Boy Friday in Training Ch. 1

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The week before we had landed in his bed in a sweaty heated joining, and had coupled like two animals in rutting season.

Now it was time for some training. A girl likes a little finesse, don’t cha know.

My young man, whose experience had been strictly limited to university girls, lacked technique, but made up for it with stamina and enthusiasm.

So on Friday, after work, we proceeded to his place with great haste. This time I noticed the apartment was clean and tidy as he lead me to the bedroom and a freshly made bed that looked so inviting. It pleased him that I had noticed.

He stripped out of his clothes in record time. He then lay on the bed with his best “come hither” smile, his large, strong erection pressed hard against his flat belly.

I stood at the side of the bed in disbelief. If this was his idea of foreplay then I felt sorry for all the previous girls, but not for long. It was time for my boy’s lesson to start.

I decided to undress slowly so that he could watch. I deliberately folded each piece of clothing and walked over to a chair to place them in a neat pile. I knew that in the soft candle light my 40 plus years would not show too much. My regular swim workouts casino oyna kept my muscles lean and tight and my breast were still firm. For my age I looked good. Damn good.

I got into bed and snuggled up to my boy who needed no other encouragement. His ready cock spread my pussy lips and started the familiar pumping action before I was warm. He came rather quickly then rolled over, but continued to hold me in his arms.

Some hope here I thought to myself.

I was not disappointed at the quickness, as I knew my boy had built up a head of steam, so to speak, from the week of teasing I had been giving him at the office all week.

In a short time I had my hand stroking his cock and it was recovering nicely. I took his hand and placed it between my legs. It lay there limply. I kissed him and whispered sweet nothings in his ear, just so he’d get accustomed to the sound of my voice. After patiently waiting for that hand to do something, I said, “Here let me show you.”

“I know what to do, “ he replied in a fit of pique.

“Oh baby, I know,” I lied, “but let me show you what I like. All us girls are different you know. It’s not one for all.”

I moved my fingers over his and then guided canlı casino his hand up to my clit. “Feel how hard my clit is. That means I’m really turned on. When I’m not, it turns soft and disappears.”

“Ummm,” he said.

“And this feels really good,” I said as I slowly moved his fingers in a circular motion. I arched my back and spread my legs a bit further. He started getting into the moment and showed a certain knack for pleasing my clit. I was getting wet.

“Now move down a bit, cause my clit gets sensitive and can only take so much at this stage of my arousal, here, stroke my pussy lips. They like it a little bit harder and oh look; we seem to have fallen into a hole. My it’s wet in there.”

He smiled, but I could see the look of concentration on his face. The good boy was taking mental notes but I knew he couldn’t do that for too much longer. His eager, young cock would need some action, and soon, but this time I was ready.

I straddled his hips and slowly pushed his cock into my now well-heated cunt. He moaned and rose up to meet me. He continued to buck in a spasmodic manner and I let him. When he tired I started up a regular motion that soon had him, and me, on the edge of orgasm.

“It’s kaçak casino better if you wait,” I whispered, and stopped my stroking.

“Oh no,” he cried, “don’t stop!”

But that little rest was all it took to back off the excitement.

I started to move my hips in earnest this time. It was my turn to come and I could feel it lurking in the deepest part of my cunt. It was building like an itch and I was scratching it with his cock.

“Concentrate on your cock,” I said. “Feel how my muscles are grabbing you. I’m going to come soon.” I panted and gasped feeling the delicious tingle building faster and faster.

“Yes, I feel it,” he said, his voiced edged with surprise.

Then I came. Hard and in a rush. I pushed onto him as forcefully as I could. I ground my hips against his groin and babbled a prayer to the gods. I threw my head back while sweat ran down my breasts. I concentrated on the wonderful feeling of heat and release from between my legs.

A few seconds later he came with a fury that shook his body from eyes to thighs. He gasped and panted as his cock spewed forth the pent up energies that we had built together.

After, we lay together still coupled, our breathing mingling into one, wrapped in our sweat and sex, pleased with each other and pleasantly spent, replaying in our minds the recent events.

My boy showed promise and I promised to teach him more.

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