Bigrig Ch. 10

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“Tony….” Bruce called from downstairs, as he wandered around looking for everyone.

“Damn it, Bruce…” Tony fussed, as relief came over him suddenly. He watched the handsome man he had not seen in a couple years, come bounding up the stairs with purpose.

“Where’s Jonathan and Greg?” the man demanded, his eyes were filled with obvious concern.

“What? No good mornin’ kiss, or thanks for savin’ Jonathan’s life? Just, where’s Jonathan and Greg?” he mocked him at the last.

“You can get smart with Greg all you like…” Bruce barked, as he suddenly grasped the man’s lower jaw in his steely hand, forcing him abruptly back against the wall. “…It won’t work with me, Tony. Now where are they?” he growled in his face.

“In the closet, hiding…” the man answered right away motioning toward the bedroom with the hand that clenched his weapon. His resignation to this man might raise so many questions in the minds of his fellow ‘guardians’, but they were not here at the moment, now were they?

A smile played slowly across Bruce’s lips. “That’s more like it…” he lightly patted his cheek. “Good boy…” he then leaned into Tony ravishing the man’s mouth forcefully. The hand moved down, gripping his throat tight, artfully bringing the man to a quick and sudden arousal. As abruptly as he began, he pulled away.

“You’re not fair, Bruce….” Tony followed him into the bedroom.

“Nope, I’m not… especially knowing you like it that way.” He moved to the closet opening the door. “Greg…” he called.

Standing there, he watched the doctor move from the far corner carrying Jonathan in his arms.

“Jonathan…” he took the burden from the doctor’s arms. “How are you, baby…” the man carried him to the bed placing him there gently.

“Bruce…” the youth squealed, threw his arms around the man, hugging him long as soon as he was in the safety of his strong arms.

“I’m here, baby…” Bruce held onto him stroking the kid’s hair lightly, as he sat on the edge of the bed cuddling him for the moment. “I heard one of ’em came after you. I was worried sick all the way back.” His words were muffled in Jonathan’s hair.

“I was so scare…” Jonathan pulled back admitting.

“I know… but I also hear that Tony really handled it very well.” Bruce looked over at the man he spoke of. “Thank you, Tony…” he nodded at him singularly.

“You’re welcome….” The man stuffed his hands in his pockets grinning broadly.

Bruce then noticed the cut on Greg’s lip. “What happened to you?”

Instantly the two men began to shift and fidget.

“Tony also handled the doctor very well last night.” Jonathan quipped with a lurid grin.

“Tony?” Bruce’s eyes cut to him though his head did not move.

“Well….” He turned sideways acting a little boyish now. “I didn’t mean to cut his lip. It was an accident.”

“I’ve told you two that I don’t like that. You can beat each other up all you like, but with no injuries. You’re a very strong man, Tony. You have to be more careful.” He admonished.

“I know… I just forget my strength sometimes… you know.” He ventured to actually look up at the man then.

“Yes, which means you have to take more care, and make a conscious effort to not injure your partner. I’m really scared to death to even turn you loose on Jonathan alone. What if you hurt ‘im?” he reasoned.

Tony nodded. “I understand…”

“And Greg… you have to be more vocal. You never tell anyone what you truly feel. I detest that…”

“So, do I…” Tony now turned facing the doctor.

“Alright, then… fine… I don’t like it when you tease me before I go to work Tony. I mean… it’s a sweet gesture, and I know you mean well… but I’m worthless the rest of the day. I can’t focus… I make mistakes… and I have lives I’m responsible for.

“Like today… you prance downstairs naked, which I loved, by the way… then you take me in your arms like you did and kiss me so good… I get to work, and I have forms to fill out… I forgot my pen in my office… I go to a patient consultation and forget my notepad… and while I’m filling out her forms, I look up thinking, and you pop into my head. Then I go off into some fantasy about you and drop my pen on the floor. I can’t work like that, Tony. I’d rather you just didn’t… not before I go to work. Now… while I’m home, after work is great. But not before, please.”

“Okay… sorry…” he grinned looking down again. “Did you really mean what you said? Do you really want to hate me?”

“No, Tony… don’t be obtuse… I just didn’t want to go to work. You did that shit expecting me to go about my merry way and be happy about it. Well, I’m not. I wanted to stay and get some more.” He confessed.

Tony laughed then.

“It sounds to me like you two need to go for it this mornin’. Jonathan and I will watch.” Bruce looked over at Jonathan who had perked at the idea.

Greg was tempted to protest about Jonathan watching anything sexual, then closed his mouth right away seeing the hot look on Tony’s face.

