Breaking in the Sub Pt. 02

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My own personal experience finding a submissive woman and our journey together discovering each other’s limits.

After our first meeting at my place, I discovered that the naughty school girl literally lived 6 houses up from my place at her parents’ house. She didn’t tell me this for starters in case things didn’t work out, but obviously I must’ve made an impression as she finally told me where she lived. I asked her if she still had the school girl outfit that I had seen her in years before, she did! BUT it was packed away as she was between houses, going through a break up as well.

But that’s a story for a future time.


During my marriage we had explored different sexual things, we had made videos, etc, we even went out on a limb to start selling adult toys, we purchased some leftover stock from a shop that was shutting down, $3k worth infact!

After our break up, the boxes of toys and items got misplaced, she ended up with most items, but I did have a box in my possession that proved to be very beneficial. In that one box were wipes, cuffs, large dildos, floggers, lingerie, it was a score tuzla escort and a half.

Since our first encounter I had moved bedrooms to the room next door. I made a big wall mounted cabinet and put all these items into like a toolbox in a garage, everything had its own place, my OCD played a big part in this project.

I became kind of obsessed with toys, to the point I started making my own. I was into Steampunk at the time, I created the name Clitomus Gordon, paying homage to the Jules Verne character Artimus Gordon from Around the World in 80 days. I called my creations Hysteria Healers, I designed and built everything from steampunk themed fuck machines, to steampunk themed vibrating seats.

I specifically designed this one fuck machine for my naughty school girl. At first it was handheld, made out of a crudely dissected reciprocating saw, with a heavily altered head. That became even further dissected and made into a floor mounted unit on an old lathe base.

I will admit myself, it looked SCARY! It wasn’t designed to look beautiful, it was a steampunk themed sex toy, it had to look old, rough, dirty pendik escort and very mechanical which it did.

Anyone it scared her a little too much, she never got the pleasure of using it, but i did use it on others and it worked a charm 😉

One Hysteria Healer that the naughty school girl did like was my first vibrating seat. It was built on an old wooden sewing machine cover, it looked like a saddle of some kind, so that’s the idea I rolled with. I cut the top out, installed a high powered flat bed sander with the plate removed and installed a riding saddle onto it. You sat in the saddle and it drove the ‘victim’ insane. The first time my naughty school girl used it, she was only on it for 2 seconds, and her jaw dropped and eyes rolled back, it drove her wild.


Anyway back to the ‘toy box,’ I invited my naughty school girl around one night, it was quite late, living so close proved handy! I was working on my computer which was also in my bedroom, she came in sat on my bed, we chatted for a while about what I was doing. She was always interested, didn’t matter what it was, she always listened aydınlı escort so intently.

I knew the question was coming, it was only a matter of time…’What’s that?’ she asked, I played dumb while continuing what I was doing ‘What’s what?’ ‘The box on the wall’ she asked finally. ‘My toy box…’

Silly questions bounced backwards and forwards for a bit until she asked if she could look inside. She had no idea what i ment by toy box, until she opened it. I thought she was going to slam it shut and run away, the look of horror on her face was hilarious.

She picked up a flogger and commented about how it would sting, as would the wipe. Then she picked up a paddle which I had made myself out of MDF and commented about how it wouldn’t be to bad, and then smacked her arse with it.

That one innocent act is really what set us down the path we traveled, we didn’t end up using anything that night, but talked at length about fantasies, ideas, experiences, she agreed to be my toy tester and let me play with her. As she left my bedroom at the end of the night, a smacked her arse with the paddle as hard as I could to see what reaction I’d get.

She simply turned and replied by saying ‘Thank you sir, I’ll cherish these tingles for hours to come.’

I was stunned by her response and knew I had an opportunity to explore forbidden fantasies!

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