Brotherly Love

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I walked to the door; I had a duffel bag in hand. I had planned this day for weeks. I rung the bell and waited. Shortly a woman in her thirties opened the door. I pushed her back into the house and closed the door and locked it. She was here alone, no husband, divorced and no kids, he hadn’t wanted any. For a forty-two year old woman she was still hot. She was blonde, about five feet, two inches. Her body was fine; she had just gotten back from the gym. Her tits stood out in that small tank top she was wearing. The cut-off denim shorts didn’t hide much, front or back.

I pushed a ball gag into her mouth and fastened it. The look of horror in her eyes said a lot.

“I am not going to hurt you; I am going to fuck you royally though.” I said.

She started crying, she knew that I would do just that. I pulled her into the living room. The room was huge; in the center of the room was a sunken area with couches from stairwell to stairwell. The two stairwells were on each end of the sunken area, it was twenty-five feet by twenty-one feet. There were pillows everywhere on the couches. I pulled her down in the center of the sunken area. I tied her hands behind her back, I pushed her face down onto a couch, I bound her right calf to her right thigh with rope. I repeated with the other leg. I pulled her long blonde hair back into a ponytail. I tied several bows into her hair forming a large knot. I tied a rope under the knot in her hair and pulled the rope to her wrist. I pull her head back and her wrist up and tied them together.

I pulled a pair of scissors from the bag. I cut the shorts away to find a thong. I cut the top off to find a bare chest. Those medium sized tit were sticking straight out with hard nipples.

She was crying.

“You just got out of the shower? Right” I ask.

She nodded yes.

I pulled the thong out of her ass; I bent and kissed her butt cheeks. I fingered her asshole as I licked both cheeks. I licked her crack up and down, brushing the tight little ring of her ass. She was moaning now. I stuck my tongue in her asshole as far as I could get it. She lifted her ass up for more.

“You like this? You little bitch” I said.

She nodded her head, she tried to look back but she couldn’t. I pushed one finger into her wet pussy. She was pouring juices onto the couch. I pulled my wet finger out and jammed it hard into her ass. She cried out something I couldn’t understand around the gag. I shoved that finger in and out of her asshole. I pulled it free and stuck it and two more fingers into her cunt. Getting them good and wet, I plunged them into her asshole again. She screamed hard this time. I spread her asshole wide and my fingers pounded in and out of her rectum. She was mumbling something.

Her casino siteleri ass lifted in the air begging for more. I reached into the bag and pulled a tube of lubricant out. I applied some to her asshole and some to my cock. I moved over her ass, I guided my cock into her asshole, she screamed again. Slowly I fucked her butt, she squirmed under me. I lowered myself onto her body, soon she couldn’t move, I out weighted her by ninety pounds. I humped her ass, in and out, deeper and harder. She was bucking against me. Her moans are mixed with gasps as I slam my hips into her butt cheeks. She screams as she came, she can’t move other than push against me with her ass. I pull from her ass and flipped over. Her legs spread wide. I lower my head to her pussy and suck her clit. She cries out something again. I bite her clit light, what she says I can’t say. I push three fingers into her twat. She raises her ass off the bed trying to get them deeper. I add a fourth finger, they slid even deeper, her hips buck against my hand. I pull back a bit and added my thumb. I push slowly, forcibly; she doesn’t know what is coming. I try to make my hand smaller, but keep pushing. She has her head back and her eyes closed. Suddenly just as my hand pops into her cunt, she screams again. I close my fist, I start pumping my arm in and out of her cunt. Again she raises her lower body into the air welcoming the fucking it is getting. As I fist-fucked her I move to bite her nipples. I bit the large nipples on her breast, she groans. My fist is driving into her just as hard as I can make it. She cums, once, twice then she levels off. I shove my head between her legs, I bite her clit, she explodes on my fist, she doesn’t scream this time. She has passed out.

I pull from her cunt and untie her. I remove the gag. I go sit in a chair along the wall of the room and wait.

A few minutes later, she stirs. She sits up quickly and looks around.

“Damn it, brother, you could have called and said you were coming into town.” She said.

“And where would the fun of that be, I think you enjoyed this little game.” I said.

“Fuck, your fist?” She asks.

“I read about it somewhere; I wanted to try it on you.” I said.

“Well, you can use it anytime. What time is it? I was supposed meet to my ex-husband for lunch.” She said.

“Well after two, I don’t think you will make it. You better call him and tell him I kidnapped you without knowing about your plans.” I said.