“Do we have any coffee made?” Bruce asked.

“Yeah…” casino şirketleri Tony became animate suddenly. “I’ll go get it…” he started for the door.

“Tony, I’m hungry.” Jonathan fussed softly then.

“Good, boy…” the man pointed at him with a broad grin. “That’s what I like to hear. Be right back with your breakfast.” He then disappeared into the hallway.

“How’d you get here?” Greg asked moving toward him slowly.

“I took a cab. The truck’s at the yard.” He stood closing the gap between them quickly, after setting Jonathan aside on the edge of the bed. Taking him into his arms he hugged him long then gave him a lengthy gentle kiss.

“You’ll join us, won’t you?” Greg asked almost completely aroused now.

“Sure, but I’d just like to watch you two make out, first. Been a while.” He grinned at him.

Tony returned with another tray. On it he had a warmer with a pot of coffee on it, cups, sugar and half-n-half, and a fresh cup of the supplement drink for Jonathan. He went to the small round table setting everything on it. Plugging in the warmer, he then picked up the small cup bringing it to Jonathan.

“There ya go…” he placed it in the youth’s hands.

“You know, I’d really like to see you two do some touchy feely stuff.” Bruce commented then.

“Ooh, I’d love that from you, Tony.” Greg perked. “We never do that, you know?”

“Sure, Greg… I can manage that… be right back. You strip and get comfy. I won’t be long.” Tony’s expression suggested something very different was about to take place. It made Greg wonder just what he had in mind.

“Okay…” he turned to Bruce who was grinning lewdly as Tony disappeared out into the hallway. “I’m scared now…” the doctor jested.

Bruce chuckled. “From the expression on his face, I believe I would be too.”

“And there’s no tellin’ what the hell he’s about to do.” He slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

“I’m almost glad I’m not you right now.” Bruce teased.

“Is he that bad?” Jonathan asked seriously.

“Yes…” the two men instantly answered in unison.

Jonathan coiled at the response he had gotten. But it brought a smile to his face. “It’s probly somethin’ simple. You guys worry too much.” He chided playfully.

“Hey, when you’ve been around him as we have, you’ll know why, okay?” Greg half laughed as he spoke.

“I guess I don’t get it. You guys act like you love each other so much. But then you’re scared of Tony?” the youth shook his head showing his ignorance on the matter.

“It’s not that we’re scared of him. It’s that we’ve had some pretty strange, but very erotic, moments with him.” Bruce explained.

“Oh…” Jonathan’s head came up further. “…So, he’s kinky…”

“Yes…” the two answered in unison again.

Jonathan laughed aloud now. He instantly grabbed his belly leaning forward. “That hurts…” he groaned softly.

“Be careful, Jonathan. Please don’t make me have to strap you in bed.” Greg warned.

“Oh, please do…” the youth grinned fully then.

“Oh, shit…” Bruce turned to Greg giving the man a wink. “We gotta another strange one in the bunch.” He laughed then.

“Hey, I ain’t strange.” The youth protested playfully. “I just know what I like.”

“We’re just teasin’, Jonathan. Please don’t be offended. It’s okay if you like whips, chains, cuts and bruises. Just some of us, don’t.” Bruce’s smile was infectious.

“Oh, I already figured that one out.” Jonathan returned without hesitation. “I just don’t want you to get upset if I want Tony to hurt me a little…or a lot.”

Bruce turned to him facing him fully. He crossed his arms over his chest studying the youth long as he gathered his thoughts on the matter. His main concern was a major injury to the youth, accidental or not. But at the same time he wanted to allow him the freedom to be who he is.

Jonathan stared back wondering what he was thinking at the moment. From the expression on his face, it appeared he might protest his open comment vehemently. And he didn’t want to start world war three…especially with Bruce.

“How ’bout we discuss this later, after I’ve had a chance to think about it.” The man finally requested.

“Sure…” Jonathan shrugged. “But I promise you, that anything Tony might do to me, is nothing compared to what I’ve already been through.”

“Involuntarily at that…” Bruce added to his last comment pointing a stern finger at him.

“True…” the youth nodded. “But I also have some, what you might believe, strange fetishes of my own.”

“Baby…” the man stepped to him going down on a knee before him. “I just don’t want to see you get hurt. That’s all…” his expression and the pure emotion that exuded from the man’s eyes, was almost startling to Jonathan. He had only seen a look like that from one other person in his entire life. Recognizing it for what it truly was, made him throw his arms around the man. His eyes welled as he hugged him. It seemed his heart would burst with the realization that washed over him now.

