Blackmailed: Play Time

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I got a call from my neighbor Marty at about noon. I was instructed to come over in exactly one hour, and told exactly what to wear. I was to have on no underwear and be wearing a pair of tight denim shorts. I was lucky to have an older pair that barely fit me anymore. I didn’t wear them much, because they were so tight that I could barely move in them. I dressed as instructed and walked over at the appointed time.

There waiting on the porch, I saw Marty and Bill, the guy who had fucked me hard the second time I was called for service. I also saw a new guy, that I had never seen before. He was similarly muscled like the others. They were all dressed in very loosely fitting pants and short sleeved shirts. I had never seen pants like these. They looked to loose fitting and thin to be worn outside the house. Their pants were all colored white, and almost so thin I could see through them. All three of them also had on black leather boots. Marty greeted me saying, “Ah, here’s my bitch boy. You’re right on time. You remember Bill here, I’m sure. And this if Jeff. He’s heard about you, of course. Come on then, lets go inside.”

I followed them inside Marty’s house and into the “play room”. I noticed that the blinds and curtains were closed, letting gin no light whatsoever. The three of them then turned to me. Jeff spoke first saying, “Ok then. Lets get started.”

All three of them then took off their shirts, revealing a kind of black leather top made up of strap that crossed their chests and were held in place by a metal ring in the middle. The straps went over their shoulder and around their side, connecting in the back by another metal ring. They then untied their pants’ drawstrings, letting their pants fall to the floor. They each then kicked their pants away. I saw that none of them were wearing anything to cover there hard cock and asses. They each kept on their boots though.

I saw that all of their cocks and balls were shaved smooth, though they did have some hair on their legs and chest. I briefly wondered if their assholes were shaved as well. I looked from one to the next, not knowing exactly what I was supposed to do. They smirked at me, before Marty said, “Ok, now you take off everything but your shorts.”

I did as instructed and shed my shirt, shoes, and socks. I stood before them, waiting for my next instructions. Marty then looked at Jeff and said, “Well go ahead. Get comfortable.”

Jeff then climbed up onto the leather padded table on his stomach. He laid down and spread his legs presenting his asshole for all of us to see. Jeff looked back over his shoulder and said, “Well, come on, bitch boy. I got an asshole ready for your boy tongue. Now get over here!”

I immediately obeyed. I knelt down and placed my hands on his thighs and stuck my face between his already spread ass cheeks. I then stuck my tongue out and began to lick and tease his asshole. I heard a deep moan from Jeff as he enjoyed my tongue licking his asshole. I heard Bill and Marty moving behind me, but kept my attention on the asshole in front of me. Jeff was really moaning deep and loud.

Marty then grabbed my hair roughly and pushed my face forward, forcing my tongue up Jeff’s asshole. Marty growled, “When one of us tells you to do something, you do it. Got that bitch boy?”

I moaned out an affirmative answer, as I continued licking inside Jeff’s asshole. I began to lick up and down, then left and right, then finally in and out in a fucking motion. I heard Jeff’s moans increase in volume and grow deeper. I had to judge by his moans, as to what technique he liked best. I centered on the up and down motion with my tongue, because when I did that Jeff’s moans grew louder and his asshole would clinch around my tongue.

I then felt someone grab my shorts and roughly pull me up, until I was standing bent over with my face still buried between Jeff’s ass cheeks and my tongue still pleasuring his asshole. I then felt someone begin to pull on my short a bit. He pulled the center seam of the shorts back away from my body. I then felt a slight movement in my shorts. I then heard a ripping sound. I found that my denim shorts had been ripped from the top of my butt cheeks down to just below my balls and now hard cock. My cock and balls were still inside my shorts and held in place by the front of my shorts, that was still intact.

I realized that my asshole was now completely exposed. I then felt someone kicking my feet, so that I would spread my legs. I complied and spread my legs, until he was happy with my position. I then felt warm breath on my asshole. A wet tongue was then shoved deep into my ass. I moaned into Jeff’s asshole as my own boy hole was being similarly licked. Whoever was licking my asshole had a hold of my thighs and was holding my asshole to his face as he probed my boy hole with his warm wet tongue.

I was really enjoying this attention to my asshole. I could feel how wet my asshole was becoming. Jeff continued his moans as I licked his asshole up and down, casino oyna sticking my tongue in as deeply as I could. I saw Marty out of the corner of my eye, standing back and slowly stroking his hard cock as he watch us. The person licking my asshole, Bill apparently, began to pull me back into his tongue as he licked deeper and deeper into my now quivering and wet asshole. I heard Bill’s muffled moans, as he enjoyed rimming my boy hole.

