Bound And Loved

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Cat turned towards him, the blindfold keeping her from actually seeing him, but the gesture was habit as much as anything. “So, where are we going?”

“You’ll see. . .”

She whimpered slightly at the answer. His voice seemed to come from everywhere at once, vibrating against her ears and flooding her with the warmth that it always seemed to. She clamped her hands between her thighs, pressing hard against herself…fighting the urge to play with herself as she waited patiently for whatever came next.

She felt turn after turn as the Jeep wound its way through back roads, until finally it came to a stop. His door opened and closed, and seconds later the door to her immediate right opened and she felt a hand, his hand, gently guiding her out of the vehicle. “This way, love…”

Cat felt gravel crunching beneath her feet as she climbed down a slight slope. Her hands were bound; else she would no doubt have been feeling ahead with every step. She was a little afraid…it was the middle of the day after all, but he was here…and that thought comforted her. But still…what did he have in store? Why had he asked her to dress in a button down shirt, with no bra? For that matter, what had she agreed?

Soon they came to a stop…after perhaps a quarter of a mile of walking he lifted her into his arms and began the trek down a sharper incline. Soon there was the sound of running water…lots of it…like a waterfall…and then there was the brisk feeling of mist in the air. They were at a waterfall; she knew it… but where…?

Soon she was laying on something soft…a bed of some kind, but not a … maybe leaves…or something else… Cat couldn’t tell, but he was here with her, he was taking care of her… She knew deep down that he would never do anything to hurt her, and besides, he had already told her that all she had to do was say stop, and he would.

Corey lay her down gently, taking great care that she should not be uncomfortable. The pile of leaves that she lay on was thick, and rich with green, and the contrast between her hair, her pale skin, and the vivid colors of nature was amazing to behold. For a split second, he left her side, peeling off his shirt and laying it across one of the many large rocks, and then he returned, his heart warming at the sight of her.

Shifting back and forth, she could tell her was nearby, but she couldn’t see him, and couldn’t touch him…but wait…what was that? He took her hands in his, and unbound them, releasing the soft cuffs for a moment, as he gently, ever so gently, pulled her hands above her head.

“Are you alright, love?” He asked, his deep voice booming in her enhanced hearing.

She’d never realized what being deprived of one sense, did to the other four. Her sense of touch was on fire, and her whole body was alive with sensation. Her hearing was more acute, her tastes more vivid, and the smells… She could smell any number of things as she lay there. Leather…she smelled leather, probably from the cuffs. She could smell him…his musk, his scent, the smell of him drove her crazy, and made Cat want Corey even more. Nature, she could smell nature…the leaves…she was certain now, that’s what they were, beneath her, the water, pouring over the falls…it was all hers. And what’s more…she could smell something in the air…something heavier, colder…something tasty… She could smell a storm…

The first touch of his skin against her caused her to jump, and she realized that she’d never answered him. “Yes, I’m fine…”

“Are you sure?” He asked, hand caressing her cheek.

She nodded, not wanting to speak again, just yet. She felt the pull of his arms as he moved her an inch or two higher, and she stretched herself to accommodate him. Something was looped through the center of the cuffs and pulled tight, causing her to stretch just a little further, and she gasped as she felt the cool mist of the falls landing on her now exposed midriff.

His hands were warmer than usual, she thought, as they fell against the exposed skin of her stomach. Or maybe it was just in comparison with the mist. She could feel him moving upwards, taking the buttons of her shirt in his hands and undoing them, one by one, and part of her wished he would go faster, but something in her, a large something, that same something which was flooding her most intimate places with wetness and warmth, was crying out in pleasure at the exquisite torture.

Corey watched her writhing beneath him and took a certain satisfaction in it. This had been planned out to a tee, and everything was going perfectly. He wasn’t sure originally if she would allow him this, but she had reluctantly agreed, and now appeared to be enjoying herself a great deal. He gently brushed aside the fabric of the shirt, allowing it to continue covering her breasts, but expose the whole of her stomach and the narrow cleft between her mounds, and then he stood back for a moment to admire her.