“Now, you believe me, don’t you?” Bruce casino firmalari whispered into his ear.

Jonathan nodded not able to speak for the lump in his throat that threatened to strangle him.

“I told you that I love you, Jonathan. And I meant that.”

The youth nodded again.

“Will you two stop it!” Greg fussed wiping his eyes with the back of a hand.

Bruce chuckled. “Come on…” he stood, being released by the youth, picked up the small cup finding it empty. “Are you hungry?” he asked following the youth to the table, then watched him sit in a chair.

“No…” Jonathan shook his head gently.

“Well, you just let someone know when you do get hungry.” Bruce admonished gently.

“I will…” the youth grinned up at him.

“Hop up…” the man waved a hand at him.

Jonathan stood, slowly moving as Bruce parked in the chair the kid had been sitting in. He gently grasped the youth’s hips leading him back and down onto his lap. Urging him to turn sideways, he pressed the youth’s head to his shoulder cradling him like a small child.

“You’d better jump to it before Tony gets back.” He warned, as he looked up at the doctor.

“Oh… yeah…” Greg slipped his shirt off going to the closet where he hung it on a hanger. Sliding his slacks off he hung them as well. Then he turned moving to the bed where he waited for Tony to return.

“I wonder what’s takin’ ‘im so long?” he muttered softly.

“He’s planning his attack.” Bruce teased.

Greg laughed. “Yeah, right… he’s probably rumagin’ up anything he can find to torment me with.”

“And that’s why I’m glad it’s not me.” Bruce remarked.

“I appreciate your concern, Bruce.” Greg eyed him with some sarcasm.

“Your welcome…” the man returned with a short laugh.

Tony barged in with a medium sized serving bowl full of ice cubes. The larger ones filled the bowl for the most part while the smaller ice cubes were stacked atop them. On his face was a highly expectant grin. His gate was purposeful as he approached the nightstand near Greg.

“What’s that for?” the man asked, propping himself on his elbows.

“You’ll see…” was all Tony said.

“Oh, my God…” Greg gave Bruce a ‘help me’ look from where he rested.

Bruce’s eyebrows raised as if to ask, ‘what do ya want me to do about it?’

“You got me into this…” Greg quipped.

“Yes…” Bruce nodded with a large grin. “I did.”

“I promise, you’ll love it, Greg.” Tony came up beside the man removing only his shoes before he did. He knew how the doctor liked to undress his partners himself. So, he remained fully clothed to give him that pleasure, once he was finished with Greg.

Maneuvering himself half atop the man, he stared deeply into his face. His eyes flickered over it as if to search it for some hidden secret. A hand came up slowly, gently grazing the flesh of his cheek with a knuckle. Languidly his face came closer to the doctor’s.

Lightly brushing his lips with this own, he sneaked out his tongue gently teasing the upper, with the tip. He felt Greg shudder from its effect. Grinning instantly, he pulled back a bit.

“You like that?” he asked to be sure, feeling somewhat out of character in doing things this way. Everyone in the room faintly heard his voice.

“It’s nice, Tony.” Greg gently smiled up at him. “Don’t stop now…” he urged when the man just stared at him for a moment.

Tony leaned closer once more. Only now he sealed their lips slowly exploring the doctor’s mouth. Greg’s arms came around him pulling him closer. Tony maneuvered his arms around the man becoming locked in a long passionate, slow, but gentle kiss.

Neither of them had experienced each other in this way. Most of their dealings with the other were the role-play they liked so much. Tony was often a cruel Master that was very harsh and heavy-handed with him. But that was how Greg liked for him to be. This that they now engaged in was completely different for them both. But it seemed as the kiss escalated quickly, that they had longed for it more than they had realized.

Tony shifted upward, as they still kissed, forcing Greg to follow him a bit. Gently he slipped his knee between the doctor’s thighs coming to rest atop him. He cradled the man’s head in both hands deepening the kiss even more.

With Greg’s arms still curled around him, one moved straight to his hair beginning to pull the elastic ties out one at a time. When the task was completed he moved his fingers into the long thick mane, reveling in the feel of it, that he so rarely had the opportunity to do. His other arm encircled his stalwart partner’s back pulling him as close to his body as possible.


Meanwhile, Jonathan sat in Bruce’s lap watching the display of passion with the man. He couldn’t help the strong sensations that he derived from it. The desire to begin to tempt Bruce became most distracting to him.

He struggled with it for some time before he began to gently nip at the man’s throat. Bruce breathed in long pulling back to look into his face.