Bill then suddenly stood up and said, “Ok dude. I think he is nice and wet for you.”

Before I could register what was happening, Marty took Bill’s place behind me, grabbed my hips, and roughly shoved his hard cock all the way up my wet asshole. Marty was fucking me really hard and fast. My face was being slammed forward, causing my tongue to go even deeper into Jeff’s asshole. I moaned as I felt Marty grip on my hips tighten as he really drove his hard cock into my asshole deep and hard. Marty was moaning loudly as he fucked my boy hole.

Jeff then looked over his shoulder and said, “Yeah, Marty. Fuck this bitches asshole hard. His tongue is really going deep inside my ass. Look at him. This botch boy loves to have his asshole abused my real men.”

Bill added in, “Hell yes he does. You should have seen him cum, the last time I was here. This little cock slut shot his boy load, without anyone touching his cock. He cums just by being fucked up his ass.”

Marty moaned out, “Oh, you guys don’t know that half of it. He’s promised to do anything I want, just for the privilege of taking my hard cock up his asshole. Isn’t that right, boy? He’s been told not to fuck anyone else or touch himself, unless I say otherwise. This one’s my bitch, and he knows it, too. You love it when I fill your little asshole with my man seed, don’t you boy?”

I could only moan out a muffled affirmative answer, due to my tongue still licking furiously inside Jeff’s asshole. I saw Bill walk over to Jeff and say, “Why don’t you give me a turn with this bitch’s mouth. I got a good hard package to deliver, and I bet he wants it too.”

Jeff then climbed off the table and allowed Bill to slide into his place. Bill though was on his back, with his hard cock right in my face. I opened my mouth, ready to take his cock, but first Bill smacked his hard cock against my face a few times and said, “What’s the matter, bitch? Do you want my hard man meat in your mouth? Do you wan to suck my cock, boy? I’ll let you if you ask nicely. All you have to do is ask. Come on, there’s no shame in a little cock slut begging to suck a man’s hard cock.”

I looked at the hard cock and felt my dick twitch. All of there degrading talk always made me super horny. I swallowed my pride and said, “Please let me suck your cock, Sir. I’ll do a good job, just like last time. Please may I suck your hard man meat?”

Bill laughed and smacked my face with his hard cock again. I felt a bit of precum splash from his leaking cock head onto my face. Bill smirked and said, “Ok, boy. You can suck my cock.”

I engulfed his entire hard cock. I didn’t start out slow or teasingly, I just deep throated the whole hard monster cock and began sucking as hard as I could. I heard Bill moan loudly as I continued to suck his cock deeply into my mouth. I then pulled back and sucked his cock head hard, as I ran my tongue over his piss slit and around the sides of his throbbing cock head. I then began to bob my head up and down, as I sucked the entire length of his cock shaft. I worked my tongue all over his cock, as I sucked him hard and deep in my mouth. I then deep throated his cock and began to swallow around his cock head. I then repeated the whole process from the beginning.

Bill now moaned loudly as he said, “Fuck! This bitch is devouring my hard cock. Damn, he know how to work my man meat. Suck that cock in good and deep. You can suck my cock anytime. If you ever get tired of being Marty’s bitch boy, you can belong to me.”

I heard Marty laugh as he said, “Nope. He’s going to stay mine, until I get tired of him. You gotta find your own bitch boy to work your cock. But I may be nice and loan him out to you from time to time. How about I give him to you this weekend? I gotta go out of town Friday, and I know this bitch will need a constant dose of hard cock and man seed, so he won’t go through withdrawals. How does that sound?”

Bill immediately said, “Hell yes! I’ll take good care of his ass and mouth too. I won’t even let anyone else have a go at him. He’ll be my bitch boy for the whole weekend. I’ll pick him up here Friday night, use him all weekend, then drop him off again on Sunday.”

I felt my boy cock grow a little harder as I listened to that idea. I found myself looking forward to being loaned out for the weekend. I wondered how much Bill would fuck me. I was already thinking of what story to tell my parents as to why I was gone all weekend. I thought maybe a camping trip or something outdoors. That would explain my need for no phone calls, while I was gone.