Two months later, I just got off work on a Friday, tomorrow will be my fifty birthday. I had just parked in my driveway. As I was walking toward the house a van screeches to a halt in the street. Two men with guns jump out the side door and drag me into the van. Now I am starting to freak, canlı casino I work in R and D for a large electronics firm. We deal with some high tech stuff. I am blindfolded, gagged and they place earmuffs on my head. I am bound hand and foot. The ride is long, many turns. Not sure where I am any more, hell I might not even be in the city anymore. After a long ride, the van stops. A bag put over my head for effect; I am dragged from the van. It is not far to the building; inside I am taken and tied to a post. I hear movement in the room, then they are back. I am moved and hung by two chains from above. One wrist each to a chain, my ankles shackled to the floor, I am spread eagle. I hear them leave; I hear the van drive away.

I think I am alone, not much I can do about it. Softly, I hear footsteps. They removed the bag. “Welcome, my slave.” She said.

“This is your training session. When I am done with you, you will do whatever I say.” She said.

She was using a voice distorter, but I could understand every word. “I am going to cut your clothes off.” She said.

She started with the right sleeve, she cut it with scissors clear to the collar, she moved to the left side and cut it to the collar, shirt and sport coat. She cut the shirt up the front and went around behind me and pulled them free. While she is behind me she cuts the belt, then the slacks down the seam to the crotch. She reappeared in front of me; she pulled the belt out, opened my pants and pulled them down. She cut the rest of the crotch then down each inseam, she pulled the pants away. She cut my underwear off. The men had removed my shoe and socks in the van. I hung there waiting.

“I have some toys for you. I am going to put them to use now.” She said.

I felt her behind me; she pushed a cold object against my buttcheeks. She spread my asscheeks and pushed this thing into my ass. I assume it was a butt plug. It vibrated. Next she put something over my balls, she turned it on. It vibrated. Then she put three rings on my cock, each of them vibrated. She put nipple clamps on me. Now I was feeling the pleasure rising. I didn’t hear or feel anything from her for a long time; the vibrating had me on the edge. I am holding off for some reason.

“Are you ready to obey me?” she asks.

Where the hell did she come from? I thought she had left the room.

“Obey what” I said.

“Obey my commands; you are to be my slave.” She said.

“Fuck off” I said.

I felt the whip slap across my ass. “You fucking whore” I screamed.

“Quiet, you will not speak.” She said.

“Again fuck off” I said.

The hit came across my crotch this time, she was trying something else.

“Bitch” I shouted.

The whip hit my ass, then across kaçak casino my cock. “Whore” I shouted.

“Be a good boy and obey me”

“You two bit slut” I shouted.

This time she beat my ass for some time, it stung like hell when she quit.

“You cock sucking cunt, when I get down from here I am going to fuck your ass so hard.” I screamed.

“That’s it threaten the bitch who owns you.” She said.

“Whore, all you own is a grave.” I said.

She laughed. Then I knew, my bitch sister, this was her payback for raping her. The whip started again, I hung there smiling. When she stopped I said nothing. I heard her leave the room when the door opened and closed.

Shortly, the door opened, they lowered me to the floor. They released my feet; flipped me over and reshackled me face down. There was a strap put across my waist. I heard the two men leave as the door closed. I heard the door open and close. No one said a word. I felt someone pull the plug from my ass. When that someone started greasing my asshole, I started fighting my bounds.

“Quiet, slave, this shouldn’t hurt much since you had that butt plug in.” She snickered.

I felt her straddle my ass, I felt the dildo press against my asshole. She pushed it in, I didn’t make a sound. I wouldn’t give her the pleasure. She rode me for a longtime, hard to tell time when you’re blindfolded. I even humped back a little just to piss her off. When I did she pulled out screaming, “You little prick, you figured it out and now you are pissing me off, Big brother, oh fucking shit.”

“Sis, if you ever let me loose, I am going to fuck you for days on end. I will keep you as my fuck slave for a bloody year. I love you but this was a bit much, fucking me in the ass, please.” I said calmly.

“Shit, you’re fucking serious, fuck brother. I will do anything but please don’t enslave me. I am sorry; I thought you would get a kick out of this.” She begged.

“Release me now and I will only keep you for the weekend. You will do as I say every minute you are mine.” I said.

She released me. I rolled over and sat up. I grabbed her and pulled into my lap.

“You fucked my ass with a dildo.” I laughed at her.

She smiled, “I had other things in mind but I didn’t want to hurt you.”

My cock was rock hard as I removed the rings, she sat there watching. Dressed in leather, her crotch and tits bare to the world. I pulled her around and slammed her down onto my cock, “My slut sister, I need to come.” I said. She rode me hard; she obviously needed to come too.

I kept her for two weeks chained in my bedroom. All we have is each other. She hates other people and won’t date, so she comes to me for sex. Shit, who am I to complain? A woman that loves to fuck and suck and is willing to risk my wrath for a prank, I think I will move her in with me if she will. She is not from around here and few people know me. We could live as man and woman. No one would know the difference here, nor would they care.

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