“You sure güvenilir casino you’re up to this?” he whispered softly.

Jonathan grinned luridly. “I can stop, if I think I can’t.” he replied in like manner.

“If you don’t, I’ll be very upset with you. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” He breathed into his ear softly.

“I will, I promise.” The youth stared into his face hopefully.

Bruce gazed long into his lovely face, knowing he wanted some interaction with the youth. He had restrained himself for Jonathan’s sake. Some because of the lack of interest the youth had, had prior. But then, he held back only because he wanted the kid to come to him when he was ready, and the fact that he had only just had surgery. It seemed he was now. He smiled gently.

Leaning closer, he lightly pressed his lips to Jonathan’s. Automatically the youth opened to him. Easing his tongue past his lips he slowly explored the youth’s mouth. He had almost forgotten, what Jonathan’s kiss tasted like. And he moaned now, as the sweetness of it flooded his very being.

Jonathan hooked an arm around his neck, suddenly deepening the kiss. It almost seemed he would ravish the man’s mouth thoroughly. His fervor was most profound. The desire he now unleashed on the man was wild and untamed at best.

Cradling the back of Jonathan’s head with a hand, he trapped his constant motion forcing him to remain stationary. Instantly, the youth drove his tongue deeper coming short of plunging it down his throat.

This was no ordinary passion that Jonathan was displaying. This was desperation. And Bruce’s mind began to think of ways to sate it before it got too far out of hand. But everything he thought of, seemed to lead to the same end. And that end could not be at the moment, due to the youth’s condition.

He pulled back abruptly forcing Jonathan’s head on his shoulder.

“Bruce?” Jonathan leaned into his neck nibbling some more.

“No, Jonathan…” he answered gently. “We have to wait until your better.” His gentle whisper washed over the youth’s ear.

“But I can go down on you…” he insisted.

The man sighed heavily. “And what about you? That wouldn’t be fair to you.”

“I don’t care. I want to…” he almost gave voice to his emphatic comment.

Bruce stared long at him again. The memory of the last one he gave in Cartersville, the day he picked him up, flooded his mind and senses. He hadn’t had a good blowjob like that in months when it took place.

His lips parted as the visions and sensations it brought him then, all but beat down on his mind and body relentlessly. Tiny beads of perspiration form over his upper lip. The battle within his very soul had long begun, as they had begun to kiss.

He felt he could be selfish, and turned the kid loose on him. But what if he hurt himself doing so? And how would he live with himself if he allowed it and Jonathan ended up, right back in the hospital, again. But then, it might break his heart if he said ‘no’ again. And he had said that he wanted to.

“If you can without hurting yourself, fine. But when you’re better, I owe you one.” He pledged.


Tony reached over stuffing one of the smaller cubes into his mouth. He then bent down beginning to move slowly down the doctor’s throat. Planting kisses along his warm tender flesh, his tongue sneaked out teasing it with a sudden chill.

Gasping, Greg arched his head back as sensation flooding him instantly. Every pour in his body stippled at the effect. Hearing Tony’s almost sadistic chuckle made him know he was in for a very memorable experience.

Easing further down over Greg’s throat, he slowly tormented his senses as he went. Moving out over a shoulder, he started downward again. Each kiss he planted was followed by the increasing cold of his tongue. Here and there, he would push the piece of ice between his teeth where he clinched it tight. Using it to substitute for his tongue, he would glaze the area he had only just kissed with it.

Greg gasped each time he did this, trying to shrink away from because of the cold. Yet, he tried desperately to move closer to him with expectation and urgency. Intense waves of tingling pummeled his body over and again. And by the time Tony had only gotten to just one nipple, Greg was beside himself already.

It was everything Tony could do not to laugh at the effective stimulation he was offering his dear sweet doctor. He was deriving so much pleasure from the responses he was experiencing from Greg. The continuous thrill showered him with so much expectancy. And little did Greg truly know that he had only just begun, really.

“Tony, please…” Greg moaned to him feeling he would burst already.

The man only chuckled moving onto his next adventure with him.

“God, you’re so mean…” the man gasped again.

“Mm. Hm.” Was all that he said. And he loved to hear him beg. It just thrilled him even more.

Planting a warm gentle kiss on the apex of the nipple he pushed the piece of ice down clenching it between his teeth. Using it instead of his tongue he began to move around the areola slowly. Each pass he made brought the ice closer to its goal. As it came closer, it brushed the rigid flesh that so firmly stood at attention. And once he had reached it, he drew the ice back into his mouth taking the nipple between his now cold lips.

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