Marty then canlı casino said, “Yeah, that works for me. Use and abuse him as much as you want. But I want him back in the same shape I gave him to you. You better not overstretch this tight asshole of his. I like it just the way it is. You like that idea, boy. You’re going to play house boy to Bill, while I’m gone this whole weekend. He’ll fuck you so full of cum, even you will be satisfied. You like that idea, don’t you boy?”

I could only moan out another affirmative answer, as I continued to suck Bill’s hard cock. Jeff now joined the conversation, demanding “Hey now. I haven’t even had a chance to fuck the little cum slut. Why have you guys already left me out of that deal?”

Marty and Bill both laughed, as Bill said “Well, I called dibs on him first. That’s why. Don’t worry, you can fuck him as much as Marty and I will today. But this weekend, this boy’s tongue, mouth, and asshole belong to me and me only. Isn’t that right. Boy?

I moaned out a mumbled agreement, as I continued sucking the hard cock buried in my throat. I smiled as I sucked as hard as I could. I wondered if they were intending to pump all their loads up my asshole, or if I would be allowed to swallow some. I ignored my inner dialogue as I focused instead on the cock I was working with my mouth as I continued to bob my head up and down sucking the cock shaft.

Marty then growled out, “Ok Bill, now watch this. This is what my boy lives for.”

Marty then shoved his cock so deep and hard into my asshole, that my mouth was forced forward deep throating Bill’s cock deeper than I thought possible. I again thanked my lucky stars that I possessed no gag reflex. Marty had now set a truly punishing pace in and out of my asshole. My whole body was being slammed forward, as Marty pummeled my ass deep and hard. Marty’s pace was so fast and hard, that I didn’t even have to bob my head onto Bill’s cock anymore. I could just suck as hard as I could and let Marty’s hard thrusts send my mouth up and down Bill’s throbbing cock.

I contented myself being the object of Marty’s hard anal rampage, as I sucked hard at the cock I my mouth. All of this pounding of my asshole, had caused my own hard cock to begin rubbing against my still tight denim shorts. I moaned as I felt my cock rub against the course fabric. Bill was moaning very loudly now. Bill suddenly said, “Ok, if this slut sucks my any longer I’m going to cum. I want my first load of cum shot in his asshole. Come over here, Jeff. You can take my place.”

Bill then removed his cock from my mouth and climbed off the table. Jeff eagerly accepted Bill’s suggestion. My mouth was wide open as I attempted to catch my breath. My whole body was still being pushed forward, as Marty continued to pound my asshole deep and hard. Jeff laughed at my expression, as my head was continuously pushed forward and back, by Marty’s thrusts.

Jeff was now laying on his back in front of me, stroking his hard cock in my face. Jeff laughed again, as he said “It’s like a sexy version one of those old arcade games. I have to get my cock in position to go into this slut’s mouth, as he keeps moving forward and back.”

Bill and Jeff both laughed at this analogy. Marty was beyond speaking as he neared his powerful orgasm. I guessed he intended his cum should be the first load pumped into my asshole. Jeff finally moved into proper position and shoved his hard cock into my mouth. Once again, all I had to do was suck hard on the cock and let Marty’s hard thrusts into my asshole move my head forward and back. Jeff moaned loudly as he enjoyed my mouth on his hard cock.

Marty started moaning and groaning. I could hear his breath becoming labored as he grew nearer and nearer to cumming. I clinched my asshole as hard as I could around my Sir’s hard cock, in hopes of helping him. This action apparently put Marty over the edge. He then slammed his cock deep into my bowels and exploded in a river of hot cum, coating my insides. I moaned around the cock in my mouth, as I felt the hot cum fill my ass. Marty slowed his thrusts, allowing me to work Jeff’s hard cock at my own speed. My cock finally stopped being rubbed raw in my shorts.

Marty then pumped my asshole a few more times, working all of his cum into my ass. He then withdrew his softening cock and collapsed into a nearby chair to recuperate and watch the show. Bill then immediately took Marty’s place in my ass, shoving his entire length inside me. I moaned and groaned at the sudden intrusion. Bill went as hard and fast as Marty had, once again making my head move forward and back on the hard cock in my mouth at his pace. I felt a serious pain in my balls as my cock screamed to make its release. I hadn’t cum in so long.

Bill’s cock was just a little bit longer and fatter than Marty’s cock. This new cock filled my asshole up nicely as he fucked me hard and deep. He was really plunging his cock as hard as he could. I could feel his cock as it punched my prostate. I thought I could kaçak casino even feel him slam into the entrance to my intestines, every now and then. Bill apparently had a taste for rough butt sex. I realized I was in for a lot of this kind of ass fucking this weekend. My balls were really hurting at this point. I tried to not think about them and adjust myself, but it was to now avail.

