, they did same as you did today.
She laughed and lied on the berth, I moved to upper berth and I also slept.
Around early morning I left the train, I took my luggage to moved to platform, there was nobody, I came on the road and wait for rikshaw, after waiting some more minutes I walked for home, a narrow passage went to my homeway for which I crossed the railway track, on trackside lot of male female sat for shitting, I saw them, weird and pubics hairs all around to their genitals, their long black cocks were hanging and pissing while shitting, when I crossed the tracks, I found a risksaw but he denied to go my apartment, again I walked, two or three kms more to my apartment.
I felt pressure in my stomach so I rushed to paid washroom on my way, it had three parts, one for bathe, another for shit and last one for piss, I entered a cabin and pulled down my lower and sat on commode, and release my pressure out. And I washed my manhole and came out from cabin. When I washed my hands another person came for piss, I said that was another side not here, till now he pulled his long thick cock outside, a lust came inside me to see his dick, I just hold his hand and took his cock inside my mouth and he pissed in my mouth, I swallowed his morning fresh urine. OMG! He pissed around a liter inside me and I drank all his piss. Now he rubbed his in my mouth and also flushed his semen too. Then both was paid and left to home.
At my flat I washed myself and slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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