He looked her up and down, taking everything in. Her pale white skin, the casino siteleri small beads of water where the mist had condensed on her skin, the curvature of her body, all of it. Cat was everything he had ever dreamed of. She had a fiery spirit, and the red hair to match. She was beautiful, both inside and out, and the feel of her body against his never failed to excite him. She was innocent, in some ways, and yet not naïve. Cat was many things, but she was most definitely not naïve. Open minded, intelligent, capable and much more.

It was more than that though. She understood him, trusted him, when by all rights, most people feared him. She loved him, without needing a reason, without any ulterior motive, she simply did.

Eventually, he brought his mind back to the task at hand and surveyed her body. She was writhing, her legs held together as if trying to conceal the growing wetness that he could see plain as day, and she trembled each time he ran his hands over the cleft between her breasts. He stared her right in the eyes, waiting for just the right moment…

She could feel him looking at her…every time he touched her, Cat could see him smiling as she trembled and jumped, and she loved that smile, even though she couldn’t really see it. She was so wet, she wanted to touch herself, but her hands were bound above her head and she couldn’t move them…so she was forced to grind her thighs together in agony as she waited for him…what was he doing…?

Suddenly his hand was there again, and her whole body trembled as she tried to feel more of him against her skin. Corey took his time now, slowly guiding his hand over her left breast, brushing his hand through the cold water on her belly and sliding it over her nipple, feeling it harden under his hand, until the scrap of fabric that had covered her breast was laying on the ground beneath her.

Slowly, carefully, so that none of his body was touching hers, he leaned over and took her now exposed nipple into his mouth. Cat gasped out loud, crying out in a moan as he sucked on her nipple. She could feel his teeth nibbling and his fingers twisting gently, and then a blast of cold struck her other nipple as he slipped the fabric off of that breast as well.

Her back arched and her feet wiggled as she tried to escape her bonds. Cat wanted to grab his head, pull him closer, pull him up for a kiss, or something! Instead she was forced to gasp and moan and beg for his goodwill in pleasuring her…in giving her what she wanted, but this time it seemed, it was all about the tease. Him teasing her, him teasing himself; it was all about the tease…

In moments, her pleasure was heightened as he released her nipple to the cool air of the mists and refocused his attack on the other one. He still refused to let her body touch him, and he held himself up with enough balance that he now included his free hand in the attack as well. Cat’s nipple was subjected to every kind of torture she could imagine, as he licked and sucked, pinched, rolled, tugged, and manipulated them to his every whim, sending great wracking waves of pleasure through her body.

The next moments were a blur. Her wrists were unbound, one by one, and her shirt was completely removed, leaving her lying half naked on the pile of deep green leaves. She could feel the tender touch of his hands, the firm pull of his mouth. He bit down on her neck and shoulder, knowing that it drove her crazy. Corey nipped at her neck, breasts and side, but now she could feel a difference…there was a purpose, and he moved steadily lower.

Now his hands tugged at the waistband of her jeans, nimbly undoing the button and sliding the zipper down. But for some reason, he stopped. And for just a moment, Cat felt him move away. Seconds later she felt his breath on her stomach as he licked from her navel to her neck, sliding his now shirtless body against her, smearing the condensed cold of the mist across her torso.

She shivered, as he moved away, the warmth of his body was comforting, but there was a different warmth flooding through her now. His hands….oh his hands were something beyond her imagination. Corey flicked his fingers across her, teasing her, running them up and down the denim that covered her pussy. He pressed softly against her, his palm pushing against her insides, making her moan, not softly, like she had been, but loud, and with as much intensity as she could muster.

“More…” The word wasn’t spoke so much as it was breathed.

A quick tug brought her jeans down to her knees, but now she was even more bound than she was previously. He admired briefly the silvery-grey of her cotton panties, and more specifically the much darker patch that was directly between her legs, where she had soaked through them. Another tug brought the jeans down to her ankles and a third removed them entirely.

“You want more?” He asked, his voice resounding in her ear.

“Yes…” Again, she breathed…

He reached up and lay his fingers against canlı casino her, running them over the wet spot on her panties. She whimpered slightly, lifting her ass off the bed of leaves to try and force more contact between them, but she knew by now it was futile. He would give her only what he wanted, and nothing more.