Bill had a tight grip on my asshole. I knew I had worked his cock until he almost came in my mouth, and I wondered how long he could last at this demanding pace. I was soon answered, as Bill moaned out “If you still want to fuck this boy’s asshole, you’re gonna get your chance real quick. I’m about to cum, boy. You hear that? I’m about to shoot my hot man load all the way into your stomach. Get ready, cause HERE IT COMES!”

Bill the slammed my so hard I did feel his cum shoot past my inner ass and right into my insides. I moaned loudly around Jeff’s cock as I felt every hot spray of Bill’s cum shoot deep inside me. I was closed to crying now, as my poor cock was rubbed raw and my balls were painfully full of my boy cum demanding release. Bill continued pumping my asshole. I clinched my asshole around his cock, to help milk his cum. Bill moaned as he felt me tighten up. Finally Bill pulled his softened cock from my battered asshole. I moaned as I felt so empty now. After two deep and hard ass fucks, I had grown accustomed to having my asshole filled with a hard cock.

Jeff saw his opportunity. He withdrew his hard cock from my mouth with an audible “pop” of my lips. He then climbed off the table and took up position behind me. I was prepared for another round of deep and hard fucking. What I was not prepared for was for Jeff to ease his hard cock into my asshole and slowly begin to fuck me in lazy thrusts. I moaned and whimpered as Jeff’s slow thrusts into my cum filled boy hole teased me. I tried to relax and simply enjoy my asshole being fucked nice and slow, but the pain I was feeling in my balls was too much for me to ignore.

I finally couldn’t stand it any longer. I looked at Marty and begged, “Please Sir. I need to cum. My balls hurt so much. I haven’t cum since the last time you let me, 6 days ago. And you have fucked me every day this week. My cock keeps rubbing against my shorts.”

I felt a tear fall down my face, as I continued, “I’ll do anything Sir. You know that. I’ll suck your cock and take it up the ass anytime you want. You know I always keep my promises. Please, Sir. It hurts, so bad.”

Marty smirked and he stroked his cock, slowly working it back to hardness. Bill stood besides him and said, “Damn. Six days of your constant ass fucks, and you haven’t let this boy cum once? Look at his sad little face. He’s taking Jeff’s cock all the way up his asshole without complaint.”

Marty smiled as he enjoyed my discomfort. He looked up at Bill and said, “Yeah, I told him he wasn’t allowed to touch himself unless I told him that he could. I have fucked his tight asshole every day for the past eight days and I haven’t let him cum since day two. It was the only way to be sure he was obeying me. I knew that this would happen. That sooner or later he would beg me to let him cum. All I had to do was wait.”

Jeff continued his slow and steady pace of fucking my asshole. He apparently was in no hurry to cum.

Marty continued, “I’m actually surprised that this boy lasted as long as he did. I figured he would last three days, maybe four, before he begged me to let him cum. The tight shorts? Those were my failsafe for today. I knew they would rub his hard cock as we fucked his asshole. They were just a little sadism on my part. I like it when my boy begs me to allow him to do something. You know, I made him beg me to fuck his asshole about 9 days ago?”

Bill laughed at Marty’s actions. I felt Jeff’s cock deep inside me, as his excruciatingly slow thrusts slowly continued to rub my cock against my shorts.

Marty looked really smug continuing his story, “Yep. I called him over to actually discuss his lawn mowing and grounds keeping. I, of course, intended to have my way with him before let him leave. But he jumped in first. I made him promise to always drop what he was doing, wherever he was, and service my cock with his mouth or asshole. Then I had him suck my cock until I came, suck me until I got hard again, then I fucked his asshole good and hard until I blew my load up his asshole.”

“He’s officially been at my beck and call ever since. Of course it was like that before, anyways. But I like it this way, now that he knows who owns him. Isn’t that right, boy? You know who owns you, don’t you boy?”

I moaned out a whimpering, “You own me, Sir. You own me.”

Jeff had finally worked himself up to his orgasm. With a quickened pace, he began to really pound into my asshole. My cock began to move against my shorts so much, that I was almost sobbing now. I think my distress turned Jeff on even more, because he suddenly added even more gusto to his thrusts. I was whimpering and sobbing out loud, not at the rough ass fucking I was receiving, but at the pain of my over filled balls and sore cock. Jeff didn’t care about this, he simply continued to roughly fuck my boy hole.

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