“Please…more…I want more…”

All of a sudden, with the grace and fluidity of an animal, he moved, from between her legs, up next to her ear and he spoke into her ear, a breathy whisper.

Oh! That voice…she loved that voice. It could do things to her that no voice should be able to do to a person. A voice should not be able to elicit a physical reaction, especially not one as strong as the hot, wet feeing between her legs. She hated that voice nearly as much as she loved the way it made her feel.

“What do you want?”

“I want more…”

“More? I’m afraid I don’t understand, love… What do you want? Be specific.”

She moaned out loud, gasping as he pressed his fingertip against her clit. “Your fingers…I want them…”

He pressed harder with his fingers, running his fingernail over the fabric that covered her clit from his view, causing her words to be cut off as she cried out.

“You want them?” His question was a demand, more than anything else. He wanted her to say he. Corey loved knowing she was enjoying this, but more than that he just loved knowing that she wanted him.

“Inside me!” She hissed, between her teeth, before moaning loudly again. “I want them in my pussy…”

In seconds, he had her panties off, having set them aside with the rest of her clothing, leaving her completely exposed to the elements. He placed his knees on the inside of her thighs for a moment, spreading her open and watching her juices drip from her. His own hard-on was straining against the fabric of his jeans and threatened to burst through, but there would be time enough for his pleasure later.

With little or no effort, he parted her thighs and held them there, sliding first one finger deep inside her, and then on only the second stroke, adding a second finger. Cat cried out, struggling with her bonds again as she tried to reach him, to touch her clit that he was so studiously ignoring at this point.

Soon though, he was absorbed in what he was doing, rubbing her clit with his thumb, sliding his two finger inside her. Crooking them upwards, rubbing behind her clit, rubbing her most sensitive spots in ways that only he could do.

She screamed, she moaned, she panted, and whimpered. And then, not long afterwards, she wanted more. Cat wanted to cum, and she wanted it bad. Like a man dying of thirst craves for water, she craved her orgasm, which was so close, it would take only a few flicks of Corey’s talented tongue to bring her over the edge.

“Your tongue…please…I want you to go down on me…”

He looked up for a moment, looking at her, writhing in front of him and leaned in close to her body, whispering against her skin. “Who am I to refuse such a request?” And with that he went back to work.

He dove down between her legs tongue flying over her clit in a series of rapid strokes. Her moans and cries reverberated in his mind as he rammed his fingers into and out of her, faster and faster, curling them just a bit to make sure he hit her most sensitive spots. But soon her cries were drowned out as she wrapped her legs over his shoulders and around his head in a desperate attempt to pull him closer.

And then she came.

She came harder than she had ever cum before. Her body jerk, contorted, tensed and spasmed. Every muscle in her body seized up and contracted as she thrashed about in her bonds. Juices well up inside her and shot through her body into Corey’s hungry mouth. She didn’t even remember him pulling out his fingers, but somehow, he had his tongue inside her pussy, eating her, lapping at her, and drinking from her.

It felt like hours, or was it only micro-seconds? She couldn’t remember, but she felt her legs over his shoulders. Felt her heels pulling at him, as he dove inside her again and again. And now, only now, that her pleasure subsided, did she begin to wonder what he had in store for her.

Eventually, her cries died down, and she unwrapped her legs from his body, and lay there, still blindfolded, unable to see or hear anything other than the sound of her own heartbeat. And then there was movement, he was no longer laying between her legs..but moving.

Corey looked down at her, her body flushed with excitement, her thighs slick with her own juices. Her face a contorted mask of pleasure. He reached down and undid his belt, tossing it onto the growing pile of clothes on the rock. He quickly removed his jeans and boxers, setting them aside, then dipped his hands into the icy cold water of the stream.

Standing over her, foot between her legs, so she wouldn’t lose contact and get panicky, Corey dripped cold water down from his fingers onto her body. kaçak casino She jumped, as each successive drop struck somewhere warmer than the previous, until finally he took her breasts in his hands and settled himself between her legs. Placing just the head of his cock against her opening, he pushed…only slightly, to let her know he was there. Then slowly but surely he began to drag his cock up and down over her slit…alternating between kissing her passionately, and with such love that it was obvious to even those elements in nature that these two belonged together, and whispering in her ear.

This went on for nearly twenty minutes, as he teased her, letting only the head of his cock slip inside her and listening to her ask for more. He would’ve gladly given it to her, but she was still a virgin, and wasn’t ready for that step yet.

Instead he moved at this point, straddling her chest and letting the head bounce on her lips. She slipped her tongue out at first, experimenting, then leaned her head forward and took as much of it as she could in her mouth. He leaned forward, feeding more of it to her, but still allowing her to go at her own pace.

Finally tired of this part of the game, Corey reached up and released her from her bonds, this time for the last time. She stretched her arms slowly, with him still in her mouth and then removed the blindfold. She sucked hard on the tip for a second before wrapping her fingers around the base of it and gazed longingly up at him, waiting to continue.

She stood from her position and looked around. Off to one side, a waterfall cascaded over the rocks and fell some twenty five or thirty feet to the flat rock below. The mist it generated had long since coated their skin and now that she had a better idea of her surroundings, she pushed him back until his legs hit the edge of a rock, and he sat down, legs apart.

Cat knelt between his open legs and took him back into her mouth, slowly withdrawing and running her tongue all the way down his shaft to his balls. She waited there for a moment, stroking him with her hand and licking and sucking the area around his balls. She loved doing this to him. The moans that came from his mouth were reward enough, but more than that, she just loved going down on him. The feel of him in her mouth, pulsing and hot, was exquisite.

She sucked and licked, and dragged her tongue over his balls before finally flicking her tongue at the most sensitive spot, right between his cock and his ass, and then dragged it, loving the feeling, up over his balls, all the way up his shaft, around the tip, and then in the space of a heartbeat she descended on him, taking as much of him into her mouth as she possibly could.

He moaned, the pleasure too much for him. He was far past the point of “horny” and into the realm of “touch me and I’ll explode” and explode was just what he did. From somewhere deep inside him came a low guttural moan, that sounded like it might belong to a wolf rather than a man. She felt the pulsing inside him, felt the cum rising up through his balls, but didn’t care. She sucked on him, long and hard, drawing it out of him as he sprayed the inside of her throat with his seed.

She gagged slightly, overcome by the flood, which she hadn’t expected, and swallowed hard, over and over, trying to avoid losing any out of her mouth. As was his custom at this point, Corey took gentle hold of her arms and brought her up to his mouth for a deep kiss.

She didn’t much care for the taste of his cum, it was bitter, but she loved him, and the reactions that she got from him. Moreover, though, she loved the taste of herself on his tongue, and mixed with his own seed it was an even more interesting and rich flavor.

At that point, the storm broke overhead. Rain poured down from the heavens, soaking their clothes in an instant, and them just as quickly. Cat giggled in delight as the rain washed over them, cleaning the sweat from their bodies. Her skin cooled, as did his, but in the meantime she could see the steam rising from them, as if they were almost unreal, in a sense.

Then it happened, a peal of thunder shattered the relative silence of the woods. Birds flew into the air, shocked from their perches by the loud noise, the few animals who had been watching them from the trees nearby jumped from their hiding places and ran for the relative safety of their dens and burrows. And at the same moment something inside Cat seemed to change, ever so slightly.

She looked up to the rapidly darkening sky, and looked through the rain at the man she loved. She kissed him deeply, slipping her tongue into his mouth and running it over his teeth. Then Cat leaned in and kissed his ear, flicking her tongue over the lobe, and nibbling on it slightly with her teeth.

Corey turned to face her, the question in his eyes, but he spoke it anyways. “What are you doing, sweetie?”

She smiled broadly, a look of love washing over her as she took his hand and pulled him down on top of her, back into the bed of leaves. The leaves were wet, and stuck to her back, but she didn’t care. She kissed Corey with everything she had, pouring all of her being into those kisses and this act.

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